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HP Pre 3: what we know; what we don't 125

by Derek Kessler Tue, 22 Feb 2011 4:37 pm EST

HP is pitching the Pre 3 not as a successor to the Pre series of smartphones, but rather as the phone for the professional that wants a powerful business device that can also do personal stuff. While the Pre 3 does maintain many of the lines of its Palm Pre ancestors (if does resemble the steroid-pumping offspring of an original Pre and a Pre 2), it does it all in a taller but slimmer package with internals that put the original Pre to shame. Inside you’ll find a blazing fast 1.4GHz processor, and around front is a 3.58-inch 480x800 display - the largest and highest resolution of any webOS smartphone. The Pre 3 is also compatible with HP’s new Touch-to-Share technology that allows owners of an HP TouchPad to easily transfer information between the two devices just by touching the two together.

What we know:

In the Pre tradition, the Pre 3 (stylized as Pre3) is a portrait slider smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard; in fact it’s the largest of any webOS phone. Considering that this is the largest webOS phone to date, that’s no surprise. The Pre 3 also has the largest screen of any webOS device, a full 3.58-inches across. For reference, that’s just a smidge larger than the screen on an iPhone, and notably larger than the 3.1-inch screen on older Pre series devices. That screen is also packs more pixels than any previous webOS device, at 480 across and 800 tall, the same resolution as many high-end Android phones, like the HTC Evo 4G, though in smaller size. The Pre 3 has the sharpest screen of any Palm device, clocking in at a squint-worthy 260 pixels-per-inch.

That gorgeous screen isn’t everything, as the Pre 3’s internals are also mighty impressive. The beating heart of this phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that runs at a blisteringly fast 1.4GHz. It’s a single core affair, but at that speed it’ll get plenty done in a hurry. Like the Veer, the Pre 3 includes 512MB of memory, but as we’ve seen before, that is plenty for a smartphone of this day and age. Customers will have the option of 8GB or 16GB for storage, though as with all webOS devices, that storage is simply not expandable. The Pre 3 includes the typical pack of sensors, and adds a compass to the webOS mix.

The Pre 3 is also the first webOS phone to include an autofocus camera. It’s just a 5 megapixel unit, in a world where more and more phones are headed the 8MP route, but if 5MP gives us a better quality picture, we’re fine with that. Quality of quantity, as they say. That camera will be capable of shooting HD video (we’re assuming 720p and not full 1080p HD) with some sort of unexplained video stabilization voodoo (software or hardware, we’re not sure). The Pre 3 is also the first webOS phone with a front-facing camera, this one of the VGA variety, to be used for video calls. And to make sure those calls sound their best, the Pre 3 does have dual noise-cancelling microphones - one at the bottom of the slider, and another high on the back to pick up and isolate ambient noise.

Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, and aGPS round out the standard radio mix. As announced, the Pre 3 will be available in two cellular varieties: as an HSPA+ GSM phone, or as a CDMA Rev A world phone. HP didn’t provide any specifications on which GSM bands the Pre 3’s radios will run on, but if we had to take a guess we’d shoot for the fat middle with the standard AT&T and European bands over T-Mobile’s strange 3G bands. The CDMA world phone is also a first for webOS, and if you’re not familiar, here’s a brief overview: a CDMA world phone includes a 3G EvDO radio (in this case the faster EvDO Rev A) along with a GSM radio for use outside the United States. There are a handful of CDMA world phones available in BlackBerry and Android form on Verizon and Sprint, and they appeal very strongly to international business types and globetrotters like us.

Size-wise, the Pre 3 is taller and wider than the older Pre series phones, measuring 111 mm tall and 64 mm wide (compared to 100.5 mm and 59.5 mm for the original Pre). It is a touch slimmer, at 16 mm thick against to the Pre’s 16.95 mm. That is rather thick for a modern smartphone, but most modern smartphones are simple slabs and don’t include a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like the Pre 3 (though it is still a bit thicker than the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC Evo Shift 4G, both QWERTY slider smartphones). Compared to the announced-at-the-same-time HP Veer, the Pre 3 is positively gargantuan.

Like the Veer (due out a few months earlier), the Pre 3 will ship with HP webOS 2.1, unless Palm decides to move things up a bit. webOS 2.1 includes features like voice dialing, Exhibition, Flash 10.1, and plenty more. Unique to the Pre 3, at least when it launches, will be the integration of a new Touch-to-Share technology. Touch-to-Share currently works with just the HP TouchPad tablet, and will allow the two devices to exchange information by just touching them together. The exchange is done via a “communication coil” in each device, one in the back of the Pre 3 and another at the base of the TouchPad. Press the two together and the information is exchanged.

We’re still a little fuzzy on how exactly it all works behind the scenes, though our assumption is that whichever device was most recently in use will be assumed to be the sender by both. HP has only demoed Touch-to-share sending a website URL from the TouchPad to the Pre 3, automatically launching the web browser and loading that page, but we can see it being used for much more, including transferring reading content from the Pre 3 to the larger-screened TouchPad or sending map data from the TouchPad to the Pre 3 for being out on the go.

