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HP TouchPad gets a $100 price drop in the US 142

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 10 Aug 2011 2:39 pm EDT

If you missed out on the $100 instant savings for the HP TouchPad from over the weekend, the company has extended that offer by quite a long time. As of today, the HP TouchPad is getting a price reduction of $100 on both models for as long as the device is on the shelves. No longer will you be paying $499 for the 16GB and $599 for the 32GB models of the tablet, but HP has lowered those prices to $399 and $499, respectively.

What does this mean for the sales numbers of the HP TouchPad? After all, you don't drop the price on a device that is selling well - do you? According to Stephen DiFranco, Senior VP of HP Personal Systems Group in the Americas, and an email that was sent to us, HP was "pleased with customer response." If that's true, then apparently they weren't pleased enough, and the recent mega-savings that were offered around the country probably showed them the type of sales they were missing out on by keeping the price up as high as the competition. This price drop does exactly what he says later on in the same email; it allows the TouchPad "to be even more price competitive in the marketplace", a market that is becoming a bit crowded as more tablets continue to be launched this year. 

One of the major concerns with the original price-point of the HP TouchPad was that customers would likely still choose the iPad 2 over the TouchPad, simply because it was the same price and not yet established as a solid device. "Why get a TouchPad when I can just get an iPad?" That's no longer the case now, though; the TouchPad sitting at $100 cheaper than the iPad 2 and even some Android tablets, many more people are likely to be drawn into the webOS ecosystem. With positive reviews and advertisements continuing to be publicized on the web and elsewhere, the device is more than getting enough attention from your every-day consumer. This price could be the ticket to getting webOS into more hands before the Pre 3 release.

We want to hear what you think, though: Will you be buying an HP TouchPad now that it's $100 cheaper? Click through the break to read the entire email from DiFranco, and then let us know what you think in the comments below. No word yet on the rest of the world or if the 4G device will be getting a reduced price as well, but it's probably best not to put it past them to make more changes soon.

I bring you great news today on one of our most exciting and talked-about products – the HP TouchPad with webOS. 

As you may be aware, over the weekend, we offered a $100 instant-savings promotion through both our consumer and commercial channels.  Despite the very short runway, we were pleased with customer response and, as a result, have made the decision to implement a $100 price drop on the U.S. list price of the HP TouchPad, enabling both HP and our channel partners to be even more price competitive in the marketplace.  Effective immediately, the HP TouchPad 16GB Wi-Fi will now be available for $399.99 and the HP TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi will now be available for $499.99.

This price drop will supersede any existing pricing actions, such as the current $50 instant rebate in the U.S., and is applicable in all consumer and commercial channels.  Customers who purchased the TouchPad before the price reduction (and have activated their HP TouchPad) are eligible for a coupon that offers up to $50 for applications in the TouchPad App Catalog. Please reference the upcoming Partner Thread newsletter for details.

I also wanted to call your attention to the first over-the-air (OTA) update for webOS 3.0 that was made available last week to TouchPad users in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, France and Germany.  This is the first of what will be a steady stream of improvements to optimize TouchPad performance, build out capabilities and bolster the stability of the webOS platform with the goal of enabling our mutual customers to drive more, innovate more and deliver more.  Some of the updates include:

  • Email:  Faster scrolling. Better image rendering. Improved management of multiple emails in Draft and Outbox views.
  • Photos: Set wallpapers. Handle individual photos and albums with greater speed and reliability.
  • Calendar: Faster ‘Just Type’ event search and creation.
  • Audio/Video: Reduced audio skipping when the device is performing other operations.
  • Autocorrect: Shorter response times and improved accuracy.
  • Rotation: Sensitivity decreased to prevent over-rotation.

Lastly, I wanted to keep you updated on our search for the next Americas Channel Chief.  I appreciate the input many of you have provided to date and can report that we have a solid list of candidates that we’re currently exploring.  I hope to make a decision fairly soon.

I appreciate the work you’re doing in adopting and executing your mobility practices, and want to thank you for your efforts as we continue to drive momentum for the TouchPad in the market.



Source: HP


...at least they are finally getting it.

Sweet jesus I stil have a chance to get it at a good price!!

I would imagine you'll see more discounting going into the holidays.

My friends ask me all the time why they should get a TouchPad over the iPad and i say things like Synergy, true multi-tasking, unobtrusive notifications, integration with webOS phones, etc and they don't care.

When I add price to that mix, it's finally something they see as a benefit.

I love my TouchPad and chose it over the iPad 2 at the same price point. That being said, I'm more attached to webOS than the average person.

WebOS should be so great that people want to pay more for it. Look at the iPad. Somehow Apple made that device so sought after that people are buying it by the truckload and they aren't even using the damn thing to its full potential.

That's mostly marketing. **** watching their commercials even make *me* want to get one and I can't stand Apple.

no thats having a truly successful ecosystem of devices. what do we have so far? a veer that nobody cares about and a touchpad......

It's not marketing. The iPad is fast, light and stable with a huge number of extremely useful apps that more than make up for it not having Flash. The Touchpad is (currently) a crashy web browser and very basic PDA, and the browser runs at half the speed of the iPad's.


