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HP's $50 App Catalog credit for early adopters now available in your webOS Account [update] 71

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 09 Aug 2011 3:01 am EDT

For early adopters of the HP TouchPad that feel burned by the recent discounts, HP's promised $50 credit is now available to you through your webOS Account (formerly Palm Profile). While most of us were expecting an email to arrive in our inboxes with the news first, the careful sleuthing of Oscar Reynoso has found the $50 Promo Code completely active and available to applicable TouchPad owners in the webOS Account management website.

If you bought your TouchPad between July 1st and August 4th and live in the US (no word yet for those living outside of HP's homeland), go to your HP webOS Account using the link below to find your $50 promo code safely tucked away at the bottom of the page. Browse the catalog to find the apps you want, and simply paste the code into the appropriate field to have the software purchased and installed on your device, courtesy of HP. If you aren't sure what to buy just yet, have no fear, we have a whole list of apps for you to look at later today that will help you spend that $50 wisely.

Which apps will you be getting first? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: If you aren't seeing the Promo Code in your webOS Account, just hold tight. It looks like HP is rolling out the credit over the next several days to early adopters. They said that it's coming this week, though, so you can be sure that it will. PreCentral readers who have already received the credit are just ahead of the game, as HP has not yet made the update official for all qualifying profiles. Also, you can use this promo code for apps on your smartphone. It's not just limited to the TouchPad app catalog.


It does work so be careful which app you will use ;) This is so cool! Can't wait to use this on Graphite.

Thanks Tim!

And don't laugh but I got Scruffy Kitty for my kiddo.

sweet, just got Ndrive for my vzw Pre2.

NDrive is an awesome app - it needs a little more refinement but I still love it and use it all of the time!!! It really has been my go-to app whenever I'm out and about.

Looking at the thread, about 75% of the people don't have the promo code. I didn't contribute to the thread, but I don't show a promo code either. Is it in the process of arriving over the course of a couple days?

Anyway, thanks for the link to the thread; hopefully, HP will get around to all of us eventually.

It'll probably arrive in the "coming months."

Wow! I got it. I bought in the US, but created account and activated outside. =)

Can't wait for the list!

I have no US credit card. live in singapore now. anyone get the code working without us credit card?

I paid £399 for mine, plus the case, Touchstone and keyboard. Not a penny back.

Ordered a new Mac from Apple, it was late arriving, they sent me a magic trackpad as an apology.

Seems the HP love is US only, Apple's is universal. Poor form HP.

I bought a 16 and 32 gb. Got codes for both. But neither code works. Anyone else having problem?

I had a problem the first attempt when I copy/pasted the code. I retyped the first portion of the code and it has worked ever since.

I'd pay $5 apiece for a Netflix app and a working Citrix app - one that worked with https URLs, which every real world Citrix farm is.

Wow, with 50 bucks you guys could buy the WHOLE app catalog :)

Everyones first purchase should be Preware Homebrew Documentation. Lets get them some money!

Dang I already bought ndrive usa for my pre2.

i got the code..how does it work? is the balance tied to the code? do i just buy something from the catalog and keep using the promo code until it's down to $0?

Got mine and first thing I'm getting is the Preware Homebrew Documentation. Homebrew is cool!

ALERT: i found my promo code. Notice that the code is only good until 1/1/2012. The promo code has an EXPIRATION DATE!!!

Hmmm.... I purchased my Touchpad on July 31 from HP.com...I just used the link to log on to my palm profile...I see my Sprint Pre and my Touchpad sitting there, but there is no code or anything at the bottom of the page. At the bottom it just says:

HP webOS support Country: USA
Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard

The bad news, you still paid $100 ($50 so-called make it right rebate & $50 app store credit) more then the people that just got $200 off the touchpad.

Thanks HP, for treating the WebOSheep so great!

$100 back from HP is $100 more than HP had to do. That's one downside of being an early adopter - you WILL pay MORE. Prices always fall.

I'm more than happy with what HP has done for us early adopters. Some people are just impossible to please.

WebOSheep are so loyal. Now they accept a $200 dollar premium as an early adopter price. Never mind that now early adopter time is ONE MONTH.

Oh thanks HP for the $50 dollar Make it right rebate that you used to entice your most loyal customers to overpay for a product you knew you would discount massively in the next few weeks.