What we don’t know:

By announcing the Pre 3 in both GSM and CDMA varieties, and not including any GSM frequencies, we can safely say that the Pre 3 could appear on any network on the planet (with the possible exception of North Korea). Considering, however, the fact that CDMA was even mentioned, we’d wager that Sprint and/or Verizon are likely candidates for carrying the device. When the Pre 3 is made available, pricing is anybody’s guess, though as with most top-tier smartphones we wouldn’t expect it to be much more than $200 on contract. Off contract is anybody’s guess.

When the Pre 3 will be available is another big unknown. HP says the Pre 3 has “planned availability this summer,” so sometime between June and August, and that’s assuming that things go as “planned.” So while the Pre 3 may be the only 1.4GHz smartphone announce, by the time it finally comes out it will likely have plenty of company. If you’re feeling a wave of déjà vu, we’ll confirm for you that yes, this is plenty reminiscent of the original Palm Pre launch, though so far without much of the hype.


Still the most important question is:

Will Sprint sell this?

1 can only hope sir!

I will lean towards a yes. :)

One would hope so but so far Sprint has said nothing as many of the original Sprint Pres continue to deteriorate.

i kno most people have already stated that the sprint product announcement thursday is going to be a W7 phone, but with the discovery of a "product announcement" slated tomorrow for HP's event, could it be possible that its not a new phone, but an announcement towards sprint getting the device first, with their announcement following the next day? maybe its just my wishful thinking for my slowly deteriorating 6th pre(which really doesnt leave my pocket except when being used and charged), but i like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of person... :)

You know, I'm beginning to think that I must have some kind of special "magic" Pre, as I STILL have my original "1 week after launch day" Pre. The only changes are a surface scratch protector, and a VERY recently replaced battery (local Sprint store GAVE me one.)

My phone has almost zero "Oreo" effect, minimal looseness in the slider, and has had almost no software problems once we got past version 1.3 or so. The most significant issue I've had was the funky "headphone jack" issue where plugging in a headphone jack would sometimes leave the phone in headphone mode, preventing use of the speaker. But that was fixed back in version 1.3.

My phone has been dropped more than once onto a concrete floor from a 4 foot height, resulting in a small sub-surface crack in one side-corner, but no other damage. For me, the Pre has been a tough and reliable companion for almost two years. Mods and homebrew have helped it "keep up" with more modern phones (Thanks WebOS Internals!) and I have generally been happy with it.

I just don't get what people are doing to these phones to go through so many. I don;t doubt that there were QC issues with the Pre 1s, but damn, people. It's a Phone. Be gentle!

i'm on my 5th haha. i cant say that i am the most gentle with my pre but many of my phones have had an issue where it was annoying enough to make me go into sprint and have it replaced. i too have had the headphone jack problem and have gotten the phone replace because of it. you know some things just cant be avoided. the pre3 looks solid though and doesnt look like it will need a case and that is a big seller for me. for instance the iphone NEEDS a case and i really hate that about it. its such a nice looking phone but u HAVE to put a clunky case on it otherwise the screen WILL break. the pre3 on the other hand looks like its made of a type of rubbery plastic and should take a fall noo problem

I'm with you. Mine is just over a year old now, and I've had zero software or hardware issues, aside from the same headphone jack thing. That was fixed by inserting the headphones until it worked again.

My girlfriend, however, had hers for a few months before the radio stopped working. She's on her second one.

There were definitely build issues with the Sprint Pre, but it seems like they were mostly addressed in the Plus models and the later builds of the minus model. I really hope the Pre3 and Veer have no such issues.

Do you have a source link for this HP "product announcement"? I hadn't heard anything about this. Please provide a link if you have one!

Actually, the biggest question is, will anyone buy it?

I'm not sure that is a big question to people reading this article. These people are converts and sing in the choir.

All that matters to a huge percentage is Sprint or not Sprint.

nope. Only WEBOS diehards. the general public will still see this as the same old pre, and pass. HP needs to ditch or create a new form factor that makes people think it is a real flagship phone when they look at it, not just the same old pre.

HP needs to allow this technology to be spread to manufacturers who know a thing or two about phones that people want. Share the intellectual property, and ditch the hardware... cuz you stink at it.

I disagree to some extent.

I've shown the features/form-factor to a couple of people at work and they are very enthusiastic about it.

A good sized, high res screen with forward facing camera, real keyboard and *world-phone* capability is very attractive.

Besides, most people still ask me what my phone is when they see it. It isn’t like the Pre form-factor has been judged and deemed unacceptable by the court of popular opinion. It was never brought before the court…


Ive shown this phone to damn near hundreds of people(my work profession lets me do this) and to be honest, no one really cares about it and or if they do they so ah ok, and still wont buy it. Others who have more powerful smartphones just laugh even when I mention a new palm pre, especially when i talk about it for months and months and have no clue when anybody can get one(original pre, any other pre on sprint,pre3).

Using the same formfactor wont help wow anybody who already didn't care about it, which is pretty much everyone.

I'm not sure how most people will dismiss the Pre3 as "...the same old Pre and pass." The ugly truth is that most people have not seen or rarely seen a Pre. That has always been the fundamental problem of the Pre and WebOS. This is now HP's biggest challenge. Palm and Sprint along with other wireless device carriers did a poor job of promoting WebOS and Pre; somewhere between pathetic and negligible.

