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HP Pre 3 Coming to Europe in Mid-July; Available for Pre-Order now at £399.00 83

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 02 Jul 2011 9:24 pm EDT

In the middle of the HP TouchPad hype, HP puts a European Pre3 online for pre-ordering; ready to ship in Mid-July.

We're only beginning to try and find our ways out of the hussle of the TouchPad launch, and now HP Europe has decided to drop this bit of news on us. In the Palm webstore for Europe, the Pre 3 has been sitting quietly and waiting for its time to shine, and now suddenly there is an option to pre-order the device right now for £399.00 (similar to the 16GB TouchPad, which is $499 in the US) and have it shipped by Mid-July.

These details are only for the SIM-Free European model of the device, though, and until we have official word on what the price and availability will be for US customers, we don't want to make too many guesses here. What we can say, though, is that HP is not letting up on the world at all, and having the Pre3 available so soon after the TouchPad launch is very favorable amongst both the webOS faithful and those just being introduced to the platform. We've asked you a similar question once before, and now we should probably get ready to say it again:

"Are you ready to Pre3?"

Source: HP Pre3 Euro Store; Via: webOS World (Twitter); Thanks, Jake!



When it comes stateside I'd rather spend $500 on this than a TouchPad,

I would wait a month after it launches, since given how buggy the Touchpad is (with a promised update from HP "in the coming weeks"), and given that the Pre 3 will launch with webOS 2.x, and given that they have neglected 2.x almost entirely to launch a buggy 3.0, then the Pre 3 will probably be half-baked at launch.

You say that like the TouchPad is unusable. The device is fantastic. It's got a few hiccups but it is far from "buggy".

I tend to lean towards what a real user like you is saying, but as someone strapped for cash I find reviewers' (even Josh Topolsky!) notes of launch bugs discouraging.

Not enough to keep me from waiting, but enough to keep me from buying.

At any rate, I think the Pre 3 will be a different case. More eager for that than the TouchPad anyways. Pre 3 = I know I'll use it all the time. TouchPad = luxury for when I have the dough.

i have to say after the reviews i was hesitant about buying one..

I went to the Best Buy in Burbank on July 1 and those dimwads didn't even have one on display!

I thought .. **** it ... I'm buying this thing.

After 2 days with it I can safely say this ... damn the reviews and go get this thing!

I can't believe how much fun it is!

My only hope is the over the air update maximizes cpu crunch time so I can tell my snotty Ipad friends that not only do I have a better operating system, but a faster tablet to boot! (yes, i know, i'm dreamin here)

Bottom Line is it is AWESOME!

I played with one in the store for ~15 minutes. Rebooted it first. It was buggy, sorry. It paused all the time, apps sometimes just refused to load or work. Buggy.

Since the Pre 2 came out, I've only had one update and to this day, it hasn't given me any headaches. A couple of hiccough here and there, but no show stoppers. I imagine the Pre 3 when it comes out will be a similar progression and should carry the same reliability if not better.

WAIT! Thats no Europe! Thats UK I guess!


I hope it comes to Spain so I can change my day 1 Pre-.

I would not buy it without carrier discount, my upgrade comes this October! so hopefully it comes for free!!!!


Free with subscription is an illusion.
You still pay for the device - it's just part of the monthly subscription fee. Compare with rates that don't include devices and you can see how large a part it is.
In the end it doesn't matter if you buy the device and have a low monthly rate - or you get the device for less/free and pay that much more per month.
Both has its advantages.

UK is part of Europe - but yeah - saying Europe when it's only announced for UK is a bit of an exaggeration.

Oh yeah!!! Now if they will announce it in the U.S. and on all three major carriers we might just have a chance. Woohooo!!!

If it even ends up as a AT&T/Verizon initial launch of the Pre 3, that would be a VERY good thing for the overall numbers. The real key is advertising right now.

I am glad to see that HP/Palm is keeping to a Summer launch even if it is not in the U.S. Way to go HP.

