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HP releases webOS; contains bug fixes, not much else 88

by Derek Kessler Wed, 04 May 2011 12:41 pm EDT

We first heard of webOS all the way back in July 2010, the “bug fixes and not much else” follow-up to webOS 1.4.5. In fact, that was before 1.4.5 had even landed on Sprint, as was supposed to fix the PDK Fstab bug. Well, never came, and eventually 1.4.5 was released to all (except Telcel in Mexico) by August 2010.

Fast forward to today, and now we’re hearing that is slowly trickling out. Only a few users have reported actually having the update available, and we haven’t been able to pull it on any of our Pre phones still running 1.4.5. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and the webOS Developer Relations Twitter account confirmed that this is in fact a real update - even if it's not available to you just yet - but it seems that all it contains are some bug fixes, eight months after the fact (a pace that makes even Microsoft seem fast on its feet). Sorry folks, no new features, no new App Catalog, but maybe your PDK games will be able to save their data now.

Source: Palm webOSdev (Twitter); Thanks to Wes for the heads up!


woooo hooooooooo...

I clicked on "Show Updates", it shows me all my apps but no to download :(

What happens if it shows up on my Sprint Pre 2 running 2.1?

Don't install it.

Don't listen to Derek. Install that man. Create Super Pre!

Do i need to uninstall my homebrew patches before applying the update?

is this their idea of "making things right"?

It better not be. Hopefully, it's their idea of getting back on the horse by putting out regular updates for all their devices again.

It's sad almost 3 months ago I would have been really excited about an update but after everything that Sprint and HP have done to neglect us Pre- users I just feel broken.

And what do we learn from this? HP should not do ANY update for this old stuff and simply concentrate on offering something new to their customers.

Wow, got into the red zone...^^^

So basically HP should not offer anything new to their customers and just offer the latest updates to the old legacy devices?

Can't wait till my contract is up in Sept. on my VZ Pre plus. snAPPLE or dare I say the driod here I come.....naah, snAPPLE it will be. I am done with Palm/HP. They could care less about holding on to loyal backers. Good Luck Palm/HP, I will see ya on the other side. Something tells me I will not be alone with the exodus.

I already did 2 months ago... ONE can only wait so long. Maybe I am not the most patient one around but enough is enough. Android serves me well despite what I thought and been told by others. I am not missing a thing and won't look back. I feel like a free man breaking from the bondage now.

you are not alone. There is not one reason why I would want to stay with Palm/HP, not to mention that even if the Pre3 came out today, there is nothing on it that will benefit me other than a faster processor. the iphone does everything - webos, while a nice interface, just doesn't have the support or apps it needs. at least not yet...

I got an iPhone on Verizon when it came out, because I wasn't ready to wait for the Pre 3 on Verizon by summer. My Pre+ was stating to annoy me in so many ways. I LOVE everything about WebOS but without carrier and developer support, it's difficult to always have to stand up for it. Even if the Pre 3 is a success(and that's a BIG if) it will take at least a year for people and devs to truly notice. And another thing I just realized... It will most likely get overshadowed by the iPhone 5 that will get released right around the same time.

Me too--I will never spend any more money on any Palm/HP phone. I was such a fanboy at one point and got my friends to buy the Palm Pre when it came out. Palm has done nothing but dump on the legacy users and this little update is just another example. If it wasn't for the free Mobile Hotspot, I would have left before my contract was up. iPhone here I come!

I left Palm/HP about 3 months ago. I really did try. I had the original Pre from Sprint and it was nothing but disappointments from the start. I am now a very happy Android user! My wife gets to update her phone in about 4 months and we definitely not getting her another Palm product. Its Android from here on out!

"Be sure to try out the new features in!" -- yeah, thank you.

They could btw change the message "your telephone is on the latest version" to "your telephone is simply old".

"a pace that makes even Microsoft seem fast on its feet"

Nice snarky comment. However, take an objective step back and take a look at what's happening.

* Promo codes added to App Catalog
* Veer release date announced
* update

Over the last year Palm was in reboot mode as it was integrated into HP. Now that some of the long poles in the tent are standing there is bandwidth for many of the small things. Yes, they are a long time in coming but it shows that they are not forgotten. Perhaps that promised fix to 'make things right' is not far off as well. Clearly, that's going to take more time than a update but the trend is in the right direction. Rather than make snarky comments why don't you dig a little deeper into your network of spies at HP/Palm and find out what's really going on?

