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HP knocking $100 from TouchPad pricing August 5-7 203

by Derek Kessler Wed, 03 Aug 2011 9:48 pm EDT

Looking to grab an HP TouchPad? If you buy one from HP.com right now, you’ll save $50. But if you wait until this weekend, you’ll be able to grab one for $100 off. Sadly, it looks like the only one you’ll be able to get at that ridiculous discount is the 16GB TouchPad, but at $399.99 that’s a deal that just can’t be beat.

However, if you want to get a TouchPad today and just can’t wait for Friday, you’re still in luck. Staples has the hook-up for you in the form of a $100 coupon for just the TouchPad – and this one’s good for both the 16GB and 32GB varieties. Like HP’s deal, this coupon is only good through Sunday, August 7th. We don’t doubt that there will be future deals just as impressive as this, HP wants this thing to sell, after all, but if you were holding off on pulling the trigger, these discounts combined with this week’s webOS 3.0.2 update should probably help persuade at least a few.

Update: HP's discount page went live today - they're offering $100 off both the 16GB and 32GB TouchPads!



While it's impressive that HP's dropping prices to move inventory, makes me wonder if people will jump on this deal if through all this price-slashing they're just giving everyone the impression that something better will be coming down the line in the futre...

something better is always coming in the future, for any product

I might jump on this opportunity! It's a more reasonable price for the touchpad! It sucks that it's only for a weekend but hey at least HP has come to their senses for a weekend.

I am still waiting on the pre3 or webos phone on Sprint to decide if i want the touchpad and a webos ecosystem.
Does anyone know what HP's return policy is?

Pre3 or WebOS phone on Sprint 1st then the Touchpad.

110% agree with you. I want to be able to use the integration and touch features with the phone and touchpad. I wouldn't even consider getting the touchpad until I have a WebOS Phone on Sprint.

if sprint doesnt get pre3 i c no reason to stick around

Still too expensive. Plus I'm worried that I'll look as ugly as some of these people in the commercials if I buy one.

IF the Pre3 were coming out on Sprint, I'd buy a TouchPad . . . .

.......me too.

ill wait till its 200. Then I will get one

You'll probably be waiting around on Craigslist or until they sell refurbs at that price in about a year.

He won't. When it was $50 off, he said they needed to be $100 cheaper, now that it's $100 cheaper, see what he's saying?

I keep being pained by the lower prices when I was a loyal HP/Palm supporter and got mine on day 1...

This is the downside of being an early adopter. Prices *always* fall. I would actually imagine this means they're moving enough product that their production is now getting more and more economical. I think it's fantastic prices are dropping, because I want to see this beauty in everyone's hands :)

Unlikely that production has become that much more efficient in a matter of weeks. More likely a case of too much supply and not enough demand. Economy of manufacturing usually comes from high sales, and if sales 'are' high you don't lower the price. HP has a case of sales being low so there are no profits, just units sitting in warehouses and on shelves.

Umm, that's not the reason why companies like HP lower prices. They do so because of poor sales. I don't believe, for a second, that this price drop is temporary.

Well, this particular price drop ends on the 7th, so it is temporary...

Until the next time.

It's a $350 tablet. It gets a $50 bump for synergy and cards and Touchstone. It deserves a$200 discount for jumpy graphics, no apps, no i/o ports or flash memory and poor battery life. It should be there with the no-frills droids.


I've been using mine all day almost every day, no problem with the battery life for me. Sometimes I'm playing games, sometimes on the web, but really, no problems.

It's more than $350. The teardowns at iSuppli estimate $296 BOM cost for 16GB model and $318 for 32GB model, including assembly.

No one would make money at $350 selling price, and HP wouldn't make them if that is all the market is willing to pay.

unfortunately, they cannot expect "making money" from selling webOS devices just now.

"No one would make money at $350 selling price, and HP wouldn't make them if that is all the market is willing to pay."

There are two stategies for pricing in play:

1) Cost of materials, plus desired margin.

2) Whatever price gets them off the shelves before moths eat them, or uninspiring Pre3's show up needing to be stored out of the rain.

We're rapidly approaching #2. Unadvertised droid tablets are far outselling them and have more functionality at a lower price.

This is the downside of being an early adopter. Prices *always* fall.

