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HP TouchPad Go details galore [exclusive] 138

by Derek Kessler Wed, 28 Sep 2011 10:39 am EDT


So we’ve seen some FCC details from the 7-inch HP TouchPad Go and even got a few blurry cam photos out of China that revealed a good number of the specs (1.5GHz processor, 16GB storage, etc). But are you ready for the full monty, because PreCentral’s got it right here, courtesy of an anonymous tipster and a packet full of HP’s marketing plans for the TouchPadGo (that’s HP’s ridiculous stylization at work – we’re just going to write TouchPad Go from here on out).

Now we can offer up the full spec sheet on the TouchPad Go, and it’s a little 7-inch tablet that we really really really want. It packs a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor (the same APQ8060 found in the current TouchPads) with 1GB of RAM and the Qualcomm Adreno 220 GPU. Storage options are 16GB or 32GB. It of course includes your standard complement of Wi-fi and Bluetooth radios, as well as adding GPS to the mix. Also new is the rear-facing 5 megapixel camera with flash, joining the 1.3 megapixel video chat camera up front. Like the big TouchPad, a 3G/4G cellular version of the Go was also planned.

Where things really get interesting is when you start factoring in dimensions. The IPS screen retains the 1024x768 pixel count, but scales it down from 9.7 inches to 6.95 inches. The TouchPad Go was expected to weigh around one pound, and measure 0.51 inches (13 mm) thick. As we saw in the blurry cam photos, it has a nice grippy soft-touch back, unlike the slick and glossy fingerprint magnet on current TouchPads.

The TouchPad Go includes practically everything from its big unsuffixed brother, including the stereo speakers, Beats Audio, Touchstone and Touch-to-Share, and webOS 3.0 (though certainly a 3.0.x version given the added camera and GPS). But anybody who owns a TouchPad would tell you that there’s room for improvement, and HP saw that too when crafting the Go. There’s the aforementioned addition of rear camera and GPS and soft-touch coating on the back, but HP also swapped out the plastic buttons of the TouchPad for metal ones on the Go.

Speaking of the buttons, if you have a TouchPad Go, you might notice that they’re in new places. HP saw fit to rotate the physical orientation of the Go’s buttons and camera 90 degrees, setting the primary orientation as horizontal. This matches up with the landscape-first strategy of Google and Microsoft, but runs counter to the iPad and TouchPad’s vertical orientation.

Of course, the Go (and all the above mentioned tablets) can run in any orientation, but that HP saw fit to reorient the Go as a landscape one gives some insight into their plans for the tablet. One of the presentations dedicates and entire slide to the cameras on the Go, and though we don’t learn any more beyond 5 megapixels and HD video for the rear, it seems pretty clear that HP’s orienting the orientation towards using the Go as media consumption and creation tablet. That’s assuming that the camera’s any good.

A new feature for the TouchPad Go, at least over the publicly-available TouchPads, is GPS. While GPS was integrated into the unreleased AT&T TouchPad 4G, the Go would have been the first Wi-Fi webOS tablet to include with GPS. Where things get interesting is the bundled software: HP had partnered with GPS personal navigation device builder (and recent Garmin purchase) Navigon to include on-board turn-by-turn navigation. Navigon has experience building GPS navigation apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones, but the TouchPad Go would have been the first to come with it integrated out-of-the-box.

HP’s plans called for a fall 2011 launch for the TouchPad Go. The marketing plan included hitting on the benefits of webOS 3.0, including Synergy (described in plain English as integrated calendars, contacts, and email), cloud document editing with Quickoffice, and the integrated GPS navigation. The lead line for their marketing spiel was “Business never stops,” with the commercial copy repeatedly mentioning meetings, colleagues, and work on the go. It’s clear that HP intended to market the TouchPad Go towards business customers, but as consumer customers we can’t help but be intrigued by this little tablet that will never be.

Thanks Anonymous!


It's beautiful!!! :) PLEASE reconsider and start manufacturing again HP!

