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HP posts Enyo Development walkthrough 6

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 21 Feb 2011 5:05 pm EST

[YouTube link]

HP has posted a video of their Think Beyond Developer event detailing Enyo, the new framework behind webOS 3 and the TouchPad. If you're tiring of Mojo development and ready to see what you'll be working on next or if you're just curious as to why HP is changing things up so much, it's must-watch. Set aside 30 minutes and bask in the future.

Source: YouTube; via @twtomcat



First to say WGaS!

2nd to say you're ignorant...

this shit looks weird!

I want to get into making apps for WebOS, but I don't know what to learn. Or develop for with all these upcoming OS variations. Could someone help me out here?

I'm glad to hear that the demos at the "Think Beyond" event were not optimized. I was a little worried about the lag in the Pre 3 and Touchpad. Looking forward to the release of these devices.

*That* looks sweet! I'm mostly a Java developer, and honestly some bits of Mojo already feel a little like Swing to me (pushing stages onto a stack, etc), it's nice to see that some object oriented stuff is going into Enyo so we can improve reusability of code :)