True, but this is pretty fast for a price drops/sales. Not much time has passed since either the soft launch or the hard launch.

haha sucker. I knew it wouldn't take long for the price to drop. I knew they wouldn't be able to sell these for $500

Maybe some of us should have listened and waited. *shrug*

I would LOVE a response from the guy who wrote an OP at precentral arguing months ago that a high initial price is a "great idea".

Come out and apologize now.

I was thinking the same thing. IF they drop the price now they won't be seen as comparable to the iPad by consumers. In fact, according to that logic, HP shouldn't be cutting prices to get people to by the TP, they should RAISE prices. Yea, that's the ticket. raise prices by $100. Then the TP will be more valuable and people will by more. Just like gold.

Return it, and re-buy it. When possible buy at Costco for the best return policy anywhere.

Very tempting at 400 I miss my pre like crazy this damn evo is no fun. Its a great phone but using it sucks. kind of want a TP just to play with webos

That's basically why I'm getting one.

You guys won't regret it :)

I didn't regret buying my Pre. I regret keeping it through three opt-out opportunities at Sprint.

ditto. I can't want to throw my pre against a wall and watch it smash into a million pieces. The lag causing the missed calls are killing me. The fact that it takes 4 minutes just to open the camera app, snap a picture, send it via email is just ridiculous.

What a value the "making it right" deal looks like now!

LOL that was Exactly what I was gonna say! LOL, WHAT A JOKE

This is the price it should have started at. HP needs to get to #2 before they can be #1.

Some would say they're already shipping a lot of #2. ;-)

Maybe the "opal" will be good enough to want over the competition....

The 7 inch form factor is turning out to be a loser. It doesn't cost that much less to make and for the minimal price difference people are preferring full-size tablets. None of the 7 inchers have really been successful.

Add to that the fact that you are adding YET ANOTHER screen resolution for developers to deal with and no, webOS does not scale like some people have assumed.

I wouldn't be surprised if the 7 inch webOS tablet has been shelved at this point. If HP wants to stay in the tablet game then they had better be hard at work on TP2 with a complete physical redesign.

"None of the 7 inchers have really been successful."
Original Galaxy Tab? Nook Color? And if only Apple made 7" iPad, for people are crying out loud for it...

I have bought Nook Color, and I would never ever in my life exchange it for 10 incher. 7" is ideal compromise between portability and screen readability, fits in my cargo pocket easy, is easy to hold single-hand, doesn't weight a ton, so it is comfortable to hold & use (reading), unlike any other 10 incher I've been testing.

So I do not know, it might not sell best (well, unless fecking manufacturers finally DO realize that these things "tablets" are worth AT MOST $300 for an average price-conscious consumer (and not Apple crowd - which is by very definition owned by Apple, so beyond reach of other manufacturers), so if they SELL them for that $250-$300 - I can even live without quite a few substantial things in my Nook Color (GPS, cameras, mic)), but certainly, 7" IS the best (practically) screen size for a device that aims to be mobile, and spend 90% of it's working time being held in your hand and tossed around.

Nook Color is really cheap though, and it's being marketed as an e-reader, not as a full tablet.

Original Galaxy Tab is forgettable.

Anything Apple makes will grab attention.

"Nook Color is really cheap though"
...and has very good screen, very good build quality and quite able processor.... What does it tell us about $500+ price tags (OT)?

"and it's being marketed as an e-reader, not as a full tablet."
yep, yet many many MANY are still buying it, and some hack it to enable full Android experience on them - for the reason, it is priced well, and what people do want is GOOD VALUE tablets, even if it means some compromises to live with.

Certainly, people DO NOT want a lot of compromises to live with, PLUS a premium price...

Original Galaxy - I don't know, it wasn't selling that bad, also it was overpriced as well.

"What a value the "making it right" deal looks like now!"

Yeah, no **** I spend 600, then wait 3 months to get 50 back after HP quits working on my phone. Some WebOS newbie get's instant price on the 16Gig, saves 200 and gets the same functionality. It's like getting run over by same car every time you walk out of the hospital.

LOL @ the last sentence. Time to walk out via a different door.

except there is only one door.

...plenty of other doors, actually opening into nicer landscapes, if you can stomach different OSes

The other doors are not on the ground floor...

..yes, you need to make a "jump" onto another platform ;)

There is no spoon

welcome to your....Final Destination

HAHA, fun!

