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HP Pre3 unboxing 159

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Sep 2011 6:05 pm EDT

As far as unboxings go, this one’s a little bittersweet. It’s the HP Pre3, and the phone’s release has been so truncated by HP’s decision to cease building webOS hardware that we had to import the phone from the UK. But here it is, with its bigger 3.6” screen and front-facing camera, with its 1.4GHz processor and Touch-to-Share communication coils. With its svelte curvaceous body and fantastic keyboard, the Pre3 is the phone that 90% of the webOS community was longing for, and at long last, it’s here but in a way that hardly anybody can get one.

So… the bittersweet unboxing: it’s actually pretty standard as far as Palm-derived fare goes. The Pre3 uses the same box as the Veer and Pre 2 (losing the angled corner of the Pre and Pixi boxes) and is stacked exactly the same way (phone on top of manuals on top of charger and headphones) as every webOS phone to date. The charger and headphones haven’t changed one bit from the original Pre – still even bearing Palm branding.

The Pre3 itself is nine tenths of a millimeter thinner than the Pre2, though it weighs in at 11 grams (7.5%) heavier than the Pre2.

The front is faced with a single piece of Gorilla Glass, which like the Veer, is ever so slightly curved. The only opening in the glass is a small centimeter-wide slit for the speaker grill, though with the right lighting you can see the front-facing VGA camera and light and proximity sensors to the right. Slide the Pre3 open and you’re greeted with a Pre-style keyboard that’s just a few millimeters wider than its predecessors, but worlds apart. It might not be the holy grail of keyboards (that trophy is permanently installed in Waterloo), but it’s still a marked improvement over its predecessors.

The back of the slider’s top half is faced with the trademark mirror, and the back on the phone is simple enough with a soft-touch black finish punctuated by the 5 megapixel autofocus camera, flash, and secondary microphone at the top and the unnecessarily-wide speakerphone grill at the bottom. The left side of the Pre3 holds the dark chrome volume rocker, with the headphone jack on the top left ringer switch at top right, and the power button wrapping around the corner. A lone Micro USB port punctuates the right side of the phone.

All-in-all it’s an attractive but understated packaged. The Pre3 doesn’t scream sex, but it certainly doesn’t scream ugly. Build quality seems solid, with minimal “Oreo” wobble for how long the slider’s travel rails have to be.

We’ll be putting the Pre3 through its paces over the coming days so we can give you a proper review of the flagship webOS phone that never was. In the meantime, head on past the break for a quick gallery, and of course, the comments.




I think I'm bitter about the pre3 not coming to the US because my reaction to this unboxing was to think precentral is being a **** to me by waving what cannot be mine in front of my face.

lol... precentral is not limited to US owners so your bitter feelings are misplaced. be bitter at hp.

that's true, I guess this is what it's like when webos things didn't get released in other countries. But, I'm beyond bitter at hp. As someone who has almost exclusively purchased hp computers, printers, laptops, and even a pda or two; I will now NEVER buy another HP product (unless I manage to snag another touchpad or a pre3).

even if it was 3 pc's, 3 laptops, 3 printers, and 3 pda's, that would only be 12 devices...

HP doesn't care about the little guys, nor do our lame azz phone providers who didn't show the PRE3 any love.

I've been a Palm nut for fifteen years or so, and nothing but HP otherwise. I don't kid myself that they care. The weekend after the HP/Palm announcement, I got a Samsung Galaxy 2 on T-Mobile, kissed off the sorry Sprint service I have here and the drama of HP/Palm. I could not be happier, Android Nation is more mainstream than I ever though I would be, but the service of T-Mobile, the apps available, the beauty of the phone... I realize now that I was boneheaded and boxing myself into a corner for loyalty that was unfounded. Goodbye HP.

Just throwing this out there. There have been more than just this 1 person that has said that, so those 12 devices can really add up.

Good Stuff :)

If I could get one I was going to lend it to Precentral for week so you could do a review, but I guess I don't have too. :)

Sad and disgusted with HP. I'd pay a lot for a sim card version and I can't imagine a good reason why they aren't making if available. They did make a big pile of them, didn't they?

I've never seen a company take such a good idea and make it into such a mess. Even now with the Touchpad everyting they do just makes no sense at all.

...sad and disgusted...

I am with you... I am so sad and anger with what HP did.. I mean, they were messing things up for a long time, but I'd NEVER imagined, they'll give up like that... I thought "all right, they are missing opportunities, they are making all the blunders possible, but after all this assertions how 'fully committed' they are to webOS, how it is 'a marathon, not a sprint', that they are in it 'for a long haul' - all right, I told meself, they will EVENTUALLY start making the right moves, right backing for webOS, and the platform will be given it's fair chance to shine. Just give them enough hard love, to make them realize their mistakes".

