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HP partners with Sprint for DataPass 3G service... on laptops 31

by Derek Kessler Mon, 09 May 2011 9:21 pm EDT

HP’s been offering laptops with integrated 3G modems for some time, but they’ve always been tied to a specific CDMA carrier or offered in unlocked GSM flavor. But no matter the radio inside, they still required you to hook up with the carrier for a data plan that was almost always of the post-paid contract variety. All of that changes with the newly released HP ProBook 5330m laptop, which though it comes with an integrated EVDO 3G radio, is not hooked up directly into Sprint’s systems.

Instead, HP has partnered with Sprint to set up what amounts to a data-online MVNO (mobile virtual network operator, think Helio) that they are calling HP DataPass. What makes DataPass unique in the laptop data game is that it’s prepaid and not post-paid. The rates for DataPass aren’t exactly great, ranging from $5.00 for 75MB, available for 5 hours, up to $30 for 1GB, good for a full 30 days. DataPass is also managed from software on the laptop, meaning you shouldn’t ever have to pick up the phone to call the carrier and get more gee-bees added to your account. Though the prices aren’t necessarily fantastic, we do like the option of just paying for the data you need when you need it. Also, though HP-branded, DataPass is being managed by wholesale data reseller PeregrineNet.

What gets us excited, however, is how this could translate to a device like the HP TouchPad. While a 3G CDMA version of the webOS tablet hasn’t been announced, this sort of on-device data selection framework could work quite well for the device, enabling users to use it on Wi-Fi when available, and fire up the 3G modem and grab some over-the-air data when they need it, and only pay for it then.

There’s something else very interesting to note: HP’s laptops can be outfitted with a dual-mode CDMA/GSM modem from Qualcomm, allowing the laptop owner to jump between networks if they so desire. The DataPass service only works with Sprint at the moment, but HP hinted that they could buy more wholesale data capacity on other networks if they so desired.

Does this make us any closer to realizing the dream of a multi-network 3G TouchPad and a Sprint Pre 3? Not necessarily (HP’s long been a partner of Sprint in the 3G-enabled netbook arena), but it also doesn’t mean we’re going to stop dreaming any time soon.


Does this mean the Pre3 is coming to Sprint???

Its too late anyways!!!

I dont think Sprint wants to carry customer support for 1.45, 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 all at the same time, for a tiny number of customers of each. Most of the Pre community Sprint had, has migrated to Android. HP waited way too long with smoke and borked promises.

In six months, all the 1.45's should be dead and gone and all the new devices should be supportable with 3.x. Then maybe Sprint will stick their toe in.

One other possibility. HP offers their devices direct and subcontracts for airtime/broadband from Sprint. Doubt it would happen, but it shifts the supporting and admin roles to HP. (LOL, good luck there).

Why would it matter to Sprint what OS version it has on its phones?!? Obviously Android has its many versions, doesn't seem like there is a problem there.

Actually it IS a problem now if Google feels the need to announce an alliance of it's handset manufacturers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc. to guarantee updates on it's phones for at least 18 months.

Actually such stuff is happening all the time here in Germany. Other companies buy unused capacity from the major carriers and resell it via cheaper pre-paid contracts.

These prices that HP will offer in the US of course still are a bit... high compared to here (I can have 150 MB of Traffic for one month for not more than $ 7, the same with unlimited data and a CAP at 500 MB would be around $14 to $15 here :) ), but I guess this is a good beginning.

This is all such a ripOFF...
3rd time posting this so pay attention:

****Here is where you need to pay attention!***
1. Sign up for UNLIMITED 4G access... NOT 3G mind you. and it starts at $35 per month on a month to month or 2 yr agreement.... (same network as Sprints 4G)
2. $45/mo gets you a portable device, smaller than a VEER, that you now can take your 4G with you anywhere in the 4G network/a HotSpot with 8 device capacity.
3. $55/mo gets you a small portable device that will give you 4G or 3G access. HotSpot with 5 device capacity, for those of you like me... who travel all over **** and back! I have my PRE-, LG Android and Dell Netbook always connected to 4G network!...with room for 2 additional devices and speed is well... I just watched a Netflix movie at 5.11mbps on my dell, and chking emial on my Pre- all while eating lunch at Taco Bell ....(NOTE 4G unlimited & 3G IS LIMITED TO 5GB/mo. then $0.05 per additional MB)
Yes you can get HotSpot on ATT/VZ for 3g but if you want 4G NOW!

If you are interested in the same service that HP&Sprint are going to sell you for more on a single device... email me DEPadilla@4GNY.com

Yes I am an agent for the network provider, gotta make money somewhere to pay for my HP Devices.... and network access...

good news for Pre3 and Touchpad

prediction: HP tell us release dates for Touchpad and Pre3 on May 6, 2011, in addition to the Pre3 being released on Sprint. (2 year anniversary for us pre minus loyalists). this 2 year anniversary release party is also HP's way of 'making things right' for all our dedication dealing with the pre minus hardware.


If announcing a release date & one carrier commitment is all HP does to "make things right" then I suspect they'll piss a lot of people off, again. Pre minus users on Sprint aren't the only people who are waiting for something from HP. Us Bell users in Canada were the first international users to get into webOS close to 3 months after Sprint, we've seen less from Palm/HP since then than Sprint users (we got slower updates and never received the Pixi [which doesn't really bother me but my point stands]).