If you look at it as a marketing promotion instead of "making it right", you'll feel better.

I'm still waiting for HP to "make things right" because a small discount off MSRP does not make things right for me.

Wait a bit longer and it will be on tv for $19.95! And you'll also get a free screen cleaner. Then they will double the offer. You just pay separate shipping and handling. lol

Seriously, I wonder if they are having trouble selling them. I would by one if I had a shiny Pre 3 on Sprint to pair up with it.

They always get you with the S&H. $200 for delivery insurance.

These things wont even pair with the Veer. TTS is starting to look like another pipe dream. Veer and TP have both been updated now, neither is touted as being TTS compliant.

These sorts of specials are great for getting fence sitters to jump. But I think they need to get more people to that point.

Look at Amazon. They've been doing discounts all over the place (One day when I checked the Bestsellers chart, the 32GB was $509. Now it's $535).

But both the 16GB and 32GB are SLIDING in sales. The 32GB used to hang at the bottom of the top ten. Now, it's at 17, and the 16GB is much further out. Whatever money they're eating on these discounts, they need to stop and throw toward QA to get updates out faster and app developers to get things moving again.

its sliding less than the ipad 32 GB which is sliding in tandem? but apple can slide because...their slide is due to good retreat and regroup strategy, great product and many apps ,also market fluctuations from hour to hour and stock depletions, while HP is for bad reasons, hope you agree with me this time at last.

Just 2 days ago Amazon was about 7 units from going out of stock on the TP, you saw that....said nothing.

Nice try, but you're ignoring that Apple's best selling model - the 16GB - isn't sliding at all, and has stayed rooted in the top 5 at Amazon. And the reason why it isn't number one there permanently as it is in the marketplace-at-large is that there is little-to-no price flexibility with new iPads, and so no real reason for people to buy them from Amazon when they could walk in any store and get it for the same price.

HP slides between the bottom of the top 10 and the bottom of the top 20, and this is in a market where there really aren't but 4-5 serious competitors, so that's not good. Samsung's outsold them every single day at even higher price points, and they don't have the name brand cache of iPad. And like Apple, their price isn't fluctuating, and they're not throwing out coupons and rebates by the dozen.

You can cite market or stock fluctuations, but the top of the TouchPad sales range is pretty much the BOTTOM of the Transformer/Xoom Wi-Fi/Tab 10.1/iPad 2 range.

"HP slides between the bottom of the top 10 and the bottom of the top 20, and this is in a market where there really aren't but 4-5 serious competitors, so that's not good."

:) I would say, that sliding between bottom 10 and bottom 20, when there are only 4-5 serious competitors, is not only "not good", but also quite of a f...g achievement!!!!

Aaaaaand here comes the death of WebOS, darn I was hoping to eventually get a new WebOS phone on Sprint too.

I don't think this is the death. I think this is part HP realizing their mistake with coming out with a high ego thinking they can overcharge.

I feel that after the pre3 comes out, it still won't be as big of a hit as HP thinks it will be. I really hope they stick with it, but so far I don't see why they would honestly.

you are joking, HP thinks that Pre 3 is going to be A HIT? A hit to their bottom line, probably yes, but at that stage, they are making every possible mistake, and only are WEAKENING Pre 3's chances, as being far-too-much-delayed participant of sinking OS' ecosystem!

And if they still believe Pre 3 has ANY chances to become a hit... Man, asylum is the place to be for them, as that is where delusional people belong.

"And if they still believe Pre 3 has ANY chances to become a hit... Man, asylum is the place to be for them, as that is where delusional people belong."

That would describe about 1/2 to 3/4 of the posters on here then.

"That would describe about 1/2 to 3/4 of the posters on here then."

I can't say I disagree.

..death of the product follows mistakes like that. Especially when there's nothing BUT mistakes in their lineup.

I was playing with a Touchpad at my local Bestbuy a few days ago and I have to say that I loved it. But I still can't bring myself to dish out $400 for one... Hopefully when/if the 2nd generation one comes out there'll be a good supply of applications, gestures, and such. :)

If I were to buy at Best Buy, I would definitely take advantage of 18-month financing, if you qualify.