Would I like to see other phone/device manufacturers produce other form factors using WebOS? Sure I would, but it ain't likely to happen. HP rightly considers itself a major device manufacturer and is unlikely to make WebOS available to other phone/device manufacturers.

The real question for me is "can HP persuade Sprint to carry the new WebOS line up?"

the real question is whether anybody(masses) will care about a tiny sub 4 inch baby smartphone 4-7 months from now. I like the pre3, and yea, I would buy this if it launched within the next few weeks just to get away from the original sprint pre in a heartbeat, but this is NOT a phone you make people wait Months for. The pre's biggest problem was hardware and formactor, and they yet again, bring back the formfactor and ridiculously small keyboard that people didnt like from the get go, and to go and make it even smaller.... And they wonder why no one ever takes the palm pre seriously.

I'm hopping over to WP7 where they take their phones a bit more seriously and at the very least are getting the WebOs cardview that im so used to already.

Damn dude, why don't you just get a droid and get it over with? Bigger is not always better. The iPhone has a 3.5" screen and it's doing pretty well I'd say.

People just want whats hot I guess. HP is probably working on a slab form factor as we speak but I would much rather have the Pre 3.

Oh, and the keyboard is actually much more spacious than the original pre. Vertical slider is the way to go.

I dont like android as an OS so ill never have an android phone. Im just very upset that after almost 2 years(which is forever in tech world) without changing the one thing that kept people from laughing at the pre, the size. small,slightly oval shaped, extremely tiny keyboard, and did I say small? I stuck with palm because i absolutely love the os, the palm profiles, etc. and I really thought that they would come out with something amazing. Something most people have been asking for, a better formfactor.

Coming out with (just about) the exact same phone with some beefed up specs again, and making us wait months for it is pretty disappointing.

you say bigger isn't better, but this thing isn't even the same size screen as the iphone, which is really the sweetspot when it comes to screens. Im not being an iphone fan but giving us more options for smaller screens, and not larger screens is a bit of a dumb move on Palms/Hp's part and its not a matter of "whats hot" this is standard fare in smartphones nowadays.

in HP's defense i dont think they care about the smartphone game, they just want to push that touchpad.

Actually you are completely wrong. Did you even read this article?
And I quote:
"The Pre 3 also has the largest screen of any webOS device, a full 3.58-inches across. For reference, that’s just a smidge larger than the screen on an iPhone"

Its still less usable screen space than the iphone so its irrelevant.

What leads you to believe that it has less usable screen space? How are you defining "usable screen space"?

its still the same damn phone! HPalm has shown no growth and no originality in its hardware! Where are the nice clear looking screens or the nice option of gorilla glass? This phone is already out of date and it hasnt been released yet, what do you think is going to happen when it gets released in a couple of months! This company is just a big joke!

Actually it DOES have gorilla glass. Seriously people... don't make stupid comments when you don't know what the hell you are talking about!

I don't know, going with a portrait slider when just about everyone else is doing slabs seems pretty original to me.

i mean it is a slab when its closed is it not? just don't open it and u got your slab. seems simple enough to me... i really like the portrait slider cuz its nice leaving it open on the dash while on the touchstone in the car. makes my car look like a command center.

Don't kid yourself. It still looks like a 1989 Dodge Omni from the outside... :)

yup gorilla glass is all up on the pre 3 like i am up on a stripper after drinkin some Jose

wmurch nailed it as far as my opinion goes. In fact, HP making the Pre3, Veer, and already released Pre 2 means that they are looking to give us consumers more than one option for form factor, which is something Apple can't currently claim yet their the top sellers. That said, it's not unheard of to say that HP might also be planning on a larger slab device.

I understand where your coming from, but the veer is just too small a device, and most likely become instant vaporware. Seriously the veer is a sick joke to everyone that thought they were going to come out with at least a phone competitive to the rest of the market(in every way not just some). I used to be hopeful that maybe palm had something bigger up their sleeves but they dont, if they do, expect to wait another year or so, as usual. I just cant wait that long.

to be honest though, I would have said the same thing you guys were saying maybe a month back, but after that Feb 9th announcement, its just disappointment after disappointment.

you are wrong: the veer's screen is the same size as the very popular pixi. little girlie hands with young eyes would have no trouble with it.

Event hough its the same size, its a smaller phone. the tradeoff with the pixi was that you had everything on the same slab, but nobody wants a phone that size with the slider, its redundant. Even engadget had a hard time NOT making fun of the device, its a joke. it will be more of a joke a few months when it comes out.

I'm guessing you work for Apple. Microsoft? HTC?

No just an original Palm pre owner who THOUGHT Palm was gong to wow us on Feb 9th. they just released more of the same shit(besides the touchpad which is awesome). Seriously disappointing phone wise.

little girlie hands want an iphone 4, not some no name hp phone. Seriously who apart from the techies or people on this site give 2 shits about hp or webos? I have seen two other webos phones not counting those in my family, they simply aren't going to survive. Even windows phone 7 which has been out for mere months has more apps than webos.

it does, kinda sad actually. i have only seen one wp7 since it came out and that was from a distance. is it even selling well?

it has a better future than webos at this point and its getting cardview like webos. By the time WP8 comes out next year it should have more growth than WEBOS as well.