What they did instead, it is outrageous, mind blowing, and Mr. Leo 'The Marathon Man' Apotheker - sir, you have to go. Your word is worth less than NOTHING, I wouldn't hire you even to cut my grass, because your credibility is ZERO.

All year HP was making moves or statements and completely disregarding customers or logic in many cases.

They'd say one thing and flipflop the next week with something else.

There was also an android printer and a windows slate that they backed off of.

I had given it til 2012 at least though before they pulled the plug on webOS. But this wasn't surprising. Many webOS fans especially in this forum had their heads in the sand.

Was webOS ever a good idea for HP? Nope..

I want one so bad.

Why did HP go and **** this up. >:(


I have been treating my 2 and half year old pre with kid gloves so that it will not break. 2 words: "Android Sucks" and that'/s all Sprint has.

word is that sprint will be getting the iphone5.

SO THE F*** WHAT!!!!!! We wnat the pre 3 dammit!

well... you cant F****** get one. accept it.

Seems we have no choice but to accept it. Now if only it were possible to get the Pre 3 working on Sprint

I don't want to pay $200 for a glorified app launcher.

Rather go Windows Phone or Android.

Sprint Pre2 dude.

My Pre is also just over 2 years and in really good shape! But That new Samsung Galaxy 2 looks so nice. Im really tired of not having the cool apps and capability's of other phones. I may be switching soon. I do love my Touchpad so much! So I will have the best of both worlds.

Tried the switch and cudnt do it. Brought the Evo back 2 weeks later. Have been back to using my Pre- for a week and wonder why I ever left it.

Want. :(


The Pre3 is so **** (Derek you don't know what you are saying)

This phone screams **** I can't believe I will never have one.

I would pay $400 or maybe $500 for this on Verizon even with a 2-year contract. I've been waiting to upgrade my beloved Pre+ with this "dream machine" for a long time. The HP Management team is not a terrorist organization, nor does it mean any harm. So why does this feel in a way like "9-11"?

I am the same. I would pay $500 for one (preferably on Verizon, but I would jump ship to whichever carrier got it). Geez... why couldn't this be JUST a world phone for those Europeans who may want to visit the US, eh?

3snakes- either you are a freaking moron or have no soul. Comparing the cancellation of a phone to the murder of 1000s. Really???

Get a grip on reality. Nothing in your post makes any rational sense. Seriously. Go run around outside or something.

This is truly infuriating!!!!!!!!!

It's all kind of sad, really. I mean that in a sincere way. I've been watching webOS from the sidelines since the announcement of the original Pre and only now have I gotten into it with a firesale Touchpad and an unlocked Veer to soon follow. I haven't had a Palm device since the Old Skool PalmPilot (unless you count the Handspring Visor which replaced that stolen unit), but I always had a soft spot for the company.

Palm was stagnant for so long that I gave up waiting and bought a T-Mobile G1 as my first smartphone, which has been my favorite phone actually. I only upgraded because it cannot run current software. Still, all the Android phones these days are just plain huge and uncomfortable in the pocket. I have no need to compensate so. x(

Funny how I've only been into Palm computing at the start and the end. Only after HP tries to murder the platform do I get back into it. My heart bleeds for Palm.

Sideliners were part of the problem.

You do make a good point. It is a lot to ask me to eat a plump ETF from a carrier that I'm happy with to switch to a carrier, one that my friends on it hate, in order to buy a phone that everyone who comments on this very site complained about to no end.

And then look at a comment by "karent" above. I've seen many like it. Is there really any wonder why there are those sitting on the sidelines when the very users are so vocally miserable?

not to mention there are people on this very site posting hourly in pro pre, pro palm, pro webos 4 life type posts that have never bought a webos device. Those are the so-called loyal ones.

regardless it's up to the phone maker to make a something that enough of the market wants to buy. That's always been an issue with webos phones.

i mean i wasn't buying another webos phone, i want a slab, i want the apps and mainstream stuff. So even as a current webos phone user i wasn't going to continue. They were in a tough spot. Especially with the iphone coming to sprint by all rumors.

Yep, people like Jay come to mind.

It's hard to get off the sidelines when HP/Palm can't push anything out the door on a reasonable schedule.

They release the Pre2, then immediately start talking up the Pre3 and it's 6 month release schedule (which turned into no release, and I don't count what they did in the UK as a release).

It's true. :(

But for the longest time Palm refused to release a device that so much as multi-tasked. Palm stood still for so many years that they let the likes of Windows Mobile slowly creep past them, a competitor that was otherwise clearly inferior to them. They tried to innovate with a $500 netbook-esque device (before the original EeePC even existed) called the Folio which they decided to cancel. The Prospect of a device that cost half a grand and could only tether with PalmOS devices was pretty dim, one had to admit.