And the UK? :'|

I'm with you. I'm from the US, but I want these prices to start benefiting other countries.

Yeah, it sucks.

I'm sure it's gonna come to the rest of the world.

..."in the coming months", of course!

Now HP should focus on non-US market as well.

The hefty price tag in Europe (479€, thats ~679 $ !!! ) is a shame.

You guys in the UK should start a riot over it.


And I am not bashing the TP. I am just saying that in my opinion, even if the Touchpad were flawless, say it matched or outperformed the iPad on all fronts, it still would not sell. I do not feel webOS is for average users. I feel it is too complicated (yes I understand it is the most intuitive and easy to use once you know how) for the average user.

After doing iPhone support for a while, I feel you might be right. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in the market, though.

Yea. Why pay for them when you can go loot them. JKJK my GF is from England.

But seriously. HP knew dang well they needed these price points on July 1st. Did they really think the TP was going to sell? Even without the lag it wouldnt sell anywhere close to what HP planned.

i was just kidding... but you guys over there dont even have stuff like apps that are over here right? i would imagine you guys deserve the discount more with less features if that's the case.

HP was hoping it would sell and they could make tons of money. If they pulled it off, Jon and his successor would have been heroes. Since they didn't, they did the best they could and lowered the price and profit margin dropped to very slim margin. The psychology of sales and dropping prices is powerful. I was very tempted to buy a 2nd TP with the Staples + HP deal. For what? Hopes of selling it on ebay for a bit of profit? (not really rational. But I was tempted)

"(...) and they could make tons of money. If they pulled it off, Jon and his successor would have been heroes."

IF they pulled it off, there would be NO successor to Rubinstein, he was replaced because he was delusional and disconnected from the market he was supposed to sell to.

Irrational part of your post, is what it is. Irrational. But according to Game Theory, consumers "en masse" behave as they were rational and making rational choices. Maybe that's the bit that was missing in the whole Veer/TP/missing Pre 3 puzzle

No Surprise.
I bought a 32GB one last Friday, but I'm going to return it. If anyone here wants it, please let me know. I'll sell it for $450 plus shipping.

Aren't you still within the return period?

I am. I figured if someone here wants it I'll sell it, but I don't mind returning it either.

And score a nice $50 profit.

No, they were not please according to what they told CRN before the initial $100 discount.

["The amount we've sold sadly isn't near expectations," one HP partner told CRN on Thursday.]


It's good to see them correct the price.

That's one HP partner. Could be a single store in the middle of nowhere for all we know. That is not a statement from HP, but instead is possibly a statement from a retail store that sells the TouchPad.

Granted, it doesn't sound good, but we can't assume that all stores and sales channels everywhere are doing badly because of this statement. Wait for the numbers from HP.

Stop with the excuses. If it were only one store there would be no need to discount the prices for the entire US less than one month after your "hard launch".

No excuse. The fact is the article said "a partner". That's one single partner, which could be one single store.

Again, it doesn't sound good, so there's more than enough reason to believe that HP has changed the price because sales weren't doing very well before the instant discounts, but were doing better after. We still do not know who this partner was or which "partner" they represent. Until we know for certain, there is no reason to make it into a big deal.

It would be like saying that the iPad sucks because a tech blogger that you read said that they didn't like it. We know it's not true, because the iPad is a fine device, but still there are people out there who have different experiences. There are also HP "partners" out there that aren't having a great experience with the TouchPad - meanwhile there are plenty of others that are having an excellent experience.

"... it doesn't sound good, so there's more than enough reason to believe that HP has changed the price because sales weren't doing very well before the instant discounts..."

Exactly my point. So why are you harping on the "it's only one partner" line if you agree with the point?

If it were selling well, prices would not need to drop.

My view is that they they are opening up a price point for a Touchpad 2 or the Opal device.

3 weeks after launch?

Settle down there Bevis. Lord, you'd thought HP came and pee'd on your lawn. Sheesh

Meh, a counter point carries more weight than a pointless insult. But I do hope you feel better.

This slams the door on a 7 inch tablet. After all, what is HP going to price it at? $300? HP probably can't even make the device for anything less than that. If the parts cost $250 then you simply can not sell it for $300 retail. It would be "profitless revenue".

"profitless revenue" is all they can hope for with current round of webOS devices (including Pre 3), and it is CRUCIAL for HP to understand, that the only way they can provide a lifeline for webOS and sustain it for this critical period is to GIVE UP ON PROFITS for current devices, and go above and beyond to GET THE SALES NUMBERS AND ADOPTION.


Yeah... when you have one tablet that isn't selling well, the logical thing to do is introduce several more. ...oh wait!

Calm down buddy.

Follow this flowchart, it may help you out:


Another "partner" QVC sold out of all of their bundles....

Come on... QVC never actually sells out of anything, they just say they do to get you on the phone to beg for one more so you don't miss out on their awesome deal, and guess what? They always one one more!

It was in Amazons top 5 gadget list for a while. It's still in the top 10. They're just the largest online retailer in the world. I'm sure people like Taharka would still argue with that point though. Some people would argue with a brick.

