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HP reaffirms homebrew support by sending TouchPads to WebOS Internals 46

by Derek Kessler Thu, 16 Jun 2011 2:12 pm EDT

There’s been a lot of questioning about how and if HP was going to support homebrew webOS development moving forward, especially with the TouchPad. Many interpreted the shutting down of the open feeds as a slight against homebrew, but it really wasn’t (homebrew has always been the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery, WebOS Internals, and the dozens of independent developers that make it all happen).

In a show of support for continued homebrew development from WebOS Internals, HP engineers not only helped homebrew developers port their apps to the TouchPad at the recent workshops around the globe, but HP has also decided to deliver to a few of the leading WebOS Internals developers (including Rod Whitby) pre-release TouchPads in order to ensure their homebrew work is ready when the 9.7-inch webOS 3.0 tablet launches in two weeks. Their work is going to focus on getting Preware (obviously), Govnah (minus kernels, which HP will have to release), Save/Restore, and Lumberjack working by launch day.


You lucky people.

Lucky us too. We'll have WebOS Internals Homebrew goodness from day 1!

Nice point of view! Yes lucky us.

The day 1 aspect is true but we would have gotten homebrew not to long after release either way. But for day one adapters it is great. But after the Day 1 adaption of the original Pre I will not be one of them.

The openness of webOS, and its hospitality to homebrew, has been/is/will be a key differentiator for many of us.

Glad to see HP doing the smart/good/right thing. Kudos to all.

-- stan

WHOA! I'm sure Rod is very happy. Hopfully he doesn't brick this one, I can't keep donating.

I will have to purchase a separate one on July 1 to do that level of hacking on ;) Hopefully iFixit will do their tear-down before I have to.

-- Rod

I'm impressed, good job HP. Add this to the server they donated before.

more goodies. go webos internals, go hp

Hopefully this will get a few patches ready at launch. One particular patch that I hope will happen is to speed up the cards animation. That really created an illusion on the Pre that the whole device is just more responsive!

I'd much prefer that we rarely even see that loading card on the TouchPad

"HP engineers not only helped homebrew developers port their apps to the TouchPad at the recent workshops"

"port" is a bit of a misnomer. "adapt" is more accurate. Not all the apps will have enyo rewrites by launch, but the current mojo versions will work fine.

Rods words, not ours. :P

I know, I was just clarifying :)

Don't want expectations set too high for enyo rewrites of all out apps at launch. There aren't enough hours in the day for that to happen.


Correct, haha

Good on HP. I hope they treat ALL of their loyal customers right. *cough* Sprint Pre3 *cough*

You're implying that Sprint will even get the Pre 3 or any other webOS device for that matter. I hope it does but it's not looking too likely.

They better give them some Pre3s and Veers. Without the Homebrew community most of us would have left for a diff device...

Wow...says enough and webOS Internals deserves them and heck they practically work for free!

How can HP lose and think of what this will provide in the long run! Very excited and looking forward to next month! Sorli...

Bravo HP. Bravo. Congrats WebOS Internals, keep up the great work.

when were there legitimate question about HP supporting homebrew and WOS Internal? Delusions, maybe. Questions, not so much.

But all those folks that left WebOS for Android/iOS had intimate knowledge that HP was going to shut down homebrew. Don't you remember. =)

(for those that don't know my posting /sarcasm)

HP has always tried to be an open standards company. With webOS Synergy integrating apps at the core-OS level, there's potential for some amazing experiences on the platform. Quite frankly, I'd rather stick on the underdog right now. Everybody "serious" expects webOS to fail miserably. Groupon is worth nearly half of HP. They'll make some mistakes and prod away at this thing until they stabilize somewhere respectable. That's the HP way.

"With webOS Synergy integrating apps at the core-OS level, there's potential for some amazing experiences on the platform."
true, true... And it *seems* like HPalm is sloooowly pulling their heads out of their ar$$$eholes (TP giveaway to Homebrew - brilliant, well deserwed, and long overdue! Pre 3 leaked pricing in Europe - very reasonable (for a change))...

So, it seems that this Titanic may actually start to swim, not sink, someday close, and maybe even in the right direction? :)

Never thought I'd see "WebOS" and "Sydney" in the same sentence. Can't wait!

And thanks for all your hard work, WebOS Internals!

+1 to that!

Although someone commented about WebOS tablets on News.com or smh the other day, in the comments section of an article about playbooks I think? Maybe it's a sign :-)

Does this mean we will be able to run Preware in multiple window panes?

That would be great since we no longer have the back swipe gestures. I almost forgot about the Enyo Email client which Preware can duplicate.

Going through Preware will be a blast.

hp lists the release date for the touchpad as June 19th on their webpage.

Take a closer look. It says "Pre-order available on June 19".

It will ship on 7/1 if you pre-order it on the 19th (confirmed in the forums).

I thought from the forums it said shipped before 7/1 so that you can get it on 7/1.

There is no *real* answer to that. The HP sales reps all claim they will be shipping on the first if you preorder thru them. But the HP sales reps have been giving out horribly inaccurate information and contradicting eachother.

Then again the one sales rep said "Palm" wasn't getting them to HP before July 1.... clearly this article proves what I have been saying, sales reps are full of ****

Awesome can't wait to get mine...is good to see they appreciate the hard work that u guys do...

Yay! A clear indication that webOS Internals is still appreciated by HP.

Congrats to Homebrew but still no update, bug fixes or any any attempt to "make things right" for HP's once loyal customers. This 10+ year will never buy another HP device, no matter how cool WebOS 3.0 might be, unless HP makes it a priority to support their devices and the customer stuck using them.

While I'm still anxious/upset about HP's lack of announcement about a sprint pre3, I'm super glad they do stuff like this. Big props to HP, THANKS!!!

"Let the fools have their tar-tar sauce..."

HP I love how you support the homebrew community! It is vital that our homebrew developers get support, and I thank you for that. I love WEBOS FOR LIFE :-)

Is this really HP reaffirming homebrew in particular? I mean, they had the free Touchpad offer open to everyone, as long as you showed them what you would do with the Touchpad. They're just doing with webOS Internals what they would've done with anyone who showed them a cool app. Seems to me that someone at HP saw the opportunity to generate good PR from this after the whole feeds fiasco.

Or perhaps someone outside of HP thought the community needed a bit of good news for a change ;)

-- Rod

Yeah, but it doesn't say "HP reaffirms homebrew" to me. It says webOS Internals went to an HP workshop, got their apps up to speed on the Touchpad, and since HP has a free Touchpad program set up for developers who show them nice apps, HP gave some webOS Internals developers free Touchpads as part of that program.

I remember when you tweeted you were in the States and no one could find you a free Veer, so you had to buy one yourself. HP didn't have a free Veer program set up then, while here they do have a free Touchpad program.


will you quit beating this dead horse calling the feeds being taken down a "fiasco". You are the only I see that keeps bringing up the feeds on nearly a daily basis.

The feeds being taken down was a good business decision if they were ever going to get enterprise and government contracts. The feeds as Palm had originally designed them did not function properly for a long term business plan.

Well gee, sorry for sharing my opinion here. I'll be sure to get approval from you and your mother next time.

Nice to see that hPalm gives them goodies out. Good luck guys and make it work for me!

I love that HP is actively encouraging homebrew. Some of the patches on my phone are some of its best feature. The openness of the platform is, in my opinion, a huge selling point. Kudos to HP. And WebOS Internals has certainly earned it.