At some point I just plainly gave up on the company. By the time the Pre came out I was already on contract. When that contract was up, there were still no webOS devices on my carrier and my grandfathered plan was (and still is) way too good to give up for the likes of Sprint and Verizon. But I watched and waited for the solid hardware that never came.

I actually talked to a couple surprisingly knowledgeable Best Buy employees (I know, right?) about the Touchpad the week it came out, agreeing that it's so far the only serious contender of the iPad (of which I own). I actually ended up helping them sell a couple of Touchpads to interested customers - at full price no less - simply because of my enthusiasm for the platform. I said once they get Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on the Touchpad, I'm selling my iPad for it. As it stood, it was (still is) quite rough around the edges, I admit.

Ruby said the deal with HP was for budget and scale, of which they were provided with neither and now the hardware arm is forced to halt their operations while being moved to the PSG, meaning that this platform cannot grow beyond the surge of the firesale. I contributed to that surge instead of running like heck like the wiser side of me would suggest. History may yet tell of Leo's bumbling misadventure accidentally saving the very spirit of Palm and webOS.

My apologies for being so winded, I'm just sentimental.

Amen to that. I feel like a deserter, and I still have my Tungsten E in the charger (it is a perfect thing.) I have a launch day Pre, a LAUNCH Treo, and was waiting for the Pre3 hoping my poor little Pre would live long enough. I have a launch TP, I had to have the guys at Best Buy find it in the box in the warehouse, they didn't know where it was, much less how to sell it. I still have not received my $50 rebate, and who knows what the heck I will buy with that freaking $50 in free apps. Please don't tell me you think Palm was nice and only decided it was worthwhile after it went away. You are the reason it went away. Your heart bleeds from guilt.

Quoth karent:
"I realize now that I was boneheaded and boxing myself into a corner for loyalty that was unfounded."


no offense but to use you're own words. I think you're a "bonehead" for having blind loyalty to some company. It's just a company. I don't get it. I bought a dvd player by Toshiba. But like i don't pray to the religion of Toshiba.

Is watching a DVD from a Toshiba player a vastly different and better experience for you than watching a DVD from say a Panasonic one?

I would pay $300 for this on Virgin Mobile.

I would line up for the opportunity too.

Waterloo? Blackberry the Holy Grail of keyboards? Derek, you can't be serious! You're ignoring one of the top reasons we love Palm keyboards.

The Treo obsoleted the BB keyboard when Palm introduced software-enhanced key targeting, which has continued to set Palm/HP keyboards apart since then (well, except for the Treo Pro--worst keyboard ever). Did you ever wonder why Blackberry users thumbnail type? It's because if you hit two BB keys at the same time you get two characters on the screen, three you get three characters, etc. With webOS you can only get one character at a time (try it), because as soon as it senses a touch on any key the surrounding eight keys are disabled until that first touch registers a keystroke. Therefore you always get the character for the key you touched first, which because of the key doming is the one you're most on top of. Net result, you don't have to thumbnail type--you can type with full thumbs.

Simple genius, but RIM still doesn't get it.

Derek must have been at Crackberry before coming over to Treo/Precentral.

WOOOOOWWW thats amazing such intuitive software.

Hate my RIM keyboard compared to Treo. And that warped arrangement with the period and comma being alternate keys is so retarded, only a canuck could appreciate that.

Don't forget dedicated @ and period keys. GOD how it destroys me to use any phone that doesn't have these.

I wish I could upvote your comment more than once.

I'd add to what you and maethlin said that the shape of Palm's keys is much better. The slanting of RIM's keys towards a corner is absurd. It increases errors and it's very uncomfortable.

So THAT is how I can actually type on the Veer.

This is unadulterated brilliance.

The thing is that we are palm fans... I also had a treo and now with the pre I love the keyboard in both, and when I grab a BB they just don't feel right... and I can't type as fast as with my pre...

but when you see reviews (at least where I have seen them like engadget, cnet, gsm arena and even here) are always comparing them with BB because they are supposedly the best...

I never have understood that. Palm Keyboards have always been outstanding.


(that kinda says it all, doesn't it??)

You guys are gonna play the millimeters/grams game too? I thought we were better than that. Isn't that why we all bought Touchpads?

Simply reporting on the size and weight isn't the same as "playing the game." Derek didn't claim that the phone was THIS or THAT because it was taller/wider/thinner/heavier... except to say that those few millimeters did help the keyboard a bunch.

I've never had an actual emotional reaction to an online update until just now. I actually feel sadness. I'm actually sad, not for myself, but for everyone. This phone should have been released first. Before the Veer and the Touchpad. This was the product the WebOS community wanted. What a tragedy.

Sums up my reaction as well.
I just feel sad.

The tragedy happened a long time ago. This was like cancer. You knew webOS had a terminal illness months ago. It was funny in a way to watch this whole mess unfold as many of you buried your head in the sand.

