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HP probing TouchPad customers for feedback, which is odd for a cancelled product 127

by Derek Kessler Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:01 pm EST

How satisfied are you with your HP TouchPad?

That’s the very first question HP has asked a number of TouchPad owners in an email survey they recently sent out. It’s a pretty vague question, and thankfully HP delves much deeper, asking the respondent to rate things from the ease of setup, overall performance, and the webOS user interface to the ability to personalize the device, the quality of manufacturing, and the durability of the TouchPad. Additional “what do you want more of” questions in the survey touch on document editing, stylus support, video out, cellular connectivity, cloud support, computer synchronization, and more. Then there’s the “how much did you pay for your TouchPad?” question with follow-ups for when you bought and where did you purchase (with eBay serving as a surprise option).

Customer satisfaction surveys are nothing new. Practically every company on the planet has done them at one point or another. It’s a pretty straightforward way to get feedback, after all. But why would HP be running a satisfaction survey for TouchPad owners now? They did cancel the product and blow out the inventory in a fire sale, and they’ve been exploring their options since on what exactly to do with webOS. Why ask is the purchaser of a dead product wants stylus support or better synchronization with their computer? You ask these things because you want to see if people would be willing to buy another webOS tablet and what they want out of it. You ask because you’re planning on making more and you don’t want to blow it this time. That’s why.

Oh, and we can't distribute the survey to all of you. We'd love to, but they're one-use survey URLs to avoid that very thing. Though we'd seriously suggest to HP that they open this survey to everybody. You might be surprised by the feedback.

Thanks to John, Martin, skeets000, and Sepherous for the tips!



Send me a survey HP!! I'll tell you what you need to know!


Just did. Never got it.

Me neither, and too bad 'cause I'm so darned smart and my opinoin is really valuable!

I wish I had gotten the E-Mail - I have a lot to say.

Good (not great) product, But Wrong Product - We Like the TP, We Need the Pre 3!!!

Maybe HP will get the message?

What a perfect idea! And when your spouse asks you if you like their cooking, do you insist it's fine but you'd rather talk about how you wanted to go out drinking with your friends instead?

The survey is about the Touchpad. If HP wants your opinion about the Touchpad, give them your opinion of the product. Making distracting commentary about which unicorns and pegasuses you like is counter-productive both to HP and your own cause.

Actually he does have a point there. The TouchPad would be much more appealing if it did launch the Pre 3. Having Touch to Share would add a really good selling point and usage to the TouchPad.

Yeah, in an age where iOS and Android content is continuously synched across every device, and Windows Phone 7 natively wirelessly syncs media and auto-uploads every photo you take to your personal Skydrive, people are REALLY gonna be blown away when you can share a URL between your phone and your tablet by physically touching them.

Sharing a URL for things like maps is extremely useful. Are you going to upload the URL to the cloud and then call it back down on your tablet. Even if URLs get synced automatically you wouldn't necessarily want everything website you open on your phone to automatically load on your tablet.

What I'm saying is that these are two different use cases.

As for asking about the Pre3, I think that's a given. Everyone KNOWS that we want a phone to go with a tablet. However, as Meg pointed out, phones are difficult when they require carrier cooperation. In the days of Palm they had that, but with the Pre sales underwhelming they've burned that bridge with Sprint. Now with pulling the launch of the Pre3 on AT&T and Verizon that bridge is burned.

They are pretty much left going with T-Mobile smaller carriers now. I actually think the T-Mobile partnership could be big. They've got some plans that are priced well and Apple has snubbed them by not letting them have the iPhone. It's the right match of two down companies who can use each other's help.

I had a touchpad and Pre3, and I used that feature once, only to see if it would work.

I now use Windows Phone and I have to say, it's light years ahead. HP had better have been continuing development of webOS while this all went on or they are even more cooked.

I also own a Windows Phone and a Pre 3, and while Windows looks better and has faster transitions, I don't see where it is light years ahead of webOS? Both are good platforms that have there own take on the mobile OS.

"Sharing a URL for things like maps is extremely useful."

Why? The Touchpad doesn't have GPS. My phone does. I'd look it up on the phone.

Also, your rationale about why they should go with T-Mobile was pretty much what I heard about them targeting Sprint with the release of the original Pre. All it did was burn the first of many bridges. I guess there's always US Cellular. TOTALLY worth it.

TTS goes both ways, so you could look it up the map on the Touchpad and move it to the phone and go. I suppose you could look it up on your phone too, but if you were already using a TouchPad it is better than having to look it up twice.

Also, reports are that the TouchPad Go had GPS in its prototypes and marketing.

I also second what the below comment about NFC being what should have been implemented over TTS.

The point is that the basic technology has value even in a cloud world.

