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HP in talks to license out webOS, Apotheker says; Samsung named as a suitor 145

by Phil Nickinson Wed, 29 Jun 2011 11:44 am EDT

It's been the albatross around Palm's (and now HP's) neck -- that webOS has been confined to hardware that was rendered realtively mediocre by the time it was released. And things haven't gotten much better with time.

But it's long been whispered that webOS might one day be licenced to other manufacturers. And CEO Leo Apotheker has confirmed to Bloomberg that indeed talks are taking place, and "that a number of companies have expressed interest."

Apotheker repeatedly declined to name which manufacturers HP was talking with (hey, they are only so many, right?), but Bloomberg apparently has not one, not two, but three anonymous sources that named Samsung as a likely suspect.

That'd certainly bring the possibility of some stellar hardware to webOS. But Samsung has its own baggage, name the black eye it's gotten over the past year or so in its in ability to get updated software on its Android phones. At least that's how it looks to many of the Android faithful. And more recently, it's found itself in a blow-for-blow bout with Apple over alleged trademark infringments. It's doubtful we'll see Samsung dump Android anytime soon, but certainly an OS with the patent coverage that webOS enjoys must be looking pretty good at this point.

Regardless, it's all still pretty unofficial at this point, but it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see webOS on some new hardware this time next year. Heaven knows it could use it.

Source: Bloomberg



And Samsung, which made previous versions of Apple's iPhone chips, has been replaced in wake of the ongoing apple vs samsung lawsuits. So this would seem a natural direction to go anyway.

I think it is full of win. I've been using a samsung super amoled plus screen for a few weeks now and it is still nothing short of awesome. The thought of that screen showcasing webOS is drool-worthy...

Can't agree with you anymore! But seriously this is like the best news post that I have read here in months! I just can't believe it.

I have been preaching this around for a while that is the only way for HP to gain some market share without doing this WebOS is history just like Palm. It's a very competitive market out there and business people like myself are highly demanding on what they want and when they want it.

I have been a WebOS fanatic for years and prior to WebOS I have been using Palm OS products mainly my Clie TH55. I still have couple in my house. I always wished that it was a phone. I never like Treos.

This is the best thing that could happen to HP WebOS mark my words. I couldn't wait any longer with Palm/HP dragging their feet so I have been Galaxy S phone user for some months now and this thing is built like a tank being very reliable with fantastic performance something that HP couldn't touch for months. I still haven't had any contact with Pre 3 but it's basically already obsolete based on the current offerings from Samsung and others. I have been very happy with Samsung even though I was very hesitant to jump ship but Palm hardware was pure **** I never had any issues with any other phones like I did with Palm except Centro. I still have it and it's still flawless to this day.

Now if they could do something about the apps that would reinforce their position in the market. I basically jumped to Android because of the lack of some very important apps such as a functional office, PDF and other business related apps. I was very uncomfortable going with Android and wanted to go back initially a few times but now everything is working flawlessly and I am pretty much used to Android now. I would still prefer WebOS if I could over Android but the lack of apps with WebOS is what kills that for me. I hope HP can turn this ship around because to this point not much have changed. I would love to see WebOS on Samsung or HTC hardware one day. That would be dream come true!

I would love to see it on Samsung & HTC ONLY!

Next thing,
HP spins off webOSsource as an independent company.
And then, that company fails to innovate on webOS.
And then, no one is gonna license it anymore, except for HP, who will eventually buy the OS back from webOSsource.

Oh, glad I just woke up.

de ja vu...

It's de ja vu all over again...

LOL, Like!

Dumbest decision. Why on earth they want to do that ? HP or Leo or Ruby doesn't know better. They can sell plenty of hardware based on webOS.

Samsung is one company I would never trust.May be hiring Steve Jobs as HP's CEO would help.
de ja vu

HP is still using Palm form factor that many people do not like. The vertical slider is not popular. HP is way behind with slab/virtual keyboard phones, which is the current trend.

They need help making hardware, they are not keeping up. Samsung can put out a better phone than anything we have seen from Palm or HP, and they can do it much faster since they have the technology and engineers to do it.

This is a major plus if you are a WebOS fan.

I still want a keyboard, not a virtual keyboard.

That's why there will be HP's slider. That's the point, most people don;t want a silly slider. We need options.