Question, why the delay in announcing a release date for the US? I am so looking forward to this phone.

The carriers tend to be the ones who set when they will announce it, since AT&T may release before or after Verizon. If HP decided to just sell it through the same channels as the Touchpad, waiting for the carriers to DECIDE if they want to carry a given device wouldn't be an issue.

That is really the big problem, WebOS 2.1 was released on O2 in Europe for older devices, yet AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have not "approved" it for release, so we don't get it. I swear, if there were a cell phone carrier that wasn't run by complete idiots and who provided service where I live, I'd switch today.

I hate to cast a negative pall here, but after hearing about the poor backward compatibility on the TouchPad, I'm wondering if I should even bother if this comes with version 3. (I am running on a Pre Plus.) 2.x or 3.x ?

I don't think this will run 3.x. Unless HP wants to surprise us, it will run 2.x.

Ok. I'm hoping they get the compatibility up before they release version 3 for it. Assuming Verizon deigns to pass it on to us.

I read elsewhere that HP might have adopted 1.x as the basis for 3.x instead of using 2.x code. If that's true, I'd like to see an explanation for that. HP/Palm just seems like they want to keep shooting themselves in the foot.

I still love webOS, but these people are really trying my patience...

Please show me where you read the 1.x for 3.x vs 2.x. I missed that, 1.x and 2.x have more in common than 3.x to either 1 or 2, so I would like to read what you read.

In general 3.x is the future, 2.x is the second generation of 1.x and 3.x will take the advances 2.x had and turn them into a new generation that is 3.x with Enyo.

I am far from an expert, but feel free to head over to the developer forums to read about Enyo/3.x. I have yet to read anything here or elsewhere that describes what you have said.

This will ship with WebOS 2 and is fully upgradable to WebOS 3 and beyond.

Why the **** did people downrank this??? It is completely correct, god damn I can't believe some of the sandy vags around here... apparently people need to get real jobs where they are spending their time working so they can purchase this new tech and not just be sandy... **** cry babies around here kill me. Starting to wonder if any of them actually think they are grown a$$ men.

Though I hope this is not the case, this is looking like the Pre 2 Launch again. First in Europe, then the states.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and it has an international launch. Guess we will soon find out.

THIS is good news. If only it comes to Sprint. Even if it doesn't come to Sprint for 6 months, as long as it gets there I will be happy. The TouchPad is impressive, I like all the hype building around it, but I will never buy one. This phone, however, will be purchased on day one to replace my day 1 Pre-

I hope it doesn't go to Sprint. Just so I can see the Sprint fanboiz around here run and jump and cry to mommy and yell "I'll get an Android".

It is decidedly weird that this Pre 3 is listed on the Pre 3 Accessories page. That's the one thing that makes me wonder if it's more than a timing mistake, that the whole thing is bogus.

BTW, "original" credit for this news seems to belong to @capape on Twitter: http://twitter.com/capape/status/87284757280464897

Anxious to try it out. I'll know within a few minutes whether it's the Pre 3 or maybe a Samsung Charge.

i am new to webos.
when you swipe upwards on an app, does it merely take away the app from the display or does it actualy close the app?

It actually closes the app. A very satisfying feeling :)

oh wow hard to do that on android that i have now. we have to switch to pre 2 per corp policy. by force.

You will dig the Pre 2. I love it!

Can I work at your company?

You probably can't say, but if you can, do you mind mentioning what company's going all webOS?

And yeah... There's a lot to love in webOS. The others may have a step forward in apps, but the mojo (excuse the pun) behind webOS is just fluid.

Welcome to PreCentral!

It should not be too diff to guess if you see what i wrote earlier

So you work at HP?

I'd have to figure HP, since Pre2 doesn't really fit on the "Enterprise" product path. You'd think they'd mandate the Pre3, but they may be soaking up some inventory for now.

When you swipe an app off the screen it closes.

