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HP secures two-letter Armenian url for Gram 9

by Derek Kessler Thu, 16 Aug 2012 9:17 pm EDT

HP secures two-letter Armenian url for Gram

A good web address is a hard thing to come across. That's a lesson we learned when we were figuring out the identity for this site when we realized that PreCentral just wasn't going to cut it anymore; webOS.com is owned by HyperOffice (the true cloud and mobile operating system), webOScentral.com is owned by HP (who weren't willing to consider transferring the domain to us), and others. Thankfully, we were able to secure webOSnation.com and that's where we are now (and not planning a Gram-related rebrand anytime soon).

So with the recent revelation that HP would be spinning off the webOS Global Business Unit as a new company named Gram, we pondered about and tried to figure out what website they'd go with. Gram.com is being squatted upon (money grams, instagrams, and weighting, it seems), as is gram.org (buy gold now!), gram.net is somebody's website filled with baby pictures, and so forth. So HP thought outside the box for their domain registration for Gram and turned to Armenia's top-level domain and got their website: gr.am

There's nothing at gr.am right now, nor would we expect there to be, considering that HP hadn't planned to unveil the new name and company just yet. So sit tight, keep your eyes on webOSnation.com and gr.am for whatever they announce whenever they announce it.

Source: DomainTools; Via: AllThingsD



Let's just hope Serdar Argic doesn't hear about this.

"gram.net is somebody's website filled with baby pictures"
I wonder how many hits that website gets. How many people tried searching for gram, but unwittingly pulled up some random guy's photo album.
That web page was created with Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0, which was first released in 1997. I wonder just how long all those baby pictures have been up. I wonder how long that guy has been squatting on that domain name. I wonder if Jack and Steven ever grew up.

was thinking of calling that wireless Mom and Pop cellphone stores number and ask them if they have and palm phones ;-)

"Gram" is the german word for "sorrow".

And using my TP, http://www.gr.am gets an 'unable to resolve' warning. Why am I unsurprised?

I've heard that HP had also secured nice, rural Armenian location for the future HQ and R&D center for Gram's operations, that would go along well with "maximizing the shareholders value from our webOS assets", i.e. reducing the costs.

Can't be a worse name then Tipb & imore. I more what? more things about i? I is the internet. Is it about the internet?

GRAM is stupid. I think they will bleed what is left of their talent. Who wants to work for a 4-letter word cast-off?

Seems as though Gram has also secured the domain "gram.com"