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HP's Android TouchPad kernel released, still never existed 13

by Derek Kessler Tue, 07 Feb 2012 6:09 pm EST

A few months back, deep in the midst of the TouchPad fire sale, at least a few of HP's webOS tablets shipped out the door and to customers with an unexpected install: Android. While HP never figured out exactly how their internal build of Android got released into the public, they've gone ahead and released the kernel and GPL (General Public License - i.e. open source) components. It's worth noting that releasing this is not something HP had to do - while those that ship Android devices are required by the licensing terms to release the kernel to open source, HP's release was accidental and thus open sourcing was not required - this release can be chalked up to goodwill, even if resulting from being pressured into doing it.

As was noted on RootzWiki, the source code released appears to have been developer separately from webOS on the TouchPad, possibly as a precursor project to HP's acquisition of Palm. The last change in the code was in March 2011, three months before the TouchPad's July 2011 release, but well after HP announced the webOS tablet in February. The crew at RootzWiki is understandably encouraged by the release and intends to adopt various portions into the CyanogenMod 9 Android 4.0 port.


Well this should give the CM guys some of the tools they've been needing to move forward.

**** yes!

i mean c'mon, man.. i love webos just as much as the next guy, but added functionality is so freakin' cool.

glad HP recognizes the effort going into ICS on the TP's

Eh I'm still not into the CM stuff, but then again I've got a couple other things in mind with the Open Source webOS going forward. =)

But... I want more functionality in my favourite operating system, not SWITCH to another system! Buying a separate, dedicated Android device, makes more sense to me.

A great PR move by HP in my opinion, it shows that they're going to put in some effort instead of making the open-sourcing a half-assed affair. All this is making me rather hopeful for the future :)

Wow, interesting move. Creating goodwill among existing customers? Preparing to sell more devices? Anyone's guess?
It will definitely accelerate the work CM is doing. Might free up their time to do webOS stuff ;-)

Esta seria una ayuda para chomper android or chdroid version de android en ipk??.. Se podria aprovechar para el proyecto de chomper

Android on a Pre minus please.

And Pixi+

whoever dugg you down has no life

One of the component providers for the Touchpad mentioned this last year when HP discontinued it. HP was intentionally loading Android on the Touchpads. The hardware in the Touchpad was essentially from HP's unreleased Android mockup.

I am actually more interested to see webOS on an Android hardware (rather than Android on webOS hardware).
So this Android Kernel release might supply some helpful information to supporting the transition of webOS on other hardware. :)
That would really be great. :D