Or better yet, instead of snarky comments, why not be more direct and write a halfway decent editorial?

how about its' uncool to mock those that actually put all their time into bringing us the news we care about. I appreciate Derek's article. so how bout troll somewhere else. if you don't like the article keep your mouth shut.

I applaud you for a) being a bigger individual rather than sit here and whine b) opening your mind up.

But people can't see the 'big picture'... no. that would require people not to be selfish.

I mean really, it's a phone.. get over it.

No its not. Its an investment. And in certain cases an integral part of how we conduct our lives.

step back and look at what?

promo codes added - has nothing to do with update according to the article, promo codes are only for 2.1+

veer release date - yea it's not like we didn't already know it was coming this spring, they had to announce it sometime update - that's not 2.0 is it? Nope just a very minor update

please stop fanboying, at least they're not writing totally biased articles

Anyone else thinking this may be part of a bigger plan? Like perhaps actually giving us 2.1 eventually?

I hate to say but extremely unlikely knowing HP/Palm. It's just not going to happen. I hope I am wrong but I highly doubt it.

at this point i'd rather a discount on a new device... my legacy device is literally falling apart slowly but surely due to the poor build quality... a discount would "make it right" on a few levels. they would for sure keep me as a loyal customer if they did something like pretty much get us a free updated device. I'd feel like i could trust them again. :-/

"Making it right" for 1.4.5 users by giving them a discount means that discount really needs to be for a Sprint phone. Chat in the forum doesn't make it sound like a Pre 3 is coming to Sprint. Maybe a 4G version later in the year. The [LONG] wait continues....

In spite of arguments to the contrary, I don't want WebOS 2.x on my Sprint Pre (minus). Plain and simple, there isn't enough RAM on this device or any Pixi to run Mojo well.

Idle speculation, but "making things right" could be some variant of WebOS 3, since ENYO is way lighter weight than Mojo, and should run pretty well on legacy hardware. Yes, purchased Mojo/PDK apps become obsolete, but I imagine devoted developers will have ENYO versions available. I wouldn't mind buying them again.

Sprint Pre with 1.4.5 and as of 8:15am CST no update.

Thanks for "Making things right", HP. Still can't use coupon codes. Also, this isn't available on my VZ Pre+.

Kessler, does this mean that HP is pushing the update out directly to all webOS phones (Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, Pixi Plus), and that the update will NOT need to go through the carrier certification process? Details my good sir! Thanks

indeed. any word on the pixi? thanks.

WOW!!! This should be BREAKING NEWS! I almost cried laughing. HP is a joke.

I am so glad that I moved on even though it was a though choice but no regrets at all. I can't be any happier with my Samsung Fascinate. It's fast and has excellent battery life and SWYPE is so much better than those idiotic sliders that HP keeps making. I never liked sliders in first place. Pre sucks so much in comparison it's not even funny. I lived in the dark just like most of you here but I am so glad I switched camps. I was die hard Palm fan for a decade but no longer after years of struggles and broken promises etc. Now I don't need to wait for 5 minutes for my phone to turn on when it freezes on your phone call and dead battery before end of the day not too mention the tiny screen. Ugh... I feel real sorry for all you folks. Android is not as bad as what people make it seem like. I got used to it in couple months and I am not missing anything. Once you customize it and root it nothing competes with it. The comparison is night and day for me. No more struggles everything works like it should with tons of apps that are very useful to me on the daily basis. Good luck folks.

I know I will be down-ranked quickly but I just stated my lengthy experience of misery and now freedom. Is anyone looking for a mint condition Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus on Verizon? I still gotta get rid of those toys. It's a nightmare for me to pick one up and use it for couple of minutes thinking to myself how in world I was so blind!

I bought an HTC Hero on ebay and used it for about 6 months on Sprint. After that time, I sold it and bought another Pre. The two phones have similar hardware specs, but it's the software that really makes a difference to me. I rooted the Hero, installed a bunch of apps and widgets, but nothing really was as good as good old-fashioned multitasking.

To be fair multitasking is top notch on WebOS which is not disputable and overall WebOS is very slick when it's working properly but at the same time it's very buggy and could be painfully slow at times with the number of other issues.