Have to disagree. The original pre had some hardware problems, but I still think it is a great form factor and the design is very pleasing to the eye. Much more elegant and refined than allot of what is out even today. I was sincerely hoping that palm would make a similar form factor to the pre with a larger screen and keyboard plus better build quality. I am thus very happy with the design of the pre3 and I think it's important that they keep some continuity in design throughout the line. Some people value asthetics and I think this is an area where the whole palm/hp line excels. iphone hit a sweet spot with the screen size and I think the screen size of the pre3 is perfect. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to carry around an absurdly large 4+ inch screen. I get that some people do, but not everyone is into that.

Now waiting 4-7 months...okay, I'm with you there. I bought into the whole "we're done announcing devices and then releasing them months later" thing. Next minute they are announcing a device and telling us it will be available months later. Huge mistake with the original pre and I am very surprised to see it being repeated again now.

Back to design. Looking at my pre- right now and still think it's a thing of beauty almost 2 years later. I like HTC and mean not to knock them, but their devices (some look nicer than others) still look like gadgets. Palm took a queue from Apple and came up with something that is simple, but stylish. God forbid they join the rest of the over-run smartphone crowd and start throwing out rectangle phones with buttons slapped all over, colorful print uglying up the case, and strange "robot-like" lines, grooves, and indents in the backs and battery covers.

Pre3 come soon!!

I understand the WEBOS community still continues to like the design, however, as HP moves away form the origional pre software architecture, they need to also move away from the hardware formfactors. Since the pre came out, its been a nice Os with a nice looking phone, but nothing that screams"you just have to buy me" every time i pull out my Pre, unless its to a small child or woman, they see it as a joke or some type of dumb phone. this is why HP should have at LEAST included a new form factor that was competitive with whats in the market now, while still being creative with the design. I understand the pre3 is 300% better than the original, but no one is going to buy it if it looks exactly the same thing people HAVEN'T been, or wanting to buy in the first place.

and this is coming form somebody who loves WEBOS to death.

yup i think the pre looks really nice... all of them

I know 3 people (one's me) that would buy this today if it were an option. But I know 2 of the 3 have a VERY good chance of moving to Android or an iPhone because this won't be available for another 3-6 months. Their Pres are falling apart so badly that they can't wait that long.

No, the most important question is: 'North Korea has a network?!?'

Notice how you never see Steve Jobs and Kim Jong-il in the same place at the same time...I'm just sayin'.

A hopeful thought - Sprint and HP will get together (soon - an announcement that included carriers and pricing would be comforting!) and bundle a Touchpad and Pre3 - if you're an original Pre owner on Sprint and purchase the Touchpad, the Pre3 is free, gratis!

Wishful thinking, I know, but hey if they're thinking of ways to "make things right"...there's one for consideration.

Nice idea, but hopefully they'll just have a sweetheart price for someone who just wants a new phone and doesn't need the rev 1 tablet.

that's a definite way to "make things right." I would be so down for that.

In light of the whole upgrade fiasco Sprint announced, this would definitely make me a happy camper, but I too see it as wishful thinking. Still, Sprint's plans (in my eyes) can't be beat and so I wouldn't take lightly anything HP decides to do to "make things right". I may just end up dishing out the extra cash to get my hands on a Pre 3 if my upgrade options don't help out, that is if I choose not to raise my voice at some reps.

The problem is that Sprint probably won't sell a Touchpad until it's got a radio.

A- I don't want to wait that long, even if there's a deal involved. My Pre- is on it's last legs, I'll be lucky to make it to the end of June without the screen finally cracking for real and giving out.

B- I don't want to pay for 2 cellular contracts-- I know someone's going to hack tethering into the Pre3, so if the Touchpad leaves the house, I'll rely on my phone for a network connection.

I'd be happy with 50% off a Pre3 on my upgrade... or maybe (legal) free tethering for my Touchpad...

Apple gave away Ipod touches with laptop purchases a while back. I don't see why HP can't give us a Pre3 with touchpad purchases.

"much like the original pre" . . . Indeed. HP/Palm really needs to get this right. The market has become very crowded and the Palm Nation has been very patient !

This is why (sadly) I don't think Sprint is getting the Pre 3 http://bit.ly/fAOncO

That article doesn't make a good argument about the Pre 3 not coming to Sprint. After all, the Kyocera Echo was announced literally a couple of days before the Pre 3, and it doesn't have WiMax on it. Sprint is still interested in devices that don't have 4G and it may actually benefit them more to avoid new WiMax devices until they figure out if they will transition to LTE or not.

The Echo is Android though. They don't have to re-train on another OS. If its not android or not wimax, then they are probably going to pass.

Also the new sprint announcement that's coming the 24th is reportedly the HTC 7 Pro which is not Android nor WiMax. So we can wait for the confirmation that it won't come to sprint from either sprint or hp.

As a former Treo and Touch Pro2 owner, I must say that I liked them both quite well at the time for their business functionality. Mainly that my Treos and TP2 did a much better job of handling full MS Outlook/Exchange email/contacts/calendar support than Android does. Since most business users don't rely on Gmail calendars and use Outlook/Exchange, I would give the HTC 7 Pro "Arrive" a good look tomorrow simply for the business-related functions. I would love to see a Pre 3 on Sprint with robust Outlook/Exchange support though. WebOS would be so much more fun to have on a good business phone with a decent battery.

but will it blend?