I can guarantee that the price will continue to fall, the simple fact is that this product launched a month ago and isn't selling. There has been discount after discount and they're starting to become more aggressive. Eventually, the price of the 16GB version will be $399 permanently and distributors like Amazon will discount it even further. What's more, this pushes the used price lower for people unhappy with their purchase but outside of the 30 day return policy most stores offer. A used touchpad will probably go for ~$300 dollars in another month.

There is simply no incentive to buy this tablet over the ipad 2 for normal consumers. Flash is probably the only tangible thing that could be quickly explained and android tablets already do that in a better form factor. The recent update is nice, but if mainstream sites don't update their reviews it won't have much effect until a new product launches.

HP's best bet is to continue optimizing the operating system for speed and responsiveness. It needs to become rock solid and quickly, that way nothing mares the launch of the Opal in Sept. This way a positive review of webOS along with a tablet might provide a halo effect on the opal.

It puts HP in a really awkward position though, because it makes pricing the Opal difficult. I hope they don't repeat the same mistake twice and try to launch the Opal much higher than it should be. It's competitors are things like the Nook Color, and it should be priced accordingly (~$300).

Better form factor? They all look the same!

I think they will forget about the Opal for now, and release a TouchPad 2 for the Christmas season. They'll announce it end of August and price it at $499 / $599. TouchPad Basic (our current TP) will be $399, they will phase out the 16 GB.

In the time from now to Christmas they will try and push developers for more apps for the TouchPad 2. The TP2 will be more comparable to the iPad 2 (Hardware). By then the iPad 3 will be ready :)

If the TP2 fails, HP will sell off Palm assets and it will be the end of the world as we know it.

I respectfully disagree, I don't see HP as being nimble enough to pull that off. I think the Touchpad 2 is definitely in design phase right now, but the Opal has been on the cards a long time. The only reason to cancel the Opal would be if they saw how bad of a beating they took over the touchpad's hardware and the Opal has similar problems (heavy for it's size, thick, plastic).

If HP outs something less impressive than the Blackberry Playbook in Sept. they've got serious problems.

yeah, sure. Dream on!

HP figured out the price point needs to be more competitive since specs are lower than Ipad 2- we already know a faster 64 GB one is in the pipeline with 4G

So is August 5-7 going to be the really, for real this time, launch or does that come later?

The real launch is when you bring it home and open up the box.

That launch is laggy. According to HP, you have to let it do its thing for the first few hours. So the real launch starts after that.

No, the real launch starts a month later when the update rolls out.

lol nice!

Oh man, at that price it is extremely tempting. I think I might buy it now.

no you won't. Just wait until it hits 250-300

I already told you man, that's gonna take a long time. By then, I'm gonna be wanting the Touchpad 2 instead of enjoying a Touchpad.

I doubt it will be long before you can find the Touchpad for 300 or less...

In the last day and a half HP has cut the price of the TouchPad by $50 and now follows up with $100 off. It appears that HP is learning to accept that the TouchPad can't compete with the iPad 2 or Android tablets at the same price point. HP isn't coming out and saying that of course, they're saying it with the infamous "limited time savings". If I were a new TouchPad owner it would make me really question what the heck HP is smoking? The TouchPad has been on the market for 1 month and has already received 2 big price cuts in less than 2 days; I mean, “limited time savings”. HP is looking pretty lame and their offer of “limited time savings” only makes them look even more delusional.

I would hope at least HP "makes it right" for early adopters like Nintendo did with 3DS owners when they dropped the price after only a few months.

Heh, maybe they'll send out an iPology. Uhm...HPology?

True, like that other company, they could give an early adopter "rebate" as credit for the app store/market/whatever which is less expensive for them than actual cash.

"TouchPad can't compete with the iPad 2 or Android tablets at the same price point"

..well I hope they are learning they cannot compete with BETTER SPECIFIED and simultaneously CHEAPER Android tablets (Asus Transformer), having better accessories (keyboard/battery pack combo) and HUGE mindshare, not to mention Marketplace full to bursting point of every kind of mobile app ever made.

For crying out loud, HP...

Better accessory packages, maybe, but better accessories, not so much.

Also, it's Android that has the "HUGE" mindshare. Each individual manufacturer coming out of the cracks with their own Android tablet is forgettable, save for Samsung, Motorola, and HTC. Ask anyone on the street what the Asus Transformer is, get a blank stare. Ask anyone on the street what the Touchpad is, they'll say, "isn't that the one with Lea Michele from Glee?"