There were a lot of differences between my suggestion with T-Mobile and the past case with Sprint. First, I believe Palm got a great deal from Sprint for exclusivity. Palm needed it because they were low on cash. HP is not. That exclusivity cost them any chance they had with Verizon who went big promoting the Droid.

Without the exclusivity, Palm had the option of going to Verizon and AT&T because those bridges weren't burned. The people wanting a Pre3 have to understand that Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are not likely viable options for HP until they prove that they are going to stick with webOS. The last option (in the US) is T-Mobile. Yes they can and should go to US Cellular, Virgin, Boost, and all the other smaller MVNOs.

Jerrydan3, if you have a better idea on how to make a webOS successful, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm not necessary that I believe there's a way to make a webOS phone successful, but since many in this community want to see it, I thought I'd outline a plan... however long a shot it is.

A bad plan is better than no plan at all right? LOL

Said like a true troll.

And yet you're the one trolling..

There is NO way I know of to make a phone product where 2.5 generations across several carriers have all failed a success.

That's not a knock on WebOS or Pre phones. That's a knock on their track record.

Microsoft has the big screen slabs, multiple manufacturers, tens of thousands of apps, cool distinct ecosystem....and THEY're struggling to get a foothold and gain marketshare.

So if WebOS phones has one manufacturer, no ecosystem, way less apps than WP7, and a product that's been on the market largely unchanged and failing since 2009....how do you think THEY will succeed?

They had one chance in 2009 when it was waaaay easier to compete to get it right. They blew it, and now everyone has stepped their game up big time. I don't see anybody else succeeding at phones besides Android, iOS, and likely Windows Phone (once Nokia hits the US and Windows 8 is released).

Producing phones without carrier cooperation, though expensive and unlikely, is POSSIBLE -- unlocked GSM. That MAY be their ticket back in (especially if WE live up to OUR word that the Pre 3 is a great product that can easily be improved to compete with the best of them).

Wasn't the Pre 2 sold this way for the longest time? Didn't help.

It's pretty hard to compete when you aren't in stores unless your marketing budget is crazy high. I think Google found this out with the Nexus S and they had a pretty good budget to promote in on billions of web pages with their Adsense advertising model.

Reading List. Ifyou want to share a URL, just add it to Reading List and it is available on all of your Mac and iOS devices. TTS was always a stupid idea that has become even more stupid over time. The fact that the wOS community does not realize that makes it all that much more pathetic. You are just looking for a feature to justify the product. Keep looking.

It was just as stupid when it was announced. Yet, they cling to this feature for some odd reason.

Does Reading List allow me to share information with friends like TTS potentially could?

Remember the days when people could beam business cards back and forth to each other?

The funny thing is that if Apple came out with TTS on the iPhone everyone would say it greatest thing ever. In fact, it's not too far from Bump that people like on iOS and Android. So why complain about it being implemented at the OS level where every device has it by default?

Does Reading List allow me to share information with friends like TTS potentially could?


TTS potentially could make your breakfast, wash your car, and cure cancer.

Does any other smartphone do what WebOS POTENTIALLY could? I don't think so!


TTS is a technological backwater which (if and when) they got another device out would likely be dropped in favour of NFC which is more widely adopted and has standards that allow for OS interoperability.

Perhaps HP will bring back the Touchpad. They are releasing the "Folio".

I have to say I use drop box and just gmail docs this is a great way to stay on the move, even around the house, allowing me to edit and create as well as share the docs back to my team.

I can't tell you how much easier it has made life. Now I don't have to alway sit at my desk top or carry around the heavy laptop remove around and stop get work done. Now I can spend time with the family, and world ;-)

I too see this as good news. Hope I get a survey to fill out. My wife, daughter and sister would want to comment as well about their Touchpads.

I would love to participate in a survey. I'd tell them I would buy a touchpad and a Pre 3 to go with it, especially since my Sprint Pre's on/off button no longer works.

I had the same problem with my Pre- power button. I can't remember where I saw it, but there are instructions online about how to get the button off and jam a slice of paper in there to get it working again.

Search for "pre power button fix". I recommend using a piece of a balloon, rubber band, or some other thin piece of rubber (or a piece of a rubber...sorry, couldn't resist) to do the fix.

We also need a survey for Pre3 owners!
'How do you rate the Pre3 build quality compared to older WebOS phones' would make them understand what to do with WebOS: push for their marketshare with tablets *and* smartphones!

My theory is that they still haven't decided what they are going to do with the TP and webOS. I think the reason they sent the survey is to get an idea what features etc a TouchPad 2.0 would need to have, and what issues they would need to address to end up with something people would actually want. With that resolved they can work out how much it would cost to make a device like that, and whether they could sell one profitably. If the numbers look workable they'll go ahead with it, if they don't then thats the end of it. At least this time it will be a decision that is actually thought through properly...