And thanks for the $50 dollars to spend on our crappy app store! The same WebOSheep who justify not having any apps because webos has full web are happy to get the app credit.

iSheep pay the early-adopter price until the next model comes out. I prefer HP's way.

If the price of a product never really goes down then, by definition, there isn't an early adopter premium. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why people are willing to buy Apple products early - they know they won't pay an early adopter premium.

iSheep pay a price that is supported by the market. They sell their ipad at $499, and can just keep up with demand.

HP sells their touchpad at $499, and very few people buy it, they lower the price to $299 and it starts selling. Therefore the market corrected the price to a point that people are willing to pay. If HP was actually moving product at the introductory price, they would be keeping it at that price, HP wants to make money, not be your friend.

I say it all the time, it is very hard being the most intelligent and insightful person on this site. Sometimes I think it's a gift, other times, I think it's a curse.

Neither gift, nor curse: The clinical term would be delusional, especially since the voices confirm, that I am the most intelligent, insightful and PRETTY person on this website. :-)

Don't feed the troll dude.

Make sure to save some money for desert sands or whatever that final fantasy/heavenly sword looking game was. Looks pretty sweet!

OK stupid question, do you have to spen all $50 at one time or will it just be a running credit until all $50 is spent?

HI,i got my promo code,
my question is how do you use the promo code on your smart phone, i just tried buying an app on my pixi, and i didn`t see a field for using promo code,

Promo codes only work with webOS 2.1 and up. Your Pixi is running 1.4.5, probably. So you won't be able to use the promo code on your Pixi unless you sneak webOS 2.1 on there.

hi, i am new to this, are there ppl that succeeded in getting 2.1 on the pixi? if yes please link me to the forums etc. or anywhere i can see talk of that,

HP abandoned you as a customer and did not give the update to your pixi that they promised... So you can't use promo codes with the pixi because HP lied to you and did not upgrade you to the new App store.

But you can use it for the touchpad that they over charged you $100 - $150 dollars for.

I hope this helps.

trolly troll troll troll

I think you meant...

Truthy truth truth truth

Because everything I wrote is accurate.

It's simple... buy on the touchpad, download for free on the device. HP didn't abandon anything!


You can buy the app on the Touchpad and if it's available on the Pixi and the developer hasn't disabled multi-device support you can download it free from your Pixi. I did this with Mini Golf Wacky Worlds for my old Pre-

Thanks alot, is there anywhere that i can see before i buy if an app is compatible for both the tp and the pixi?

In the Catalog on the left there is an entry called Compatible. If Pixi is listed there it should work. The only thing you can't tell is if the developer has disabled multi-platform support. (it's been my experience that very few have disabled it, buy your mileage may vary) Every app I have purchased for my Pre has worked, but I could just be extremely lucky!

I see this as win, win, win, win.

Win for HP because they regain some customer goodwill lost from early adopters to the TouchPad.

Win for Touchpad owners because we get $50 to spend on apps to make our TouchPads better.

Win for developers because now thousands of TouchPad owners have lots of money to spend on apps in the next 4 months.

Win for webOS users in general because now developers might make more high quality apps to get this money from TouchPad early adopters.

Call me a euro-crybaby (but I think I'm not as bad as the Sprint crybabies) but for non-US customers this is a lose lose lose lose situation:

Lose for HP because they create even more customer frustation additionally to that caused by the limited euro-country support and terrible geo-restrictions

Lose for Touchpad non-US owners because we already paid more for the Touchpad than US customers and may consider to buy less apps because of that (less money left) and the frustration of not getting the $50 credit.

Lose for developers because they will miss out on some additional revenue.

Lose for webOS as this is another localised action that will not give webOS the additional attention worldwide that is soooo much needs to survive.

You are definitely correct. I'm posting from the position of an American consumer (limited to only what affects me).

HP is a global company. They're used to dealing with multiple currencies, trade laws, etc. There really is no excuse for limiting this program.

You can not be as big a crybaby as I am: I stood in line day one for the Sprint Pre and pretended to be working while secretly watching the webcast of that Feb 2011 "event" where Rubentstein slapped us Sprint crybabies and left us in our stinky old 1.4.5 diapers forever. It's OK for HP/Palm-Sprint to treat Europeans this way, but I'm family, for pete's sake! But if the Pre3 comes out on Sprint, I'll be right there in line!!

Thanks HP. I didn't expect anything and I'm used to paying the early adopter tax so this is just icing on my cake.