I like the Palm form factor and I am know I am not the only one.

When you state an opinion, speak only for yourself.

You don't see people screaming for the "Stingray". People are screaming for the Pre3. Oh, Right! The Pre3 has a keyboard...


People HERE are screaming for the Pre3, and that's an extremely small minority of smartphone users. I love webOS, but let's be real. The Pre3 will be dead on arrival. If the portrait slider was in such demand, where are they all? What manufacturer is putting them to market? None

I never said NO ONE likes the vertical slider, I said MANY PEOPLE don't like it. It's fine to hate on me all the time, but please read what I write. Palm style of phone is not very popular, Blackberry basically copied it and it has not been very successful. I don't think any other company even tried anything similar. Slab virtual keyboard phones are very popular.

People are excited for pre3 because it will be the ONLY option. That is the point, why is it so bad to have options?

hahahaha... that's good stuff!

Samsung is a wonderful hardware iterator, going through several hardware development cycles in a short time. HP is a great middle-of -the-road Hardware iterator with enormously successful global distribution and a trusted brand. It moves slower than Samsung.

However, Samsung is notorious for poor software and documentation practices and if your stuff doesn't work great out of the box, you have a hard time until you buy the next generation unit.

webOS could become the interface OS across a wide variety of Samsung devices, beyond phones and tablets. This is DEFINITELY HP's intention and if HP closes this deal, it's a game changer. Leo has been very clear about HP's connected devices and cloud strategy.

If HP plays open cards with Samsung and allows webOS devices on Samsung's innovation cycle, it will grow the the webOS platform considerably. As long as HP maintains the development discipline and co-innovates with Samsung, it will become a very valuable partnership.

Samsung Smart TV's running webOS!

After watching HP demo the home automation control with webOS, I feel this is what HP is trying to do. If they team up with Samsung then that dream becomes VERY close to reality. Besides phones, Samsung produces TVs, printers, refrigerators, washers/dryers, ovens, a/c units, microwaves, home theater, etc.

At least 4 things on that list I would LOVE to be able to wirelessly interact with my phone. It would be foolish not to explore the possibilities of a deal with Samsung, phones aside.

This idea is so full of FAIL. Samsung can make good hardware, sure. They also routinely delay or block their devices from OS support, and they're a direct competitor of HP. If webOS is a great OS, HP of all companies, should have the clout to build several devices so it can be sold. People don't buy s "Samsung" device. They buy an Android device that just happens to be built by Samsung. I see no advantage in this at all.

Agreed, it will be a long time before I would consider purchasing licensed WebOS.

if it was palm licensing it ,it would make sense but HP hasn't even tried yet.
marketing is key to their success
when the can sell those beats headphones which are no different to any other headphones for a staggering amount of money i believe that they can sell me webOS too

Yeah I'm with you. Palm needed the capital and resources, HP has all of that.

There are equally those that buy a Samsung device that happens to be Android.

Completely agree. Step up to the plate HP and make some decent hardware (the Pre 3 is a great start, just get it out!). It's as if they are admitting that they aren't up to the hardware challenge, which seems strange.

They are not experienced enough for the phone market and they don't want to use Palm expertise in the phone market either.

I would go with a Samsung built device over a Pre 3 form factor any day.

Really? I'm curious why? Is it solely for the slab form factor or do you think the build quality and specs would be better than what HP could provide? I guess I'm trying to understand if you have appreciation for the Samsung brand, or you simply like the common style of their devices.

I personally would LOVE a Pre 3. Although I like the Pre form factor. I would also leave Sprint to get it in a heart beat (I know, wrong post/thread). My biggest hangup is that many large companies are only supporting iOS and BlackBerry. Which to me is ironic since WebOS beats out both from an enterprise/CTO perspective (in my opinion).

So sad.

I'd have to disagree with you but that's my personal preference and you're welcome to your own preferences.

Everyone on this site has always been wanting webos to be licensed and I get that it would be awesome to get a samsung phone with webos but my biggest concern has been the sweetspot we have found between open source and closed. I am not that to tech savvy but something tells me that if one company isn't controlling the hardware we will lose this. Would HP not have to release a doctor for every phone? Wouldn't these companies be slightly put off by the openness? I may be wrong but I want an expert to tell me that before I will get to happy about this news.