I want it. :(

I want it too! I'm still toting a Pre-. I just took off the eroding invisible-shield. smh!

I'm going to go with "infuriating" rather than "bittersweet."

what's the point anymore?
thanks for nothing hp!

What's the point anymore?
Thanks a lot hp! @#$@$%!$#

I'm dying, here--this is what I've been waiting on for nearly a year...

If you tell me that the back camera has autofocus, I will cry like a pinched baby.

Now I have to decide whether it's worth $50 and a 2-year contract just to replace my Pre+ with a Pre2.

This is so sad!

FYI, the Pre2 rocks.

No it doesn't. There is no autofocus camera, no 4G and still a short/fat phone with a 3.1" screen.

It's way better than a Pre-. Way better. For one, that gorilla glass screen is a huge improvement, the slider is way clickier, the processor and memory are much improved, and it just works a whole lot better. Those stats you're quoting are stupid...if you're using a basic Pre-, a Pre 2 is a really nice step up.

I think the problem is it's like three steps up from the Pre- but the phones out now currently are about 7 steps ahead of the Pre-. It's kinda painful to spend all that money to buy a Pre2 off contract, then hack it to work with Sprint only to get a phone that's 3 steps behind the competition.

The other option is to just spend LESS money (tho you have to get on contract) and get a phone that's 4 steps ahead of the Pre2, though you lose webOS. Is four steps in other tech worth giving up webOS? I think that's the question most of us are going through.

I'm loathe to give up webOS, but we're talking about a screen FAR larger, far brighter, far better colors, front facing camera, and like 4x faster. Plus I'd get access to a multitude of more apps. Is that worth going to an (in my opinion) inferior operating system? Ugh, I think it might. I think most people will feel the same way.

This post is inaccurate at best.

Most android phones feature 1ghz processor, the same speed as the pre 2. Sure, they're starting to have dual core but that's more or less irrelevant until Android and the apps that go with it are coded to utilize two cores.

Admittedly the camera on the Pre 2 isn't the best, but on my list of requirements for a phone, the camera sits near the bottom.

And then there's the gigantic, unwieldy screens appearing on Android devices. I can see why such monster screens appeal to Android users - the UI feels like it needs a ton of space with all the widgets and huge, unsorted app list cluttering up the screen.

WebOS is clean and uncluttered, I don't feel like I need such a big screen, and I certainly don't want to carry one around in my pocket.

My point is, hardware wise, the Pre 2 (with some help from WebOS-Internals), is the equal of most of the Android phones on the market today. It's true we're behind in the multitudes of apps available for other platforms, but the apps that I actually want are available to me on my Pre 2.

To say that the Pre 2 is three steps behind most android devices is patently false.

I'm obviously talking about the top end Android phones out now. I never said all or most Android phones but I see how you could've interpreted it that way, though it should've been obvious I meant the higher end phones. There's a huge range of Android phones, there's budget phones and there's higher end phones. It should be obvious I'm not talking about budget phones. So let's see how true the statement I meant is (regarding high end Android phones vs the Pre2 on a hardware front).

Processor: dual core vs single core.
Memory: 768MB-1GB vs 512MB.
Front Facing Camera: Has one vs doesn't.
Resolution: 800x480 or 960x540 vs 320x480
Rear Camera: Autofocus and 8mpx vs EDoF and 5mpx
4G: Yes vs No (to be fair on Sprint you have to pay extra)
Screen Size: 3.7"-4.5" vs 3.1" (to be fair this is subjective so let's not count)
OS: this isn't hardware, silly.

That seems to be a lot of advantages hardware wise doesn't it? You seem to not understand the difference between hardware and performance. Hardware and performance are related, but they're not the same thing. For example the iPhone3G while on iOS3.x performed fantastically. Sure it was terrible when iOS4.x hit but on 3.x it was probably smoother and more responsive than the Pre2. The hardware on it is worse than the Pre2 undoubtedly but yet the performance was good.

The top end Android phones are undoubtedly many steps ahead of the Pre2 on the hardware front. Maybe it's not that far ahead on the pure performance front, but on the pure hardware side, it's leaves the Pre2 in the dust. Your other comments have a lot of your personal opinions (I like smaller screens, I find Android cluttered) which is funny to use in a post where you're trying to say someone's saying things that are patently false (especially when the statements I made were accurate).

And a disclaimer. I love webOS. I have a Pre- (which I'm still using even though it's falling apart). I own a Touchpad. If the Pre3 came out in the US I would probably be the owner of a Pre3. I just find it silly to refuse to see weakness in the OS I love and/or refuse to see advantages of other OSes. Keep an open mind dude. Android is as cluttered as you make it out to be. It doesn't have to be cluttered if you don't want it like that. I'm not saying that as an Android fan boy (before my Pre- I had a Palm Treo, never owned an Android device). I'm saying it as someone who isn't close minded.