This is so so sad... between this and the ATT Pre3 =(

it's not over until the fat lady sings

this is NOT a request for a video of a fat lady singing

Meg is not fat, she's almost cougar-ish... But she still is gonna sing.

she's nowhere near "cougar-ish"... that lady has a face for radio, one that only a mother could love.....from a distance.

write, write, write people. The more people Ms. Whitman hears from the better our chances for webOS revival. HP Go is TouchPad Go.

I meant, she actually resembles a cougar...

Cougar-ish? When's the last time you had an eye exam?

True Brother, True....

i just shed a tear

i concur. hook me up with this one app my dude.


Thanks for the license plate idea! :)

Ah what could have been...

This would have been great for my mum. While she loves her TouchPad it is a little big for her, at seventy one she has arthritis in her hands making it difficult to hold for any length of time.

Geez, I guess you could consider this like watching x-rated stuff. Looky but never touchy. Thanks for nothing PreCentral!

I would have bought that.. Even without knowing what it's big brother was like.. That thing looks awesome.. What a shame..

Not cool.............I want one!!!!

I would love one too!

It would have failed anyway, given the release of the Kindle Fire today!

Kindle Fire is a tablet built with a lightweight Android OS. It will do well with Mom's who want to have a ereader, but people wanting a modern powerful tablet will never buy this, unless they manage to get a full version of Android running. (possible)

btw, I use a Android phone now, and I ******* hate it! It has a few pluses, but overwhelmingly it's s***! People blindly loving Android can't have ever used a webOS device.

What do you think webOS is? Lightweight OS?? It's a POS. Bug ridden, unsupported, and few low quality apps.

Sad to say, but the Kindle's version of android looks much better than webOS and more featured.


But true..

This should have been the touchpad... the touchpad was sooooooo rushed to market.

this would be the rebirth of PDA. Shame on you HP.


Dear HP,

I didn't buy the original TouchPad at first, because I knew this one was coming. This is the one I wanted; or at least I wanted to see both and pick between them. You misinterpreted me not buying the TouchPad right away as me not buying ANY TouchPad.

I do have a TouchPad now, yet I still want the Go. Why not just say "We're back, and here's a new, better TouchPad". People will buy them.



Exactly...instead of HP Invent...I say, HP ReInvent.

"Everybody BACK On" would be appropriate!


"Everybody GO!"

Much, much better. thanks.

People will buy them only if they're now under $200 - thanks to HP and Amazon nuking the tablet market with the fire sale and the Kindle Fire, respectively.

Biggest problem is: Now that they have scared off investors and such, would the webOS faithful, even with the new Million webOS users be enough for HP to sell enough of these? Even with all its merit, you'll still have people like chekmate who say "It didn't sell before, so if I buy it now and it doesn't make it, then it is immediately garbage."

ah, there's only one chekmate, really... well plus three other musketeers.

But truth to be told, I also don't think it could sell, much less so for any reasonable money, much less so about developers coming on board in a hurry - after that show of utter incompetence from HP, all the way down...

That's exactly what happened to me. I bought a cheap galaxy tab refurb, and got used the 7" size (and GPS of course). So I didn't get the touchpad because I was waiting for this.

Since they scrapped it- I bought the Touchpad 32, but I STILL am will to shell out $ for this - because this is what I haven't wanted all along. I love my Touchpad, but I want my navigation / smaller size.

Here is the link to Meg's CEO address at HP. DELUGE her inbox!


I want one of these AND a Pre3. I have been a devout Pre owner on Sprint since it came out and my Pre is on its last legs. I HATE the Android offerings and have never liked the iPhone.

Time to tell Meg that the first SMART thing she can do is to bring the TPGo and the Pre3 to the faithful. Heck, look at the HP site this morning. Even the employees want the thing. I asked a friend at HP to get me one and she said they were sold out in 8 MINUTES! Hmm. Sounds like there actually IS interest in this WebOS thing!

“Business never stops”?!?! Derek, is this you injecting humor in a bitter situation? Nice timing with the Kindle Fire launch too; wrenches my heart all the more.