* when the app is fullscreen/maximized:
- Swiping up from the gesture area will minimize the app to card view.
- Swiping up within the app would scroll if there is anything to scroll

* when the app is in card view state:
- Swiping up on the card will close and remove the app
- Swiping up from the gesture area will open the launcher (app is not affected)

Welcome to webos :-)

whats the launcher? is it the home screen? too bad webos suffers from weak marketing, i can see how android and ios have stolen ideas from it. most consumers dont even know or care abt multitasking, synergy, blah blah.
remember, it takes at least 20 % adoption for a "tipping point". until that happens, this will be at best an undergound movement.

Is it coming to Europe or only to the four select countries that have been getting WebOS for two years?

More time with my Nokia, I'm guessing.

Tossing up a card off screen closes the app.

Tossing up a card off screen closes the app.

I just went from TouchSad to jealous of Europeans for the first time in my life (exept during the World Cup, but that is another story). This news is TouchRad! Well, for Europe... But it makes me really hopeful for us!
I feel bad that HPalm has so many embittered Fanboys right now. They are not really even that excited to read this cool and enticing news :)
I guess we all had the TouchPad build into something else in our minds.
There are so many ifs, but if HP Han released TPad they day it was announced and a V2 on July 1, things would be so different.

I am going back to feeling a touch sad now. And confused. And a touch mad. And hungry.

are you TouchDone yet? lol

People are upset that HP is letting AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint make too many decisions about WebOS devices. No WebOS Doctor to give us 2.1, even when O2 released it in Europe, the Pre 3 may be released tomorrow for all we know, and the carriers are keeping VERY quiet about it.

AT&T is the worst about it, where unless a device is going to be an exclusive, they won't say anything about a new phone release even 24 hours ahead of time. It's pretty pathetic really.

If I were AT&T I would be quiet too. Gotta push those Veers like there's nothing else better out there, until everyone else starts selling the Pre3, then they'll start selling that too with the hope there's still a tiny niche market left for a tiny niche phone.

Hi all,

Unless I have totally lost my mind, (I know, I know...I had to actually have had one to lose it, LOL)...

Isn't the Pre3 supposed to be fully upgradeable to webOS 3.xx?

Take care,


You have to look at WebOS history and wait until your phone says "Update Available" to know for sure. I think you need 3.0 to pick up TTS support, but that's still no guarantee.

TTS is in 2.2, not 3.x

Will phones even run 3.0/Enyo on the current roadmap?

Yes it is.

And the original Pre- was supposed to be upgradable to Flash, and WebOS 2.x.

That worked out well.

Heck unlock GSM i will try and get one and just use on Edge with att until it releases here

I have been ready for the Pre3 since I was born. To have a beautiful WebOS phone in that usable size withnthe new extra goodies is a dream. ....until the next one comes out. :)

it is not europe webstore Tim but uk online hp when europe it is the EURO NOT POUNDS

I can has Pre3?
Will definitely be getting one.
Hopefully it'll be CDMA / GSM *unlocked* for dual carrier goodness stateside.

Think that's optimistic. A CDMA/GSM device is known, but likely for Verizon. Which means it will likely *not* be unlocked.

Safe bet that a GSM only unlocked version comes. /twocents

Edit: Although holy cow... if HPalm pulls off a CDMA/GSM unlocked version, it would be a heck of a way for them to get around Sprint's apparent desire to blow them off. Expensive solution for the customer, but die-hards on Sprint would at least have an option!

...and I would *so* scrape my pennies together for that.

Sprint would still have to activate it and they won't.

As for verizon allowing GSM unlocked they do if you call and request it. As for working with a stateside carrier that remains to be seen but with Verizon's other world phone Droid Incredible 2 you can use it with t-mobile. There are some default settings you have to fill in yourself that verizon does not but once you do you are free to play.

You can find details on this at XDA. I would hope the same would be possible with Pre3.