"Also, it's Android that has the "HUGE" mindshare"
Yes, it is Android, indeed. That is what says on the sticker in the shop, "runs Android".

"Ask anyone on the street what the Asus Transformer is, get a blank stare."
Well, go & tell this to Asus, who were ramping up Transformer's production since it went on sale, demand was that big. Their sales figures are disproving what you say.

Regarding better/worse accessories, I personally would have detachable keyboard that doubles as extended battery pack over TouchStone/BT keyboard (that doesn't even match TP's dimensions in any way) any day of the week.

Listen, there are really only 10 main types of consumers (same as with those who do and do not understand binary):
-your average Joe, who doesn't have a clue - and he will buy an iPad, NOT TouchPad, regardless how wonderful "multitasking" and fluent "notification system" the later has, because he doesn't know and he doesn't give two sh.ts about that, all he knows is that iPad is cool and the other tablets are for geeks
-your tech savvy Joe, who will buy AFTER investigating specifications, and reviews, etc, and he will buy one of better specced and cheaper Droids (or slightly dearer but much better specified ones), and again, NOT TP. Why would he overpay, to get lesser-specified hardware, running exotic OS, facing very unclear future? So for him, HP, YOU HAVE TO BE COMPETITIVE, to stand any fighting chance. And he is usually one of the most influential folks in the neighborhood, with regards to technology purchases recommendations to his neighbors.

Other than these 10 types above, is marginal group, with a market share oscillating around the "others" category, and that's about it.

Haha.....HP raped a few with their making it right $50. Now we know why it was only good for a month. Cannot wait to ditch HP/Palm for good in a couple months. I will never buy any of their **** again.

It's a sad state we are in here at P|C. We all knew the product was flawed. We told them it was. Did they listen...NO! We knew the pricing was all wrong. Did the listen...NO AGAIN!!

When Apple showed the Ipad2 what did Samsung do. They stopped all production and revamped the Galaxy 10.1 to compete. What did HP do? It went Phst, we don't need to compete we are HP. This is why we are seeing this now.

Unless the Envy division has something smokin (and I don't mean anything they personally light up). They may not be need to bring the opal or pre3 out. Christmas could see a fire sale and HP and Palm will be just a bad memory for them. For us, a crying shame.

[My assumption is that Palm (PALM) would try to take market share by coming in significantly lower than the $200 or so Apple wants for its iPhone. But when I ran that theory by Palm CEO Ed Colligan, he looked at me liked I’d peed on his rug. “Why would we do that when we have a significantly better product,” he asked, then walked away.] - Jan 2009

Oh history, why dost thou repeat thyself?

So this is all YOUR fault?! You peed on the Ed's rug AGAIN?! Wilt thou neverest learneth?!

If HP dropped everything and tried to make the Touchpad compete with the Ipad2, the rumored Ipad3 would be out and they'd have to scratch their iPad2 competitor. During this time, everyone would be saying that webOS is dead and wondering why it isn't getting into the tablet game.

It's better to get webOS 3.0 out there. HP collected some of the early adopter easy money. Now price it to move makes sense because it spreads adoption of the platform.

How about they take some of their own advice and "Think Beyond"? Think beyond the iPad 1. Think beyond the iPad 2. Think beyond the army of Android tabs.

Palm thought beyond the then current PDA market when they decided to introduce a smartphone. Apple thought beyond the current smartphone market when they introduced the iPhone. So why is HP simply "competing with the iPad 1"?

Actually, it was Handspring that created the PDA + phone = smartphone equation. Handspring, of course, was created by the disgruntled Palm creators because the new owners of Palm weren't listening to them.

Just bought the Touchpad tonight. Very nice. Listening to music videos, playing Need for Speed, tried out the new email reader. Very fast, beautiful display, nice sound. Re-reading Terry Pratchett's "Color of Magic" on Kindle.

Well done HP! This is the tablet I've been looking for.

...well, if what you have described above is all that "you have been waiting for", than I cannot understand why you would need to wait for TouchPad, since there are tablets on the market for more than a year, that can do all that (and than some more), or why you would need to overpay, to get the same functionality, as the cheaper Droids would give you.

But that's just me and my pesky reasoning. It doesn't resonate well with marketing bull$hitter$.

A tablet?! I'll pay $200 for a TP--but I don't really need one etc...don't see what the fuss is all about.