It was in the top 5 during the sale. This IS good. It also spent most of it's life so far hovering in the 20's. Perspective.

it is 24th currently in "Electronics". Hmmm, still better than I thought. Only, in the 25th place, there is ORIGINAL Galaxy tab....

Also for some reasons Asus Transformer is on 31st place in this ranking, but is first place if you look in Electronics->Tablets - so BIG pinch of salt suggested, as clearly there's something fishy going on in this ranking.

"All we need now are applications and the TouchPad will start selling," said the source, who requested anonymity.

i do think it's interesting that he says all they need is apps mostly because as an original pre user i totally do not think there will be any flood of apps coming. They never came for the Pre and i haven't seen much adoption other then the hobbyist developers. The mainstream companies seem uninterested or are taking a wait and see approach and those are the apps that bring and keep people. The hobbyist apps appeal more toward the tech geeks which aren't most potential consumers.

"That's one HP partner."
true, it was.

"Could be a single store in the middle of nowhere for all we know."
...sure.... Them CRN folks have travelled the country wide and long, to find that only one retailer who was having troubles selling TPs for insane prices, everywhere else they were selling like hot cakes! LOL

Nice Price. Too bad I still can't find a viable reason to own a tablet.

I'm not sure anyone has a good reason, but they are simply a joy to use. I've almost completely replaced my laptop with my TouchPad, but my laptop could have done nearly anything my TouchPad is capable of.

I just feel much cooler using a TouchPad though, I must say.

Trust me. I felt the same way until I purchased my 32gb TouchPad (granted I got it for $300 through coupon magicry & a Visa gift card). It's extremely efficient, and definitely nice for the workplace. I know the HP App Catalog is a bit underwhelming so far, but that will change as time progresses. Even the iPad had a limited amount of top-quality apps its first few months of existence. For a good while I wanted to jump the webOS ship (as I'm still a Sprint Pre- user), but I'm glad I've stuck it out. I've yet to find anything compelling that's Android-based, and iOS just doesn't multitask very well. I feel like webOS truly stands out on its own.

"I know the HP App Catalog is a bit underwhelming so far, but that will change as time progresses."

More appologists for webOS. We've been saying this exact line since summer 2009. And it never came.

It's not gonna happen, buddy. Sorry.

It's only been out in the wild for a little more than a month. We'll see what happens.

we already see - but with that price reduction, the tide might turn

I bought my TouchPad just because it was webOS, but I really do use it all the time, and that's without text editing. My laptop is just too heavy to take everywhere, and I'm always in fear of crashing the hard drive. What I love about my tablet is that it is so ready to use all the time and in spite of all it's problems (and yes, there are problems) it really does work very well.

When I can edit text I'll actually be making money with it (and yes, it should have had that capabillity out of the box) and using it even more.

Last night I fell asleep with the kindle app open and woke up seven hours later to find it had turned off it's screen and still had 87% battery!

Although the prices have dropped dramatically I still have no buyers remorse, and money is really tight (and has been for the last couple of years) for me right now. I made a choice to support the platform so when I heard real news about the release of the TouchPad I started putting money in an envelope each week and on launch day I purchased the 'Pad, keyboard and two touchstones. I also purchased nearly $100.00 in apps that were TouchPad specific to support developers. All without a dent in my budget, and I don't have any pesky credit cards to pay off, in fact, I haven't used a credit card in 3 years!

This thing may or may not fly, but I do feel good about supporting the ecosystem in my small way.

That's funny. I did the same thing. Fell asleep reading on the TouchPad and woke up in the morning with it next to me, battery level still intact, ready to display the morning news. Glad I'm not the only one doing that. The TouchPad is an amazing device, I don't even use my Mac laptop or mini at home much any more (except to upload photos from my digital camera) and I'm finding new uses for it every day. E-mails (work and home), photos, Web searches, reading/Kindle, music, radio (RedSox gameday audio broadcast), social media (for work and personal), etc. The TouchPad has become a fixture on our kitchen table during the day. I bought a second one last weekend for the household, taking advantage of the savings. Other family members have the iPad..it's like a toy compared to the Touchpad, in my opinion.

I use one at work to take meeting minutes. I use TapNote to write the minutes, then I copy/paste to Typewriter Beta to put them into a text file that drops right into Word on the PC. Since we are Mil-Aero, I can't hook the device to the company intranet (at least not yet), so that makes transferring the stuff a USB event, though I could get TapNote Pro and email them if the intranet was available. I could also use Box.net, but that would also violate company security policies tied to our Mil-Aero work. With the iPad, I would be screwed, but that's another story.

Try those apps and see how they work for you. Typewriter Beta can be used alone and has some simple text formatting language for a more "Rich" text like appearance.

...you really should have bought Asus Transformer, for less money and better specified, also you would be served well with all the functionality you are currently missing and/or "working around", you could also benefit from a slew of alternative keyboard software (Swype, 8pen, TSwipe, SlideIt etc....), that makes inputting text on a touch screen fun, cool & actually quite productive experience...

As simple as that. For people who have REAL usage for tablets, there are already better and cheaper alternatives.

