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HP reaffirms support for homebrew community 34

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:24 am EDT


Palm's Jon Zilber got some time over at HP's official The Next Bench Blog and used the platform to talk a bit about you, the webOS community. Specifically, Zilber called out homebrew (which may not be the best term for the apps, patches, overclocking, and general white-hat-hackery it's meant to encompass, but it's the best we've got), writing:

[..] a robust community of developers and fans has evolved around homebrew apps, beta apps, and unofficial system tweaks. Palm generally can’t offer support for these apps, but we do support the community’s ability to create and use them (at their own risk).

We can't help but compare this to Apple's official stance that jailbreaking the iPhone violates their end user agreement (though it's still protected by the DMCA).

Speaking of homebrewers, there has been an annoying bug in the official App Catalog that breaks the automatic update checker for users who have non-Palm-feed apps installed (which is to say it affects developers and people who have installed homebrew apps). From what we can tell it's an innocent bug and Palm is pushing out a fix at this very moment.

So to sum up: HP / Palm: works together with the homebrew community to make sure everybody has a nice experience. Apple: files a patent for detecting and deactivating jailbroken phones. Just saying.

Source: The Next Bench; More on the App Update bug in our forums and Palm's forums.



Update Fix - Bring it on!

Apple doesn't need you to overclock your phone, as their phones aren't laggy POS without homebrew. The only reason I jailbroke my ipod touch was to get free apps.

According to Apple, you're a criminal and they want to be able to automatically deactivate your phone for doing that.

Talk about psychotic control freaks...

sounds like someone needs a nappy nap.

Also, even with the best hardware in the world, people are always going to want to overclock. It's in people's nature to push boundaries, to see how fast they can push it. This should certainly void warranties, but it's their hardware, they bought it, they own it, Big Brother shouldn't be watching and shutting the unit down because someone tinkers with their hardware.

Anyone remember Apple's old Big Brother commercial? How hypocritical does that look now?

Trolling troll is trolling...

Forgive me if I misunderstand your comment. I have an itouch but it is not jailbroken. Free apps? Do you mean that if you jailbrake your itouch then you can get paid apps for free? If so that is classic. You don't jailbreak (homebrew) your itouch to increase performance, you do it to steal. And no I don't care if it is technically legal. Its stealing. What do you expect from a Troll.

I have a jailbroken iPod Touch for getting applications from the "non-official catalogs" not for steal apps.

They do things are don't comply with the official catalog rules

Actually his use is illegal. Jailbraking to sideload apps that the developers normally charge for in the App store is stealing and hence illegal. Legal use of jailbraking in regards to apps is to load non-Apple approved apps. Those apps follow a similar trend as in the official app store were some are free and some the devs charge for.

I didn't think my Pre Plus was a "laggy POS" prior to overclocking. Yes, it is slower without the UberKernel, but a piece of ****? Not at all. I'm sure there are plenty of people using their phones dead stock and having a ball.

Thats why I always hated Apple. I don't want their over priced stuff if I cant do what I want with it. Might as well tell the Apple users "you're just renting this from us, we still own it." And I think its funny that Apple will be shutting off jailbroken phones. haha. People are going to be pissed. Thats always the fanboys answer to everything. "a jailbroken iPhone can do all of that."

Frankly, this is the best news out of the HPalm acquisition. If I could have only one of the following: New Hardware, Updated OS to 2.0, Continued Positive Attitude to Homebrew; I would choose Homebrew over and over again.


+1 - I agree - the homebrew community is what makes the phones and webOS what it is. If it weren't for homebrew I would probably be looking at other platforms.

I'm looking forward to the fix for the catalog. It has not been a fun couple of days.

I love homebrew makes HP web Os look clean and sexy


wonder how we are going to get the update if the update feed is broken... LoL kidding. Nice to see some support from higher up the chain ;)

since everyone loves webOS for it's homebrew friendliness, please nominate it for the mashable awards:


3 categories possible. best mobile experience, best mobile platform, and best mobile device

you can nominate for all three every day. let's show some webOS love and the power of this community.

see, thats why its soooooo difficult to leave hpalm for instant gratification...they support human ingenuity by supporting DIY'ers.

damn you hpalm!

Commercial idea: "The Pre has no jail, so no need for any jailbreaking. Welcome to the Pre."

How about a jail cell with a Pre, Droid & iPhone in custody? The warden comes and frees the Pre and says, "You're free to go". Sad faces on the the other two. lol

Without doubt the Homebrew community here has made this the best phone I have ever owned. Its exciting to be able to mess with it and make the whole experience better!

The phone itself however is the main reason I keep it. I love the form factor and what it does. Its beautiful and it works!

I feel the next step will merge both of these worlds and truly beat the snot out of any phone out there in the entire world.


What about to support community with, lets say for example, NEW DEVICES. PAAAAAAALM!

The Preware icon isn't in the graphic, but the Dope Wars game icon is. LOL

Why isn't the Preware icon in that graphic? It's (one of) the absolute most important parts of this!



So whats the chance of Preware being added to the official App catalouge if Palm embrace homebrew so much.

I recently had to re-enter my palm profile on my phone as it lost the settings while abroad, it then happily reinstalled all my offical apps etc but had to wait until I got home before I could install preware again, most annoying.

Personally I would say the chance is 0%. Not because they want to discourage it, but providing a tool via their App Catalog that allows customization of the device would force them to have to support it as well.

Installing Preware and a few of the items offered through Preware make use of the developer services. While those services are left accessible to the end user HPalm can't support them for use by the end user nor wants to deal with the complications it would make for them to try to support it in the App Catalog.

This is one huge advantage that webOS has over Android. Certainly Google is not in the same boat as Apple in terms of trying to "lock down" their devices running their OS, but it certainly does not offer the ease of modification that webOS does.

Hi all,

I cannot compliment the Home Brewer's enough....many of them are self taught and have worked hard to bring us a great experience.

I must say, I am very proud of Palm for welcoming the Home Brew Community and in fact, encouraging it's creation.

Apple doesn't allow it at all and Android is far from welcoming a Home Brew community.

Those of us who have been with Palm a very long time, know the benefits of "hacking" from the original Palm PDA's and the from the original Treo smart phone.

Thank you again and again to the Home Brew Community and to Palm for embracing it.

Take care,


I know I work with a guy that has a droid, and I have a pixi. Thanks to patches, mods, and additions, I am able to alway find a way to do new functionality, before his droid "does".

Like it