Reference hardware. It's the reason you don't go to HIS to get an ATI (AMD) video driver update.

...sorry you lost me there. Could you explain a little more?

HIS is a graphic card manufacturer. However, they usually use AMD/ATI's reference design to build the graphics cards. Hence, the driver works with every graphic card and is maintained by AMD.

So the bottom line is that it really wouldn't be that hard to maintain the openness of webos if it were licensed?

You do know companies are "licensing" Android right? And Samsung is one of the most open Android manufacturers. I don't see this being a problem with WebOS unless HP says something.

yeah I know Android is being licensed but look at what some companies are doing to the devices. Like the motorola phones that would brick themselves just for trying to root it. That is what I don't want.

Android is an "open use" free license. WebOS would be a paid license similar to WP7 where HP controls how much the licensee can do with the OS and how far it can deviate from spec.

When a company like ATI releases a new graphics card, they have a reference design that third party manufacturers use to make cards based on the same chipset. They might tweak things like fans and heat sinks and such, but the drivers to make the card work are always supplied by ATI, so it doesn't matter if there are 3rd parties licensing the chipset.

His suggestion is that by requiring reference hardware to be used (certain specifications), HP could still own software updates rather than Samsung. I would certainly be in favor of this-- it would reduce the risk of the ridiculous amount of fragmentation that Android now experiences.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the problems with Android updates that all these different parties are ALSO creating their own UI layer that would also require updates? (So it's not just drivers, but also that other layer of software that needs updating that slows things down?)

Samsung would have to be content to just provide hardware without trying to distinguish their handsets by putting any kind of UI layer on it (maybe they could throw in a few of their own apps, at best).

In that case, bring on the WebGalaxyOS

Oh god... no... no... no.

as lord vader would say


Yeah I don't like this...

I worry about losing Dr's

I don't think licensing is a great idea until HP has the software and developers all on the same page with the current iteration of WebOS.

That's why Leo said there's no hurry. At this point, signaling that webOS may be on more than one platform is sufficient for the market to understand that HP is here to stay for the long haul.

The next year will be very busy and the platform will mature in ways not anticipated today. With that maturation, and a clearer roadmap and a learning curve for developers, the time will come.

As an aside, it is interesting that HP has managed to generate a headline per day for pretty much every day in the last week's buildup towards July 1st.

Good points... I will put away my foil hat for now...

What are you doing here Phil! ;) Well, we are all one big happy family.

yea I think this is an absolute horrible idea.

The only way this could work is "Samsung, build our hardware. Ruby and your team, you're in charge of just software development"

that would be great but what will be in for HP moneywise?

I believe that is precisely what is being proposed. You are right though, TouchWiz on webOS would be god awful.

I don't see HP allowing that level of customization if they license. The most you'd probably see would be their own built-in applications.

I would certainly consider SAMOLED on an HTC device launched as an exclusive WebOS phone. Like the N1.

HTC devices have battery issues

and all webos phones released havent? LOL

pre 2 doesn't

There are only 4 must haves in order for it to work.

1) It would only work if samsung does not force users to have a special webOS skin.

2) it has a built in coil that uses touch-to-share

3) comes out in different form factors then what HP has (bigger sizes, side sliders, mini hdmi outputs)

4) direct HP WebOS upgrades (if apple can do it why can't we)


1 and 4 are the major problem areas. Touchwiz will be there and this will compromise the direct updates of the OS as it does on Android now.

I can't say that this stipulations can't be imposed but I know that there's a lot R & D invested in Touchwiz/Sense skins. We'll see what happens.

Don't care about licensing. Don't care about it being exclusively manufactured by HP.

All I care about is someone - ANYONE - who has PHONES as the priority being allowed to make WebOS devices. Not tablets. Not PC windows in a browser.

I'd like this SMARTPHONE OS to be controlled by someone who really cares about smartphones. Don't know who that is, but it's not HP. The "make it right" promise fulfillment confirmed that tablets are their priority.

But they aren't mine.

And you know that it's going to be the only 'make it right' campaign how?

