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HP to possibly cut up to 30,000 jobs in restructuring plan 19

by Ryan St. Andrie Thu, 17 May 2012 8:21 pm EDT

HP to possibly cut up to 30,000 jobs in restructuring plan

According to several reports across the interwebs, HP could be cutting as many as 30,000 jobs in a new restructuring plan starting as early as May 23rd. On that day, according to several sources, CEO Meg Whitman will announce a company-wide restructuring plan that will include the cuts of approximately 10 to 20 percent of the current  workforce of 320,000 employees. The numbers all vary from source to source but usually when there is this much grumbling in the tech world it is almost a guarantee that something is going to go down. 

Before you all go pointing your fingers at Meg keep in mind when she took the helm at HP she was handed a company that was on a downward spiral the like of which was almost unrivaled in the tech industry. The now infamous former CEO Léo Apotheker who had no previous hardware experience, killed off production of webOS hardware, attempted to spin off HP's PC division, and pretty much wanted to change the focus of the company altogether. Shortly after all of these decisions made by good ol' Léo, shareholders witnessed HP stock plummet more than 20% in a single day. Needless to say Meg Whitman had her work cut out for her when she took over as CEO of HP. So we are sure that if she does in fact make the decision to cut all these jobs it will be for an awfully good reason. 

This unfortunately should feel all too familiar to the webOS community as we've seen our fair share of job cuts in recent history. Fortunately webOS or HP's Personal Systems Group have not been directly mentioned in any of the sources. However, with a cut this large one can almost bet on the proverbial "axe" reaching across the entirety of HP. Heck even the poor guy who pushes the mail cart around the offices should be scared at this point! All we can say is that we sincerely hope that webOS doesn't take any hits from this as there really isn't much left to cut. Stay tuned and we will keep you informed of any news that may come out of all of this. 

Update: Enda McGrath has told us on Twitter that this will not be affecting webOS. Bullet dodged!

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quote from Enda's twitter: @webOSnation Thankfully this will not affect webOS.

Leo Apotheker dropped a nuclear bomb on HP. The fallout will be causing damage for years.

+1 but it will also give them an opportunity to hide behind that ordeal with every future decision even if it's not explicitly implied.

HP bombed long before Leo got there.

The webOS team just got all it cuts done a long time ago, they get to skip this round. =P

The rest of HP is about to feel the pain that WebOS has felt. I guess they cut their teeth on WebOS and now the axe is ready for the rest. I wish them all good luck in finding new jobs. But if HP continues to struggle, how long before they jettison WebOS altogether? What is the hope for profit in this division?

After open webOS is released, there's nothing to jettison. HP intends to spin off the developers (I believe I read about this on here, slap me if I'm wrong) into it's own company to continue development away from HP. If open webOS fails on every level, then they tried and Apache gets a new project to stuff into the Attic, where it'll live out the rest of it's days. (Between Rod Whitby, Jason Robitaille, and the rest on webos-internals, I doubt that webOS will have zero caretakers for the next 5 years. Past that, well...)

Before open webOS is released, strategically, the effort will come to an end if HP cuts funding immediately, which means that open webOS dies, no more updates to webOS 2.X-3.X, and what hasn't been open sourced at that time will never get done, so webOS really will be dead for all (but the closer we get to September, the less likely this is to occur: as more gets done, what's left would be easy to replace/figure out by the community). Fingers crossed for a good 2nd Quarter. (Past 2Q it doesn't matter.)

If HP stock keeps dropping, Oracle can buy HP and put Mark Hurd back in charge to turn the company around as he did once before.

Hurd did NOT turn the company around. He did what was relatively easy to do; cut, cut and cut some more. It makes it look like you are making more money but in reality it is a con.

You can get away with it short-term but ultimately you cannot cut your way to prosperity.

yeah there is utter dellusion when it comes to hp. people wrongly think that everything was perfect under hurd. people need to read some history. i'm sorry people were ignoring hp before they bought webos but hell even read the article on webos nation about how hp lost it's way and you'll see, one, hurd was good at destroying morale, firing tons of people and stifling innovation not to mention sewing the seeds of infighting, but also Carly fiorina was bad before him, and the entire time the BOD sucked ass. Hurd is no savior and there never was a silver bullet to hp's woes.

It's sad how unimportant this all feels anymore. A couple of years ago, this kind of news on (then) PreCentral would have (and did!) result in hundreds of comments. Now, nearly 24 hours later, I'm the 7th. And none of us really have a whole lot of emotion left.

I feel badly for the people who will be hurt by this. It's life altering. But in the case of WebOS, it sure feels like we've all pretty much moved on.

Just sayin'.

WOW, such optimism is refreshing!

Do you have any extra happy pills that you want to share? ;)

So, you don't have any pills?

Whoa, I think your pills wore off! I liked happy toanedre better!

WebOS still works. I have a Veer on ATT and it performs all functions just fine. Granted, not a lot new coming out for it, but I need a phone, calendar, email and a few functional apps. Got it.

And as a bonus, the wife has one on Straight Talk, unlimited for $45. That's a nice deal!

Why are you here? Most of your words go in one ear and out the other. Your wasting your breath, and your time.

We've moved on from HP firing non-webOS development staff? Was there anything to move on from concerning that at all?

Only reason why it's posted here is because it's related to HP (and to remind folks it has nothing to do with us). We're scouring every little pimple and hiccup from them for clues to bigger problems ahead, because it's all we've been used to.

As stated at the bottom of the article, this has nothing to do with webOS.

Who is Enda McGrath?

A bit lazy to ask when a quick search would have provided the answer :) but he's the head of WebOS Developer Relations at HP.