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HP 'Slate 8' Windows 8 tablet comes out as the Envy x2 14

by Derek Kessler Thu, 30 Aug 2012 6:04 pm EDT

HP 'Slate 8' Windows 8 tablet comes out as the Envy x2

We've been watching what's going down over in Berlin at IFA 2012 mostly out of interest in seeing what devices we might maybe someday possibly be able to install Open webOS on, but then HP decided to bring some news back to America with some Windows 8 announcements of its own. There are two updated-with-touchscreens laptops that HP's releasing, a 15-inch Spectre XT TouchSmart in December for $1400 and the Envy 4 Ultrabook at 14-inches (no date or price just yet), but those are just laptops with touchscreens, no swivel, no detaching, just an awkward transition between the traditional laptop and full tablets.

Then there's the brand-new Envy x2, which we've actually seen glimpsed before. Remember the Slate 8 we've been seeing in HP advertising? Well, here it is. HP's jump back into the tablet game is an Intel Atom 'Clover Trail'-powered Windows 8 tablet, supporting NFC, stylus operation, and coming with 32GB or 64GB of storage. At 1.5 pounds it packs an 11.6-inch IPS display (with a resolution of 1366x768), front-facing Beats Audio speakers (naturally), and a rear-facing 8 megapixel camera. The Envy x2 also has a keyboard/trackpad dock that attaches with magnets and a mechanical latch, converting the tablet into a laptop, complete with two USB ports, HDMI out, a full-size SD card slot, and an extra battery of undisclosed capacity.

The Envy x2 shares the same sloped sides profile as the tablet teased in HP's ads, and it turns out the pill-shaped things spotted on the back are the tablet's power and volume buttons. One would be good to have close to where you're going to reach often (volume), the other might not be great placement (power). The black strip seen in the commercials is missing here - if the Envy x2 is anything like the iPad (there's more than a passing resemblance here), then the full-metal back is fine for standard Wi-fi and Bluetooth duties, but a bigger EM-transparent window of black plastic is needed if you're going to support cellular connectivity. So expect a second 4G-capable Envy x2 to be announced when we get closer to the release date.

Oh, the release date? We don't have that yet. Or pricing, for that matter. HP's said to expect the Envy x2 to be released before the 2012 holiday season. At least that's a shorter timeframe than "first half of 2012".

Source: HP; Via: Engadget, The Verge


so who were they touching to share with in the vid?

Uh, this is not the same device we saw in the commercials. There are more differences in the shape than just the omission of a 4G window. Either the thing in the advertising was a dummy prop, a drastically different prototype, or they've got some more stuff cooking behind the scenes. Hopefully the latter, and hopefully ARM-based for easier webOS compatibility.

Think this is an interesting idea. I have a HP Envy15 laptop and this looks remarkably similar. I like the computer but being able to remove the display to use as a tablet would be a nice trick. Now if they could get it to dual boot in Win 8 for work and webOS for play.

Pricing to be detailed in the coming months, I expect...

This is what the Touchpad should have been.

...and it is related to webOS, because....? It demonstrates, that HP came the full circle in getting rid of it, and back to their comfort zone of being Microsoft's OEM, I suppose?

(...BTW, just like I told you they probably will, unless they change their approach, some year and few months ago - in the times when every stupid decision by them was rationalized and defended here)

Maybe it could be possible to hack this to run the x86 webOS software?

The HP ENVY x2 uses solid-state memory designed for improved reliability and faster startup times. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology lets users share content, including photos, contacts and URLs, with a simple tap. --from http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2012/120830a.html

Why does this sound so familiar?

that doesn't sound like the tap to share between a pre and a touchpad at all.

Anyone know if there's any truth to the report that Windows 8 tablets are required by Microsoft's licensing terms to have a locked bootloader? Because if not, I'd be interested to see how open webos would run on this

i'm on a sprint palm pre with webos 1.4.5. oh yeah, let me get my cc out real quick in the coming months so i can invest in more hp stuff.

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Could they (since they own the patents) make these planned tablets Touchstone compatible)? I would love some hardware to install WebOS on, but would hate to have to go back to plugging a device in.

Surprised with all the stink some people made about the TouchPad not having a front facing camera that a front facing camera wasn't mentioned. I am assuming it has one but not mentioned in the Cliff Notes Verizon of its features.

Beats Audio naturally - didn't HP sell Beats?

By the way, I think they should be careful in their design. They have a rectangular shaped hand held device with a light up screen and a power button. Sounds a lot like a certain tablet made by Apple. I smell a lawsuit. I think they should have went octagon shape to be safe.

Have we learned nothing from the lessons of the Sabre Pyramid? Nothing at all?

Customers can interact directly with the optimized Windows 8 touch interface on the HP ENVY x2’s vivid 11.6-inch diagonal HD(2) touch display. Ultrawide viewing angles and a bright, 400-nit In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel provide a superb visual experience indoors and outdoors, while an HD webcam on the front and an 8-megapixel camera on the back capture high-quality photos and video.
The HP ENVY x2 also features Beats AudioTM for the best-sounding, richest audio experience available on a PC.

So yes, it does have two cameras and Beats Audio...

And that "magnetic" connection for the keyboard sounds a little like a certain other tablet's "magnetic" cover.