I assume any GSM phone not made for t-mobile will not be able to do 3G on t-mobile due to thier unusual choice of spectrum.

Not in 3G. Pre3 doesn't have AWS. Edge is what would be usable. Not sure if anyone has tried what I described above with ATT.

Actually the first mention of this wasn't on Twitter but on PreCentral Forum three days ago: http://forums.precentral.net/hp-pre-3/283894-pre-3-uk-release-when-netwo...

Right, so it is now confirmed that the Pre 3 will in fact be released this month, yet there is *zero* online buzz about it...:


Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if, at this point in the game, HP purposefully wants to avoid a large amount of buzz. Online buzz has a way of backfiring sometimes, like with the RIM PlayBook for example. When it was released, lots of people were talking about it, people who read the reviews and dismissed it as a bad product. A year from now, even if RIM cleans up their act, those people will still associate RIM tablets with low quality. First impressions are hard to shake.

WebOS right now is making a first impression, too. Most consumers have no idea that WebOS devices have been around since 2009. It's something new. So if you generate a lot of buzz, and it fails to live up to expectations, the public will write it off and never give it a second look.

As for the Pre3, it will almost certainly meet with the same mixed reviews as the Touchpad. It's not 4G. The screen isn't "retina display" quality. It's not a slab. It doesn't have NFC. Etc, etc... These are things I don't really care about, but hey, tech journalists need bullet points. And their summary will be that it's a mediocre device. The one-two punch of *both* the Touchpad and Pre3 being panned after huge hype would be devastating for HP. Maybe it's better if they lay low for awhile and garner a more grassroots following among enterprise users and adventurous consumers...

The vast majority of Europe use the Euro, not the Pound which is only used in the UK. So the headline price should read €479, not £399. Link to the correct page:


As an aside, that rate price differential between the Pound and the Euro is unkind for us Euro users, given that the current exchange rate is:

399.00 GBP = 441.520 EUR

Poor show HP :-(

Actually the direct link is irrelevant: you need to choose your country first here before proceeding to the product pages to get the Euro prices (choose any country other than the UK):


Just looking at these Euro prices again and noticed that the entry-level TouchPad (€499) is more expensive than the entry-level iPad2 (€479):


These prices are really uncompetitive in the Eurozone.

There is obviously some confusion about pricing in Europe. I blame this on the fragmented market (different currencies, VAT and most of all languages :).

The HP Touchpad 16 GB is available for 499 Euro in Ireland. In the biggest market by far, Germany, it sells for 479 Euro.
http://www8.hp.com/de/de/products/tablets/product-detail.html?oid=5107123 That is exactly the same as the ipad 2 in Germany. And best of all: First customers received their Touchpads already on the 29th! http://www.webos-blog.de/2011-06-30-hp-touchpad-mit-zubehor-im-unboxing-...

The smallest (of four) network operator o2 started shipping the HP veer (unlocked, compatible with all other mobile networks in Germany (and almost all other European Coutries)a few days ago, most online retailers will start in the coming week with prices as low as under 300 Euro (again unlocked).

The Pre 3 will be available probably by mid July in Germany. someone I know in the support business has already gotten a Pre 3, they usually get devices around two weeks before launch. Online retailers list unlocked Pre 3s for as low as 390 Euro.


For comarison: the Samsung S2 16 GB is available (unlocked) for around 500 Euro. http://gh.de/a615532.html

In conclusion: I am convinced that while the pricing is not on the cheap side it is competitive. Both TouchPad and Veer are already available in Germany, the Pre 3 will probably arrive within two or three weeks. Now we are waiting on the 7 inch Touchpad and the 3G Touchpad. Personally I expect them to be available by the end of August and then HP will have a very strong webOS product portfolio.

I'll buy it if they release in US in July. Sooner the better IMO.

Did you see the battery accessory? Looks exactly like the pre's 1150mAh to me... Maybe it fits the "legacy" models?

what is even better it comes through several usual PC-distribution channels of HP as unlocked device in europe see http://www.webos-blog.de/ under section: "webOS Geräte bestellen"
no palm.co.uk or carrier needed.

