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HP Play music syncing now available as Public Beta 57

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 08 Jul 2011 6:58 am EDT

HP Play Beta

HP Play is one step closer to becoming the wireless music syncing and streaming service we'd heard about and been drooling after since earlier this year, as the company has now released the desktop-side of the service to the public under the "beta" tag. It's still far from being what we want to see from the service, but PC and Mac owners, this first public release of HP Play is a welcome sight and shows the direction that HP is planning on moving in the future with wireless media syncing across devices.

Once you arrive at the HP Play website from a desktop browser, you'll have the option to download and install the HP Play Music Player, which runs off of the open source Songbird media manager, directly onto your computer. First-time launch will ask you a few questions about the type of media you want to import (which includes an "All music from iTunes" option) and then gets started with creating your HP Play Music Library. From the strangely familiar interface you'll be able to listen to your music straight on the device, create playlists, rip/burn CD's, and finally, sync your music directly with any music-playing device, but specifically of the webOS-type.

As of right now the software only syncs music (not video or photos yet) using a USB cable from your HP TouchPad or Veer (and in the future the Pre 3), but from the looks of things the developers really want to get away from that and start syncing using the full wireless experience that we've come to know webOS devices through. Plugging your device in and putting it in USB mode will initiate the syncing process on your computer which is either automatic or manual, based on what you selected when setting up the software. From there you can organize your music on the device, sync folders automatically, and even transfer playlists from one device to the next with hardly any work done at all.

HP Play is clearly still in beta, but it's coming along nicely and should pick up speed as more feedback and bug reports are sent in through this testing phase. Don't let the beta tag full you, though, as even the basic USB syncing that comes with the Songbird core is enough to make a switch over from iTunes to HP Play as your default media player. The future definitely looks bright for HP Play - wireless media syncing can't come soon enough.

Source: HP Play; Thanks, Everyone!


It's not just the Touchpad and Veer. I can transfer music via USB with my FrankenPre.

As the article says, HP Play syncs with "any music-playing device", the website is just promoting the three webOS devices that it's made for.

Pretty sure only 2 of those devices are available. It would be nice if they offereed that device in the middle. Looks like it would be fun to play music on. PRE3 PLEASE!!!

Pre2 works fine too

I don't mean to criticize early, but sad they chose songbird. It won't run on my linux box. Which is an HP laptop by the way.

I will answer myself, I would also like to know if HP thinks of releasing it under GPL as they should. That would be interesting.

That's even more sad because Songbird USED to be Linux-compatible, as a result of being XULRunner-based. There is a fork that is desperately trying to play catchup...

Songbird works on linux perfectly fine (they actually release updates, just not as official releases). But HPPlay doesn't work on Linux.

Will it work on pre-?

Yes. It should. "any music-playing devices"

It's working, as you said, it is for sure in Beta.

Downloading and installing.

Thank you.

3 questions:

Is this like another itunes?

Other than the ability to sync w/ HP devices is there any other differentiator?

Pre 2 sheet outta luck?


PS where's my treo/centro/pixi form factor???

It says it syncs with "any music device." So I do not think the Pre 2 would be out of luck.

"is a welcome site"


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Stupid Tim and his bad habits. I'll teach him not to do that again....

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Where is Shazam? Where! is any body with with me on this one ?

i like shazam but sound hound is much better, but i'll take either of them to this point.

it doesn't launch on pc ,is it for the us only?it would be awesome if could sync your pc music on your phone or a pad just like the cloud with no need to use a usb

Wonder how long they have been working on it? I bet they didnt start till Enyo was out of beta.

With services like these rolling in, hp is playing to win!! All bow to the podfather!

The instructions say to load everything into iTunes first. I am / will not use iTunes so I hope it works with with MP3 files and not require iTunes. Does anybody know?

It works better if you use itunes but it's not required. you just have to manually load the music or tell ti where the files are.

Telling a program where the files are sounds like every other program out there. including iTunes. Especially if you do not keep music in the "music" folder

I used it both on my work PC and at home with my MAC.

seems to work pretty good. definitely easy to learn the "interface" since it's very "familiar" which I think is a good thing. why try to reinvent the wheel?

Music sounds great on the Touchpad and HP Play made it easy to get there.

It took a while to get things mounted and for the searches/syncs to happen, but it was worth the wait and worked for me.