Would somebody please write a Leo Apotheker voodoo doll app? (And prepare one for Meg too.)

Thanks for reminding me why I was waiting for one, and how painful it was to compromise with the Veer/TP combo. Turns out I barely use my Veer other than to text and as a hotspot; which would have been integrated into the Go.

Droooool! I hope some China copy cat company gets a hold of the design, make the thing, sell it cheap and we load webOS on it

so sad... HP management just needs to be fired. all of them. stupid idiots.

Amazon is showing off it's 7" Fire tablet today... Oh HP, what could have been!

Amazon Kindle? Does not even compare to this majestic little jewel. TouchPad Go is HP Go. As in nowwww!!


Definitely a nice device. I consider that significantly more appealing than the original Touchpad. If only it weren't a fantasy device at this point...

How can Meg read these kinds of responses and not take it as a kick to the head to fix the broken mess Leo left us with?

while I would love HP to fix this "mess", let's not forget that Meg was on the board of directors when Leo was CEO. The decisions were all made and Meg will continue forward with whatever Leo messed up. Just because Meg is in place, doesn't mean a whole lot (yet). Until she shows something towards webOS (which she hasn't), expect the same grumbling stomach-aches to keep coming from HP.

Agree with everything you say. The board approved all of Leo's actions and they will stay the course as they have already announced. Seeing as Ms. Whitman, as a member of that board, approved Leo's actions, why would one expect any change?

HP will kill off what's left of Webos soon, IMO. Right now, they are just looking for a way to financially exit that favors them. When, that doesn't materialize, it will be shut down and they will sit on the patents.

CEOs won't generally change anything in the first 100 days - the will take the time to asses everything.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean she will change anything...but you never know. 100 days is a lot of time to be convinced otherwise.

well in honest, she is already more than 100 days as a board director, technically, but if they change anything regarding webOS I would be enormously surpri... erm... actually, no, there's nothing coming from HP that could surprise me, anymore.

But I don't think they will, it would not make too much sense at the moment... Wait... That's HP we are talking about, so here's hope, they only do things that do not make any sense...

ive never been on a board before, so not really sure how it works in a corporate environment, im thinkin its like a jury deliberating, or atleast a majority vote, w/ politics involved in there somewhere(u scratch my back i scratch yours)

...gonna take this to the forums now

Because CEO's rise through the ranks from Sales backgrounds. Have you ever met anyone with less vision than a Sales person? They learn who's **** to kiss, and they generally don't rock the boat. They are the definition of a empty suit.

The days of visionary CEO's is long gone. Someone like Lee Iacocca would have been great for HP. He made some mistakes, but overwhelmingly he took chances on innovation, and wouldn't have run away with his tail between his legs.

so sad but true. the way corporations work... the worst of the worst are usually the ones who rise to the top

You must be a developer. Or more pointedly, not a salesperson.

See what I did there? I made the same silly and sweeping generalization about you as a developer (or whatever) as you did about sales people. (I mean no offense, just trying to make a point)

Having been in both positions, I can say that your impression is the farthest thing from the truth. Many sales people are quite visionary. Some of the most visionary I have ever met.

Let's not use this sit-com that is the HP Board and their CEO selections provide any insight into the vision capabilities of anyone other than themselves. Doing so is a silly proposition.

Yeah, sales people often have the most off the wall, hare-brained schemes that are crushed by developers who tell them it's not possible technically or with the budget that they're given.

Excuse me, but the HP Board is a tragi-comedy/docudramedy of operatic proportions. And, look! They even have a big blond lady to play Wilhemina - all she needs is the Viking helmet and spear.

ROTFL... I've imagined her wearing a viking helmet... would suit her!

I could go on about my career (it may or may not impress), but I doubt that would sway you from my blanket statement. I will say all but one (GM) had any kind of creative vision. If we are talking Fortune 500 CEO types, I stand by my description.

On a small scale, say an advertising company with 100 employees. Would you promote a sales executive, or a creative person that actually does the work and understands the business? That Sales person always gets promoted, and that's the problem.