Multitasking was one thing that I was worried I would miss the most and to be honest I do miss it mildly at times but overall my Fascinate is light years ahead at least for me even over Pre 3 which is still unreleased. I find 4" screen to be perfect size for me anything less is too small and it still feels very comfortable in my pocket.

It all comes down to personal preferences and needs and Android meets my enterprise needs much more than HP can at this point. My phone keeps my busy life smooth.

With this being said I would like to see WebOS platform succeed but seeing everything to this point is really heartbreaking. So much potential but so late and so little. I could only imagine what Google could have done if it owned WebOS from day 1!

Nothing on Sprint as of this posting. Doubt Sprint will push anything with Pre being EOL (soon to be followed by Pixi).

My palm pre+ was purchased in April of last year and the contract runs out in December 2011. On that day I will cancel my Verizon contract, and go to ATT and purchase an Iphone 4 or 5 whatever is available. I feel that HP does not care about its customer base. Even though my Palm Pre+ was less than a year old HP said it was not acceptable for WEBOS 2.0. I have used my sons iphone and love it. Much faster and easier to use. Can't wait for December to roll around.
Hasta La Vista Palm.

If palm can bring out updates for the really stupid stuff like promo code's, on 1.4.5 and 2.1.0 Why not do it correctly and correct all the 2.1.0 bugs!!! Photo's that don't show!!
(No I do not want a work around way by emailing or Internalz)Newsroom freeze, no more able to pair blue tooth car kit, enough is enough!!

i bet that update is gonna be used to track how many ppl that still have an active legacy device

lol... You are pretty clever!

They'll find 3 less in my household.

if that were their purpose it seems like a wasted exercise. any carrier can confirm who still has which palm phone live on their network.

But they can't tell who has hacked their phone to 2.1

seems like a convoluted theory to me.

They know this from active backups anyway.

Does it fix the PDF reader failure? Doubt it

Or the google maps EPIC Failure

Haven't had any issues with google maps on my Pre. What's the problem with it?

It doesn't start. It just times out and eventually says, "Google Maps needs an internet connection to work" or something like that.

Go to google.com *with the browser* on the phone and log in. So you get the mobile version - doing it on a computer won't help.

It'll work fine after that.


(This post directed at HP/Palm more than readers, but it expresses my sentiment at this point.)

I agree with "gonk24". Palm failed to deliver on expectations set by marketing a "smartphone" & previous products.

For a "Web" OS to fail on the PDF reader felt like a breach-of-contract with me. Made the Pre useless for email attachments, which it still is. The subsequent failure of WebOS to land an Office Suite put the Palm Pre line behind the capabilities of even their previous products. I purchased the Pre counting on Docs2Go & HanDBase being available "soon". Ugh!

Bottom line (for me) from here on is that a phone/tablet needs to have all the Apps I want WHEN I'M BUYING. That is my takeaway from the WebOS App situation.

I have another year left on my Pre, and version 1.4.5 is essentially STAGNANT, and it doesn't have the Apps I wanted, nor will it ever. No developer is writing ANY updates (hardly) for this version, and I can expect -ZERO- improvements for the remaining life of the phone.

Dear HP/Palm -- You are going to have to knock my socks off this summer or I'll spend the rest of my contract w/ a Blackberry -- which has Office, PDF, and HanDBase, and pre-dates your Pre.

Wwow thnnks HPo! sDo you thiink you cyuld fixxc tghe kwyboarrd?

on survivor last night, an samsung epic 4g was used. in the past has been palm pre. its very clear they've moved onto android

i received the up date last week it was

i received the up date last week

still waiting for 2.1

It seems HP is starting to get some traction. The pace is picking up after the acquisition of Palm. I understand the frustration that many people feel but the acquisition of Palm had a huge impact on webOS development. I don't think we should be angry at HP I think we should be glad that HP bought Palm. I believe we will see product cycles shorten with the new HP webOS. If not we always have the choice of leaving. I bought the Pre 2 and switched to Verizon. I like the form factor and am enjoying the phone. I bought it when HP was running promotions and paid nothing for it and got $160 worth of accessories (my monthly bill did increase). If and when I leave webOS I will not be coming back to Precentral complaining about how bad things were. Move on and enjoy life!!