Surely you jest.

the issue here is that tablets are the 'new thing'.. smartphones are kind of left behind

I don`t know if this is a good idea. What happen to hp having an advantage like apple because they make their own hardware,and software?? Why is it so hard for a billion dollar company to just make a good phone with nice specs? Follow the trend and yet be innovative and webOS will be successful. Why is it so hard to say that specs and good hardware is the name of the game. Add that to webOS and you have the best mobile device out. Why is this so hard??

i think HP need to restructure their whole operations and make webos their priority .
HP is a giant ,i am confident that webos would keep that innovation status.

Samsung phones on windows phone 7... which is a more controlled OS environment than android... conform to the standard quite well. The Samsung Focus has no skinning, no delays in updates, etc. They just have to compete via hardware and build and screen... and that is just fine.

That would be the model to follow for licensing IMO.

Personally I'm not as excited for the phones/tablets from Samsung as I am at the real possibility of an ecosystem forming with products outside of those products. HP has never really made TV's, appliances and all the other electronics Samsung does make. And I think that they are one of the few partners that could genuinely help HP begin to build that ecosystem!

And as for the naysayers speaking of the issues with having all the problems that Android has with licensing, I hear ya & it worries me a little too. However, with the way that HP has spoken in recent months about taking their time to build the system properly and not too quickly, as well as learning from the mistakes of others...I'm quite inclined to believe them.

And because it wouldn't be a proper comment on here without saying this...Pre3 to Sprint please.

dude, you just knocked that **** out of the park.

it is easier to forget that Samsung does more than phones but i don't really care as much about the hardware as i care about the ecosystem

i just want a pre 2 or 3 beats edition that would sell like candy

What is so special about a "beats" phone? More bloatware and justin beiber headphones?

people like them regardless of their usefulness

Well said. I wasn't thinking about the larger range of appliances. Great point.

I could see this going two ways(assuming this is true):

1) Sprint would have no excuses. There are plenty of people who wants the kind of form factor that Samsung specializes in. It has the best chance on being on all four carriers in the US.

2)The best webOS experience will still be on HP devices.Think the Nexus phones versus all other Android phones.

Long story short: It'll be good for the platform but buyer beware.

If webOS descends into the Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich/Honeycomb nonsense that fragments so much of the Android univserse I will be seriously cheesed off.

Otherwise okay with licensing.

WebOs is already there with all the different versions.

The Android universe may be fragmented but you what it isn't? On the edge of extinction that's what. Are you aware how many Android phones are activated a day? 500,000. That's five hundred thousand...per day. I hope that webOS succeeds and blows up to be a major player, I really do. But let's be realistic about what sells regardless of our likes/dislikes. Android sells a ton of devices, even with fragmentation because fragmentation means nothing to the majority of buyers and users. Btw, my phone is a Pre-. So is my wifes, and both her parents. I don't currently, and have never, owned an Android device.

I don't like this at all, unless Sammy is going to exclusively build the phones. webOS doesn't need to go down the road of Android with dozens of different handsets and all the fragmentation that comes with it.

WebOs is already fragmented!

Please don't.. just buy HTC if you really don't trust your own Industrial Design chops.

From the Fast Company article: "McKinney says The ability to control both the hardware platform and OS is absolutely critical."

Couldn't have said it better :)

i agree with you,"just buy what you don't have" would work just fine
buy quickoffice
buy ARM holdings,nvidia or qualcomms to make chips or graphic displays

Sounds like ye ole Galaxy Tab isn't selling....

HP choose Sony please! :)

i would jump on Sony hardware it doesn't sound cheap like Samsung and it has great ecosystem.

There's just too much to digest with this. I'm not sure if it's going to be good for HP or not, without further details.

On one side, it could possibly show that HP can't keep up and/or doesn't have the resources to build good competitive phones. Outsourcing isn't always a good option. In addition, it could bring fragmentation to the device, unless they have a stipulation on 3rd party vendors to not make their own "home screen" or other vendor-based deviated kernels.

On the other side, it would certainly open up newer more advanced devices, since HPalm either hasn't listened to their customers on hardware requirements (too many options) or they can't keep up with the masses.

I'm also not a fan of Samsung. They have unethical business practices. While I think the majority of their products are decent, I stopped purchasing anything from them once I found out that virtually all of their employees in their US offices are Korean and discriminate against US workers... but that's another conversation.

I assume they wouldn't make vendor deviated kernels as I am guessing that, if a vendor did license WebOS, they would be paying fees such that HP (not the vendor) would be rolling out updates aka, how things are done with Windows.

