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HP puts Verizon Pre 2 on pre-order - $99 on contract, ships Feb 17th; Update: Free Mobile Hotspot! 71

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 10 Feb 2011 11:57 am EST

Just as we predicted, the Verizon Pre 2 will be shipping to customers who lay down $99 and sign a 2-year contract on February 17th. It's $439.99 without a contract. You can "reserve" yours now at HP's web store. Verizon's store, curiously, doesn't have a preorder page up, but they're probably busy with other things like, oh, the Verizon iPhone launch.

It's not just the the Verizon iPhone that's stealing the Pre 2's thunder, of course. The Pre 3 was announced yesterday with a larger screen, better keyboard, dual-cameras, video calling, and more. Sure, the Pre 3 isn't coming until "Summer" and although we know it'll be EVDO Rev A, we don't know whether or not Verizon will pick up the device. 

We've asked before if HP and Verizon should bother releasing the Pre 2 with newer devices coming down the line. In fact, we asked HP that very question yesterday: convince us to buy a Pre 2 now that we've seen the Pre 3. The answer - some people want a slightly smaller phone with a slightly smaller screen. Our guess at the real answer: somebody at HP Labs felt that the Osbourne Effect hasn't had a good enough real-life test case and figured that the suddenly dowdy-looking Pre 2 would be the perfect subject.

Whatever the answer, we've been using the unlocked Pre 2 here at PC HQ for some time and although webOS 2.0.1 has the occassional bug, it's still a very big step up over the Pre Plus. Unfortunately, since Verizon's own store isn't saying Peep about the Pre 2, we can't confirm what Mobile Hotspot is going to cost on this device.

Update: @kyledrandall preordered and confirmed that once again Verizon is making a webOS phone of the best deals in wireless: HP's Mobile Hotspot application, which lets you tether up to 5 devices over WiFi, will not cost you a penny over your standard data plan.

Source: HP Wireless Central; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



this phone should be free to all existing pre/pre+/pixi/pixi+ users for putting up with the lies and BS

Or, Ill pay the $100 but don't make me sign a new two year contract.

i'd happily pay $100 w/o new contract. my pre+ less than 6 mos old has usb door crack. thats effed ^^

apple or android what is the consensus? there is no trust from this consumer who has been strung along for a year and a half or so. seriously guys... which is the better for a former Palm Pre fanboy? I know nothing except that I am leaning Google.

Not interested.

I did not remember hearing about a dual-cameras on the Pre 3.

Digital camera
5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash, HD (up to 720p) video recording, front VGA

The back camera, and then the front-facing VGA camera. Dual cameras.

guess you didn't read your own post.
The Pre3 is like a Mullet
5 mp autofocus party in the back,
vga front facing camera for business (video chat) in the front.

Lmfao, That was great

"some people want a slightly smaller phone with a slightly smaller screen...."

Seriously?? Where is HP gathering their information? Kindergarden?? I think it's time we start going to the HP website and voicing our complaints there, instead of here. They obviously aren't listening to this website.

Just read what everyone posted last night on their FaceBook page... If they're not reading that, they're doomed for failure with WebOS... But, it's probably too late.

I considered my original pre a slightly smaller phone lol

Honestly, if it was available on Sprint, I think my wife would be ordering the Pre 2 right now. She said she really likes her phone, including the size, and is quite disappointed at how much bigger the Pre 3 is... but her original Pre is starting to fall apart.

I don't think the Osborne effect is a fear...I think it will be the reality for webOS on HP.

"Can it be bought unlocked and moved to Sprint?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

this should be an automatic free upgrade to us palm pre+ users that have been waitin patiently on the webos 2.0 and havent gotten it yet! Come on HP show us it is about the customer service & loyalty.

it's like HP is intentionally shooting themselves in the foot with all these quiet/late device launches, it is getting to be very hard to sit by and wait instead of just getting a iphone or Droid, except i can't use my touchstone on those devices:( like it's been said before, by time the Pre3 is available it'll be obsolete..guess i'll have to hold out for a few more days to get my Pre+ replacement (if it has free hotspot and i'm able to keep my $15/mo unlimited data plan still!) otherwise, iphone 4/Droid X here i come!

