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HP Pre3 pops up on Orange UK support site, looks to be a lock 36

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Aug 2011 11:04 am EDT

We know that the HP Pre3 is due in the UK by the end of this month. We also know it’s likely not coming to O2 (though it’s possible they’ve changed their mind in the last six months). So then the question we have to ask is this: “What carrier will the Pre3 launch on in the UK?”

We might finally be getting that answer, and thankfully it doesn’t look like it’ll be just an unlocked device like the HP Veer in Germany. PreCentral forum member Amohazab noticed something interesting on the support site for UK carrier Orange: the Pre3. The page lists all of the already known specifications (512MB of RAM, 8GB or 16GB of storage, a 480x800 3.6-inch display) along with a yet-again errant 1.2GHz dual-core processor mention, and a confirmation of webOS 2.2 for the device. There’s also a generic userguide for the HP XXX (perhaps an unannounced smartphone for Vin Diesel).

But what’s really the news here is that the support page is on Orange. A few UK retailers, like Mobiles.co.uk, have preemptively put up ordering pages for the Pre3 listing Orange as a carrier and a reasonable contract price of £80 (US$130). But by the same token, those retailers have been showing the phone available for preorder with varying prices and release dates (pushed back multiple times) for the past few months, so we’ve taken them with prodigious amounts of salt. But this support page from Orange? That’s the first confirmation we’ve gotten from any carrier about the Pre3, and while it’s not “official,” the fact that the page is there says enough for us to say that the HP Pre3 is coming to Orange UK.


Is orange GSM or CDMA?

GSM like virtually all of Europe.

dual core?! I want gsm unlocked version! :)

It won't be unlocked...

GlennBeck: aren't all EU carriers GSM?

Sorry, I am an ignorant American and I don't spend a lot of time in Europe, please forgive me.

Could be said about the real GB!

Great for Europe. When is it going to show up in the US? AND ON SPRINT?

I swear. Do I need to kidnap Apotheker and Hesse and force them both to work it out while dangling over a pool of live sharks with frickin' lasers strapped to them?? Is that what it's going to take for common sense to take hold at these companies? ARGH!

DOA. *sniff* Poor Pre3. Never had a chance.

More like OOA, Outdated on Arrival.
I'm just sad it's the same pre form factor :(
I really want a virtual keyboard. I hate going back into portrait mode and opening my keyboard just to type 1 thing.

"Do I need to kidnap Apotheker and Hesse and force them both to work it out while dangling over a pool of live sharks with frickin' lasers strapped to them??"

Perhaps we need to kidnap someone and demand a ransome of . . . "1 - million - dollars" muhuh muhuh muhuh

Just freaking GIVE them out at this point!

The Veer is being sold through o2 in Germany. Get your facts straight.


Where did he say that the :(Veer:( isn't on O2? Are your facts straight?

I'll take an HP X X X please

Releasing it in the UK and not the US, WTH HP??? They're trying to drum-up buzz for it. This is fake demand at its finest.

£80 is quite the slap in the face for a 'premium device'. It should have released when it was announced. =[

So is it confirmed that there's no way the Pre3 will have an upgraded dual core CPU? :/

Dude, the Pre3 doesn't need no stinkin' dual core processor. My Pre2 smokes all with a single core!

Same for my Pre2! But I wouldn't turn down another core. :-)

This is what I think is so funny. People will b*tch and moan about the Pre3 being outdated and needing better hardware when its 1.4Ghz CPU is probably faster than 99% of current smartphones. You mention dual core and people go ape *hit. Check out the forums here of people going bananas that their 2nd core on the touchpad sits idle most of the time. Same thing on these droid dual cores.

Agreed, you dont need a duel core in a smartphone, for any reason. It does not and won't do anything any faster or better than a single chip. Ge, wonder why they dont just slap a 3.2 mhz. Chip in there? Maybe cause its pointless.

I'd like to think that this is just ignorant US citizens who are dumbed down by marketing hype. We do love out super sized frys and coke after all!

Disappointed that Orange have picked it up as they have no presence here in Ireland (unlike O2). I may end up buying it sim-free.

Awful news, I have a really good contract with o2 and customer loyally with them!! Why does HP no like orginal owners and the contract they are on?!

First post but longtime reader.

Seemingly available 23rd August in Ireland for 454 euro


Orange is a fail in the UK !!! Roaming sucks, coverage sucks, customer services suck !!! Unless Pre 3 comes on the HP shop at a reasonable price I will pass..

well I won't pass I will be leaving o2 for orange if that's the case. I have no loyalty to o2 just want my webOS that's all, nothing more nothing less webOS .

I have no loyalty to O2 either....however Orange has poor coverage in my area....so I have no choice

Guess what!!!!!
HP Pre 3 - Great Mobile Phone Deals on T-Mobile
Right hover your mouse cursor over the tabs Talk Mobile, 3 or Vodafone and it says not available and they are greyed out!
However the Tmobile, Orange both have deals and O2 is not greyed out but says prices are not finalized yet!

Copy of my post on the forum (:

Wooop, thanks for spotting this!!! This could be brilliant news, might mean o2 will eventually get it down the line?

why only 8GB internal :( ???

I have a good unlimited O2 data package but I plan to buy it unlocked from Play.com & use it with another cheaper data deal using another sim. Still, am glad its coming to a UK carrier (& all Orange phones share network with T Mobile with their merger).

Again, I have to ask.. "thankfully it doesn’t look like it’ll be just an unlocked device like the HP Veer in Germany", what is the problem with unlocked devices? I think the problem is with locked devices..

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Anyone have any idea of the UK trend for releases in America. (ex 3 weeks) obviously, it will be on most networks.