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HP TouchPad coming to Australia on August 15th 39

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 26 Jul 2011 6:42 am EDT

The HP TouchPad is on its way down under to the Land of Oz, said HP Australia yesterday. With most of the larger countries in Europe already touting the webOS tablet device, and North America obviously holding the TouchPad with high regard to the potential of the platform, HP is now pushing to take the rest of the world. On August 15th, less than 3 weeks away, WebOS Internals leader Rod Whitby and the entirety of the country-continent of Australia will finally be getting the HP TouchPad. But it won't be without a hefty pricetag: $599 for 16GB and $699 for 32GB, which is actually slightly more expensive than the iPad 2 in Australia.

It's taking a bit of time to get these devices officially launched through these regional channels, but we're glad to continue seeing HP work to make the TouchPad globally available. To all of our Australian visitors, will you be getting a TouchPad when it's released next month?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald; Via: Twitter (WebOS Internals);



Now back to the good part!

...This is the tale of the HP PRE 3!!!!

Jonny Depp
Giant Squid

HP we're really gonna need you to focus up...

Ok let me try another device.
The veer is now available and it's the tiniest phone ever made.
It's cute, tiny cudly and a shame
It aint Mattel brand name

I'm really gonna need you to focus up...

... YES!!! when is the pre3 coming to the US?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

How does HP justify pricing this higher than the iPad2?

because its a better product than the ipad2, but it'll probably sell for the Same price when it finally does arrive.

Wow. Australia really IS a land where dreams come true!

You sure you're not talking about the Netherlands?

Already have mine coming from the good ol US of A. Paid Au$614.00 for a HP Touchpad 32GB with HP case and screen cover. Via amazon and they didn't even charge me the tax that they charge in the USA. I have a friend over there that will be back in OZ within the week. Can't wait and this also includes international warranty via HP, as per their brochures listing them including this warranty if purchased in America. I set my ship to address to my friend in the USA and my billing address to me in OZ. So they didn't charge me tax.

Happy me.

What a waste. HP really expects the tablet to sell at these prices?

Does anyone feel like we're in the calm of Pre 3 news before the storm? We have to be RIGHT UP to a release date and carrier announcement...

I'm quickly losing interest in the pre3.

I've been playing with other smartphones to replace my pre and I'm finding I like a virtual keyboard better.

I'm now realizing how annoying it is to go out of landscape mode, back into portrait mode, open the slider to the keyboard just to type in a few letters. I hope HP will surprise us all with a slate phone available on all carriers. If they don't... I'm really liking the HTC EVO phones and the Samsung Galaxy Phones.

i have a iPhone 32gb still in warranty till Xmas if anybody wants one as I just upgraded to the Samsung galaxy s ii, this is the iPhone killer. I take it of charge at 8am in the morning and average between 35 to 45 calls per day in my IT business with Bluetooth on and at midnight when I charge it it still has around 35% to 40% charge remaining. If you want a great phone this is it , the iPhone4 with Bluetooth on would/might last to maybe 3 or 4 pm so I would always have to use the car charger all the time, even though I also brought a car charger for the Samsung galaxy s 2 I don't think I will ever use it. I also have a HTC desire so that is why I chose to try out the Samsung.

So if if you are a casual user this phone will last you for days on 1 charge, or a heavy user like me easy 1 full day use.

wait the prices will drop, so dont worry or fixate on prices. But when prices drop we will complain its not selling good. By the way, everything in Australia is expensive, got to do with the fact, there are 20-30million people in the entire continent.

...like, say, Apple-like expensive? Gosh, how on earth one sane person can try to rationalize against the complaint, that "a TP is more expensive than iPad 2, how insane", by saying "everything" is expensive there?? Well apparently NOT "everything", if an iPad can be priced lower... Got it? It is just unbelievable stupid on HP's part, just as stupid as pricing TP originally as high as iPad2, only much worse.

...what make you think that "prices would drop" because it is logical thing to do? Why, they did sooo many "logical" moves since they bought Palm...

your right about things being expensive here in Australia, like you said its to do with our population being on 20 odd million compared to the US being 300 million, I have been to the US a couple of times now and have found that in my IT business that computer related goods I can buy here in Australia from companies like HP, Toshiba etc sell less at a retail store in the US then what we can buy here wholesale before our Gst.

An they call us the lucky country

what about the touchpad OTA update?

Yes ! When is that coming ? Today is already 26th July, already beyond 3 weeks since the release on 1st July 2011, and so many issues needed to be resolved !