Doh...stats. I mean, features. Besides, the phones you're talking about don't run webOS, and therefore, DON'T rock.

think I read it has tap to focus. I need it. Ggggrrrrr

I'm considering an ebay Pre2. No way I sign a new 2-year contract on an old webOS phone when the following are possible:

1) after the current frenzy fizzles out, the whole webOS scene may pretty well collapse like a house of cards leaving only the die-hards. I may not last 2 years with a webOS device.

2) there's still some chance some US Pre3's will be made available... reports are that the AT&T units were in fact produced. they have to do something with them. I *think* I'd jump to AT&T for a Pre3.

By the way, be aware that no matter how you do it, if you replace a VZW Pre+ with a Pre2, your free mobile hot spot goes away.

If no Pre3 "hack" or option is available for Sprint I have every intention of buying 2 new Pre- and 2 new Pre2 so I can make me a Franken Pre2 for sprint for me and my lady friend.

HP you better make your webOS spinoff release the pre3. You suck sooooo bad. You wanted apple coolness but your just an old **** Leo. Innovate and lead. That's why Apple is cool. HP is considered a joke as of lately. I'm looking at HTC Titan to try WindowsPhone so I can use my upgrade I held on to for soooo long waiting on the pre3.

My *exact* sentiments - I'm holding on to my Pre- (on my sixth one in two years I think) until the Titan is released and then I'm going to have to seriously consider a phone upgrade. My co. pays $300 towards a phone and I'm sitting on a $150 phone upgrade credit from my carrier...sigh...wish it was for a webOS device but the Titan is...well, amazing...wow, the specs...wish HTC would buy/license webOS...I could see that selling fast for the million new TP owners...


Sad that I will never get to try or own this device, which is the design that I have wanted for some time now.

Oh, and for the record, the Treo 800w was the best keyboard ever. Period.


Agreed - the Treo 800w was the best keyboard ever - it was the culmination of the Treo line on the original hard keyboards before they moved to the inferior gel keys which were used on the Treo Pro, Centro and later phone models including all webOS phones.

The original Blackberry pagers, though, also had nice keyboards and were better than the subsequent phone keyboards. Subsequent blackberries suffered from having lag in the OS which did not help - the first Blackberry pagers had instantaneous response to any keypresses.

Curse you HP!!! Curse you to heck* !!

Also...nice work Leo.

+ 0. 51 (+ 2 .16 %)
52wk Range : 22 .75 - 49. 39

so HP is currently worth just under 50% of it's 52-week high? Nice. That guy's got serious talent.

....I want one. Period. End of line. End of life.


Whhhhhaaaaat?? :) *hug*

I've been a Palm loyalist since '97 and actually started a company of my own designing and selling accessories for Palm handhelds - Revolve Design. Been patiently waiting for the Pre 3 for a while now and I am really bummed/pissed. No iFone for me and Android is a mess.

what a beautiful screen.beautiful phone. Really sad.I guess I'll buy a backup pixi plus.

I was very angry when HP announced no Pre 3 for me, but now I'm content and actually really glad they pulled the pre 3. I was blinded by WebOS, but now I see the much better options out there. I'm pre-ordering a Samsung Epic 4G touch. T minus 9 days till it arrives!
If pre-central is interested I will post videos of my current pre and how bad the lag is. It can take up to 30 seconds to respond to a touch and place a phone call. I have to reboot the dang thing 18 times a day. Once I have my new phone in hand, I am going to take pleasure in breaking my pre apart with my bare hands.


I wouldn't say the other options are better, but much more competent than the usual blind Pro-WebOS chants would have one believe.

So you'll go through the trouble of making a video about you breaking apart a 2 year old + phone because it "lags" and because you're not longer "blinded." Wrong sir, you're as blind as ever. This isn't a religion, it's a freaking phone, an outdated phone at that. If you hate it that much then you've got some serious mental and emotional issues.

Plus, god knows how many patches and **** you added to it to ruin it that badly. My phone never takes that long to respond, you obviously have a buggy phone.

I pray that that Samsung phone never has the slightest lag for its sake, otherwise it'll end up in pieces if it's in the hands of a psycho like you.

You better check yourself before you break a phone.

I am still Rockin my Pre-.

I'm not sure what's wrong with your Pre- but it shouldn't be like that at all. I have my Pre-, I got it a month after launch and it runs fine. I overclock mine though (500mhz/1ghz screen state mode). It's much better than stock and it's not bad, but of course still far less responsive and smooth than the iPhone (or current midrange android phones). But it works fine. Hiccups here and there, but problems like you're talking about I'm pretty sure are rare.

The problems everyone is having with their Pre- usually have to do with the build quality. It sucks. Hardcore.

**** HP! your going to make me get the iphone 5 on sprint because you didnt release the pre3 in US.. i would have left sprint for the pre3!! and that is saying ALOT (since i have a 25% off emp discount)...