I bought my 16gb version from Staples for 299. I have ipad 2 as well and honestly Touchpad is more fun to use than ipad. the keyboard is amazing and HP is genius in introducing the numeric keys. Most of the passwords are strong passwords and having them all in front of you is extremely useful and time saving which you cannot appreciate until you start using it.

My only complaint is that the web browser cannot load foreign fonts (hindi). Anyone know how to download those fonts?

How does the TouchPad pictured have 7 items on the quick launch bar? Mine only holds 5.

Methinks there's some photoshop at work.

That's an old press rendering.

would be sweet too though if they had kept they kept the just type search icon on the quick launch bar too, so i wouldnt have to move my hand all the way up from the bottom of the tablet...just a quick thumb tap and voila! keyboard...i find myself looking for apps more than searching for it on the Touchpad then my Pre...oh well maybe future update:

icon like the render or a keyboard icon like they did for the mojo apps emulator

Derek or Tim please ban this GlennBeck character. I have never heard one useful comment from him. I appreciate the poster that can be genuine about the downsides and pitfalls of webOS, just for the sake of being subjective, but this guy is over the top annoying. When he starts bragging about how the readers of Precentral hate him and how Tim should be including him in his blogs, its time to go. Maybe he can find a home at Android Central or TIPB.

I am sad that you have this anger toward me. Asking for people to be banned just for their opinion and for being sarcastic makes me even more sad.

I love your opinion, and would never ask for it to be removed from this site. I hope in the future we can agree on some topics and even become friends!

Hah. Nice. I wouldn't put it past you to have made up that character just to post that and then give a retort to it.

If i'm not mistaken, you can simply open the window with all your apps, press and hold the app you want to place on your quick launch bar, and slide it there (almost like copy and pasting). I accidently removed one from the quick launcher and placed a different app there.

It looks bad for them dropping the price now rather than starting out with a lower price. Looks like a failure in some people's eyes.

looks worse if you cant sell them at original price.

I wonder if the would EVER announce the release of the Pre 3 PHONE, if that would help their sales. It is, after all, the companion piece to this device.

A really good point! I'm relly looking forward to using the two together, and I'm wondering what developers will come up with utilizing touch to share...

I'd be really cool if HP released a keyboard that used TTS too, so you touch your phone/pad...toaster, whatever to the corner of your keyboad and Whammo!, the document or page or picture on your dedktop screen is now on your mobile device... that'd be really cool...

"(...) It is, after all, the companion piece to this device."
...yeah, but you mean, TouchPad is a companion piece to Pre 3, right?

Because that is the REAL priority list here. I can bet my money on it, that ratio of people having iPad and NOT having iPhone to the people who have iPhone & DO NOT have iPad is something like 1:100.

And ratio of people NOT HAVING any smartphone, but having ANY tablet is, I guess, something like 0:infinity.

...just another "little omission" on HP books

Got the Staples deal along with the HP discount last Saturday. Had to "settle" for the 32 gbversion since the 16 was sold out. The $200 discounts made this purchase decision easy for me, otherwise I wouldn't have made the effort. We all have our price point and I think HP has discovered the touchpad's.
I finally had a chance to give it a whirl last night and I am very pleased, especially after updating webOS to the latest version. Maybe this'll get the wife from jonesing about that fruity phone and tablet.

i scored my 32gb for $385 and we got a 16gb for 275 my mom. We got them through HP they screwed up and gave us to many rebate

aha.. nice... bought it in Germany for $650 (16GB) :-/ .. doesn't feel right/good..

I am a long time Pre user and would like to see a HP TouchPad in germany. So I went to 4 large retailers (MediaMarkt, Saturn, ...) and was asking for the device. Only 1 shop had a device at all, all other shops did know about it. And that device was unusable, because I had to be registered first, which was impossible without a Wifi connection. So the device was always asking for a registration....

If they try to sell their device this way, they will fail. Very sad, because I like my Pre and was willing to give the TouchPad a chance.

The same is true for the Veer. I haven't succeeded in finding it in any shop. They even don't know the device at all and the shops are wondering if HP or Palm is still building mobiles.

Tim, you forgot this in the article....

It is now apparent that GlennBeck, a well liked & respected P|C comment contributor was right all along.

GlennBeck, who is not afraid to swim against the current, was one of the first to respectfully argue against the opinions of P|C writers and comment contributors that the TouchPad could compete with iPad2.

All that is left to see is when GlennBeck's prediction that the TouchPad will end up retailing anywhere from $150 - $200 less than the iPad 2, will come true.


Thanks Tim, just pop that in when you get a chance, no need to give me a writer credit.

Seems some folks hate it when the truth is pointed out.

Wow, Just wow!

I had to give you a thumbs up in spite of the negatives you had already gotten. Folks need to lighten up and realize there are always two sides, the side you hear and the side you are ignoring.

Not here. Here you speak positivity about webOS or you're a troll/(insert clever play on the word fan mixed with a non-webOS platform).

I know this is not webos related but I think you are lame.

Dear Bigriggs,

Thank you. I honestly hope you feel better now that you've gotten that off your chest.