If you go to the blog or read the postings, it looks like they are working hard at getting it completely wireless so I can't wait for that to happen.

It's bizarre that webOS is so beautiful from corner to corner, while this HP Play app is amazingly ugly.

It's not bizarre. HP Play has been in development for just a few months and its the first day of their public beta release.

Is this a cloud based solution? If not I am not sure I see the benefit. I use my zune (itunes blowz and the zune pass is a steal esp on a yearly purchase). I am guessing they arent supporting an import from the zune software and it wouldnt support the DRM'd files anyway.

I would LOVE a zune app on the touchpad or pre3. That would be great. or a way to install zune player on the touchpad. Use the 50GB free storage from Box.net. Come on, HP and MS have a good relationship. work something out.

Not really worth it at this point. There is no OTA syncing, as Tim pointed out, just USB. It's like using a really bad version of itunes. Any early Mac OSX users will know haw bad that was.

I had a problem with it last night. I manually dragged each song on the Touchpad and then ejected it when I was done. When I launched the Music and Videos app the songs were not there. I then mounted it back on the computer and looked through the drive. It created a folder called HP Music and the songs were there. So what I did was move that folder to the Downloads folder and placed it inside of another folder that I manually made the first day I got the Touchpad called Music. I then ejected it again and sure enough all the songs were there after launching the Music and Videos app again..

Am I doing something wrong here? I dont want to keep moving things back and forth all the time.

you shouldn't need to move folders. Delete your first manual folders. Leave HP Music where HP Play put it. Play away!

help me out.. this interfaces with or replaces itunes?

I think it could replace it, given that I have never used iTunes, and it works for me.

I'm a webOS fan and I think HP Play is useless. HP would have done far better for its customers if it built a great interface to doubleTwist, Google Music or Amazon. This whole HP Play project is anti-Synergy. It doesn't "just work" and isn't ready for prime time. I have a TouchPad and Google Music kinda works, but needs further tweaks because of browser issues.

It's the first day of a beta version. The goal is to have work with Google Music and Amazon Music.

Don't treat this as a final polished product that represents what HP is trying to do with its music service.

I don't want another HP/Palm "Cloud Solution" that piggybacks off of other companies. I just want it to work through HP. Passthebeat is right. They should have at least had their cloud solution ready at launch, right now Missing sync/gogadget works better...

It's beta, sure, but it's a crappy beta version of itunes.

based on Songbird... ok. I would prefern Rhythmbox or Banshee, but maybe they will improve the performance of songbird along their way :)

I can't get the music to actually work with my TouchPad and whenever I call support they are no help at all. Boo!

What kind of problem are you having? TouchPad like Pre won't play DRM songs that you bought through iTunes.

All the songs are DRM free and play on my Pre. They don't actually get onto the TouchPad. The file folder structure does but no music is moved over.

The way I did was drag all the folders that have music in them on my Pre like the music folder and the amazon download folder to my desktop. Then I plugin the TouchPad as a USB drive and dragged those folders into the TouchPad. It automatically found all the songs by itself.

I'm trying to use HP Play and it's not working.

Over usb? that's so Apple. Windows Media Player syncs to my Palm TX over WiFi.

I believe they are working toward a sync through Palm profile. The USB thing is just to get the beta out for public testing.

Good bye iTunes!

I like the clean interface. Hopefully it won't become a mess like iTunes.

This interface is pretty sad. I know this is a fanboy/apple hating site, but come on!

It has a LONG way to go. Not to mention no cloud syncing yet, which would be nice. Just when I was thinking that HP would finally beat Apple to something!

It's not like Apple has cloud syncing out yet either (though it should soon).

You need to get a life.

I will pray for you.

one of the main reasons I don't like Apple products is becomes of the messy iTunes. God knows how many times I lost my songs and videos because stupid iTunes made some changes with an update.

surely it can't be that hard to build it for linux? com'on HP!

im boycotting putting music on my tp. wont happen until i can do it wirelessly.

also want video and pic syncing.

HP Play is working for me so far.

I had manually moved all my music over in USB mode. It did not show up on the TP in Music or Music ReMix, only in Audiophile.

On a whim, I tried HP Play today. At first, no songs showed still. So I rebooted the TP, then fired up Music. Worked like a charm. Now all my music is showing. So I will be deleting my manually installed Music folder and just using the HP Music folder.