Probably doesnt matter as they likely wont go as high end as the competition (Kalel, for e.g.) or spend the $ on optimizing the OS (CSS transforms). Part of the problem is the 'team.' They're still the old, out-of-touch bunch that are hopeless when it comes to these things. They need new blood in that division that can not only keep up w/ paradigm shifts, but who are actually capable of creating them in the first place.

Product surveys are designed, developed, vetted, clarified, fought over, decided upon WELL AHEAD of the release of a product (with minor modifications).

This is not something that has just come up in the recent weeks/months. Someone decided "what the heck, why not ask this information".

In fact a prospective purchaser could have required this type of information before even contemplating a purchase. Wouldn't you want to know how well a product line was received before you purchased it?

I just wanted to temper the enthusiastic rumor mill churning that HP is planning on reviving this line.

To what end? The people here believed it was "business as usual" even when HP dropped the axe. Any hint (no matter how far fetched) will be taken as "more proof" of the "promising future". There is no reality (or spoons) here. It is fun to watch though.

Lloyd: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you, Mary. The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?
Mary: Not good.
Lloyd: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
Mary: I'd say more like one out of a million.
Lloyd: So you're telling me there's a chance... *YEAH!*


I like this. bahaha made me laugh. Thanks

Thumbs up for the Dumb and Dumber quote :)

Taharka, you are such a dickhole. I try to ignore you trolls but man, you are an asss...

[scratching my head]
Was that a compliment??

This comment is under the assumption that HP was competent enough at the time of creating and releasing their product that they were able to plan and think that far ahead and execute precisely what they intended to do, something they have clearly shown they were far from capable of at the time.

I have seen market surveys created in a few weeks, its done regularly.

This is true. Even if that is the case here, I would wager this survey was made at the request of a potential purchaser and not because HP is looking to get back into the game. But like everything else here on P|C, this is just pure conjecture.

It was probably a survey requested by Leo back in May, and they are just sending it out now.

That was my first thought also...but the part about Ebay being a choice for where you got your TP seems to point the other direction. I don't think that HP would prep a survey months in advance and be thinking "I wonder how many of these bad boys will be on Ebay"

The sad part is that as I wrote that, I thought "wait, this is HP we're talking about"


Excellent point about the Ebay mention. I call BS on it being designed before they decided to cancel the product.

Even if the survey was planned before they stopped making TouchPads, why would they go through the effort to queue and send the email to a number of people?

It could be a survey for a potential buyer, but I don't see how that wouldn't be good news too? In that scenario, clearly the buyer is interested in creating hardware that runs on webOS.

Probably just market research for the impending Windows 8 slate.

I don't see stylus support becoming a central tenet of WebOS in the future unless they're truly going to degrade this into an enterprise-only custom solution offered to small business that "gotta have" tablets but don't wanna pay for Windows.

also, PC synch. Perfect lead in for a windows 8 tablet.

why would they ask about webOS feedback to improve windows 8 OS? Besides, they will have nothing to do with windows 8 mobile OS development. They only get the licence.

Yeah, it's not like HP has added layers like TouchSmart or a custom launch dock to Windows XP and Windows 7 before. Or load it up with HP bloatware. They just get the license and put out vanilla Windows machines.

Yep...that's HP all the way....

yeah that's what HP will do. Let's ask everybody about whether they like about webOS so we can customize our windows 8 OS exactly like webOS.

that's right. That's why we abandon webOS! Super!

Most of the questions are about the PHYSICAL PRODUCT of the Touchpad. Not WebOS.

One is a shell that will probably be recycled and modified for future products. The other is a product that have desperately tried to sell and dump off to many companies with no takers.

I think HP already knows that the physical product of the Touchpad wasn't impressive. That was never the draw to the TouchPad as it was close to the original iPad and drew criticisms for weighing too much.

It's unlikely that the plan is to continue with a shell that will be two generations with the iPad 3 likely to come out next spring.

In looking at the questions mentioned in the article (cloud support, computer sync, document editing) there are numerous ones that are applicable to webOS and not the shell. If they were going with Windows 8, these features would be included by Microsoft and HP would have no real input on them.

HP knew the shell of the Slate 500 wasn't impressive too. Guess what they just released in a similar casing with a different back and new software features slapped on top of Windows...Slate 2!

I think you're really giving their "vision" and product planning way too much credit, which is amazing given the decisions they've made this year.

You have to presume that they are going to make intellent decisions even though the past hasn't shown that to be true. If you don't then we can come up with millions ways to fail spectacularly. They could release the TouchPad Go that we've seen prototypes for and charge $999 for them. That's a way to fail.