I agree. My company aquired a smaller company almost 1 year ago and we are still absorbing them. This process takes time and the maturation process will be shorter but while personnel is being moved around and departments are being formed and workflows established, end users like are going to feel like we got the shaft. In all of this, my only complaint is that HP has not been more vocal about what their device release dates are going to be. I'd argue that the majority of this community would greatly benefit from more than a two week notice. One thing the FCC filings were clear about is that a CDMA version won't be on the way until after we see the filing. I am positive that it is in the oven but that cake ain't done yet. Maybe we can use the Veer's filing and release timetable to gauge how long from the CDMA version to market the Pre 3 will be?


No need for me to intall it, I am getting rid of my Pre on Sun.

*High Five* Me too. Jumping off this sinking ship... really more of swimming away from the wreckage actually. Go Go Gadget Nexus S.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last update that Pixi plus owners such as myself get. So gutting, I only bought the phone in October- it's not exactly old!

It's amazing how many people are on here who have "moved on". I guess, it's kinda like them breaking up with someone, but continually checking out that person's status on Facebook, all the while, posting "I'm happy now, happy, happy, happy, OK?". Not REALLY moved on, perhaps?

Moving on doesn't mean you turn a blind eye to the rest of the technology industry. When you bought a car, did you all of a sudden stop looking at every other car manufacturer on the road?

People subscribe to multiple websites to understand what direction mobile tech is going and what advantages there are. If we only visited the precentral website "just because we have a pre" and never looked at the rest of the world, we'd be quite sheltered from reality, don't you think?

Buying a phone is not the same as dating someone.

And, there's also a difference between subscribing to multiple websites, and posting on them, saying "I've moved on!"

So you think these websites were created strictly for people to only post good feedback on them? If I were a manufacturer, I'd want to know what EVERYONEs thoughts were, not just the good. How do you improve if you don't know who's upset, who is leaving and why? Again, you're looking at this from a single point of view perspective.

I agree that there are some people on here who rant and rave like there's no other technology out there and get very abusive and inappropriate - that's not cool; but to tell people who are frustrated with a product, to shut up and leave, never to comment on why, is absolutely counter productive to those who ARE listening. Not to mention its also what makes our country (US) so great - that we CAN speak up. I'm more confused as to why everyone wants to remove our right of freedom of speech.

To some it seems to be much more than dating someone...

Me too, heading over to Samsung Nexus S. Just cannot handle the constant stuttering, pausing, freezing and general lethargy my Pre is displaying, not to mention the cracks at the base of the unit and at the USB door area (again). After a launch day Pre and 4 refurbs I feel it is time to go.

Perhaps when my next go-round comes up for a new device in 18 months or so I will revisit whatever HP is offering. But with no Pre3 on the horizon at Sprint, with no slab type phone even predicted, it's just impractical for me to keep waiting.

I'll still check out these forums, but won't be sporting my impotent Pre anymore.

I wonder how many here defending Palm/HP bought the orignal Pre on Sprint?

I did everything in the world to talk up that phone and truly thought it was a great phone.

The problem is we got NO support for apps on that phone. The fact that there were more and better apps in the homebrew catalog months after the Pre released was rediculous. And it is more than insane that the app store after 2 years is what 6k apps maybe.

Android and Palm hit around the same time and Android has well over 200k quality apps?

Quit defending HP...they have done NOTHING to make me want to stay with a WebOS phone. There are some posters who say keep an open mind and take an opjective look. Excuse me but we original Pre owners have kept an objective point of view until NOW. We are tired of being told Flash is coming; more apps are coming; better updates are coming.

I loved WebOs for the time I had it and maybe when it is more established I will come back but for now I am getting off this stinking sinking ship.

/rant over

I have had a Sprint Pre since June 2009 and love it. I will get the Pre 3, if Sprint gets it, but will likely pass on a keyboard-less device if that is the only option on Sprint later this summer. In that case, I will keep using my Sprint Pre. So some of us are content... WebOS is great, in my humble opinion!!

BTW, my wife has had a Sprint Pixi since January, so it's still a new phone for her - which she loves!

Referring to apps, I have added about 20 or so, of which I use about 5-7 on a regular basis. With the native apps, I would guess I am more like the regular user, rather than those who frequent pre-central. I don't really consider 6000 or 60,000 more apps to choose from as a big deal!!!