Warm Regards,


p.s. +1...please pay it forward.

wow, I do feel better! Watch out GlennBeck!

Glad you feel better. I hope you get a few more +1s so the feeling lasts a bit longer.

You're only considered a troll if you don't own a webOS device and have no interest in the platform but you get your kicks from coming in here poking people with troll sticks.

It's the tone of the comments that gets people thumbs down and flamed.

Saying: "I think that HP should enter the market at a lower price point due to the difference size of the hardware and the amount of apps at launch"

is completely different then saying.

"HP, webOS, Jon Rubinstein's mother are doomed! This POS will never sell because they are crazy azz fools! Trying to maintain a premium price for this ish is freakin stupid! Apple is the master (slobber) of all things mobile and they have all the apps and eco-sytem they just can't be beat!"

I'm definitely a webOS fan but I can handle constructive well reasoned, properly tonal criticism of HP. There are plenty of things that can be criticized with out sounding like a pure @zz as GlennBeck did in the previous post and your complaining of being victimized for your pretty negative and non-constructive statements.

Uhm...I don't feel victimized at all. What I said about the attitudes here is real but it is NOT a complaint on my part (because I really don't care what people think about other people on a public comment area of a blog). I'll keep posting EXACTLY how I feel about whatever the topic is regardless of how it makes you or anyone feel.

Flaming, thumbs-downing, name calling and the reasons why they are done...I'll leave those topics for you. I'm here to talk about the products and the company behind the products and will be as negative or positive as "I" see fit.

Since you responded to me you obviously care a little bit. :-) And since you mention how you (and others) are treated it seems to me a statement about being victimized. You are absolutely correct in the fact that you can say whatever you want. But I think there is something to be said about your tone not the content. But that is purely my opinion and you are free to disregard it.

To set the record straight I have never, ever, ever flamed someone or called them a name in the comments as it is childish and chicks4!t. (check our conversations for reference) But I do give my opinion about what someone has said and how they express themselves which is my right. :-)

I'm responding to you specifically because you started out with @Taharka. That's it. You are free to believe that I care about this or that I feel victimized. It won't make it true in my case. As I've mentioned, I will continue to comment the way I see fit. By they way, when I even mention those issues, it is in response to a post about those issues. It's not the same as me going of and creating a post about them. Someone mention the treatment, I confirm it. You really shouldn't read much more into it than that...but that's up to you.

You are correct. It is your option to give an opinion about other posts, just as it is my option to correct you when you misinterpret mine.

Years ago Wade Dickinson decided that anyone who refers to himself in the third person should never be listened to. Further, Wade Dickinson thinks that when anyone does this they are blowhards and full of hot air! ;-)


Please nobody tell my wife.

Excellent move on HP's part. You want to compete in a tight market, you build a better product and sell it cheaper than your competition. I think the Touchpad has a bright future already, and this just helps bring in more adopters to the platform.

Well done!

As usual no love for Europe :(
It's still an excellent move though.
Good for you guys, enjoy it :)

Where's my 399 Euro Touchpad?

Apparently if you live in England, you just wait till night then break into the nearest Tech Store and steal it. That will save you the 399.

Just make sure you burn down the building after you are done.

Just move to the US, just like your boy Russell Brand advertised. You can still keep in touch with your roots too - I've seen him do it.

Price skimming IS a valid marketing strategy.

I want my 50$ back! :P

never an early adopter again HP. I knew I should of waited until 2nd gen model - if HP even makes it there. WebOS could be over a lot sooner than most thought.

HP - better call Microsoft back and jump on their mobile future, because yours seems to be fading fast.

How did you people not know this was going to happen???

Did you actually think that the TP could compete with iPAD2 with absolutely no WebOS market share at launch?

They did the same thing with Veer and Pre2. They charged a lot out the the gate, then slashed prices. Worse yet is that they knowing took advantage of their most loyal customers, who they knew were excited to buy it at launch.

HP SC*EWS its loyal customers, next time wait a few weeks!

I remember paying $3,300.00 for an intel 386DX powered desktop system which steadily droped in price... Man, I was so screeewed by HP and I've never gotten over it... Wait, no I wasn't. Tech prices go down as tech gets better, that's just the way it is and no one at HP or anywhere else is out to get me personally.

True, but price drops like this 3 weeks after launch is fast even for "tech prices".

Yes, because that is exactly the same thing!

Funny, the iPad2 is still selling great at it's introductory price, and.... its technology is 5 months older!

Wade will never give up on HP or WebOS, i do admire him for that.

Yeah...name the tech price that is permanently dropped TWENTY PERCENT by the manufacturer 3-5 weeks (depending on whether you're counting from soft or hard...tee hee) after launch?




I know man, I know.

Not so much compete or unseed the iPad2; but it seems HP is on course again to actually acquire and kill a technology, rather then acquire and enhance.

Oh well. I'm not knee deep or tied to a specific technology or carrier like most out here are with Sprint.

Didn't you post that you had returned your TouchPad?

yes, I did post about a return, which was not correct. It was a sell to a friend of my brother-in-law, who after one weekend with it and watching price drops asked me if I would take it back so he could buy a brand new one. Me, being a nice guy said ok.