As for the racism it is endemic in Korean culture. Just ask Hines Ward (though he never really lived in Korea). His charity in Korean is basically dedicated to making mixed/non-Korean childrens' lives not so miserable.

I think part of this is that while HP is confident it can compete in the tablet game, it's not so sure in the mobile phone game. HP knows it doesn't have to be #1 or #2 or even #3 in mobile phones, but it has to be relevant. The only way to stay relevant is to ensure that its tablets are compatible with mobile phones that support its platform at some level.

I am loyal to WebOS because I believe it is the best in terms of ease of use and synergy.

I am loyal to Sprint because of their pricing and the fact that where I work they have a Sprint antenna in the building so I get great reception.

I have emailed Dan Hesse and talked to one of his team members that respond to those emails. They have no news to announce for any WebOS products. I don't care about "making it right", I just want a new WebOS phone on Sprint.
There are many of us out here just like me. Even the Sprint rep said so. It's the not knowing that is most frustrating. Whether it's HP or Sprint's fault doesn't matter to me. If my phone dies tomorrow, I would probably try the Evo or Nexus S.

As long as there is no update issue like Android has! OK!

No issues with updates with a Nexus device

HTC is a better choice. The thing is though that Samsung has some of the most beautiful screens on the market. I agree that it should be licensed out.

It's the only way webOS fans are going to get different form factors and faster to market.

This is a win. HP wants webOS in as many hands as possible "Everybody On" right.

They will not allow samsung to skin webOS......I guarantee that.

This will get webOS into the "minds" of lots of people (including dev), which is HP's biggest hurdle.

To me this shows that HP is "doubling down on webOS" as promised last year.

Let the war begin!!!

Your gonna like the way your phone looks... I gaurantee it.

With smartphones, it's not about having multiple form factors anymore (iPhone = 1 form factor, that's it and they're fine with it) and it's not about licensing to multiple manufacturers (look at the crazy fractioning of OS versions that's occurred with Android). It's about apps! or as Clinton would put it, "It's about the apps, stupid!" HP's already about to launch a variety of form factors with the Pre 3, Veer, and the pending keyboard-less phone and its tablets, AND they can already deliver good build quality, so they needs to spend their resources on apps. Apps dambit!

You're Retro dude. Forward thinking is in order here. Please step to the side.

Time to catch up on some reading. ESPN, Financial Times and other big media players are going the HTML5/web app route. Between Apple's restrictions on in app payments/taking 15% and the fact that they need to develop for and support on multiple platforms is driving them towards web apps. They found you cannot tell the difference between an HTML5 web app and a native app so they're going the route that's best for them. In 12 months, the measurement of platforms in apps my be pointless if this trend by big media types continues.

Step in the right direction but I would rather see HTC build the hardware. Also as others have said HP needs to have control over the updates like Apple does.

I guess the real question is the license for phone and tablets or for other tech like tv's ect.? As long as they stay away from the phones and tablets... go for it... but... I don't know... at the same time HP/Palm has been no good at releasing hardware in a timely manner in which it's still relevant. so... who knows.

I love samsung phones! I love webOS! This is an awesome combination.

Htc... And yes ill buy it..

This should have happened 2.5 years ago. I'd buy it..... if it was on Sprint

one differentiator for hp is a potential apple like setup with some android openness... Part of making that work well is controlling your own hardware. The apple concept works well... Why would you go towards the old ways MSFT did things? FAILBLOG.ORG

I would kill to get a webOS powered Dell Venue Pro. Awesome form factor (hopefully the Pre3 will be also), awesome screen, all around good phone. I would buy that in a second.

The reports on the web have Motorola and Sony-Ericsson as likely partners if HP wanted to open things up. The reports indicated that each had enough of Android's fragmented platform and the ability for low end handset manufacturers to join the Android ranks making it difficult to sell a premium Android device. That leaves them with Microsoft and HP. Either they didn't like Windows or didn't like/can't get the terms and conditions that Nokia got or they truly believe that webOS is a differentiator. Kind of scary for them considering that the first Droid went on sale about 18 months ago.

