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HP posts TouchPad availability notification sign-up, wants your email address 31

by Derek Kessler Wed, 13 Apr 2011 8:52 pm EDT

If you're like us, you're probably wondering when the HP TouchPad is going to be released. Sure, sometime this summer is great and all, but really you want to know exactly when the first webOS WonderTablet is going to be released. Like, down to the second. Well, we might be one step closer to finding out, as the HP Small & Medium Business store has posted a notification sign-up, where in exchange for your email address and company info, they'll let you know when the TouchPad's availbility is announced. So maybe sometime soon we'll be able to learn more about this summer.

Source: HP; Via: PreCentral Forums



i'll take that exchange... heading there now.

There's also a notification sign-up for private people (click on notify me):

And for Germany:

Ahh. I tried the "normal" one and was kicked out... In the name of Ze Germans, I thank you kindly.

Pre 3 please.

Yup, let me know when there's a signup for the Pre3. If that comes out on Sprint, I may consider a TouchPad.

Seriously, I'd sign up but I'm so friggin unenthused due to continuing crickets in the arena of a SPRINT PHONE FOR US STILL LEFT IN THE COLD LOYAL PRE MINUS USERS.

I'd take a bloody signup for a Pre 2 or even a friggin Pre+ at this point on Sprint (yeah I know not going to happen).

bring on the Stingray notification page :)

done and done... now where's the sign-up page for my Pre3????

lol, HP. not interested, now if you bring up Opal or Pre 3.

Let me know too. I want to sign up for a Pre3 as well.

Now with this do you wonder who really leaked the pics and sdk? Let the clandestine marketing machine go to hyperactive.:-)

RIM Playbook comes out next week so I think the hand is a bit forced. I am waiting to see when Pre3 comes out to differentiate this tablet from any of the others. My Nook Color is supposed to get a nice software update that may make me just hold for a while longer to get a review. Not sure I want to be an early adopter like I was with the Pre-. But I will sign up for notification cause I've been chasing the carrot for a while, why stop now.

Here's for the Pre3. Just click on "Notify Me".


I want a carrier announcement before I sign up to either Pre 3 or Touchpad notification sites.

I'm with you, I'm not signing for anything until I hear the Pre3 is coming to sprint, if it doesnt i'm going to make sure noBODY where I work(600 employees) get any mobile devices from HP/PALM and trust me they won't, I'm the gadget man in my company and these people check with me before they buy any gadgets(cameras, phones, computer, you name it)

Ooooooo...lotta power there.

I hope they do partner with sprint, but business relationships are tricky.

i signed up for pre3 veer and touchpad, hopefully carrier announcements will be coming soon

Will a Sprint FrankenPre3 be possible? Is it more than just the radio?

HP Needs to wake up

- If I have to switch to Android for a phone, I'll stick with Android for the Tab, there is plenty to choose from TODAY.

- They Need to get the Pre 3 in My hands (On Sprint) BEFORE I can consider the Touchpad!!!

Screw the damn touchpad with it's different OS and missing gestures! A majority of users are still only interested in PHONES!!! Wake up HP, the TP is not going to save webos!

Don't care, and won't be giving them any attention, because my pre- is falling appart, and I'm forced to choose an Android phone... having tested various, it turns out that I don't like Android!! ...but they have "some" apps... and "some" devices, wich WE DON'T!!

I'm very frustrated, because I don't see these guys pushing hard enough

bunch of whiners.

Pre3 on Sprint or it's gonna have to be android (not a fan). There's just nothing else @ this point.

Announce the damn carriers HP~!!

I'm more interested in knowing when new phones will be available on Sprint....

Didn't Leo CEO announce in a public meeting that the TouchPad would be available in June? The initial version is Wi-Fi only, correct? So why does anyone care which carrier is going to sell it? Am I missing something here?

Many of the distinguishing features of the Touchpad (tap to share, answering a call from the Pre3) and some segment-wide features (GPS) are only available on 3G Touchpads.

When you are going to have to buy 3G service for more than one device, and the cost of 3G service varies widely by carrier, which carrier is going to sell it becomes a very important matter.

I don't believe most of us are concerned with the TouchPad period. If us Sprint loyals can't get a Pre3 we don't want the Pad most likely.
So I am pretty sure everyone would like the carriers for the Pre3, not the TouchPad.
This answer your question SWPeddler?

I'm with you. I was referencing primarily the article. It just seems it would be more helpful to agree on what we already know (at least what we've been TOLD by HP), and then spend our energies sleuthing on things as yet unannounced.

As far as which carriers the Pre3 will launch on, I am out of contract right now. I've used VZW, AT&T and Sprint, and although each has its advantages, the pluses and minuses seem to balance out, so I don't much care who gets it first. I guess if I had to pick based on current technology, AT&T would win because I like to be able to talk and use data at the same time.

RE Sprint, they haven't seemed very aggressive at keeping HP in the fold, but maybe they will surprise us all. It seems to me that Sprint debuted every phone Palm ever launched, up to and including the Pre and Pixi. HP/Palm has debuted three new devices since then, and none of them were by Sprint. If things were still hunky dory, the Pre2 would have shown up first at Sprint, n'est pas?

How about notifying us "Legacy Customers" when HP will make things right?

I'm hoping HP does something to bring me back into the fold. If HP abandons their "Legacy Customer" then I'll abandon HP.

The information I got from signing up (look here) has made me less enthused than before.

Note that it says that A-GPS is dependent on 3G service. I confirmed with my semiliterate HP rep that using GPS at all (only available on the 3G models) is dependent on 3G service "unless you have your own GPS software installed."

It also says that the "tap and share" and answering calls from your Pre3 also requires that the Touchpad have 3G service - they can't be done over Wi-Fi.

Losing those features (if I don't want to carry 3G service on two devices -- and I really don't) seriously diminishes the value of the Touchpad for me. I might as well buy a cheaper Honeycomb tablet.