Miltiflow on iphone will suck in comparison,. but i need something similar to webos.. :(

a lot is spelled as two words, not one.

I read this with great interest as I desire one of these bad boys to replace my original Pre. Now I'm bummed that no one will be able to enjoy it.

Love mine. Runs great.


Now I know how Darth Vader felt @ the end of Jedi on the new blue rays: 'NOOOOOOO!' :P

Now I know how Darth Vader felt @ the end of Jedi on the new blue rays: 'NOOOOOOO!' :P

Look how long it took to boot. I could never limit myself to owning another Pre. Looks like nothing has changed...everything looks the same.

Um, it's not meant to be booted every time you use it. You reboot when you've changed hardware (swapped a battery). When you answer a call, you just, er, answer the call.

When you're at work and step away from your box, do you power it down?

Can't speak for the Pre3, but webOS devices have a pretty bad rep of needed to be rebooted often to cleanup after themselves. Heck, there was even a patch that did it for you on a schedule.

If it weren't for that, I'd agree with you that boot time should be a non-issue.

Interesting... Very rare do I have to reboot my phone.

I didn't notice until I watched the video again....wow...

I noticed the boot time too, but I just thought longer boot times is a smartphone thing. My daughter's Evo 4G takes about that long to boot.

So sad. I would buy it if there was a US model, can't understand why they are insisting on sitting on the inventory.

I have to think that part of why HP canceled webOS hardware so abruptly is that the us carriers were resistant to carrying the phone right away. It also seemed like very few European carriers were on board. For Europe they could still sell them unlocked, but in the us people just don't buy off-contract phones. So they probably didn't make any us pre3's, or if they did then very few. The rumors do say there was some quantity of AT&T pre3's ready, perhaps even delivered and then returned after black Thursday. If so, it seems likely they will eventually be sold directly by HP after the touchpad frenzy is over. I can't see the carriers wanting to sell and support an EOL'd phone though.

Funnily enough, in the UK a major carrier DID get interested when the fire sale came up. We were looking forward to $100 unlocked but could only get them on contract.

Though they don't exactly advertise them, and give the same rates as bottom of the line teen phones.

BTW, HP did at least have the decency to rebate the early adopters who had bought at the original unlocked price so they end up paying the fire sale price only.

They are world phones, I think...

Because Leo Medicineman is a dink, and HP is got a bunch of idiots running the show I think.

stop...please...no more pre3 videos....I'm getting tears on my touchpad!

Launch Day Pre (Sprint) user here. The USB door finally fell off and my screen is showing lots of striations. But the original Pre is THE BEST phone I've ever owned! Don't know what I'm going to do in the long term. Not sure if I would have switched to another carrier for the Pre 3. (My SERO Premium plan is too awesome!) Oh well. My Touchpad is a nice distraction...

god dam it so much

bittersweet is watching the video @ a bar w/ flash on your Pre3 as a tear falls in your beer.

Someone point me in the direction of the hoops I have to jump through to get one of these in the us.

So here's my question: how can I get either a Frankenpre or a Pre 3, being in the US? Because I'm going to be ready to buy a new phone soon and I just can't bear the thought of switching to Android...

ohhh... so sad ..I doubt we here in Oz will ever see any webOS phones... the Touchpad is all we ever got :(

I wonder if the HP guys who cracked an iPad and got webOS running on it ...ever did the same to an iPhone or Droid ...mmm

They did what? For a fleeting moment you made me consider getting an iPad.

lucky ba5tard! Europe always luck out, and to think I left England only to get shafted by US companies selling their goods elsewhere first or only in Europe. My dual citizenship is looking a lot more appealing these days.

HP revive the US Pre3 some how some way damnit!

I watched this and it made me sad. Yes, the Pre3 is the phone that almost never was...

I didn't ever believe HP's rhetoric that they had endless buckets of money and were prepared to back webOS forever, but I was surprised they gave up on their own webOS devices even before they delivered on all 3 of the devices they announced in February at Think Beyond (my guess is that, even in Feb, Leo was thinking beyond webOS). What a waste!! The Palm GBU was never given a chance to deliver - I figured they had until some time in 2012, at least.

But, even if HP hadn't strangled their Think Beyond HW at birth, they still would have continued to struggle. The Pre3 would have had the same problem that the Pre2 had - it would have been HP's flagship phone but only with mid-level phone specs. Except for the 1.4Ghz processor, everything else is remarkably average. Compared to the Pre3, today's high-end phones have 4G radios, dual core processors, even larger screens, higher resolution screens, expandable storage, and HDMI out capability. The Pre3 has none of these.

As a fan of webOS, though, none of the facts above really matter - the Pre3 was the natural upgrade for us and brought desirable features - a bigger, higher resolution screen, better keyboard and faster processor.