Say what you want but it appears to me that HP sits in a pretty good position. They can do nothing and keep executing on the portion of their product roadmap that was not released back in February. Or they can see what others are willing to offer that delivers value to HP shareholders. Either way, new webOS products beyond the TouchPad and Pre3 are on the way.

If you keep Samsung from adding some kind of overlay this could work. Although, I would much prefer HTC. Just think, a WebOS Slab without a keyboard. I would be there in a second.

oh my my, oh **** yes, time to put on that party dress. The Pre 3 is nice but if this went through I'd expect webOS hardware to compete with the insanely fast moving android platform.

There is one good reason for WebOS to do it ... samsung\HTC\Motorola already has a good relationship with carriers. it would be so much easier for samsung\HTC\Motorola to release any kind of phone on any carrier.

This is the only way WebOS could survive. HP wasn't good at digital cameras, previous phone ventures, etc. Just because they had a lot of shelf space in stores doesn't mean much moving forward. Retailers and not manufacturers are in control now. Even Sony a few years back when they were on top were bitched slapped by Walmart. "Fine, we just won't sell your products"...and then Sony dropped to their knees.

The point is that the products now have to be what people want and just won't settle for....at a certain price point, of coure.

Samsung and others can deliver current tech. So, the hardware is taken care of.

As far as software, HP will hurt WebOS by not letting it go. But, then I doubt that Samsung, HTC, or LG have any thoughts to enter into a relationship where they'd be HP's **** They are in the driving seat and HP better be wearing an apron and fetching beers. In the end, HP will back out of the phone market and WebOS will need to be either jointly owned by others or something like Mozilla.

HTC or LG don't have enough patents as Sony or Samsung

As long as it has a good BlackBerry Curve-grade keyboard, I'm happy.

I personally am very pleased with webOS and have no problem using a webOS-based smartphone built by another manufacturer. More power to webOS :.)

HTC is way better. WebOS on HTC. That would be a good look. Just as long as they dont put Sense on it. I like Sense, but an additional UI isn't necessary for WebOS.
These companies like to differentiate themselves so if multiple companies use WebOS then I think they would consider putting something on top of WebOS to make it there own.

I agree, WebOS on HTC hardware would be heaven. They make great phones, good hardware, they are on top of the updates.

If... they do license it out to Samsung then that's not bad, at least WebOS will be on some more hardware, but HTC would be the way to go.

LONG time member and reader and webOS user and fan, first time poster.

Why so closed minded? Sure a Samsung phone could be good or bad, but don't they make other consumer electronics as well? I wonder how many TV's, microwaves, computers etc they sell each year. If half of these came with webOS imagine the slap in the face to apple/android!!!! Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!!!!!

This is exactly what HP wants to do, it wants to make webOS the OS that runs interfaces to connected devices, regardless of industry. It IS explicitly the company's strategy and there has been a ton of work behind the scenes in the last year getting ready for that.

It is good to hear others that can think past cell phones. The possibilities for home automation with samsung products are quite immense. It would really give HP the edge on this market. Bringing everything together was always HP's strategy.

if this really happens, i hope it would be on the same vein as the nexus s phones where the OS is left alone. i hate to see some touchwiz make-over on top of webOS...maybe just pre-install swype on it since samsung already has an in with swype inc.

Nobody said this has to be an arrangement like venders have with android where the software is free/cheap (depending on whether they pay secondary fees for certain features) but there is little support. HP wants to make money. One way to charge more is to offer something extra. There is nothing to say that Samsung can't cough up money and have HP handle the software side of things. HP could push out updates and thus both HP and samsung devices would receive them simultaneously. Obviously HP will charge for this service, but since Samsung sucks software wise it might be a good match and would take a lot of weight off Samsung's shoulders.

This isn't a new model either. Dell isn't in charge of sending out updates to its computers, Microsoft is. Obviously Samsung would still be in charge of hardware issues/failures and could add additional software to their phones (just as PC sometimes have vendors stuff preloaded on them) if desired.

Samsung just makes good displays. Other than that, their hardware is plasticy and cheap. I personally wouldn't buy a Samsung webOS phone, but if it allows the OS to gain more mindshare then I'm all for it.

You should read this and probably update the post ;) thisismynext (Topolsky, Miller, Patel et al) contacted good 'ole Ruby. He said that they only license the OS if the vendor "commits" to webOS and not only has webOS as one out of 6 OS's.