This is the worst. I've been so looking forward to February 9th and now I wish that day never happened. No Palm, no OTA for existing users, this summer, only 16GB?!! I was sticking around for all these years with the Centro and Pre because of loyalty and now I feel stupid.

I'm glad my contract with Verizon is up in September. Hopefully, the Pre3 will be out by then and I can snap one up. I'll stick with my overclocked Pre Plus for now.

Would have liked 2.X on it though....

Pre+ owner. I can 'upgrade' in September with Verizon. You would think the Pre3 would be available.. but.. who knows what the competition will have for us in that long a time. The Pre 3 should be available now. I'm unhappy :(

First time I've EVER considered another device, it hurts.. I cry and bleed! or bleed and cry!

Another example of how the carrier subsidizing of handsets stifles customer choice. A person should just be able to buy a SIM card that is tied to a service plan and be able to use it on whatever hardware of their choice. They would be able to drop the plan price because they wouldn't be subsidizing or providing tech support for the hardware. The customer could keep the same hardware and move to different carriers based on their service. If they like the service, they could get new hardware whenever they wanted, not based on some upgrade schedule. The ADHD phone geeks could get new phones as often as they change their underwear.

Mobile Hotspot is still free - it shows up as $0 on the Pre 2 preorder page.

Although I'd love to wait for the Pre 3 I will be buying a Pre 2 as my Pixi Plus is just too slow to bear any more. Hopefully by next upgrade time there will be LTE webOS available.

Yep...this is on the HP/Verizon site:
"With the Verizon Wireless 3G Mobile Hotspot, you may share your 3G connection with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, cameras, PDAs, portable gaming systems and more. For a limited time only, get 5GB per month free - A $40.00 per month value!"

its almost worth getting just as a mifi with added benefit of the Pre2. Like having an iPod touch with mifi, and makes.... phone calls

With people saying the Veer should start at $50, I dont see why this phone is $100. As much as I would love a 'free phone' for being an existing customer, not gonna happen. Get real. But this is still nothing to complain about compared to us all having to WAIT TILL SUMMER for the Pre3 and TouchPad. Unreal

I actually WANT this, but I can't sign a 2-year contract because I'm in the MIDDLE of a 2-year contract!

Catch 22 ....

is this the first example in consumer electronics history that a product began selling after its replacement was announced? this is absurd.

exactly, WTH is HP thinking?

This will go down as the "Pre2 effect"!

Not all consumers are spec savvy, and i wouldn't be surprised if some didn't understand the difference between the Pre2 and Pre3. Pre2 is available now, and will be purchased by people who heard buzz about new HP products, and wants something right now.

Also, i wouldn't be surprised if the Pre2 becomes the HP replacement phone for the Pre+. HP doesn't want to keep dealing with the Pre+ design flaws, and replacing hardware because of it. My guess is the Pre2 will be an upgrade option for existing Pre+ folks who still have a 1 year warranty.

HP doesn't have to deal with the "design flaws" another company refurbishes old devices for use on insurance claims for Assurion.

or why was Verizon dragging their feet when the phone was available on foreign carriers last year?

Why would anybody want to do this with the announcement of a WAAAY better Pre3 already on the horizon?

By the way, I'm an ex Sprint Pre owner(now own an Evo) and I have been keeping up with the Palm/HP news in hopes for a kick ass device.

WebOS has screaming potential... I'm waiting for the hardware to woo me back!

Waited this long... might as well keep waiting for the Pre 3

Well, I would plus you but apparently I cannot for some reason....?

Am I missing something here?

At some point you gotta stop waiting ... but don't worry it's coming soon .... in a few months ... spring ... summer ... fall ... winter ... and we're gonna do something special for existing users ... soon .. in a few months ....

Will GPS work? Who knows?!

is the GPS on the Pre 2 a joke like it is on the pre/pre+?