Singapore on August 12

Also apparently exclusive to Harvey Norman:

Given the pricing (1AUD is around 1.08USD at the moment) and that exclusivity arrangement, it makes little sense for me to purchase locally rather than from Amazon.

And retailers wonder why Australians parallel import!


That above is serious. It's the Pre all over. Not sure i'd be in a rush to launch this out to the "rest of the world."

As with the Pre, it's not the marketing or a sprint exclusive that will be the culprits. It's buggy software mixed with low quality build.

Edit: Looks like webOSroundup has made it official. http://www.webosroundup.com/2011/07/exclusive-hp-quickly-replacing-selec... From the comments on that article and around the net, it appears HP has a problem. Sure, HP might replace it, but it'll just happen again.

Judging from the photographs published in that thread, those are some badly treated TouchPads that got the cases cracked. Those users are lucky this is a launch device to be getting replacements. One year down the line and those warranties would have been voided.

Yep, heard the same thing a few years ago. "You Pre minus owners are mistreating your devices." Or "you people have to be trolls, i'm still using my launch day Pre"

Top 5 phones not to get just posted on CNET. Yep, there's the lastest webOS phone on there.


Wonder if anyone at HP is paying attention or has a clue?

HP needs a Gordon Ramsey guy in charge. This stuff shouldn't even make it out of the kitchen.

"Come here you, everyone, stop what you're doing and come here. Look at it. It looks like a **** Pre. It creaks. It's ***ing plastic. It's just not good enough (as it's thrown to the floor). **** off!"

"Wonder if anyone at HP is paying attention or has a clue? "\

...rest assured, answer to both your questions is NO.

I swear there must be a couple of guys in the forum of which half of their posts over the past two years consist of "I have a launch day Pre and have not had that problem" or some variant of it.

LOL. Don't mention the Veer being on CNET's Phones-to-Avoid list or your thread will quickly be closed due to arguing or that someone said something bad about webOS without any hard evidence to back it up. Meanwhile, feel free to speculate about the potential for the TP sprouting HDMI-out capability via software update all you want.

Also, I love how on the forums, if someone has a problem with their device then there's a group of users who feel like it contributes to the discussion to say "I've never had that problem." It's ridiculous.

The forums here seem to exist, first and foremost, to minimize or hide any negative issues with webOS devices. webOS seems to be mobile technology's endangered species or disadvantaged minority. You can't do anything to upset this fragile ecosystem of uber-senstivie webOS owners.

But now people are posting how much they enjoy the forums now! The tenor is nice! Rainbows come out! Its friendly!


Apparently you've been confused over the real purpose of the forums. Its not to inform. Its to build self esteem!

Don't forget, that all "negative" people in the forums are immediately attacked and dismissed because they have low post counts...reason being is that they have pretty much BANNED anyone with a lengthy post count who dares to get out of line.

Also, every site that isn't falling over WebOS is "a joke" and is being paid off by Apple. You're allowed to question and insult anyone's integrity who isn't a zealous acolyte, but if they do the same, they're trolling and are banned or have their posts "cleaned".

Oh, well.

As evidenced by the fact that there is obviously a significant problem with the TP case cracking in a particular place like the Pre did, however, you wouldn't know it from the forums. There has bee no official mention of it on the front page. In the past, this would have received a lot of attention.

Even the Smartphone Experts people who have been the most neutral about Palm/HP have left - Dieter and The Keith Newman. The Palm zealots in the forums have been given moderator status in order to quell any negativity. Meanwhile, an HPerson is given carte blanche to call out critics in every single post.

Yep, that about sums it up.

Webos Round Up did an article on it, with a quote from HP. Not so much a secret now.

No one will be able to blame "bad marketing" on this product not taking off, right?

Atleast one can talk here freely, unlike in forums, where half the comments get deleted.

So, how did calroth's predictions fare? http://www.precentral.net/hp-announce-touchpad-aussies-july-26#comment_434719

HP Pre3 (exclusive to Telstra) <-- FAIL
HP Veer (exclusive to Telstra) <-- FAIL
HP TouchPad 3G (exclusive to Telstra, note also "3G") <-- FAIL
HP TouchPad Wi-Fi <-- PASS
Everything sold at generic Aussie retail outlets <-- FAIL
App Catalog open for Australia <-- INCONCLUSIVE

Honestly I dont think I will be at that price, no. I'll wait for a white one to come out in the US and import it.

The exchange rate is favourable, too. =)


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