With a new CEO, it's also quite possible that more intelligent decisions will be made. I'm guessing that the "Slate 2" was something that was long in the works before Meg because CEO since she wasn't around long. They had all the hardware available and they know that the Slate brand is niche product that they don't expect to sell a lot of - how many original Slates did they sell? I read it was under 10,000.

HP already showed that they were changing the shell design in the TouchPad Go prototypes. There's a rubber-like backing and it has a rear facing camera.

Yay, so they are thinking about what to do (it's not all just a big fat fib) - all you TP owners, make sure you fill these forms in pronto, and big up the device. Also, if there is room (you know, 'the what else would you like to say' section), mention you would also like a TouchPad Go because WebOS is ACE, please make it available as part of a relaunch (along with the Pre3 & PreSlab).

visit facebook.com/imailuk I have a question for TP owners about the look of a new TP (should one ever happen).

I don't think they have any intention of getting back into the phone game, I thin it's tablet only.

Tablets only is a failed/DOA strategy.. They need an eco system.. phones and tablets go together.. tablet with out a phone is a tablet without a home..

Don't tell this to all the Kindle Fire folks.

The Kindle Fire is a vending machine for Amazon products. It is not really the focal point. The TP was not billed as a gateway to anything which is why it's success/failure rested squarely on it's own shoulders; and why many believe "tablet only" is not a good strategy.

Kindle Fire is essentially android OS.. There are tons of android phones.. get the picture?..

A competitive mobile OS can't compete on a tablet only basis, they need phone.. Get webos 4.0 to be on phone and tablet and you got yourself a potential win.. or atleast a fighting chance..

key thing I think they need:
-Slab phone! along with a pre3 style phone..
-Top of the line hardware and specs
-Android emulator to get all of those app heads..
-Webos 4.0 to run across phone and tablets
-Content partners (Amazon/netflix/hulu/etc..)

A winning tablet strategy needs to have a strong phone strategy.. phones sell alot easier than tablets.. they need to get webos in peoples hands!

A winning tablet strategy from HP needs windows. Phones are irrelevant. WebOS even less so.

Exactly. HP has so much brand equity in "making the computer personal". They need to be dropping the coolest, most stylish Windows 8 slates.

Swimming against the tide with WebOS tablets and competing against their own firesold stock (which will be sold and resold for months to come) is a dummy move.

I get the picture.. and I don't see amazon marketing phones paired with the kindle, thus no ecosystem!

It doesnt need to pair.. Amazon kindle fire without android = amazon kindle.. because they used android, they get the droid fan boys (those ones who are android fan boys because... you guessed it.. they have an ANDROID PHONE!..

Connect the Dots ...

I agree. They are done with the mobile phone market. Webos will not be on another phone. (sigh) Tablets, a slim maybe. Since they can't get rid of WEBos and have decided to keep the PC division and they have a million customers out there, why not look at the viability of another tablet. Heck, the Go is ready to go!

They are asking because they have not decided what to do with WebOS yet and customer feedback is an important source of information.

I would not read any more into this; they will be no more Touchpads or any non-Windows HP Tablets in the near future. Sorry guys...

I was one of the people the got the survey.
I too hope they will keep and continue to develope webOS. Its a good product overall and to continue with development would make the Touch Pad even better.

I have absolutely no confidence in the management of HP. Their actions haven't made sense for quite a while. They did not communicate their dumb product cancellation to their own people most involved with the product until the announcement was made.
They supposedly sold their final stock of TP's, but now a mysterious supply has suddenly appeared to boost laptop sales.
Now the survey.
I would love to have a TP and a Pre3. I don't think there is anybody in HP management capable of making an intelligent decision. Would not be surprised to find out this survey was another one of their continuing blunders.

that is interesting... why do such a survey on a discontinued product? that certainly makes it seem likely that hp is really considering trying again with a webos tablet.

based on the content of the survey it really does NOT seem like this is just a left-over product satisfaction survey from 2 months ago, but a new (or at least modified) survey from the past few weeks.

When they ask about stylus support, you think it's based on "the past few weeks"?

Johnsonx42 didn't mention anything about stylus support in his comment. If you are bringing up a new point that stylus support isn't relevant today, I would argue that it is just as relevant today as it was before the TouchPad launched.

It's not like there has been a big shift away from styli that would make them obsolete in the last 2-3 months

HP is still actively developing and selling tablets. Just not webOS tablets.

There market research is most likely to funnel into their win8 initiatives of the future.


I bought one for my wife for her birthday and within a month needed one for myself great product.

I got the survey. One question: "And what do you like the least about your HP TouchPad?"

