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HP: Pixi apps to be compatible with Veer, no extra work required 12

by Derek Kessler Wed, 04 May 2011 12:15 pm EDT

So you’re a webOS developer and you’re eyeing the HP Veer coming out in less than two weeks, and you’re wondering what you as an app wizard are going to have to do to get ready? Not much, says HP. In a posting on the webOS Developer Blog, HP says that all current App Catalog apps marked as Pixi-compatible will be automatically marked as Veer compatible, because, you know, they are. Same 320x400 screen. Same (though newer and faster and better) webOS operating system. Significantly better internals, which should alleviate every problem with the Pixi’s anemic hardware, unless you’re still hating on the screen size. The Veer will also be available as a device compatibility option when submitting new or updated apps to the Catalog.





Derek -- you guys have a review Veer yet?

I know you probably can't answer yet, but, I had to ask all the same.....

I would bet it goes to webOS Roundup this time, thanks Derek.

As much as I don't want a slider, I might still consider replacing my Pixi with this, simply because of (as you put it) the anemic hardware. It is a nice phone, it does a decent job of most things, but it is painfully slow in so many tasks. If this truly is a Pre3 in a small package, it might be worth a try.

I think it is more like a Pre2 in a small package. Still something more capable than my Pre- :(

Pixi apps yes....Pre/Pre 3 apps.....no?

It is the same situation as the Pre and Pixi. Due to the different screen resolutions and internals most apps have to be rewritten for the different screen size. Most apps that require to be coded differently are mostly just games so they fit properly on the screen without scrolling. That is why there is angry birds and angry birds for pixi.

Incorrect. PDK apps need to be recoded for the small screen, bu 99% of Mojo apps do not have to be rewritten, they scale equally-well down to the Pixi/Veer and up to the Pre 3.

You know how most web pages just work on different computers with different monitor resolutions? Yeah, same thing applies here, except for PDK apps (but then, a lot of them, such as Angry Birds as you stated, have Pixi versions as well).

If you as a developer are just asking yourself now if your app will be compatible, you either just started developing a few weeks ago or you're a lazy developer. That Pixi apps will be compatible with the Veer has been stated by HP for weeks.