Do you honestly think we get the best of the best for President? The best of the best for CEO's? Lawyers, Sales executives etc. There needs to be a new way of thinking in my opinion.

btw, I'm not a developer, I am a Mechanical Engineer. -not taking offense to being called a Developer, I love those guys!

Thanks for not taking offense. I was keying in on your statement "Have you ever met anyone with less vision than a Sales person?" Your Fortune 500 fencing of this, candidly, gives your statement some credence (in my humble view), but still far too sweeping and generalized.

I will say, my experience has been that non-sales people rarely want to be promoted into CEO type positions (the whole type-A personality and all that).

But when it comes down to it, I really just want this TouchPadGo to be an in-the-flesh reality. *Sigh*

+1 I agree

That's because Lee was an Engineer!

We need someone to convince Ms. Whitman to "Bring Back the TouchPad lines" and "Revive webOS". Now is the time to get it done.

Why must you continue to torment us so...

I agree with you. Instead of torment, all of us must show intent, and ask Derek Kessler, and his colleagues to pursue other folks in the media, for example Molly Wood, co-host of the "Buzz Out Loud" podcast, or James Kendrick writer for ZDNet, to write to Ms. Whitman a petition with millions of signatures or, a poll with as many votes as possible for her to "Wake up and smell the webOS coffee".
All we are sayin' is "Give webOS a Second chance." The TouchPad Go is a "breakthrough" device that is made even more incredulous because it has...webOS inside.

*S I G H* WTH, man!?!?! Not to mention that bluetooth touchstone with Beats Audio....

Come On! Deliver these, I want one. HP can compete in this market if they try a little harder.

i love all these product reviews of things that will never be available.

That is because she *doesn't* read these comments, none of the hp management do.

I can't blame her really.

OK. Fine. But, webOS needs someone that is not afraid to gamble, take risks, rely on their gut feeling, not be swayed by boardmembers, and just forge ahead with steady hand to steer webOS to a glorious and successful path. So, hopefully Ms. Whitman can do the right thing.
Go TouchPad Go! Go HP Go! Long Live webOS!!!

Are you saying that Leo was afraid to gamble, take risks, rely on his gut feeling, not be swayed by board members? He got fired for doing just that. A risk-taker is useless to us unless they are dedicated to webOS itself.

All I'm saying is....we need someone that can stand tall against the HP juggernaut. Whether that is Ms. Whitman, I dunno.

honestly, if anyone has any ideas, please share with all of us, 'cause now is the perfect time we must come together and amp up the volume needed to change HP's attitude toward webOS, and "Revive" webOs.

If we can convince HP to bring back or license all webOS devices (TouchPad Go, Pre3, larger TouchPads, Veer) then webOS can re-establish itself in the mobile world.

Note: Can you imagine if webOS was the user interface on HDTVs?

Looks really nice. I'd pay 99 for that.

Your sarcasm is noted.

Since TP Go is smaller, the firesale price for it could be, $89 (dare I say even $79?) mmmmmm.

How heavy would it have been? It just says about one pound.... If I could get webOS on any device I would definitely go for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tab, 8.6 mm thick and 565g in weight, compared to 13-something mm and 740g for the TP...

What a bunch of effing idiots. If they would have had the guts to carry through on their plans, HP would have ended up with a sizable chunk of the mobile market in a couple of years.

As someone who had hands-on time with one, all I can say is "What a crying shame it'll never get produced!" It is absolutely gorgeous and buttery smooth. I would have totally gotten one for myself AND for each member of my family. My mom likes the tablet idea but couldn't swallow the thought of tugging along a behemoth like the TouchPad. This would have been the perfect size for her. And all her videos happen to be in 4:3 AR.

And yes, Navigon was on it.

want. like, yesterday.

I just don't know what to say....

Happy to have my TP, but I was so ready for my Preplus contract to be done Oct 15 and snag me a Pre3....

and seeing this Go now after using the TP...

I would have bought the Go for sure.

I was just going through the specs of the Kindle Fire, and, ironically, I would much rather read novels and e-books on a 4:3 device than the Fire's too-narrow/too-wide aspect ratio.