Answer: "It's been discontinued"

As someone who bought 7 Touchpads (don't worry, I sold them to friends and family at cost, I wasn't hawking them on eBay) and didn't get a survey. :(

But if HP wants to revive webOS... I can tell HP what they need to do at the very least.

1) Lower the cost. Obviously HP was being moronic when they priced it the same as the iPad2. They were stupid to even price it at the same price as the iPad1, even though it was hardware superior. They probably should sell it starting at $299 or less, especially now that the Kindle Fire, and Nook tablet are out. HP needs to build user base, even if it costs them money to do so. Sony/Microsoft lost money on their gaming consoles to build user base and then made money after the user base was built.

2) OPTIMIZE WEBOS. Even with dual core + 1GB of RAM, but it's still embarrassingly slow at times and woefully inconsistent especially compared to the iPad2. This is the top priority. Anyone that uses a TP and an iPad2 will think the TP is crappy. iPad is still far more responsive and quick. The keyboard on the TP is terrible. I can't type right on it and neither can any of my friends. Speed and responsiveness is the name of the game. Improve the loading speed, responsiveness, and memory usage. Perhaps introduce hardware acceleration. This should also help the battery life. The TP doesn't really need any new core features that can't be dealt with by apps.

3) Comb the top 25 free apps and top 25 paid apps on the iOS AppStore. If you can't get that dev to port it over to webOS and can't find an equivalent to put in the webOS App Catalog, have the in house team build it.

4) Bring back more true multitasking. On my Pre- I would click on links and tell it to launch in a new card, but stay on the current card while the new card loaded in the background. This doesn't work on the TP. You have to make that card an active card for it to load properly. This WAS one of the best features of webOS and they removed it?

5) Get phone hardware that interacts with the TP. If you don't want to compete with top end specs, don't. You shouldn't. Just make sure it has the capability to do things that are popular now (that means front facing camera and auto focus camera) and that the hardware is enough to make it run smoothly. If/when NFC becomes popular, have NFC. The Pre3 actually would still be fine (though I would've liked to see better cameras and 1GB of RAM). But the #1-4 apply to the Pre3 too.

I like most of these, but there are a couple of problems with a few.

I don't know what the top iPhone apps are, but some of them can't be easily copied by HP's development team. For example, a Netflix application requires a partnership with them (or else the ability to run Silverlight on a mobile platform which requires Microsoft.)

I think the keyboard on the Touchpad is awesome. I have a Motorola Triumph and every time I want to type an apostrophe (for contractions), comma, or number, I have to press a symbol key for that screen and then the symbol key to get back to alphabet. I know I'm comparing a phone to a tablet, but typing on the Touchpad is awesome in comparison. I can type almost as fast as a normal keyboard - about 10wpm slower.

Seriously? For the life of me I can't type right on it. Key presses often get skipped, or what happens even more often strangely enough is it registers the key next to it because I slightly slide my finger as I pick up. Like "dog" becomes "sog", or "dig" or "doh".

I don't recall ever having a problem typing on my friend's iPad2. I can't type a full sentence on my TP without making a mistake unless I type absurdly slow. Wtf am I doing wrong? My friends with Touchpads all tell me the same thing. They can't type right on it.

As for the Netflix application, that's what I mean. Talk to Netflix and if they say "no we won't make one" then say "well give us your API and we'll build it for you." :)

I don't know what you are doing wrong. Maybe I'm just a good tablet-typer?

Have you tried adjusting the size of the keyboard? I bumped mine up a size from the default. Perhaps that's why I don't hit the wrong keys.

Netflix will allow one to be made or make one, but they'll have to invest the money.

It was interesting that I received this survey to the exact two email addresses I'd used to be on the "waiting" list for the firesale part two. Although the survey could easily have also included those with a registered WebOS profile, this wouldn't explain the fact that I DID NOT get the survey at my Profile address, but rather the address used in trying to buy firesale touchpads.

My first impression upon completing the survey was that they were trying to figure out what format to bring out future touchpad devices. There were several questions that led me to believe they were testing possible Windows Mobile and Enterprise type use of the device.

One comment: BRING WEBOS BACK !!!

If I do get the servery my response to question "What do you love most about your TouchPad?" would be: Installing Android on it. Can't wait for CM9.

Mine would be i loved making a profit off their firesale. It'll be a great xmas.

Dear Meg,

Since you left me out of the survey, I will provide my feedback here in case you should peruse Precentral.

My suggestions:

1) Fix the annoying bugs in the OS that you introduced with the 3.0.4 update. Seriously, this needs to happen pronto. Not in a new version but NOW for your existing customers.

2) Definitely stylus support. I want to draw on my TouchPad so badly when I'm in an artistic mood and sometimes I want to take notes the old fashioned written way.

3) MicroSDHC card support with at least 32 GB expansion. Want to impress me? Make it SDXC and I will give you a gold star.