But I'd pay $300 or so for a Pre 3 if it's on Sprint.

Just biding my time with my Pre minus...

$479 at Costco and well worth it to me. I expect to be leaving my laptop docked much more often.

I feel the exact same way... also still barely keeping my pre- alive

I feel like this is all just continual insult to injury to all launch day Sprint Palm Pre users like myself.

No. That insult was when HP offered $50 to make things right. This is HP being a man and realizing their price points were wrong.
Even at $400 i'm still not sure if i would buy one because, if HP doesn't come out with a webos phone on Sprint then my mobile eco system will not be webos so the touchpad wouldn't be as useful to me.

Think about it this way, Sprint Palm Pre customers got $50 off a device they paid $600 for. Now, for those who but it during this sale, it will be $499 at retail.

Sprint early adopters - $549
Everyone else during this sale - $499

Sprint customers continue to get screwed by HP. The $549 price is a make good even though you know they knew about this temporary price drop. @DeadTechnology said it best with this tweet:

"Just so we're clear @HP, U offer a 32 GBTP to your loyal fan base from 7/1-7/31 for $550, then on 8/5, U offer it to everyone else for $500."

Actually Staples has it for $450 and $550 (after their $50 instant rebate) then you can use the coupon for an extra $100 off making them $350 and $450 for the 16GB and 32GB respectively

ipad 1 prices basically

Yep and for a much better product.

Now if only consumers would line up and buy them. Alas, therein lies the rub.

HP/Palm has a tendency to spit on their current customers.

They abandoned the Pre, Pre+, Pixi, Pixi+, and will, most likely, abandon the Pre 2.

Then, they offer to those who actually kept their phones despite they were treated like s*** a $50 mail rebate, on a $600 product, that does not replace his current smartphone (owners of Pre/Pixi phones want a Pre 3/Veer).

And what percentage of WebOS users have one of those abandoned devices? I'd guess it is 95%+.

I can't see how HP will be able to attract developers with such a tiny and fragmented marketshare.

I'm still using the original Palm Pre from Sprint (I'm holding out for a Pre 3). There is no way I would ever by a TouchPad, even with webOS in it HP managed to destroy it by not looking at the "thin is in" in the tablet world. They ship a 6 month (announcement to launch) fat, buggy, slow device that is obese compared to the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab. They saw these devices and never thought "size matters", lets TRY and make this thinner. They get people to buy their TouchPad and begin lowering the price via "limited time savings" to help clear inventory of their lame attempt of taking on Apple. Samsung, etc.

Never start off a post with that first sentence. It kills your credibility.

He is not alone.

sad story bro

I bought the TP and returned it 4 days later. It's dimensions are really not the problem. It feels really good in the hand and it is a real pleasure to use. The problem is, in the state that it is in now, it can only be used for content consumption. All it's multi-taking power is made void because there are no apps that even allow you to complete any REAL tasks. Fun to use.... not very useful.

It's a shame that these rebate offers/discounts never see the light off day outside the US... The equivalent discount here in the UK would certainly help HP over here shift a few

All I can say is..... Buahahahahaha! What a bunch of sorry suckers, HP...



My only hope for webOS in general (not TP), is that this change is coming from that new guy in charge. If so, he seems to be connected to reality - a good thing.

Only problem is, harm has already been done. Trends are set, "hive mind" doesn't see TP as a desirable product anymore, and it is another uphill battle for you to fight, to change that.

And you know what? ONE WEEKEND SALE WILL NOT CHANGE A DAMN THING! And it is not good at all as a "smoke test" how things would sell, if price was $100 less, permanently (and preferably, from day ONE!)

Why people would buy a tablet for $100 less, if they DO realize it is not a permanent price reduction, and they DO realize they are buying into an OS that is by and large unsupported, doesn't have traction with customers - if they DO realize, that it will STILL not have any traction with customers for that ridiculous prices, when this one-day-only price-reduction stunt is over???

So, you funny people in HP's marketing department, are you ready to draw your immensely incorrect conclusion, after that one day "SALE" stunt: "hmmm, we have lowered the price by $100, and that tablet thing didn't sell any better that Saturday... Must be, people just don't want it, yes, certainly. So there's no point in lowering the prices, people will still not buy it, our test run shows that clearly."

