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HP planning native FTP app for webOS? 28

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 20 Mar 2011 3:52 pm EDT

Color us intrigued: palmpre-france was digging around inside webOS 2.1 with Internalz and discovered a new app: com.palm.app.ftp. For those not familiar with webOS naming conventions, that tells us that it's a native Palm app from the company itself called "FTP." That's FTP as in "File Transfer Protocol," or perhaps better described as "a pro tool usually used on a desktop or designed by 3rd party developers for smartphones." It's interesting indeed to see that HP may be building a native FTP client for webOS - but for now the app looks to be more placeholder than actual functioning app. Perhaps it will just serve as the underpinning for some other continuous-client-style functionality for webOS - after all, getting a consistent experience across phones, the TouchPad, and your desktop is likely going to require more robust file transferring abilities.


Souce: palmpre-france; Thanks @avnerarbel!



This is seriously an awesome idea. HP if you are reading this DO IT!!!! ...plz? :)

oh, and.... FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

"First" is so annoying. Maybe that's why you have -4 on your thumbs up/down count.

Huh? "a pro tool usually used on a desktop or designed by 3rd party developers for smartphones."

Seriously? That's your description of an ftp client?

Does I phone have FTP client?

that's a joke right?

No ^^

The iPhone basically leaves all the space for additional Apps. This would be a problem if there weren't all those 3rd party Apps, luckily for them all the other developers are closing (some of) their holes.

People are complaining about the things that they are missing that webOS doesn't have still after almost two years. But they forget that there are mobile OS that are much older and have even more things that are lacking ;)

Considering the "basic functionality" there is almost no other mobile OS that has more implemented good features. The only problem are the 3rd party Apps to cover the rest.

Looks like it's for connectivity and/or speed testing and uses hard coded file names. What's interesting is that there's a palm service for it:


With "download" and "upload" methods. Looks like it uses curl for the heavy lifting.

Just because a little hacked together app is on there doesn't mean that they are planning to release anything. This is most likely some kind of dev tool to help their own people.

If anything it would make sense if it was a background process to help some other service or app.

Anyone should be able to make a FTP program since node.js gives you access to the tcp/ip stack.

i think i just realised why i am still reading news about that dead platform - for amusement! Yeah, FTP is CERTAINLY one robust connectivity tool that the '2011 concept of "continuous client" just craves for! Yeah, baby, bring it on. Except, who the heck will be using FTP novadays, and WHY??? And how the heck did you draw the connection between FTP and continuous client???

mmm... er... uh... [awkward silence]

troll much?
> enough or need more?

Considering HPs stance on pushing more and more data to the cloud, FTP actually makes a lot of sense. It's *obvious* that you don't work in any sort of data warehousing industry (and maybe not in even in IT at all.) FTP is still widely used in back-end systems to transfer things like... i dunno... files? You don't have to know its there for it to be used. What do you suppose the best method to transfer data is? HTTP? pfftt....

in the phone app type #*387# and hit the call button...

Why would I care about FTP?...

Cloud services. You don't need to know it's there, but it's good that HP is building it in.

I've used and developed cloud services. I can't imagine why FTP would be desired.

Doesnt do anything other be a placeholder for a future establishment. Ran into this curious app when I tweaked some appinfo.json files to hidden apps I wanted out, like the bug report app.

For those who don't use FTP, this may seem of little importance, but for those that do use it... Priceless!

Say I interviewed you for the radio and you later realize you said something that could get you in deep trouble with your boss (or wife, or it may be the same person!). You call me and beg me to not let the program air. If I'm not near my computer, you are outta luck. With FTP, I could log into the station's computer and delete the radio program before airtime, saving your neck!

Q: HP planning native FTP app for webOS?

A: No they are not...get real


'People are complaining about the things that they are missing that webOS doesn't have still after almost two years. But they forget that there are mobile OS that are much older and have even more things that are lacking ;)'

-yes we are complaining, Palm/HP take 6months longer to deliver their HW...ya might think by then they would have looked at the competition and said **** we can do that and better' or just give us a set of highy useable default apps...instead of trailing with HW and SW

The only thing we have going for us atm is the fact that WebOS is by far the better OS...but we have fk all to really show it off on or to shout about app wise.


Sorry, but I'm sure this is nothing new and there was something similar in 1.4.5 and older weboS versions too...

PreCentral: You're doing a nice job, but when it comes to technical things, why not just ask someone from webOS Internals or the like before releasing an article like this?

Every webOS app should have a line of text in them that says "failure." Pretty much sums it all up.

Just reading through the comments here and I notice as time gets closer for devices release the webOS haters getting more profuse...

Nothing sadder than haters and trolls. They've really got nothing better to do in their lives but **** and moan. It's pretty pathetic.


no, I truly do not work in a data warehousing IT industry, and especially not the one that employs mobile devices/OSes for data warehousing stuff, geez...

If you ask, I'd dare to say that yes, HTTP is a better suited protocol to transfer the kind of data/ use cases, that you might deal with on mobile device. For one thing, it is compatible with existing web services frameworks, and secondly, it will get you through ANY firewall. But that's off topic, and FTP might have it's merits, I agree. If everything else is already finished, and them programmers are getting bored.

but yes, so hapens I am working in IT industry for my whole career, and before that, I was studying computer sciences, and before that, I was a hobbyist programmer since I was about 10 yrs old.

And I am also very down to earth person, which seems to be quite incompatible psychological profile for HPalm/WebOS "ecosystem", and becoming more & more so...


With the system using an automated and specific filename could this be some sort of "backup" program that will backup nightly to the cloud based upon your palm profile? Also it could be used to download information such as scheduled updates? Just my 2cents.