I'm contemplating getting a Pre 2 this summer, if it's still available and maybe discounted a bit. The fact that it's slightly smaller than the Pre 3 is indeed a point in its favor for me.

I could go for the Veer, but there are too many compromises (mainly the fact that it doesn't have a micro-USB charge port ... what am I going to do with all the cables I bought?).

I'll almost certainly buy whatever's available as soon as I can. By that I mean whichever happens first:

A device comes to Sprint

My Sprint contract ends (yes, I will jump ship for a Palm device).

Seriously, the Pre 2 is *still* a great device. The Pre 3 is even better, yes, but if if the 2 were available to me now, I'd definitely be on board.

I have a feeling that HP have no interest in staying in the phone market

i wanted to say that but didn't, they just want the awesome webOS for their tabs/notebook lines. They are, after all a computer manufacturer first and foremost., i'm kinda pissed off at HP right now, what a bummer man!

Well, if they do have an interest in it, they are going about it in a curiously bizarre fashion ...

i have to disagree. its a critical part of the whole system they are trying to set up with webos

They aren't that interested in phone market, the event proved it! Their main focus was on the touchpad! The breezed right through the phones. I like WebOS though, but its hard because I've waited way to long and I don't want another "Pre" device. Hopefully the iphone 5 has some awesome features.

I agree. They seem more interested in the tablet/ PC market. Hence, the lack of thought and planning with the Veer & Pre3. Hell, they didn't even try to come up with a new name for the "Flagship" - of course we all know what a wonderful device the orginal Pre was/ is. Consumers flocked for the device passing up Android & iOS for the superior phone; it just makes sense to keep the name (lol). And the Veer - what can you say - they couldn't figure out how to cram all of the components into the case so they come up with a add-on so that you can connect your headphones. What are sorry bunch of marketers & engineers.

webOS is the best mobile OS available but with the hardware limitations and lack of developers, it will never be competitive.

So, does anyone know if all Pre Plus equipment is out of the system at Verizon? What happens if I am already paying for the extra warranty coverage and my phone, "accidentally...drops in the water." would they have to give me the new pre2 instead?

Just saying :)

I'd still rather have the pre3 and i hope that they can get apps and partnerships for the tablet.

Verizon customers use assurion for insurance purposes who sends out refurbished devices that match your current device, untill they run out of them, then u get the newer version so, yeah in about two years u can smash ur pre+ and get a pre2!

I want it now!!!!

HP needs to work out a deal with Verizon to do a 6 month plan for all people who currently have pre plus that have expired contracts. I would do that in a heart beat. Then that gives plenty of time for the pre3 to be released and I'd have the pre2. Not to mention, did anyone else notice the verbage on the display of the new devices as "planned release date"? way to give themselves an out when they ARE late delivering.

Good question.

I have 2 Pre Plus Phones (my wife switched to Android) and one of them has a blown speaker. I've been holding out on getting it replaced for this very reason. A free Pre 2 would hold me over for a while.

Maybe my Pre PLUS will mysteriously "break" after Feb 17 and Verizon will have no option but to replace it with a Pre 2. That could hold me until my 2-year contract is up in December. But no way am I going to dish out cash to get the Pre2

assurion will only replace it with the SAME device, refurbished, untill they run out. which won't be for a while, i can still replace my kids centro thru assurion, so what does that tell u? sorry guys.

Pre 3 w/ wiMax. I'll be waiting. Got better shit to spend money on in the meantime...

Why Pre-order....everyone is in line for the Iphone..i will wait till i can handle one in a Verizon store first

a couple of months ago...we were tripping over ourselfs to get to the Pre2...now its junk....thats bull crap...its a nice phone and might be mine if i can feel it in my hands....kind of like going to a strip club...to much viewing and not enough touching.....

Ditto...now that we are back to "Coming Months," I might just upgrade to the Pre2. It's the only way for us to get our hands on WebOS 2.x; plus, frankly, there's not much real difference between the Pre2 and Pre3. At least not things that I would use. Am I missing something?

at this point i just want new. anything new. ill take the veer to just move forward and still use webOS. 4 more months. can my pre make it? and should i even be waiting? 4 months doesn't mean 4 months and june 5th I am outside of best buy at 4am like a loser.. this summer could mean this summer on t mobile. I feel like sprint gave hp the finger and there is no going back.