4) Cellular support for sure. I want this so badly I well up in tears sometimes...OK, I'm exagerating, but still, I want it.

5) Better front camera and add one on the back. Make the rear one have flash too.

6) Thinner, lighter and no glossy black fingerprint magnet on the back on the device. My old Creative Labs Zen has the perfect non fingerprint backing on it and if you want me to send it to you to see for yourself, I will do so gladly, just pay for shipping.

7) Improve basic stock applications. The browser is terribly slow and not being able to import/sort/manage bookmarks properly is a Royal PITA!

8) Improve the TouchStone experience. The stand's bottom lip is too short. Make it stick out another cm and I will be happier. Add controls for user customization. I don't want my TS turning on in the middle of the night beaming me in the face with light.

9) Improve quality of the casing of the device. Though I don't have cracks by the speakers I have read a lot of feedback that others do. That would suck on a $599 device...Oh and the micro USB connection was a stupid idea. It's flimsy and prone to breaking.

10) Make the main button larger. It's too damn small.

11) Improve the wireless keyboard features that tie in with the TouchPad. It's half baked as it is right now.

12) Add arrow keys and home, delete, page up, down to the virtual keyboard.

13) Open up more API's to the Homebrew geniuses. These guys are saving your butt as it stands. Without them, you're 1.4 billion dollar **** up would have done you in for good.

14) Let the community design your next touchpad. I am not kidding either. You really need to research L & M Motors and their open source approach to car building. This will blow your mind and change everything...
http://www.local-motors.com/ and http://www.rallyfighter.com/

Once you realize that the community voted for and designed this car, you will see the power of team building...we want to help you help us. LISTEN TO US!

I wonder if they pay attention to these forums at all. If they did all their stupid marketing gimmicks would be unnecessary. Nothing hasn't changed with them same old **** Kill webOS or sell it. Don't send out dumbass surveys that are at best ambiguous and might be a gauge on how to build your Windows tablet. How incompetent can a company be.

Since I didn't get the email I'll share some comments here and hope someone at HP will read them.

How I feel about the device as it is:
1. Love the device and use it all the time. I can see it replacing my laptop.
2. Well made.
3. The TouchStone charging is first rate.
4. Good selection of Apps that meet my needs.
5. Mostly I use email and web to read the news.
6. DropBox and Box.net are great to use.
7. Thank you HomeBrew, which makes the device run faster and better.
8. Audio quality is very good, but without help it is too soft.
9. Good wifi access and use tethered to HP Veer AT&T phone.
10. WebOS
What I would like to see:
1. Better Bluetooth sharing ability so I would not have to use my phones data service as much.
2. Usable Citrix Receiver for my companies Private Cloud.
3. Vibrate alerts and alarms
4. Ability to play .wma audio files.
5. Access to Hulu
6. Touch to Share as promised.
7. Future WebOS Phones to match future WebOS Tablets
8. rubberized back and sides.

Thanks, long time Palm and WebOS user, currently my wife and I use Veer's and I have a TouchPad.

This makes no sense. Didn't everyone on this forum state that there is ZERO chance of bringing back any devices after hp killed them??? Oh snap! Android is only like 3 years old, Palm could easily catch up if they had the right hardware! It is not impossible for Palm to make a comeback! I'm not saying they will, but it certainly is possible...

If Nokia can become relevant again, here in the states, then Palm shouldn't have too much trouble.

This is possible like the Carolina Panthers winning this year's Super Bowl is possible.

Android is three years old with a track record of ever-escalating success. WebOS is almost three years old with a record of constant failure across every carrier, retailer, and manufacturer.

ANY hardware put out will be hailed around here as "the right hardware" as the Pre, Pixi, Touchpad, and Veer all were, even though the rest of the market disagreed vehemently. Won't change a thing.

WebOS hasn't failed, the business deals and the hardware failed.

I'm pretty sure that many around here thought that Pixi, TouchPad, and Veer were not great choices. With the Veer in particular, nearly everyone here said, "Meh, I'll wait for the Pre3."

Everyone here knew that the TouchPad had many of the hardware specs of the original iPad (weight being the biggest example), but people were just damn happy to get any new hardware that they rightfully graded on a curve.

It's worth noting that the market loved the TouchPad at the right price point. Some may say that was the $99, but remember that it sold out of every Staples at $299 a couple of weeks before.

Still living in denial? Geez..

Still trolling this website? Geez...

WebOS hasn't failed...

Uhm...it has...twice. Currently a multi-billion-dollar company is trying to see if it is worth a third shot.

If WebOS hasn't failed, but only the business deals and hardware, where are the licensees?

HP announced it was available for licensing in June. It's almost six months later....not a peep.