I didn't want to deal with a return process, but I did get rid of it - at least for a bit.

Regardless - lesson learned here for me. Don't be an early adopter.

Canada/Toronto too! Today BestBuy is charging C$32Gb for 499,00 & C$16GB for C$399,00, but OUR DOLLAR (canadian dollar) is worth MORE than your dollar US of America, so we in Canada should have been paying even less.
You US of America needs US$1,05 to buy C$1,00

You've got Hertz and not-exactly. . . .

Looks to me like you still owe me on the conversion Jr. :)


Our American money is worth less than your Canadian because we are spending a lot of money fighting 3 wars keeping the world safe while Canadians are up north hiding in snow banks because they lack the intestinal fortitude and modern Military to pitch in.

What a stupid comment by a stupid American. We wen't to Afghanistan to back you up after you go attacked because you are an ally and we went to Lybia to assist in the no-fly mission. Not to mention that both NATO missions were once commanded by Canadian generals.

1 canadian to 1000 Americans & those Canadian generals spend most of thier lives working with the American military in America.

The point is it's always America who sacrifices the most for the World, and proud to do it!

"it's always America who sacrifices the most for the World"

Are you retarded?

War is a WASTE of money. People are dying of hunger and you want to give money for people to kill each other?

Someone always profits from wars , and they can only do it by brainwashing "patriots" into thinking war is a noble sacrifice.

"we are spending a lot of money fighting 3 wars"

"keeping the world safe"
Could not be further away from true, you are actually making things far worse by poking your nose where nobody asks you (well, apart from your oil companies...)

"The point is it's always America who sacrifices the most for the World,"
...yeah, you should really watch the movie "Team America - the world police"

So here's what someone sent me:


I think that writer is probably wrong. That being said, I think HP has screwed this product up in many ways. If they had priced it at $299 originally, I probably would have gotten it and wouldn't have gotten the $299 Android tablet I ended up with. And now that I HAVE a tablet, I don't think I could justify getting another one (the TouchPad) unless I can get it for $199.

What HP really needs to do is make it extremely easy to repackage Android apps for TouchPad (like RIM did for the Playbook). If they did that, they'd sell TouchPad like crazy!

WebOS is hands-down the BEST mobile OS but without developer support, they'll never sell enough product, even if they do drop the price. Now maybe getting the devices into enough hands will result in enough demand that more developers will consider writing apps for the platform. I hope so. But I still think the easiest thing to do (maybe not technically, I don't know) but is to make it super easy and cheap to port iPad and Honeycomb apps to WebOS.

Also, I'm still intrigued about the webOS licensing rumors. If Samsung started making phones and tablets with WebOS (as well as Windows and Android), then the hardware would be much better and that would drive demand for the OS as well. Samsung, please!

They've tried the easy porting route from iOS to webOS already. It did not create the flood that they hoped for but some nice games were ported and they work very well.

I've seen canadian soldiers in iraq while I was deployed. They have helped us.

So, will the PreCentral writer(s) who adamantly argued that the $599 was a good price point be taken to the rhetorical woodshed for being so clueless?

My distributor already has part numbers for 1.5ghz touchpads, either with 32GB and 4G, or 64GB and WiFi-only, in both black and white; a couple of the sku's show ETA's any time now, others show no ETA.

I suspect HP has concluded that not only was the original price too high, but they needed to make room for the new models as well.

I suspect also that the early model 1.2ghz touchpad will not be manufactured any longer, and that the $299 on-sale-price for the 16GB may well be seen again before it disappears.

[As of today, the HP TouchPad is getting a price reduction of $100 on both models for as long as the device is on the shelves. ]

I was wondering what "for as long as the device is on the shelves" meant until I read the last sentence in your post. Interesting. Still wondering.

actually it appears I mis-read the product descriptions a little bit. There's only 2 new models, not 4. There's a 1.5Ghz 32GB 4G model in Black, and a 1.5Ghz 64GB Wi-Fi model in White.

Retail pricing is listed at $699 for the white wifi model, and $749 for the black 4G model, though both have exactly the same cost so I suspect there's an error somewhere. I believe the 4G model was already said to be priced at $699. Something tells me HP will drop the price on this before the actual launch.

Not long ago, Derik, (I think it was Derik), posted an editorial about why it was a great idea for HP to price the TP the same as the iPad, and why offering it at a significantly lower price would be a bad idea. Almost before the ink dried, HP announced discounts. When the $100 discount was offered, many in the forums suggested that it was just a temporary deal and was not a problem unless it was made permanent. "come Monday, the price will be back to normal." they confidently declared. Before I could even stop laughing at the reasoning they used to dismiss the sale as insignificant, this news hits the wire.

I have never seen such a case of moving goalposts in my life. There is a cognative dissonace in this community that is becoming quite the case study in denial and apologetics. No one has to be accountable for what they said just a day ago. Just motor on as if nothing ever happened. I am calling for Derik to write a follow-up on his article and either recant his original position, or decry these latest moves, or just address it in some way. I don't expect anything from the community but to continue to provide side-splitting laughs. But the editorial staff should stand up and be counted.