HP need to blow out a launch on a really wide scale. They have touted the scale they brought to Palm but haven't displayed it in anyway. All they've done so far is make promises and very lackluster product launches (Pre 2 was barely launched and is/was an insignificant upgrade which was never going to broaden webOS appeal outside the core, the Veer seems similar with a limited launch and the questionable target demographic means it will never appeal to a huge market).

HP need to launch a device with mass appeal to as many people as possible to grab everyone's attention. The Pre 3 is the phone I want but it is not going to have the mass market appeal that slates or landscape sliders have. The TouchPad seems like the promising product launch where they can get attention of the general public.

I'm 5 weeks into my Pre 2 which I had to go out of my way to buy to replace my Bell Pre. I love webOS but I'm really doubting whether HP can do what it takes to catch up with the iPad 2 in the tablet space and iOS/Android in the smartphone market.

Is it possible to predict the past?? Does that even make sense?? Where am I? Pre3 on Sprint please!!

A release party to make things right??? Maybe they can send you a balloon from the party to make it extra right.

"Make it right" for me is a free Pre 3, unlocked. No way I get into another 2 year contract on a hp/palm device only to be told that they are no longer going to support the device 10 months into the contract.

A free Pre 3 unlocked...yeah, sure Rambo.

Let me explain on a 3rd grade level so maybe you will understand. That statement is in sarcasm. It is simply to say that they would have to do a he** of a lot to make it right.

Knowing HP/Palm and Richard Kerris, they will do something that really underwhelms all those waiting for the big announcement, if they do anything at all. I would not be surprised if they go that route, nothing at all.

Is that better or do I need to explain on a 1st grade level?

You're being way too easy to please. You should demand more than just that.

Technically, HP is getting this through Peregrinenet, no? In turn, Peregrinenet just happens to be using Sprint.

Kinda like how Amazon's "WhisperNet" for the initial devices is Sprint, and current devices is AT&T.

Though, does anyone know more about who Peregrinenet even is?

OH,, and who is Peregrinenet using? SPRINT, who is using who for 4G? see my post above...
everyone in the chain adds margin(profit), so we pay extra at each level, kind of like MLM... or you can go direct with the 4G carrier. ask me..


I read about this days ago on engadget. Jeez...

The way it's supposed to be used? You mean installing Anti-Virus and Firewall software onto it and having the same issues that we had with our Windows 95 installations and thought that we overcame them?

I understand what you're saying Vito but the reality is hackers aren't going to waste their time writing hacks to only affect 0.7 percent of the community. They're always going after the majority of users.

If the roles were reversed and webos was the majority holder, hackers would go after them instead of Android

Of course this also is a point, the more popular a platform becomes, the more attackers it will attract as well.

But still I think that you can make an OS in general safer or less safe. I guess we also agree on the point that Windows 7 in general is much safer than Windows 95 was ;)

Google phone? Great, just another way Google can invade my privacy and keep tabs on where I go and who I talk to.

Have fun with Android and all their apps, while you unknowingly have people listening in on conversations and watching where you go. No Thanks.

I tried an Android device for about 6 months and didn't really care for it. I'll stick with my Pre - until it dies, and then see how cheap I can pick up another used one on ebay.

Maybe HP will give 1GB of data free with TP, imagine free cloud storage and free data, TP would sell like hot cakes.

That would be nice. However, I will not buy a TouchPad until HP "makes things right". Palm got me the first time, Hp didn't help 'yet', and I will not be suckered into buying another device. I love my Pre- and don't get me wrong I have Flash, WebOS 2.1, and voice dialing. Yea, I had to get all of it myself. It didn't come with the device as promised. I already have the $$ put aside for 2 Pre3s and a TouchPad. Make it right and I'll spend my 1K on HP products. I don't want to use any other OS, but I'm not an idiot either.... Don't make me go to Android I really don't like it AT ALL. If things don't pan out like most of us Pre- users would like I must move on. Come on HP! Still a little faith left don't **** on us!

EDIT: I definitely typed **** and got bleeped haha


Based off of the acquisitions of 3PAR, Stratavia, and IBRIX, I think HP has an excellent foundation to excel at cloud storage, cloud data management, and general cloud computing. Along with these pay-as-you-go data plans, their planned device ecosystem, and their communications push in the switch arena against Cisco after acquiring 3com last year, HP will have a strong foothold in the future of mobile computing. Not only that, but they'll be one of the first companies to truly deliver scale at both the enterprise and consumer markets while effectively integrating the two. HP knows where the future lies, and I don't think they'll drop the ball with this one.

3PAR - http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2010/100902b.html
Stratavia - http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2010/100826a.html
IBRIX - http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2009/090717xa.html
3com - http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2010/100412xa.html
"HP - Cisco's Worst Enemy?" - http://www.thestreet.com/story/11115158/2/hp--ciscos-worst-enemy.html

this news makes me think that a sprint pre 3 is more of a possibility than before.

Like others I hope this means a HP device on Sprint. But I'm not going to hold my breath. HP must also let us know what "make it right" means. That will determine if I contemplate moving to Android (I hate the idea of that).

After reading Josh Topolsky's review of the Veer I have become even more disheartened. Not that his review caries more weight then the positive reviews. But, he did have some good points about the things that still need to be fixed in 2.X. Now I believe a lot of that is handled in 3.0 but WebOS phones won't see that anytime soon. To hang with iOS and Android HP will have to almost be flawless in execution and software. We have yet to see that. :(

Update: Cnet's review of the Veer was not very flattering either. (sigh) I hope this is not the beginning of the end of WebOS. There is a huge market out there for Smart phones but it's going to be hard to be a player if everyone is saying don't buy your devices!

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