With touch-to-share, I think that whichever device is in card view is the "receiver" of an app and the device that has an app open is the "sender". That's how it looks in the videos. I don't think that it's whichever was in use last.

Do you think Sprint will allow us day 1 pre owners who started new 2yr contracts to go month-to-month until there's an official announcement on where the Pre3 will go?

Before I got the Palm Pre, I was using a Treo 700wx. That contract was month-to-month for a while. Is there some reason to believe that Sprint requires all customers to have a contract after the initial phone-subsidy is paided off?

What did you start a new 2-year contract on? Isn't that the same as switching phones? Why would you expect special consideration, if that is the case? Or, are you just planning on starting a new 2-year contract just for kicks?

I really want this phone but I dont know if my pre plus will last till summer

I hope Sprint smartens up and sells it....I have the original pre from launch day but i want this one ...I hope

"so sometime between June and August"

Actually, between June and September

What could have converted Pre-3 from a superphone to among the top 3 phones in the world was addition of Gyroscope, 960x640 resolution, 1GB RAM and inclusion of NFC chip. These few hardware changes, would have made Pre-3, top 3 phones in USA.

webOS makes this phone #1. Why do I need a gyroscope? Why do I need tinier dots? Why do I need more RAM to drain my battery faster? Why do I want NFC? Is Bluetooth suddenly obsolete?

Why do you need more RAM??? I don't know, maybe so you don't get 'too many cards' errors when developers start releasing more powerful apps that take advantage of the beefed up CPU.

Can bluetooth work as a credit card? Bluetooth isn't obsolete, but NFC is supposed to do things that bluetooth just doesn't do.

Silly questions.

Obviously a mid-range phone is fine for you, and there's nothing wrong with that. But that doesn't mean others can't be disappointed by a device that's clearly already going to be outdated on release date.

I'd have to throw at least 32GB of internal memory into your claim and we'd ahve a real winner.

Noise-cancellation, compass, and auto-focus camera. Three things I wanted in my Pre Plus but decided I could live without. NOW THERE HERE! Woohoo! Plus....dual cameras, larger screen, and world phone capabilities. In a slimmer package. I usually hang onto my phones for 3-4 years but I may upgrade when my new every 2 comes up in December. Unless I can't live without free Mobile Hotspot.

has it been confirmed that the pre³ is or is not a 4G device? Waiting til summer for that would be ok with me if it was on sprint.

It is definitely NOT a 4G device.

I am well aware of the reliability (or more accurately, lack thereof) of Sprint store managers' comments. Nevertheless, when I was at the store complaining about the Sprint Premier issue, I was told that the Pre3 will be coming, end of second quarter. Of course, by then, I will have lost my ability to upgrade.

I was told by sprint that they will not be taking away anybodys current upgrades.... its just going forward that the changes take place.

I've had an email exchange with Sprint customer service prompted by a mailer from Sprint corporate, both of which say otherwise. It would be very nice if I was wrong.

Judging from the responses I would have thought this article as more about Sprint than the Pre3.
I hope an unlocked GSM version is available

If hp isn't pitching is as a successor to the Pre, then why did they call it thr Pre3n

Isn't the numeric part indication a direct line of succession?

Palm, I will work in your marketing department for free. Call me.

Interesting that someone with the name Cantaffordit would be willing to work for free...

Has anyone held this phone? Is the build quality anything like the Blackberry Torch (tight and very solid). Anyone care to take guess re: battery life?

The torch does seem to be built well. After owning a pre for over 1.5 years, I expected it to be Pre quality and it was actually good.

I want one with the bigger GBs. Why only 16?

yeah its kinda lame they cut the storage short... i guess i will still need my 64 gig itouch

As someone who has a Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint Palm Pixi, I'm more excited about the HP TouchPad than the Pre3. I know many of us are waiting for our next replacement phone, but WebOS is still not read for primetime. All the bugs that I had with the no-more card errors seems to still be there is WebOS 2.0. I think WebOS is great for tablets, but is not dependable for phones.

Sprint can't afford to make a gamble on Pre3. They lost many customers due to the orginal Pre. Sprint should be more focused on keeping their customers by giving them phones that they can't complain about like Blackberries or Android devices. At&t and verizon can make gambles on WebOS since it would make a major dent for them, but for Sprint the Pre made a major dent. Sprint started making money now after offering Android devices.

How many subscribers did Sprint lose because of the original pre? Source?

The specs for a mid-2011 phone are actually fairly weak for anything other than a mid-level phone. Flagship it isn't. Even if you overlooked the lack of dual core, no WiMax and the pathetic amount of little storage. Seriously, in mid 2011 8gb is an option? No video chat with that front facing camera on 3g. I get the cloud and all, but that is pretty damn small. I guess they are counting on little developer support for video downloads or people wanting to bring their music with them while traveling. At least the thing has gorilla glass so it won't look like an original pre series after a few months. This seriously cannot be the 'flagship' for 2011. Something else has to be released around September or October that would rival the offerings others released in February and March.