True dat. I actually like Derek, but if you put yourself out there for an editorial like that, you should have the integrity to take your lumps when you're objectively and definitively debunked.

Time to 'fess up, D. Kessler.

This certainly was never HP's strategy for the TP. They spent $1.4 billion dollars to buy an operating system just so that they could sell a discount tablet along with Android competitors who get their OS for free?

I'm sorry but the HP webOS strategy was designed to keep HP from having to compete in price with Android tablets which is exactly what they are doing right now.

Let's be real. The only non-iPad that's NOT a discount tablet is Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is back to outselling the TouchPad even at higher price points.

Everybody else needs to stay south of $400 Street lest they get mugged. It's not really a failing of HP or WebOS. The market determines value, and if you don't have the fruit logo, apps, and ecosystem, you shouldn't ask people to pay iPad-esque prices. That's true for Acer, Asus, RIM, HP, and Toshiba. Samsung is getting pass based on great design and build quality. Until HP decides to compete on the same plain, they should stay out of this side of town.

It sounds like I'm being down on them, but I'm not. This price correction is logic FINALLY prevailing, and the hit they take to profit or being considered an iPad equal is an investment in broadening the WebOS base of users and getting attention. A shame they don't have it together on the phone side anywhere near as much. Would help immensely right about now.

Even if the price point is correct, the decision to compete in this market is anything but. It's perfectly fine to sell a tablet at near-cost or at a slight loss if you intend on making your profit from the ecosystem. Unfortunately for HP, they're selling Roxio and Amazon's razor blades.

" It's not really a failing of HP or WebOS. The market determines value, and if you don't have the fruit logo, apps, and ecosystem, you shouldn't ask people to pay iPad-esque prices."

AMEN!!! For million times, amen that.

"This price correction is logic FINALLY prevailing, and the hit they take to profit or being considered an iPad equal is an investment in broadening the WebOS base of users and getting attention."

....and someone should write that above IN STONE in front of HP headquarters, too!!

Yes, and there is nothing preventing them from creating high-end products with larger profit margins once they build an ecosystem and get market share, much like Palm did with the Palm V.

well absolutely! Even cut the deal with Samsung or HTC or whomever, to build the high quality hardware for them, put HP logo on it (HTC is no stranger for this kind of branding), and voila! But BUILD AN ECOSYSTEM FIRST, by undercutting current leader, you are not attacking established market leader slapping his pricetag on an obviously inferior product, for God's sake - I am not trained in marketing, but that is just such a nonsense what they did!

This past weekend they were sold out across the SF Bay Area.

They were sold out at Staples at $299.

HP has finally entered the race...

Before the starting gun, they announced that they were on their way to the top. They declared themselves better than #1. They were #1+. (No, I will never let them live that down). :) They soon realized that they were not ahead, but had been lapped 1 1/2 times.

Plan B: "This is not a sprint, but a marathon!" they cried. An anonymous underling must have slipped them a note reminding them that a marathon is still a race that still has to be won.

Plan C: HP declares that everyone misunderstood. They are not actually in the same race as Apple and the iPad. They meant to enter their TouchPad in the enterprise race. Sorry for the confusion. Much to their dismay, the iPad was already there, and gaining momentum.

So, HP finally figured out a strategy that might take them places where Apple is not already dominant. They got their act together and have made a strong entry into the race...

...to the bottom.

Unfortunately, several carrion feeders were already there, and in a better position. They are not even second place in the race to the bottom. The good news is they won't have to worry about running into Apple.

You forgot when they said "We aren't behind because we haven't even 'hard-launched' yet!"

HP made the right move! Often products are released at a high retail price only to be discounted. The discounts make the product much more attractive of course. WebOS needs a price advantage to overcome the tremendous iOS iPad domination of the tablet market.

I don't think HP should have discounted this until the device works better. It seems like this thing isn't ready for prime time, based on my usage and what I've heard from other users.

I think they're going to have a lot of returns until they release a BIG update to improve speed and fix the crashes.

Sad but it seems like they just didn't finish 3.0. No wonder they never got to the big-name apps for launch they were talking about, they didn't even finish the OS.

FINALLY!!!... Now, give us Pre 3 YESTERDAY, and priced reasonably from get go (like, $/€100 less then YOU think is HP-reasonable - that would be a good benchmark).

"(...) This price drop does exactly what he says later on in the same email; it allows the TouchPad "to be EVEN MORE price competitive in the marketplace""

EVEN MORE competitive - as if it was ever competitive at all, at these insane prices before? buahahahahaha.....