I still hope a licensee for webOS can be found - though I'm not optimistic, I still wish that webOS will find its way on to class leading HW. Looking forward to the rest of the review.

I just wish if HP had sold Pre 3 even for a short period of time like TouchPad, before Leo announced the murder plan. If so, I would be much happier to live with Pre 3 for another 2 years until contract expires. Lots of people waited for this for years holding clocked-up Pre- in hands... If they care about consumers even a little bit, they wouldn't have done this.
In case of TouchPad, suppliers wound up with a lot of piles of dead stock, resulted to force HP to run production one more cycle. What if the same situation existed to Pre 3 and HP decided to make some Pre 3..., I would buy one even without fire sale price, and perhaps I might be hating HP less than now. I used to like HP... Sad...

The reason HP stopped was bc apple saw that webOS was going to become #1. So apple payed HP to quit. Idk but could be. Its happened so many times where money changes everything. Some people would rather get $1,000,000 NOW instead of 10x more in the long-run. The older workers at HP probably want to go on retirement. So there goes the company
if you were planning to quit. You should have quit earlier. why did "you show the food in front of the starving people, and then tell them they can't have any?"

I was waiting for a Nokia win7 phone, but after getting the TP, I quickly changed my mind and wanted the Pre3 as soon as it was available. Hmmm if only they were available in Germany, i'd try to pick one up there while on vacation at the end of this month.


All caps? In 2011? Seriously?

Just a brief comment. I am one of those few fortunate Pre3 owners. I ordered at Euro Palm Store when I saw the announcement of availability on this page. It was before HP confirmed WebOS hardware cancelation.
I understand those of you wailing about HP decision. I hope in the near future there will be HP or non HP hardware running WebOS.

I would have taken one of these in a heartbeat, but that is because I've owned a pre- and now a pre2 (in the U.S.). That's the problem... MOST of the the general public would not be attracted to this phone. It is a larger version of the pre2/veer and for whatever reason, the pre form factor has not appealed to anyone outside of this site.

I hate HP and everything they have done to webos, but the practical side of me sees why they pulled the plug on this phone. I don't like it one bit, but at the end of the day, the bean-counters are right... sadly, this phone wouldn't have turned webos around.

Ok ok I am just as frustrated as everyone out there. HP hit a homerun and decided not to run the bases. Its clear that we are all upset about what HP did. Because we don't understand any of it. What makes it worse is HP made so many promises. That kept us all waiting and waiting........ But were the idiot's for believing. One of the hardest things in life is to accept the events that we cannot control. My son is all about the iphone or the I in general. We compete with our products all the time. I couldn't wait until the Touchpad came out. I was waiting for the Pre3, to make the pair a much better combo. But its not going to happen, we can keep waiting or move on with life. I know its a tough decision, but at least you didn't get sucked in like many developers that HP made even more promises to. They stand to lose time and money. The waiting game is still int he air.
On a better note I love the Touchpad and my pre2, webOS is awesome and at least we were a part of it. Homebrew made the plattform I think the best out there. Thanks for that.

I was skeptical about the future of WebOS the day HP bought Palm. When my Pre- finally falls apart, I'll explore what's out there to replace it with. Maybe by then the other OS will have copied enough of the WebOS UI features.

Yes, and I get taunted at every opportunity by my TWO Android using family members, especially after the HP announcements of late.

I wouldn't say they hit a Home Run - They Screwed Up, Waited Too long with the Pre2, reneged on the 2.0 update for the Pre- & Pre +, Then they released the Veer First????

IMHO - If they did the 'Flagship' Pre3 first, then the TP, then the Veer, things would have sold better. How many time was it posted here (and on their Palm Blog) that the webOS users Needed a Phone, wanted a tablet.

Also - They needed to watch their Competitor, Apple run 2 to 3 Prim time adds every night all year - Did HP think they could get a way without that.

HP just bailed, leaving me frustrated. But what can I do. tell them that lost my business? Clearly, it was not important in the first place.

Cool as HP

Yes, you are right about the fact that the pre3 should have come out first. They built the Touchpad with the pre3 in mind.
The Touchpad shouldn't have come out until 3.0.2 and more apps were available. My point was HP could of gone all the way.
Apple has been around for years just staying alive, then the ipod come out and everything changed for apple. HP didn't want to go the distance. They didn't know how. Where we are now is evidence of this.

Exactly. The Veer should have been abandoned when HP bought Palm. All of their focus should have been put into the Pre3, a slab phone and the TouchPad. The Pre3 should should have launched in March at the latest. The slab a month or so later. The TouchPad should have launched with 3.0.2 and sold for $300 and $350 to really make them move. HP would have lost money but would have gained market AND mind share.

HP had the perfect opportunity with webOS and blew it. Absolutely blew it.