Because that is exactly what you will notice with your spreadsheets, and lack of common sense and brains. You do not understand, that buying into any computer system, is so much more than buying, say, a printer...

$400 is still too much to gain marketshare and developers.

HP needs to hit $300 and forget about any profits for now to build marketshare. They simultainiously need to pay developers to write apps. Maybe also give them a 50% kicker to whatever money they make through the marketplace.

Only after they have apps and marketshare should they attempt another premium-price product.

In this market, HP will need to "go big or go home". I hope they didn't spend $1 billion plus on Palm without realizing this.

Why hasn't HP hired you yet? Why are you still lurking around here instead of in a big executive office over at one of the tablet manufacturers?

"$400 is still too much to gain marketshare and developers.

HP needs to hit $300 and forget about any profits for now to build marketshare"

Frankly, I do agree with you on what you say, I personally believe that $350 is reasonable price to ask, $300 would be extremely attractive price, and people would be buying them regardless limping app department - that would be just such a bargain in today's overpriced tablet bonanza.

I also agree on HP needing to take hit and start selling all webOS devices ver. current (including Pre 3) for manufacturing costs or slightly below, to stay in the game, that is what I was saying for a good while.

There's NO CHANCE for you HP to make any money on current version of webOS devices.

You can only make it two ways: sell them cheap, build users/marketshare, and make no profit, but build healthy ecosystem around your newly created user base, happy for making a bargain,
TRY to sell devices at premium, fail at that (inevitably), make no profit as well, but kill the platform ultimately in the process.

Your call, HP.



Except at $400, most of the comments are saying it should have been there to begin with. But maybe we are reading different comments.

nonono! It is more like:

"HAhahaha - I told you MONTHS ago that it is only worth that much. And if only you bunch of sorry greedy retards have priced it right, from day one - reviews would look different, sales figures would look different, your perception in the eyes of consumers would be different - EVERYTHING would be different"

...but it is very easy to put words into someone's mouth, much easier than admit being mistaken in your fanboy-distorted views of the reality.

Hey, what about helping HP in pricing right upcoming Pre 3? Apparently, they cannot do this "pricing" thing correctly by themselves.

So, HP, if you are reading this:

PRE 3 IS WORTH AT MOST €350 CONTRACT-FREE, (AND FREE ON CONTRACT), in Europe - from day one, synchronized with heavy-weight marketing push - if you want to ship any significant numbers of them! And I say AT MOST, and it will take me a while to decide to buy it for that price off-contract. €300 SIM-free, and I will most probably get it, regardless anything else.

Although it might be already too late for that, after all these blunders with webOS you are making one after another, to ship significant numbers of Pre 3s, even at such low and attractive price points - IF YOU DO NOT STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND START DELIVERING HEAVY MARKETING, PR, AND DEVELOPER RELATIONS PUNCHES!

On contract: the 8GB Pre3 should cost $99 and the $16GB Pre 3 should cost $149. Both Pre3 models are already several months behind recent powerhouse smartphones such as: Motorola Photon, HTC EVO 3D, Samsung Galaxay S2 priced between $199 to $249.

I've got an idea.

HP should drop the price to somewhere in the $300+ area and then (here's the genius part), create a hash tag that can't easily be related back to the product and pay Twitter to make said hash tag a trending topic.

Absolutely! They should also make sure no one apart from P|C & webOSRoundup readers are aware of that special sale Saturday - this way they will not get hit too hard by that lower pricing, for that one day.

I blame Jon Ruby for all this. I'm sure he convinced HP that suckers for webos would buy these new products at those high prices. Greedy and cheap ****

Quite correct, I guess, he was THE head in charge, so ultimately, he is the one to blame.

He should lose his role as leader of WebOS (oops... he has)

This is really too bad. The only reason for dropping a price like this is because of lack of sales.

Had HP started at this price they **MIGHT** have had a fighting chance, now it just looks like their sales are so lackluster that they cannot get units out the door and are making a last ditch attempt to get some sales.

I can tell you this -- no company with a successfull product would EVER drop the price 25% (or whatever this is) within a month of release without horrible sales.

No, you are correct. They waited TWO months:

You know I really feel cheated when it comes to my purchase of my 32gig touchpad. It really has not lived up to the performance or the possibilites that were promised. I cannot even edit office documents. It feel like they pushed it out even though it took quite awhile and the software never caught up. Developers in the webos community then fix there issues to an extent. They offer a $50 rebate to old early adopters so I buymine day one. Now that it gets terrible reviews and need immdiate fixes and still missing fixes and apps terribly.