We're back where we started. Cool OS. Mediocre hardware.

Couldn't have said it any better myself. I would have loved 4g on here, but that 16gigs of storage space is my real dealbreaker. Some of the specs on this thing aren't even impressive today, nevermind potentially 6 months from today...
I really thought they were gonna come out with guns blazing for this next release. I keep hoping that maybe they have one more big surprise phone, but then why wouldn't they want to release that info now? It just doesn't make sense, as much as I'd like it to be true.

People like me are probably going to jump ship to android to get their hands on serious hardware. I can't imagine the thought process then went on for some of these specs.

specs specs specs... i hear where u are coming from but as long as it performs well do the specs matter as much? i mean that phone has pretty decent specs man. yeah it may only have 512 RAM (which i think is enough)but it probably also has much faster RAM than the pre plus. seriously the pre3 would perform the same whether if it had a tegra 2 or the snapdragon it currently has. look at the benchmarks between the 2 they are not far from each other and 'm sure the snapdragon uses much less battery.

I didn't even mention the RAM in this post, although I do think that the 512 could eventually become a problem. What works today doesn't always work tomorrow.

Regardless, I'm more concerned about the lack of 4G (since I live in a city that already has it) and the tiny 16GB of storage space. I'm still running on a release day Sprint Pre, but I want my next phone to be able to hold my entire music collection, and still be able to hold a lot of pics and video (720p video takes up a good amount of space). Clearly I won't be able to do this with the Pre3, and I know I'm not alone. If this thing isn't getting released for another 6 months, that makes it next gen... yet it's using the same amount of storage space from 2 gens ago!! The fact that they're even offering an 8gig version is laughable. The options should have been 16/32.

"but most modern smartphones are simple slabs and don’t include a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like the Pre 3"

Eh, wrong. Have you guys seen the Dell Venue Pro? Now that is what I was hoping HP would had done. But no, we get this crap. unbelivable. I wish I could have the Venue Pro running WebOS or Android.

I'm guessing it will launch on Sprint on or around July 4th because that would match with Sprints last 4 flagship device launches. I would also guess there will be a spec bump because I am sure, with how strong and easy to use this OS is, HP(alm) would expect other companys (Apple, HTC, Blackberry, Google, et all) to try to trump them. They all are adding things originally only found on the Pre- to their OS' and have paralelled launch dates and product anoucements. They're all fools if they don't expect this behavior to continue.

If Sprint doesn't get the Pre3, I'm boycotting all Palm/HP products. I've been waiting long enough for my launch day Palm Pre to be replaced. The thing is getting alzheimer's for crying out loud. If us loyal Sprint "originalists" don't get something, we're going to get fed up. I'm fine with the hardware. Its not the best, but its got what I want. Hurry up and release it already.

June 4th was Evo launch day.

This and a WiFi Touchpad are both on my buy list. {Jonathan}

Who cares about Sprint? What abouy the battery size, and removability?

Just finished setup training on the HP website and the final page of the training mentions the 90 days of support available and has three dedicated numbers for support on ATT, Verizon and hmmmmm Sprint.

Very good news.

I still have my sprint pre in good working condition but not activated. I am currently using the evo. Am thinking maybe I should reactivate my pre as soon as sprint made there announcement of the pre^3 if they did so I will be eligible for upgrade by the time the new pre^3 is out. I had my pre on 6/6/99 and I am a Premier Silver customer with 7 yrs. Does anyone know if that strategy will work? Can sprint still consider me as having my pre for 22 or more months? Please if you don't know don't answer. Thanks.

Pre 3 ~drool~

im under the impression that the orig pre users would be eligible for their upgrade at 2 yrs regardless of the apr 1 date. It would b 2 yrs from getting started with the phone. i've been w sprint for 9 years so i would could get this phone in the summer, keep it a yr, and get a new phone bc I will become a gold premier member. If this is incorrect, someone please let me know.

That is probably at major bargaining issue with HP Palm and Sprint: Who is going to eat the loss of upgrading the millions of dollars of upgrades to pre-existing Pre and Pixi V1.45 user's out there (that are savvy enough to know and demand it) they will of course lie by omission to the rest. From both HP Palm and Sprints perspective view it's either a loose/win:loose money regain loyalty of your customer base, or loose/loose: what they've always done,turn their back on old systems (like OS5 Treo products) move forward, cut looses, just seek new customers, let two year cycle run out to avoid law suits, Sprint and Palms remaining execs are learning from hardened 21 century cut throats try to compete with Iphone, Microsoft,BlackBerry, Asian, and European Vipers, don't look for product support and service deeds anymore, just pretty words....expect this post to be deleted soon by the way...;)

I am just as happy it isn't a 4G phone, to date no one in the country actually meets the speed standards that are required to actually be 4g..however the cell providers fail to mention this...yet they are charging extra monthly fees for a service they aren't providing...I call it a rip off....I went into this in depth a few weeks ago..however, I would have to look for the posting.

I will have to look for the info when I get a chance and repost it....

In the meantime, by the time 4G speed standards are actually met, HP will have a phone for it...Why should I have to pay $240 over a 24 month contra ct, when not one cell phone carrier is actually offering 4G speeds?

