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"HP Play" name for webOS music sharing service shows up on HP's own specs sheet 35

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Mon, 20 Jun 2011 1:25 pm EDT

We have written and speculated in the past about HP's planned cloud-based music sharing service, most recently on June 13th, and the name "HP Play" has come up more than once as a likely name. It now appears that the name is confirmed: on the downloadable PDF specs sheet from HP's official TouchPad information page (a PDF which oddly still bears the legend "HP CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION - FOR REVIEW PURPOSES ONLY - NOT INTENDED FOR DISTRIBUTION" even though it's publicly linked), under Entertainment and Multimedia, it says:

"Music: Sync your PC's music with TouchPad using HP Play.|Access millions of songs and [sic] through the Amazon MP3 store."

The footnote to that chart entry gives some additional details:

"HP Play requires download to your PC at http://hpplay.com. Song file formats supported: DRM-free MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP and WAV."

Currently, the hpplay.com domain does not resolve to a specific Web site, although the domain is owned by Sol Reynolds of Melodeo, the streaming music service purchased by HP a year ago. The above language could suggest a desktop software product similar to iTunes, however the Melodeo connection, and HP's own dedication to the cloud, makes it much more likely that whatever is to be download will be a conduit for automatic synchronization between desktop and cloud, and from there to TouchPad (and hopefully other webOS devices).

Source: HP; Thanks to cantaffordit for the tip!



haha, goes to show how much H/P reads they documents before posting them. Or the guy who posts them doesnt even read.

I wish users have browsing capabilites on the cloud, unlike current profile, where users have no idea what is stored. Plus also wish H/P gives like 10gig free to anyone who uses TP, pre-3

So, really just an iTunes sync program that will also play nice with Amazon MP3? Not the most compelling music offering there.

Doesn't say it syncs with iTunes...

I would think the multiple AAC formats ensure it does, no?

Still doesn't say it syncs with iTunes.

"HP Play requires download to your PC at http://hpplay.com."

Why would it direct you to an HP website then? This is an HP program, not an iTunes sync program.

Now, it might be possible that they try to sync with iTunes yet again, but we all know how that ends up each time they try it.

Sigh. I am going to take a wild guess that since iTunes is BY FAR the most popular PC desktop music manager and iPod and iPhone BY FAR the most popular portable music devices, that this HP Play will - if nothing else - sync iTunes AAC and MP3 files quite well.

I have no idea about playlists...we'll have to see. But we can tell from the specs that it syncs iTunes music at the very least.

The more important thing here is that they are - as always - directing you somewhere else for your music. I thought HP was building an HP-owned ecosystem here. Not seeing it, but I guess it's possible that Amazon MP3 will become part of Synergy. Better than nothing...

No dude, you're making assumptions that HP is directing you somewhere else. Why would they call it HP Play if they're gonna direct you to iTunes? Your whole comment is riddled with assumptions, and there is just not enough information to support what you're saying.

HP Play wouldn't "direct you" anywhere. it's a syncing program from what we can tell in this article. HOWEVER, it also says that you access millions of songs at Amazon. Not at the HP Music Store or with HP Play or Beats Music or whatever.

Read the article again. And my comments. I didn't say they were directing you to iTunes for music. They are clearly and literally directing you to the same Amazon MP3 store that has always been there. That's underwhelming.

Gah, then where does iTunes come into this??

Now that it is in beta, it seems that iTunes is one of the choices. Also, it seems there are options other than iTunes. I don't like that they aren't 'rolling their own'...

What I also don't like is that it seems it will overwrite your current storage on the device. Being as I have 60gb of music, i wonder how they will fit 'in the cloud. Also, of the ~1000 song I might want to hear at any time, how is that handled? my 16gb pre is not going to hold them all. Right now, I have ~200 songs on there.

Yeah mikah not quite but more like googles cloud music service, not like the itunes desktop program (correct me if I'm wrong). I think this will be announced along with the pre3 in "the coming weeks" lol

Hopefully it comes with integration for Amazon Cloud Music!

That's what I have been saying ever since they announced the TP! Why even think about putting beats audio in a tablet if it isn't even going to support audio codecs that will benefit from it...

wtf I could have swore I was writing this in reply to Honis. lol

Where's the FLAC love?

That's what I would love to know as well...

I'm not sure I understand. Does this simply share music that is currently stored on my PC? Or does it require that I upload all my music to "the cloud" for this to work?

Not known at this time.

depending on amazon is not a smart move. They are already starting to compete with google while relying on the android platform.
When Amazon puts out it's tablet...the game may be changed

I don't think they have any other strategy than to depend on 3rd parties for everything. Kindle books. RoxioNow movies. Amazon music. Time magazines. Lots of partners that can leave them high and dry.

You see this as a weakness, this is a strength. A vendor who respects customer choices about the content they consume. Over time, a hardware vendor who tells you that your data and content is locked in an app on their platform to the exclusion of all others will be as much of a head-scratcher as HTC telling you you can't run Gmail on their devices.

It's been nothing but a weakness thus far. Remember how they put the fate of document editing in the hands of Documents To Go? Or mapping on Google Maps?

Now, contrast that with when they took their fate into their own hands and built a proper Facebook app. Stood above the competition with the exception of the iOS app, and that was mostly because it lagged in features.

Meanwhile, what WebOS app category is laden with "customer choices" from notable names? I can only think of streaming music, and that's because Spotify, Pandora, and Slacker are highly motivated to get their apps on EVERY platform and device possible. Not because of anything particularly appealing about WebOS.

Highly motivated? All three of those companies have not updated their webOS app in forever, and the Spotify app in the catalog right now won't even work on webOS 2.x.

My point exactly. When you are a newcomer dependent on partners, they may eventually throw an app on your platform to pacify you, but you will likely not be a priority when it comes to updates.

I'm sure, say, Pandora isn't steadfast about updating its service for Roku or Visio TVs either, but they don't care. It's all about just getting on the platform. So don't take this as me taking a potshot or being negative toward WebOS. I'm not because this isn't unique to them. I want to see HP own the experience of this operating system. Palm didn't, and it really hurt them.

Oh no, I was just wondering why you pointed those companies out as "highly motivated" when all they did was port the app and left it in the catalog.

Who says Amazon won't be putting out HP's tablet? Read Opal here.

It's most likely HP's response to other cloud music players. webOS devices already backup data to the cloud so it wouldn't be too difficult to add music, pictures and videos to the cloud as well.

The sharing part would mean you can share your music between the same Palm profile and your desktop computer.

Making a cloud music player isn't difficult the tough part is getting the music industry to sign a contract.

I am guessing it would be very similar to Amazon cloud music with smart caching.

Notice the AD EMBARGO DATE - 7/17/11 in the pdf doc. So no ads for a couple weeks after its released.

Man that looks alot like a pixi when its open. Peeps looking for a small candy bar form factor might be waiting a while.

Yeah, the pic is a little confusing, since the document says that it syncs with the Touchpad, and doesn't mention the Veer.

Ok this is totally off topic but I have to tell u what I just heard. I was on the phone with VZW asking about the Gingerbread update for my Droid 2 Global. Anyway the rep said that my device and the Palm Pixie and the Palm Pre Plus are the only devices tagged with a coming soon table for major software release....I hope she's right for all you guys who stuck it out....you know what we say about the salt.

Heh, she was probably talking about

yeah, cuz 2.0 is def out of the realm of reality at this point -=\

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