If it's so amazing, why are Samsung, HTC, and Qualcomm publicly rebuking it?

The market loves cheap deals. There isn't a Touchpad in existence that can be sold for a profit at $299 as a permanent price point. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablets are being sold at cost or at a loss in order to provide a gateway to a host of services their manufacturer will make money from.

What's HP's? They have NO content except for...apps. And a 30 percent take on each of the 7,000 or whatever WebOS apps in existence is nothing. **** Apple's 30 percent on their EIGHTEEN BILLION apps downloaded amounts to less than 1 billion dollars before taxes, server fees, expenses, etc.

If they want honest feedback that reflects a true customer experience, the way they are doing it is best. If they allowed "enthusiast sites" like this one to participate in a survey, what do you think the outcome would be?! NOWHERE close to actual market feedback!!

Putting both general users and enthusiasts comments together is the best option. We put the device through it's paces, not just use the very basic parts of it. Early adopter users are critical to development.
I'd also suggest that a simple survey is very different from user feedback.

Don't expect much from this. After all, I got an e-mail saying - "Welcome to TouchPad" from them about 7 weeks AFTER they shipped me the device. Most likely this is just another artifact left over from the hasty and ill-considered decision to kill off the TP. They probably ordered this research from an outside vendor, screwed around and didn't get the vendor what they needed to fulfill the contract on time due to the internal turmoil inside HP. But eventually the vendor could put together and conduct a survey, and so they fulfilled their contractual obligations long after anybody cares what the results are.

I filled my survey last night. No, this is a very targeted survey and asks how many touchpads did you buy and how much you paid for each of them. (obviously aware of early adopters paying full price and firesale buyers) Ebay is listed so they are very aware of ebay as a major place to buy the firesale tps. So this was a price sensitivity question. I have no doubt that this is a current survey for HP to decide whether to continue making webOS tablets. They also ask about computers and what is the critical features, and how important brand is as opposed to cost and cpu speed. That's trying to figure out how many HP fans there are among the webOS fans. The features mentioned in the survey were very spot-on so it was a survey written by very webOS-aware people (not a generic survey). I'm not taking a bet on webOS surviving but this is a definitely tool for the HP faction that wants WebOS to survive to convince the HP Board that it is worth the cost to do it.

loaded android on the tp yesterday what a mess, webos is so much nicer. HP get your head out of your a**, and put some money behind this thing and get it rolling!!!!!!!

Thanks for that, cause I was considering doing that and wanted to know if it was a viable solution yet....

Nothing wrong with having a little hope....strange for me to be saying this, but seeing as my touchpad makes me try to use gestures on my new-old nexus S (from ebay since my evo 4g was an unmitigated disaster as an upgrade from my pre minus) ....maybe they need to hear again about what a great product they had. No need to slap me back into reality....I'll do that myself as soon as I post this...

I'm with you - once one WebOS, it is hard to go anywhere else. I have tried out Android and an Iphone 4s and finally gave up and picked up a Pre3 on ebay. I may go back to a pager if I ever have to go to another mobile operating system. It is like going from Blu-ray back to VHS :(

I haven't tried the iPhone 4S yet, but I played around with my hubby and daughter's Android phones, AND Galaxy tablet, and Android is just not my cup of tea.

Yes!! Send me the survey! We need more Touchpads I love mine, and we need also new Prés! The Pré3 (wich I use) is a awesome product!

I got the email and replied to the survey last night. Was trying to be constructive. Not sure what the rational behind this survey is, but figured it wouldn't hurt to complete it. Funny, but I also got a phone call back in August to do a phone survey and got $20 for doing so.

Let's hope some good news will come out of this.

Glad to hear HP wants feedback. As a TouchPad owner, I would love to share with them. In all, WebOS is a nice environment. I think they need to keep making phones, but target them as "the easy phone".. Toward users who do basic things like talk, text, email, facebook and map.

iPhone and Android phones are an overkill for plenty of users. HP should go out and GET that business. And, it should be targeted mostly at women.

There is still time and market for WebOS.

I love surveys and also think this is interesting of HP.

Actually, I love mine and hope they email me the survey since I've already moved on to another smartphone (on order that is).

I actually jumped as soon as Sprint got the iPhone 4s, but ended up taking our new phones back since Sprint 3g sucked on the 4s in our area and were back using our Pre- on the same network working just fine (go figure Apple and Sprint **** that up). Either way, wife is getting a used iPhone 4 and I'm moving to the Droid Bionic out of contract on Verizon.

Still using our TouchPad units and love them for what they offer...not much comes close and that's coming from someone who also uses CM7 in dual-boot and am not really that impressed with early versions of Android.