Take care,


Ummm your paying the $10/month fee regardless if your on Sprint with any smart phone.. Smart guy lol

when did cellphone screen size become the new social status

I can tell someone I just got a new phone and the first thing they ask how big the screen is and if it's not 4 inches they scoff

Its the same phenomenon as big shiny bright colored motorcycles and race cars with no mufflers adorned with abnormal enhanced breasted women your daughters age on the back or in the passenger seat. ...estimated deficient penial compensation syndrome coping skill.

I would say that the Pre³ is only, OK and NOT of flagship worthiness.
Has anyone been able to ask or confirm if existing webOS 1.45 problems got fixed with 2.01?
For instance; the 3 month out calendar limitation, PDF viewer problem, lack of PPS presentation viewer, or the fomat codes showing in the contact notes? I know there are a few more like these, but I can't think of them now. The Open Office document viewing/creating/editing capabilities better be available day one too. These issues better be fixed in 2.01 or I won't even consider buying the Pre³ if HP doesn't bother fixing old and known problems.

Sorry. I meant webOS 2.1, not 2.01 in my previous post. :Þ

I think 512mbs of memorry shuld be the minimum ram required for devices running the markets only true mulittasking platform. Wait till we see a phone running more ram and webos adopts this. Then webos devices will be beasts.

What I need to know is what kind of battery it uses, assuming it is removable.

If so, the first thing I am purchasing after the Pre 3, is the largest third party battery I can get my hands on...

I think the original Pre design was great. Not too big, it fit in your hand great. It just liked power and was cheaply built. Now the Pre 3 improves on all that, I love the glass screen it just needs to come to Sprint or hello ATT.

Just got my VZW Pre 2 and it's a big improvement on the hardware side - the increased speed is immediately obvious. Overall, feels much sturdier - let's see how long the headphone jack lasts. I've played around with the new WebOS 2 features a bit... nothing Earth-shattering there in my opinion. Mobile hotspot from VZW is now +$20/mth. In summary - a much faster, sturdier version of the form-factor and integration features I love.

I hope the Pre 3 isn't too big. I'll consider the Touchpad if I need something big.

what does the keyboard feel like? does it feel like the original Pre, or does it feel like the Pixi?

The Pre3 looks impressive but the question remains, will it be on Sprint's roster???!! inquiring minds want to know.

Hey, if this comes unlocked, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. This is the phone I've been waiting for as I've always wanted a world phone. Unlocked I could use it on Bell, whether or not they carry it. Awesome!

The Pre 3 doesnt really upset me the design is not so bad. What upsets me is the fact that we have to continue this waiting game with HP/Palm. Why would you show your hand and then don't play your cards. Now whats going to happen is all the other top companies will leap frog them. Ok Pre 3 you got 1.4 ghz well we will do a dual core 1.4 ghz. Not to mention they already have dual core phones that have been announced. So 6 months from now when the Pre 3 actually hits store selves it will be out dated. Wow thank you HP/Palm for your wonderful wonderful marketing strategy I mean dam its like they didn't learn from the Original Pre launch. The hype will die down and no one will care about WebOS anymore. They are slowly killing off the best mobile OS there is because of a lack of business know how. Yes another form factor would be nice but who gives a dam about that its the WAITING PERIOD that is killing all of us WebOS lovers. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER HP/Palm

I agree that HP/Palm are not playing this well. Announcing devices months before they're ready and having them already lagging behind the specs of competing products is NOT a good marketing/sales strategy, especially when your mobile OS is the least-used and least-popular in the market. Like others have said, they should have come out with guns blazing.

That being said, there are plenty of us who love WebOS and who check precentral.net probably 10x/day hoping for some good news. We're still waiting to hear how HP's going to "make it right" for webos-loyalists like those of us that bought the original Pre on 20090606.

I'm also hoping HP will realize that they have to step up their game with at least some spec bumps before launch as well as hopefully some more new devices. Also, they can surprise us by launching the new devices earlier than promised!

Here's what HP/Palm can do to "make it right":

HP Pre3 16GB $199 with $100 instant rebate for existing webOS customers (must have an active Palm profile).

HP TouchPad 16GB $499 or 32GB $599, both available with $200 instant rebate for existing webOS customers (must have an active Palm profile).

HP Pre3 and TouchPad, when sold together, qualify for a total instant rebate of $350 for existing webOS customers. Launch earlier than promised (end of March or early April) and existing webOS customers can get both devices together on Sprint for $350 (16GB/16GB) or $450 (16GB/32GB).

As far as a spec bump, I'd like to see them add microSD expansion to both devices and offer 32GB internal on the Pre3 and 64GB internal on the TouchPad. I'd like to see the Pre3 main camera bumped to 8-10MP and include features in the camera app that rival normal point-and-shoot digital cameras. I'd also like to see the same camera built-into the TouchPad. I'd like to see stereo speakers with BeatsAudio added to the Pre3. I'd like to see a virtual keyboard with Swype added to both devices.

I'm not sure what to say about WiMAX/LTE/4G...I have the Epic 4G (WiMAX) and even though I'm supposed to have the best coverage available at my location, the WiMAX doesn't work in my house at all. I was annoyed to be paying $10/month for "Premium Data" when the WiMAX doesn't work for me and I leave it turned off most of the time. But now I see that Sprint is charging $10/month for all new smartphone activations so the 4G just ends up being a useless add-on radio. Until the WiMAX/LTE/4G stuff sorts itself out and the service improves, I'm fine with the latest HP/Palm device not having it. The EV-DO rev A and WiFi seem to be plenty fast.