Mr whatever dickhead bull$hitter Senior VP from HP, at this price TouchPad barely starts to be COMPARABLE in price, with better specified Android tablets of YESTERDAY. And YES, you are not competing with Apple in tablet wars, get real! Apple is faaar beyond your reach, and the best you can do for now is to becom NUMBER 1+ , as in number 1+2 = number 3, AFTER both Apple & Android, (as in: get them selling AT ALL, because until now, folks, you are number ZERO MINUS) and take on Android first to become number 1+1=2, after Apple

And at $400, it is just on the verge of competitiveness, and ONLY if we assume webOS is a huge advantage of it, big enough to nullify it's shortcomings on the hardware front (which is very, very wrong assumption, for your average electronics shopper - webOS on its own is brilliant, but who cares, if on the other hand, it is still in it's infancy as a broadly adopted platform (unlike it's all competitors, who are sporting huge & very successful ecosystems, both of them rooted in HUGE smartphone userbase - you don't have any of theses CRUCIAL advantages), and poses a great risk for it's potential buyers- risk of not taking off at all, as it happened to it through it's whole life, since initial release by Palm (RIP), as it is apparently happening now again with TP/Veer.

webOS was ALWAYS better than competition, more so two years ago, than it is today (competition wasn't asleep through all this time). Alas, it was NEVER enough, to overcome low adoption, low quality hardware, and low-to-mid specification hardware drawbacks - which you seem to be OK with, to repeat all over again.

Hardware-wise, it is still loosing dearly to it's main competitors, and very important functionalities (memory card socket(s), main camera, screen resolution, ANY kind of video output) are missing. So make it $350 for that, sell it without any profit/at a loss, and then you will discover the REAL price that tablets (and not APPLE tablets) are worth to your average customer. Then you will notice people buying it DESPITE exotic OS, DESPITE the risk it exposes them to - instead of taking "wait and see" approach, or ignoring it by and large (which is the biggest risk for webOS now - you need people excited and jumping onboard on the impulse, or repeating "wow, what a great bargain I've made, this tablet only cost me $350, and look at that beautiful UI, man, these cards, these notifications!" to anyone who wants to listen). And then, after using it & appreciating it's brilliance, becoming webOS evangelists amongst their friends & family, comparing it live with the existing Droid & iOS users, and WINNING the comparisons in the eyes of observers.

That's what you need. Oh, did I mention, that you need to release Pre 3 YESTERDAY, and for $/€100 LESS then you think you should be getting for it? That's what you need, and badly.

Oh, and BEFORE you release Pre 3 yesterday, you also need to release high-end, 4(+)inch slab phone, to convince everyone in the tech/gadget industry, that you have pulled your corporate head out of your corporate arsehole, and get to grips what's hot & selling on the market today (and was selling yesterday, a day before yesterday, and last few weeks, too). So that you can convince all important stakeholders, that you understand now that your smartphones and mobile devices are quite different from your printers and PCs, or automation systems - and you finally make some sense of this all.

Yours trully -
webOS fan (a dying-out species)

I've been a massively positive PalmOS fan since the very first devices in the late 90's.

I am extremely dismayed at the extremely poor management of webOS across all aspects. I give kudos for having the best GUI in the mobile world, and give it an 8 for technical capabilities, but feel that the browser needs a huge amount of tweaking to make it lightning quick.

The specific mismanagement I speak of are:
1.)Completely ignoring Rest Of World - there were many extremely successful PalmOS developers outside of the USA who looked forward to selling their webOS apps. They could only give them away and could not sell through the webOS marketplace. Look at the extremely slow roll out to the ROW outside of the USA.

2.)Completely ignoring ALL PalmOS developers. The developer base was massive; Rubenstein and company never reached out to the devs, they delayed the SDK until AFTER the first webOS phones were released to the market with almost no apps (WTF?) and even then, didn't blast a marketing campaign to haul in the top PalmOS devs to get their popular apps to market ASAP. And I would argue that they should have paid up front for some of the top 5 apps.

3.)Turtle pace: pre-HP acquisition they were dead men walking slow, post-HP acquisition they are dead men walking slow but made broadly public due to the HP marketing machine. Even non-Palm fan boys are seeing how slow these guys are to react - they release a bug laden version to market after delaying the launch by nearly a year, then blow out an OTA fix well over a month later, miss the mark on including several key capabilities in with the OS that their competitors already have (voice recognition as an alternative to the virtual keyboard, social networking links without going to the apps: Android (HTC at minimum),iOS, Windows 8 mobile) and more. And phones? Where's the Pre3 been? Where are the follow ups that have higher quality shells that don't look like a Mattel device? Quick, how many of your friends have a webOS phone? Any idea why that number is so low or zero?

4.)Lack of developer facing leader. Quick, who is the voice of webOS today? Who is actively out traveling the world, meeting with developers, providing free devices to those who have a strong history in mobile apps, be it Palm, Android or iOS?

To sum it up: Dead Men Walking - they move tooooo slow in a very fast moving market. I see no changes with Rubenstein out of the mix, I see a light approaching very quickly at the end of the tunnel and it is the High Speed Mobile Rail engine about to splatter webOS into the detritus of mobile device history.

And I post this with great sadness after being an unabashed Palm fan boy for nearly 12 years.

Sadly, all too true.

This price drop actually got a mention on the local evening TV news last night. At least somebody noticed.

has this photo been photoshopped? the just type is on the quick launch instead of the top!
n mine isnt! but i rather have it on the quick launch because its not convenient on top of the screen.

100€ price-drop in Germany.

16 GB 399€
32 GB 499€