Might have to purchase some games for my Pre 2 with this promo code though :)

I have received my promo code and I've already used it to buy an app. As a Pre and Touchpad customer, I appreciate the gesture and the credit from HP. Nice, unexpected bonus. This was a great way for HP to build customer loyalty while supporting developers who will in turn develop more apps to further enhance the customer experience. Definitely a win-win-win.

My first Touchpad was defective. And no promo code for the replacement devices apparently. Well played HP! First you send me a broken product, and when you replace it you **** me out of (a) purchasing an extended coverage plan (b) a promo code that you "personally" offer me in an email.

What makes this all the more ridiculous, is how completely broken HP's IT is. Sign up for an HP service account with your address, but HP service people can't see your address. The email spam machine doesn't know that I don't qualify for their stupid promo code, but the website that is supposed to give me the code sure as **** does. Advertise In-App Purchases but make it close to impossible for developers to test them. Have a fancy looking App Submission Tool, but make it calculate incorrect sales stats (and don't display stats for In-App Purchase anywhere). And I thought HP is an IT company...


I have a replacement TouchPad. There was a small bright spot on my LCD which they advanced replaced (ie sent me a replacement and then I returned the old unit) all for free... And I have a promo code.

Good for you! Mine was "advanced replaced" too, not eligible for promo code or the extended support package (which you can download from the app store).


Got it

Got my $50 credit, but can't buy anything. In chat with Simon about it now.

Seems like it might not work until you get the email?

DOn't spend it all at once, folks! I'm sure some good apps are in the works!

Got mine, sweeeeeet.

Thanks HP!

this is awesome

I'm really starting to get frustrated as an European:

We Europeans had to pay more for the touchpad (higher price)

We didn't get any discount for owning a pre/pixi

Kindle is NOT available outside the USA

HP movie store is NOT available (Hey, but don't worry we get "viewster". I don't know about other countries but the German version of viewster is an INSULT!!!! I will just say this: A so-called "highlight" on the platform is a movie called "Animal sapiens" -- doesn't even have an entry on imdb!!!!). I'm not going to talk about the look of the app, cause if I do I might throw up. Btw not even the August version of Pivot is out.

We don't get any special discount events like in the States. 100 dollars off etc.

Hp doesn't offer us money to spend on the app catalogue. (Why would they? Viewster is for free!!)

And on top of that I recently moved from Germany to Switzerland (WebOs-nomansland) and therefore lost the ability to purchase paid apps.

At least I thought I'm able to use flash with my touchpad -to kill the time until Hp fixes these issues- but the two sites I frequent the most (grooveshark and werder.tv, a movie collection about my favorite soccer team) are just UNUSABLE!!!!

I'm pissed!! I love my touchpad, I think it's a great device but I want HP to fix these issues IMMEDIATELY!!

At least David Hasselhoff will do concerts for you guys over there... He never does shows in America!

That's the only thing which keeps me in Europe

Got my first app -- Jungle Jewels... cool ! Thanks HP!

Checked my profile, and I got the credit too... I don't expect to blow it all in one day, so hopefully there's some really exciting stuff already in the pipeline.

Got mine, thank you!

I was online with "Billy" from Palm/webOS support, and was told that the people who have received theirs already are part of the "testing process", and the rest of us will get ours "soon":

5:13 PM Billy:
The app catalog promo codes promotion has not yet launched fully. It is going to be available very soon.
5:13 PM Billy:
Some of the our customers had already received them in testing process.
5:14 PM Eric Tucker:
ookay. it's causing some considerable confusion among webOS owners, because no one's said this was a testing process
5:14 PM Billy:
Nothing to worry. All the eligible customers are going to receive promo code email soon.
5:16 PM Billy:
Let me provide you with the Chat session ID number 100983715 as a reference for this case.

Never got mine, and i purchased my touchpad on launch day. HP sucks so bad, they can't do anything right. I'm never buying a single thing from them again.

Ok - still haven't gotten mine. I tried going through the online chat and after having the first person just disappear, the second got to the point of saying they'd pass me to next level support, and then they disappeared too.

(For everyone else's enjoyment, here's the link to the live chat page: http://kb.hpwebos.com/wps/portal/kb2/na/touchpad/touchpad/wifi/solutions... )

Has anyone had any luck getting the credit added? Who did you talk to/how did you do it?