Give me a substantial discount, keep my existing contract (w/hotspot) and I would get one. Then if HP shows a commitment to the phone business, I'll buy the P3 when my contract is up. And I can move to the carrier who is going to give the best support to WebOS.

When I went through the steps to order, it shows Hotspot as $0 charge. That, at least, is great news.

that's the ONLY thing that'll attract about 6 new customers, what am i saying, those 6 people will double user base! Ha! FU?CK HP! i'm getting a Droid! so sick of the lies and waiting on inferior products! what a joke this has become, anyone want to buy 8 Pre/Pre+/Centro batteries and a pair of touchstone chargers, let me know;)so Goodbye HPalm, Screw me once shame on you, two times?, shame on me....

why would I want to buy virtually the same phone that I have now? This phone is outdated before it even hit the shelves.

The Pre3 would've been interesting, but not until SUMMER??? Really Guys? The worst part about it, you're not even installing a 4G chip? So by this summer, virtually every phone on Verizon will be using the LTE network and you'll still be selling a CDMA version of your phone? Why again would I want to buy an outdated phone that now I can't do data and talk at the same time or get incredibly fast download/upload speeds? Again, what are you thinking HP? Do you actually THINK before you make decisions?

i've NEVER been so angry with a company before, what a joke this has turned out to be!(well said BTW pp2)

? not even close to every phone will be LTE

iPhone here I come. =)

Does anybody know if Verizon will offer VCast on the Pre 2? We've been hearing that VCast has been "coming soon" to webOS for awhile.

think of the bright side, they could only sell one Pre2, and HP will be ok. Not sure if you knew this but they gots some money. If old Palm did this, they might go Osbourne, but HP can weather it.

Don't think about us tech nerds. Think average consumer in VZW store looks at iPhone 4, $200, plus $40 for mobile hotspot, "oh wait, what's this cute little guy for 1/2 as much and free mobile hotspot. A Pre 2? Ok I will take one." Not everyone is up to date on product release cycles. Everyone and their mother knows when next gen iPhone comes out, June every year. You think No one ever buys an iphone from May thru June?

More HP (bye palm, sad face) devices in more hands helps all of us. even if they only sell a few, every little bit helps.

And finally, CDMA Pre2 on vzw means there will be a VZW Pre2 webos Doctor, which might make for easier com-board swap from sprint radio to Unlocked gsm for frankenPre2 on Sprint, right? (gsm shouldn't matter, cuz changing the com board)

I suspected this would happen and moved on to the EVO last December. I can do everything with this phone that I can do with a laptop. The Pre Plus? In a drawer getting dusty.

A year ago, I faced my fear and retired my Treo 680 for a Pre Plus. I manage my life with the email, calendar, and contacts apps on the Pre. It's doesn't replace all of DateBk, but it's close enough. (I'm following progress on Pimlical though)

Every time I visit a Verizon store and ask about "Synergy-like" features on Android, they just tell me "you don't need that". Same story with unified inbox including gmail.

My Pre's the right size, I don't need higher resolution and I don't want a big brick in my pocket. It's fast enough to run all my apps without lag. I share the mobile hotspot with coworkers in conference rooms without lan connections. I recovered all my apps and info from the cloud when I needed to replace due to a stuck headphone jack. Last but not least, it works great as a phone. Almost forgot, I really do love that flick-to-close gesture.

At 1 year into my Pre Plus contract, I'll be ordering the pre 2 at full retail on the 17th because it just works better for me than anything else out there.

HP's on website is charging $20 for the so called 'Free' Wifi Hotspot... what's up with that?

I talked to several different folks at Verizon today when tying to order a Pre 2 and all of them stated that the Mobile Hotspot was no longer free. Very disappointed. Sticking with my Pre+ for now...