In any case, we are very happy customers. I understand there are those ready to move on... Please do so, and I hope your next phone/platform meets your needs! Come back in a year, and I would bet my Pre that HP will have transformed WebOS into a major player in the game. But it is nice having choices - consumers win!!!

Been saving money since Feb :-)

waiting on the Touchpad to go next to my IPAD.
waiting on the Pre 3 to upgrade my old Pre.
waiting to see some commercials from HP.
waiting on the 15th to go play on the Veer.
waiting waiting waiting.....for a year

Oh yea, still waiting.....

It'll come to your phone...in the coming weeks.

I tried to access the upgrade to my Palm Pre+ and all I got was updates to my applications. No longer get the message that my Palm is current with 1.4.5... Disgusting HP support to legacy phones that are only a year old.

I just hope it fixes the clock bug that keeps erasing all of my preset alarms. Even just that would make me happy.


Anyone running 1.4.5 on their Pres is obviously not that concerned with an upgrade. If nobody noticed you can run Pres on 2.x. Just gotta do it yourself. I did it and I have no real tech experience at all. (I'm not an idiot either lol). All I'm sayin is that the option IS available. I love my Pre since I upgraded to 2.x. With some overclocking it is as smooth as ever. Battery life is better with 2.x IMO.
Stop complaining about it and DO something about it.
Honestly it is a very EASY process.

So go get er done!!

If it is this trivial, then why isn't this sponsored by HP/Palm? They could script such an update in no time.

The problem w/ such a solution is that it shifts the risk (data loss, corruption, malfunction) to the user and nullifies any official assistance later.

Gotta disagree with you on that.. Running 1.4.5 and hoping HP releases a more official update comparable to 2.x for the Pre/+, what's wrong with that?

I've read posts in the forums from people who F'd up their primary phones by trying to upgrade them to 2.x.

It's not a risk I'm willing to take with my only phone, and just because the upgrade went smoothly for you, doesn't mean it's going to for everyone else.

Can we get a new icon for the updates? This would be for the Pre Minus Sprint users who bought their Pre's on 6/9/09. Since we never received the Flash capability that was promised. Keep the current Update icon but have the ribbon untied and the box open revealing a lump of coal! Tick Tick Tick...6/9/11 is quickly approaching now would be a great time for HP to tell us how "Their going to make it Right".

this bs is a lot funnier now that i'm committed to getting an android phone

yes it is!!!

webOS for Verizon Pre Plus in "coming months..."

so many bitter people here. Get a life - it's just a phone! Granted there are more whatzit Bling apps on Android, but as a medical phone, the Pre's ROCK (and way nicer to use than my android Epic was). So I got a Verizon Pre 2, and love it, too. Now my son gets the Pre. When Pre 3 comes out, me wife gets the 2 and we will be Android-free.

a clunkier os with more apps does not a better platform make. 99+% of apps are useless anyway.

**note: there are definitely functions i wish my originalPre could manage but i am patient. they will come in good time. before my originalPre i didn't have those functions then either.

Where are the doctors? Any word on which carriers are pushing this out?

It's hard to make a post that adds to what has already been said.

I'm one of the 6/9/09 buyers, this was and is my first smart phone. I love the phone even for all it's shortcomings, lack of support, poor marketing, etc.

HP when picking up PALM should have been like "Where gonna give proper attention to all the Pre owners out there while we gear up for the next newest, and big thing coming down the pipe."

Instead they chose to "cut bait" with all legacy users and half **** the Pre 2 leaving no lasting good impression for the Veer and Pre 3 to be backed by. I'm not jumping ship yet. I'm gonna buy an unlocked Pre 2 provided sprint doesn't pick up any new HP phones and just do the board swap. (crosses fingers)

Oh, and I've never doctored my phone either. Almost did once but I thought "It would really suck to **** up my phone and be SoL since sprint doesn't carry and Pre's anymore". I will not trade down for a pixi!

OOPS, forgot i cursed in my post. My bad.

An HP/Palm Chat technician told me yesterday that this update is available "only" on Verizon. If this is true then once again Sprint Webos users are left out in the cold. Can anyone confirm this issue for our community?

I installed it on my VZW Pre Plus yesterday. I wasn't thinking clearly and accepted the update without removing patches first. No problems so far.