"pre-order the device right now for £399.00 (similar to the 16GB TouchPad, which is $499 in the US)"

399 pound=640 dollars not 499 dollars.

You cannot compare prices based on exchange rate.
To get a comparable price you need to use PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). The difference in PPP is considerably less than the current exchange rate.

And in addition European prices are not directly comparable to US prices.
European consumer prices *include* VAT (typically 19%).
US prices *exclude* the (similar) sales tax (differs a lot by state).

I want to pre-order a Pre 3 from the EuroStore, but under details is says "choose from 8GB or 16GB internal storage"... I don't see any option to choose in the store... Does anybody know which version you get if you pre-order for £399?

This is what I've been waiting for. The Touchpad is maybe, eventually, but the Pre3 is as soon as possible.

I expect that HP didn't want to announce this during the release week for the Touchpad (and steal its thunder), but would not be at all surprised to see an announcement this coming week.

For me the only question is whether I will be able to get it on Sprint or if I will switch to AT&T. If it is available on AT&T before we have learned whether Sprint will carry it, I will just go ahead and switch.

Well, the other question is the date of course...


I will be pre-ordering this - hopefully it will arrive the same time as my TouchPad (Amazon is saying I will receive that 23-25th July).

tell me why a Sprint employee just told me the Pre3 is coming to Sprint in "may be December 2011"

I want this phone. Really want it on Sprint, but I will switch carriers to get it.

I have no intention of buying a TouchPad unless I can get a Pre3.

I am in the process of switching from Sprint to Verizon and -- if there's no Pre3 there -- will probably go Android phone + Android tablet. Part of the reason for switching is lack of any Sprint commitment to 4G in Phoenix area, but I probably would have stayed if Sprint had announced Pre3 availability.

I used to have 7 Sprint phone lines and am now down to 3 . . . one expiring in October another in March and the 3rd one in 2013. Of my group, 3 were on Palm (2 Pre + 1 Treo) and I'm the only one left . . . everyone else has gone Android already.

Who still PAYS for mobile phones? I've not paid for one since..... hmm whenever I had to pay a £50 upgrade fee for my Treo 600. Every handset I've owned since then: Treo 650, 680, Treo Pro and Palm Pre+ have all been on contract.

You'd have to be a die-hard fan to spend £399 on an unlocked handset.

I'll buy one if the tests deliver for sure that the battery runs at least for 2 days.
Plus i'll wait until the price drops to 300€ (I expect that to happen in November). Won't be a launch-day-buyer this time.

It is now out of stock in the shop, and i did even get a chance to pre-order one :(
Did anyone get one pre-ordred? and if so, did you hear from HPalm about your order?
Not quite sure if they have just sold out really quickly, or it was an error in the first place that they were available...

It needs to be on a carrier to have any chance, regardless of being built into price it just will not sell without carrier support. Thats how most people purchase their phones in the UK!! Its just how it is done!

...too bad it is priced ~100€ more now than it's previously rumored prices. Which were perfectly sane, if phone was released in July, and given its "mainstream" (another word for "mediocre") specification.

Pushihng it back 'till fall, and trying to sell it for £400- bwuahahahahaha!!

HP, you are such a clueless, mammoth bad joke, it kinda stops to be funny anymore, it is just a bad taste in my mouth, and nothing else!

Night night, sleep tight. And rest in peace, webOS. Actually, I might buy Pre 3 unlocked, as a collector item, someday.

I was able to pre order before it went out of stock. I did get a confirmation by mail but noting else.

I'm just a little jealous... Please let us know what happens with your order :)

Just a little update: Wrote to Palm HelpDesk and, as always, got outstanding costumer service... Apparently HP asked them to take it off the store, but it will be available again in just a few days... It is however only possible to order the 8gb. version so far... Can't wait! :D