Didn't Apple license their OS around 1995 and allow other companies to create Mac clones? Eventually, Apple lost money because of that and soon stopped licensing their OS.

If HP follows similarly, how would they avoid losing profit as Apple had during the Mac clone era?

Back then, Apple was hurting bad and they really were only 1 of 2 OS makers for personal computers (Linux wasn't really that widespread). WebOS is in a crowded field. Yes, they will lose on 'possible' sales, but those sales only are possible if more people adopt WebOS. They'd be smart to grow the pie and not just look at getting the whole muffin (or bagel for my East Coast friends.

I wish WebOS not become like AndroidOS. I prefer WebOS like the way it is now. Exclusive to one manufacturer, but I also hope HP will pickup the pace to make better device.

Licensing WebOS to PC vendors will be a good deal, but for handphone.. I think WebOS will lost its soul like AndroidOS now. Fragmented OS and lack of latest update for many many device on market.

Lots of AndroidOS device already flood the market, and lots of them not even works properly. I have lots of experience with Android devices. Some really good. But lots just offer powerfull cpu & big screen & nice camera, but suffers in performance & battery life.

I just played with Samsung Infuse 4G. Phone with biggest screen I ever know, but personally, I can't even say it is a phone. Too big for pocket. It is just offer beautiful big screen, but Froyo already obsolete, and speaker mute problem, overheat, camera problem really trashed that big and expensive phone.

rooted and properly configured Android is rock solid at least in my case. I am using my Samsung Fascinate with Froyo with all the bloatware removed and customized to my liking and requirements. Battery lasts me two days easy and I love my 4" SAMOLED. The phone is a perfect size for me. I would not even consider a phone with less than 4" I don't wear tight pants so I have plenty of space in my pocket. I can't be any happier and I will install Gingerbread ROM very soon.

Rooted and using custom ROM is the one that I always hate on mobile phone. Because I already done that several time ago, start from some Windows mobile 6 phones and some Android phones, mine and friends.

Yes it is surely can tweaks or even upgrade the ROM without official one, but surely it isn't what I want, because once you use custom ROM, then you surely can do OTA update for original ROM.

I much prefer OTA update compared to full flashed ROM, no data loss and save lots of time compared download full rom then flash it manually.

I've played Facinate, it is a very nice slab phone, I can say it is nicer then iPhone 4. It is thin and nice design, I can say it is the best Samsung design so far. Surely better then Infuse 4G.

About Super AMOLED screen from samsung, I tend to say the color produced by the screen looks not natural at all, especially the green color. somewhat like it isn't the corect color. So far.. for screen I still prefer iPhone 4 screen, 940x680 w/ IPS looks better.

I think rather than licensing out webOS, alternatively companies like Samsung and HTC should be contract out to manufacture the hardware for HP with them getting a little piece of the pie.

I concur.

HP should be perfectly able to manufacture bad **** phones. I know they like to grow and go the Google way, but it's more profitable to go the Apple way, being on your own, controlling the experience.

Get it together HP. Don't make the Palm mistakes again...you should know by now.

HP has no chance to become Apple of smartphones it will not happen in our lifetime. Licensing is the only way to survive in my honest opinion. WebOS is powerful but it's too late to the market already saturated by Android and iOS especially when you are an underdog such as HP when it comes to the apps and mediocre hardware over and over with no successful form factor.

The reason that iphone is so successful is that the form factor meets most people's demands and abundance of the apps. For me it's the bigger screen is the requirement. I would personally have to have 4"+ AMOLED+ at least and I don't care about physical keyboards anymore since they make my fingers hurt not to mention that I can type much quicker with some of the best Android virtual keyboards.

Pre form factor is way too dated and not appealing to most consumers these days with the worst keyboard in the industry that ttypess lik thiss. I tried Pre Plus once and I said there is no way I can use this junk. I liked my Pixi Plus but the screen was way too tiny for me. Now I have no idea how I used it before with such a tiny screen. I didn't realize it until my brother bought Droid X and my eyes opened up quickly. I will not look at anything unless it's a slim slab super phone.

Win Win situation, Samsung is able to push Phones faster to the market then Palm/HP (yeah i still call it Palm).