What makes you think that most of the market wants a >=4" screen phone? I would never buy one like that. It has nothing to do with what I use a phone for.

For all those clamoring for a 4" screen or bigger, I kinda see HP releasing the Pre3 with exactly the same form factor as the original Pre as a sign that they plan to go the iPhone route(new releases but same form factor)

As for 4G, the Pre-3 using 3G will be compatible with all the CDMA carriers day 1. I'm sure they'll offer 4G models later. Verizon's LTE USB-sticks are 3X faster than RevA and the signal is stronger indoors. They're also CHEAPER per month than RevA. Nevertheless, 3G-RevA is really fast enough for most uses - anything besides huge file downloads on a PC. As for the Veer, every woman I know wants the smallest phone they can find since it must quickly drop into any cluttered purse or pocket. They never wear belt cases like some men. I think advertising "Credit card size" will sell it like crazy.

Historically, most reviews of the Pre, and now the Pre-2, have praised WebOS since the beginning. With greatly improved hardware and WebOS, the Press should love these phones. The Pre layout will differentiate them from "everything else". Not that I'm partial or anything.

what is this crap about how HP can 'make things right' LOL you people realize you make up a whopping 2% of the smart phone users right?? HP doesn't need to make things right with you, it needs to attract more people...

why on earth would they give $100 rebates just because we bought a palm phone?? It would be nice to get the 2.0 update because we did buy the phone under the impression that flash support would be available...but no one really owes you anything...plzz get over yourselves and quit your bitching!

on a side note looking at these specs...i can't wait til pre3 is released...dunno why people are disappointed with the specs 1.4 ghz seems blazingly fast. I'm not really a tech guy but dual core processors would drain battery faster right?? 4.3 inch phones....ive played with em, I've seen friends use them...definitely not for me I like using the pre cuz you can navigate it with one hand (how do people not think of this utility when they post on this site??)...

2 cameras with a quality auto focus camera gorilla glass 3.6" screen 1.4 ghz processor and the best mobile os on the market...all these specs make me salivate with excitement. expandable memory would be nice I have plenty of room on my 8gb pre...what do you people store on your phones that takes up so much damn space?? Even with my 4gb of midget porn I still have plenty of room for my songs and photo albums.

I just hope it's available on sprint when I'm ready to upgrade and at a decent price ($200 or less) but judging from the marketing of this phone as a business user high end device it seems it will be really pricey...

Seems like a lot of folks commenting negatively might only be happy if HP collaborated with HTC to produce a new WebOS smartphone. Of course, HTC is busy making android and windows phones so that's not likely.

I'm waiting to see what's available this Summer when it will be time to replace my aging sprint Pre-. The new Pre3 looks interesting while the Veer could also be named the Swerve...both names mean abrupt change of direction and are equally ironic. When did "smaller" become a change of direction? Sigh...

Honestly, I cannot understand why people are so down on the pre. I've had a few problems with mine and have had two replacements, but 98% of the time this is an excellent phone. This website has shown me more possibilities that the pre has than ANY other phone on the market. My friends are seriously jealous of the SMS Tone Per Contact alone. It may sound stupid but the fact that the pre is so customizable is what makes it truly worth it for me. I do remember thinking that Palm did a piss poor job of promoting the phone, and, sadly enough, did not inform the sales staff of what the phone was capable of. I've told several Sprint employees about the multitude of possibilities of this phone that they had NO CLUE about. That's incredibly sad. I really hope HP does a better job at promoting this phone, maybe someone will actually know what the **** it is this time!

I completely agree. Remember the creepy lady adds? What the heck would that sell anyway..it probably hurt the Pre rather than help.

My concern is not the form factor as I like the Pre alot and I am on my second(to be fair the first was dead out of the box). My current Pre has lasted well.

I can't imagine moving from webOS but my concern is and has been the app. catalog.

My wife has an Android phone and I have app. envy. Even though I am able to get a new phone every year I have held onto my Pre as I still love it but I am getting tired of the very limited apps.

So....if the Pre 3 does come to Sprint does anyone think the app. catalog will get better with the new Palm releases or will it be this very limited catalog we still have today?

What I still don't get is the core basic functions of a all in one smart web phone the PDA aspect; (calander, contacts, taks, memo) what the original Palm OS5 and prior excelled at the WEB OS still is lacking at. Why is it so hard to make is more of an on-board intuitive system like the proven prior systems?
I need to be able to check my PDA functions scan them, input, tweak them, switch and cut and paste between them, on the fly with one hand while driving on the phone or in a meeting in conversation. Todays technology should make that easier. Wen OS has made it more difficult with a laggy sys thats not intuitive. 10 years ago wit OS 2 I was doing it like a champ. Come on guys, the technology is there, lets get it together, please.

Please tell us "when will Pre3 be available", and if you are working on app's for this device. It is very important to know the last Should may people will decide to buy one if many app's are ready and available. Will unlocked devices be an alternative ?