As we go on we remember all the times we'll never have together.

Frankenpre possible for CDMA? Gah this is worse than not ever knowing it was coming...

I wonder if Nokia would be a good company for something like this...

Too bad, looks nice...

Good news is iphone will be on sprint, it's not better than WebOS, but it is better than that google android garbage. Great, the OS is free, but Google can keep track of all your messages, emails and calls, no thanks!

I'll check in here every now and then.

OK, I've decided. I'm moving to the UK so I can get one of these. See ya L8r!

Bring a toothbrush. They're hard to find over there.

My launch day vzw pre+ is dying fast. I have been waiting for the pre3 for God knows how long, and now I'm disappointed/angry/sad. I would almost rather go back to my samsung u740 than jump on android/iOS.

Thank you HP, for baiting palm's loyal users to back you, only to turn your back on us.

Thank you HP, for once again allowing your big **** bureaucracy to get in the way.

Thank you HP, for destroying the legacy left by one of the greatest companies of the era.

My hope is that your new spinoff will not only release the pre3, but that it will be absolutely nothing like you. Have fun in the software solutions business, I hope IBM beats the **** out of you.

I here ya. After trying Android (Evo), if my Pre- completely dies' I'll go back to my Instinct.

WOW after been waiting for it. It's finally here. What sucks is I might not be able to have it! I can't believe a company develop such a great software and just trow it to the trash can like nothing. How a giant like HP can't find a way to make webOS the number one OS for mobile devices, forget about your dreams to conquer the world and focus on one thing at a time. Develop the mobile side to it's full and then move to whatever you want. Be successful on one area and then move on!
we been waiting for this phone for a while! And now it seems it will evaporate in front of our own eyes!
look at Android googles mobile os not good at all, but they played smart and now almost every phone is Android! Why HP can't do that forget about hardware, let somebody else deal with it. After all you couldt do it right?
iPhone is coming to Sprint next month and it's sad to say it but i'll be moving to that platform just because Android doesn't even make it to webOS and the closest thing is ios. It's a bittersweet feeling because after 2 years a lot of improvements had been made to celphones(smartphones) but my original Palm Pre (I refuse to call it minor) have a better software than any mobile OS out there. Shame on you HP you bought something that's years ahead from the rest of the market and you just buried it?
countdown just started with iPhone coming to Sprint it will be hard to resist to move from an aging out to date hardware.

can I move my software to an Evo? Is that the way to keep webOS alive?
I don't know....

Another firesale of Pre3 in germany selling some more QWERTZ/unlocked devices at retail stores. Some will apear on german ebay soon (hopefully the prices go down a little bit 79EUR was the firesale price) - but beware that these devices are UMTS:
GSM (850/900/1800/1900), UMTS (900/1900/2100), HSDPA bis zu 14,4 Mbit/s

so will an unlocked Pre3 work on verizon (if you can get your hands on one?)

"The Pre3 doesn’t scream **** but it certainly doesn’t scream ugly.

"Doesn't scream **** ? Er, me thinks you meant **** .

edit: LOL, we can't say the word in the comments, but you can say it in the article.

Let me try that again:
"The Pre3 doesn’t scream s-e-x but it certainly doesn’t scream ugly."

Doesn't scream s-e-x ? Er, me thinks you meant s-e-x-y.

At least we got the Veer.... ick

I just want to cry. If Palm would have had the time and money it would have made THIS the original Pre or at least the Pre2. As a Sprint user I have been anxiously waiting for this phone since June/10 and now I will never have it. Makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I have to say looking at this really made me sad. My original Pre finally gave way so I had to go get an Android (photon). While it is a good phone it is just not Web OS. I was waiting on the Pre3 just like everyone else and to see this really makes me sad. I will hang in there and hope like many that someone comes to their good senses and brings it back. So long Web OS hello Android,,,what a sad day it is for me.

How ironic that I am watching the unboxing video of a never to be released Pre3 on my recently obsoleted Touchpad? Only thing that could make this more ridiculous was if I was tethered for internet thru my recently acquired Motorola Photon!

Derek -

Does the Pre3 have any better signal reception compared to Pre- ? Pre- was terrible at dropping a signal in my experience compared to EVO and BB, which I think was the major factor in poor battery life.

Did they in any way improve this with Pre3?

Isn't she looovely??? Isn't she beauuutiful???

I'll wait 'till my pre+ dies and see if another company license webOS, if not, will try to buy the pre3 on ebay, if not then I think that windows phone will be my next OS...

This phone could've competed with phones out today. Just price it at $99.

The pre 3 looks like it still has a Loooooonnnng boot time.

I was so looking fwd to switching from my centro to a pre3 :(
I am switching to a treo 680 for the larger screen (can barely see the centro without glasses anymore) and sticking with good old palm OS.
love my touchpad though.

Do the Europe phones work here in the states?