AND TOUCH ONLY PHONES (i dont need that Keyboard + i like the Pixi form factor more i dont like sliding keyboards if they force me to use a keyboard).

The key to a super stable, superior device is to have full control of software AND hardware. Anything less produces problems, such as inefficient power consumption, incompatibility issues, speed/performance problems, etc.
Say what you want about the "cool" factor, or advertising: This is the key that made, and keeps, Apple successful. I was so hopeful that HP is getting it, especially from the comments made recently here:


But if HP goes this route, and Samsung or anyone else becomes a THIRD party (carrier is already the second) then I may finally jump to iOS. Apple has enough clout to tell carriers what to do re:updates, etc. Steve says no, and there's no getting around it. Wish HP had that kind of resolve.

I'm currently using a Veer, and will definitely get Pre3 and try it... Veer is actually pretty terrific. Form factor is superb, I can type faster than on the Pre. Hardware is rock solid. HP can get this right, if they just FOLLOW THE MODEL OF SUCCESS. =Apple.


As long as there is a propper keyboard I will be happy.

Well if we're ever going to see webOS toasters, then yeah, HP will have to license the OS. They're not going to make toasters; but for Pete's sake, HP should make the phones/tablets/PCs exclusively. Let Samsung or whomever make everything else: washer/dryers, ACs, fridges, microwaves, etc. Heck, I'm waiting for GM to license webOS.

Samsung should the last company WebOS fans should want. All of their phones at some point have serious critical issues.

That picture of the Samsung phone gives me the creeps. It looks too much like the iPhone and that center button and back button just scare me for a webOS phone. Granted this is just a mock up but it's scary to think Samsung can mess this up BIG time. I say give it time HP. Make some killer hardware... you can do it.

Another deja vu for you:

Sony makes a licensed version called the Clie NX-200 which is far superior to anything HP can put together, but then strands it in favor of concentrating on DRM content instead of awesome hardware.

I would never personally own a Samsung device. I thought that moving on from horrible hardware was a priority, and that cheep feel from the original pre. Samsung hardware never feels of any kind of quality. They can make some screens for HP, but that's it for me. The only other company I would want to see making webOS devices is going to be HTC.

Instead of HP licensing out webOS they should hire Samsung to build hardware for them. Licensing out webOS is not a good idea. It ends up being a mess like Android and scare away the enterprise market.

I'd like to think we'd see more developer activity because of this. There might also be more homebrew attention in regards to getting webOS on other hardware. I think it'd be win-win. :-)

WebOS on my TV, on my bluray, on my camera, on my phone, on my printer, on my Roku, on my pc. And all of them working together seamlessly.

That's what we get by HP licensing WebOS.

I haven't seen this in a post, but if it happens doesn't this mean that WebOS would most likely be on Sprint?

If Samsung is comfortable enough putting it on enough phones. I personally wouldn't put it on any of mine given how its proven itself in the market.

Oh also, who said that samsung was going to make a phone. HP wants webos on your fridge (samsung already makes an android based fridge), toaster, alarm clock, television, etc. As a huge asian conglomerate samsung makes all of these things. Imagine every appliance that samsung makes being connected to the web. Obviously some would make no sense, but it makes the point.

Wouldn't licensing WebOS on other hardware most likely mean that it would come to Sprint?

wether you like samsung or not, i think it canbe a win win situation for webos

Finally Good News, but honestly I think Nokia and HP would have been the best thing for Webos, HP and Nokia. I love the webos but I am currently using an Nokia N8.Why? It is because even thought Webos is an awesome OS (best OS available), Nokia phones have more features and better hardware than that which HP is producing and not well as support. Nokia Mircosoft deal was a step backwards for Nokia. If HP had teamed up with Nokia who also have all those patents that would have kill Windows mobile,Android and IOS with just one shot.

No choice of "Maybe"?
I'd prefer that HP put all their scale to use and build some great hardware to go with the Web OS.
I believe that someday it may be possible for hardware and software to be separate with phones but look at pc's and how they compare to Apple computers.
Look at what Apple has done with the phone by tying the hardware and software together. If Windows Phone 7 Mango can dramatically improve over where Win Phone is now, then maybe there is hope for HP to share?
To me, this is just all around bad - HP needs to concentrate on making a good marriage with Web OS to hardware.

Unless Bradley was right......

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