You take $100.00 off to entice the smarter people who waited and did not support you. I just feel cheated and really think my next cell purchase will be a iphone next generation. I am a sprint person but, not in contract I wanted a pre 3 but after this I don't know.

My ipad2 I bought for my wife and son just is better. I did not relize how much we use the GPS stuff in certain apps. While I enjoy the preware and other openess of the platform I am really unhappy with the rest of the experience.

I feel ya man. When the update came out and they STILL had not document editing software available, I just couldn't justify the expense. Sure surfing the web on it is fun as it eliminates a heavy, hot, laptop and a cord. But that's where there advantages stop. You can't really make use of the multi-tasking because other than email there are no productivity apps! Sadly, I had to return my TP. And to be honest I am glad I did. If they are still in the game 2-3 years from now I will come back because the webOS is just that good. It just need some time to mature.

If I was HP, I wouldn't rely on 3rd party developers. I would be hiring a fleet of developers to pump out apps day and night.

Oh well.. :(

"(...)But that's where there advantages stop. You can't really make use of the multi-tasking because other than email there are no productivity apps"

!!! - NO way! Now that's a **** surprise! I thought ya'd knew it b4 splashing out $600 for a toy - I would.

You have only yourself & your good judgement to blame - it was bloody obvious this thing will not sell for that kind of money, sitting next to iPad 2 that costs the same, or Asus Transformer that has better spec, hugely popular OS and costs significantly less.

And many of us have commented on this "little" issue, my humble self including.

So, next time around, just listen to intelligent people, instead of cheerleaders and marketing bull$hitter$, and you should be fine.

All I can say is that it is almost always better to wait for a product to hit and have users and reviewers have their time with it before buying. You should also play with demos as much as possible before buying. It's YOUR money and you should make these companies EARN IT!!!!

This goes for all products from all manufacturers. I went against my better judgement and became a day-1 Palm Pre owner and paid the price for it. I cannot blame Palm for that. The company's job is to convince you that you need their products. It is YOUR job to determine if that is really the case.

My rule is simple. "Promise me all you want, but I'll only buy when I feel those promisses have been delivered." If you can't do what I need RIGHT NOW, "no sale for you!"

The TP got poor reviews from day one. I can understand your desire to purchase on day one but you could have exercised your option to return the device. You should never rely on vague promises that things will get fixed via an OTA update, especially, if you read messages on this site because people here dream up all sorts of unicorns based on their hopes and dreams. Those who are skeptical of these hopes and dreams usually lose their posting privileges.

Agree completely with lower prices. this will get the product to move.

Stupid early adopter fee.

I think if it stays at this price any time soon then they should offer us early adopters some free credits for apps or something.

I know they're not obligated but it would be a nice gesture. Most companies offer a little something for us early adopters when making huge cuts in price so soon after launch.

I don't regret buying my TP at the 499 price but I like the idea of free apps :)

You couldn't spend $50 in the TP App store. That could buy every TP app available and you would still feel like you have been cheated.

Na, I think I'd be okay. I don't get why people need a million apps. Personally I want a solid OS and some good core apps and I'm all set. Android has a bunch of apps but most of them stink and I'd never pay anything for them. I have been pretty impressed with the quality of the TP apps. Never underestimate a little quality control in an app market.

I don't get why people need a million apps.

They don't. But a million people may each need a different set of apps.

Maybe all those millions of people should just use the apps that YOU like.

So what's stopping someone from going to Staples and picking up the TouchPad that has been discounted to $399, then using the Staples coupon for $100, and only paying $299 total (tax free weekend here in NC!)?!?! The "discount" price is not TECHNICALLY a coupon, so it shouldn't conflict right?! I'ma give this a try!!

The discount price seems to be from the HP website. Staples coupon can only be used in a Staples store which might not be reduced to $399.

source? I haven't seen that anywhere...

Found this on Slickdeals forums. Apparently OfficeMax and HHGregg will have the TouchPad for $399 for the 5th-7th. I'm going to assume (I know, I know) that Staples will too. Crossing my fingers that they will, or that OfficeMax will honor the Staples coupon!!