Hope and prayer goes out to HP to either sell to someone who will move webOS in a positive direction or simply get out of the way! Sorli...

I haven't gotten one of the surveys, but I hope those that did will tell HP to keep webOS (the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know) and put it on better hardware (tablets AND phones -- they can release unlocked GSMs without a carrier if needed).

Please tell them we think it is worth the investment.

I have both an iPad and a TouchPad. The former sits for days without use and the latter gets used EVERY day. I also have a Pre 3 that I would not trade for ANY other phone (especially if webOS is continually developed and more apps are produced).

My TouchPad is everything to my family. Except for printing, our TouchPad has replaced all of our desktop and laptop computers.

The five of us schedule the amount of time using the TouchPad because we own one. We use the TouchPad for business, home, enjoying videos and music, playing games, tracking our stock portfolio, go shopping with it using notes and tasks apps, learn to play guitar, watch movies on VideoFlood or YouTube, follow recipes to prepare meals with the Epicurious app, manage updates for our sons sports, prepare homework, even schedule my meetings, or connect to my job network.

We use the speakerphone to talk with relatives via BlueTooth connection to my Pre minus. And, so much more.

The truth is we have borrowed other tablets from our friends and relatives (iPads, Xoom) yet, nothing else comes close to the user experience you get with webOS, nothing.

webOS on the TouchPad just works. Pure and Simple. So, please HP, please continue making and selling TouchPads everywhere. Soon customers will realize it is the Tablet for us all. continue making improvements to the TouchPad hardware and software too.

Anyone that has taken the HP TouchPad survey must tell HP how well the TouchPad works for you and your family.

Thank You.

Let's not rule out the possibility this survey was sent out in error. Maybe someone forgot to turn off the survey scheduler (or that someone was let go).

The way webOS has been handled, half of the things they do don't make any sense.

You are about the 5th person to suggest this, but it doesn't make any sense because they included the Ebay option on it. Clearly this was done after they stopped making them.

If HP sent this survey out to WebOS loyalists who could not purchase a fire sale Touchpad thanks to HP selling them to their employees and then sticking the rest of us with bundles that few are interested in, they'd get responses they don't want to hear. It's possible that the survey was sent out in error, but if it turns out that the Windows 8 Touchpad turns out to be that 7" Touchpad Go, then you know why they want your opinion.

Actually, HP will almost always get positive feedback if they send a survey to this community. If there's one place that webOS beats the competition, it's in a survey/poll.

"We're number one!" - Jon Ruby quoting laptop magazine's poll.

Again, this survey wouldn't be relevant if they were going with Windows 8. There are too many questions (document editing for example) that are based around webOS

I looked in my trash bin and found the survey. It was from Russel Research (I almost passed over it). My survey didn't ask where I purchased it but did ask about what I did or didn't like. Lots of the questions seemed to get regurgitated a couple of times...maybe looking for honesty trends or conflicting answers. It took more then 5 minutes to complete. Probably 60% of the questions were related to the TP and the rest about technology preferences and my personal computer abilities.

Google is announcing its new music service with a ton of new features. Chalk up another part of the mobile ecosystem that webOS will never be able to matchl.

They could partner with Spotify who has a great music service and agreements with all the major music studios in place.

Spotify "partners" with iOS, WebOS, WP7, and Facebook already. Why would someone switch to WebOS to get the same thing they already get elsewhere?

You know what, I think this really sucks, I have been wanting a tablet for a while and it all comes down to me wanting what WEBOS has to offer but they killed the damn thing. its a shame. The new smaller tab would have been great for my usage.

Still waiting to receive my survey from HP. Nothing was in my trash folder either. Hope they keep sending them out.

I just completed the survey, and gave it fairly high marks (I'll admit to being a fanboy, I want WebOS to continue!).

As someone mentioned above, my answer to the biggest disappointment with the TP was that it was discontinued and may not be supported much longer.

I also received a survey. It was in my spam filter in gmail. It definitely is gauging interest in the touchpad. Questions were when was the touchpad purchased and the only options were August-December. The survey also wanted to know how much it was spent on it and where. E-bay was an option as well as retailers. Hopefully once they go over all of the surveys, they decide to bring the touchpad back, but not in it's current incarnation. It will need to be updated.

I had to use an iPad 1 and an iPhone 3 today. Drove me nuts whenever I wanted to multitask or just swipe.

How HP blew this -- the best mobile OS -- is still astonishing. What is sad is that their old iPAQs, given crappy MS software, were such nice hardware overall. I guess that hardware design expertise got lost during the Carly years.

Yeah got mine a couple of weeks ago. I completed the survey. Hope this survey thing works??

I got the survey within the last week...filled it out right away.

I very badly want WebOS on my "PHONE" - not only on my touchpad!