First, the Pre3 review, then the Touchpad GO overview. You guys must really want me to hate HP...

Mission Accomplished.

Mr. Kessler.

Great article once again.
Thanks for unveiling additional and incredulous details (including photos) of this world class, awesome device.

I will not mince words here. And, will emphatically say to you, "The TouchPad Go is an incredible device! Period. End-of-story."

So, with that said, Can you contact Ms. Whitman and convince her to turn this entire webOS/Device thingy around?

We need someone like you to act on our behalf and convince HP's new Ceo to reconsider, do the right thing, and "Bring Back the entire line of webOS devices."

Thanks. (whew!)

THIS. I would have bought this. This is perfect for me as a business traveler. Damn, this is depressing.

If the TP line would have been priced at $250 (Go), $300 (16GB), and $350 (32GB), I think it would have been very successful. And would have sold like mad at $50 less. Of course at those prices there probably wasn't any room to make a profit, which is the real problem.

However, as a long-term strategy to own a significant chunk of the mobile space, I think it would have been a good investment. But these days it seems like it's hard to get large businesses to make strategic decisions that will only pay off 2-3 years from now. I thought that's what HP was doing when they bought Palm, but apparently the short-term bean-counters won the day.

I think the Go would have to be more money as it has a high quality screen (ppi) and extra rare camera for HD video.

Man I would love a Navigon App!!!

Wow, no surprise - looks like a nice device.

No specs on how thin it is or weight, I guess.

Ah, HP, thanks again for suffocating the baby in the cradle. It might have been a slog but you coulda been a contender. Instead, you bowed out without a fight.

I'm having a flashback to the 90's when the impending arrival of what would become the Itanium processor (then known by its code-name Merced) caused the premature death of a number of well established processor lines (HP killed PA-RISC, DEC Alpha died). Sun even considered porting Solaris to Itanium because conventional wisdom was that Intel's new server chip would be unstoppable and roll over everyone else.

Today, the names have changed (Apple with iOS/iPad/iPhone, Google with Android, Microsoft with Windows8, Amazon with Kindle) but the same forces are at work. HP lost their nerve and blinked.

HP, if you're going to license or sell webOS, you need to get it done. NOW.

GPS has me really wanting this. But i must say. I really like my White TP!

After I have seen this beauty I´ll hate HP forever.
HP, your Business has stopped to me forever.

looks nice. I still can't believe HP abandoned webOS. They had a great looking roadmap that eventually would have gathered steam. What a crazy decision to cancel everything.

Simple solution: Give one of these bad boys to Ms. Whitman.
-nuff said.

I've got to purchase a new server for my company in the next month.

The server is needed to keep the company operational.

People will be pushing me to purchase an HP server.

I don't want to purchase an HP server because HP management, all the way to the top, has absolutely no idea what they are doing. I can't put the company at the mercy of a group of incompetent bumblers.

I will, however, continue to look for some company to pick up webOS and manufacture webOS products.

If they press you to buy hp servers, just show them the articles about hp sites crashing from thier own sales. I know I'm impressed...

hp should do a coke on it!

What, they couldn't have put HDMI in there to just make me feel 100 times worse that I won't be able to get one?

The HDMI and so much more will be on the next iteration of the TouchPad Go. This must happen folks. After seeing this little jewel, OMG!!!!!! HP better not give up on webOS at all. Hello? Anyone there? Geez, make me the CEO...I Will Make This Happen!!!


This also just in: Rare online pics of a unicorn swimming with the Loch Ness Monster during a fun day of picnicking for Big Foot's birthday party. Unfortunately, the Crumple Horned Snorkack was not able to make it to the party. Film at 11.

Seriously. We must write Ms. Whitman asking her to reconsider webOS. James Kendrick of ZDNet, prepared a poll so that everyone can cast their votes, and hopefully HP gives webOS a second chance.

This TP is really great,HP made a terrible mistake with WebOS devices, sometimes I think they do not know the WebOS capability, I wonder what cell phone is using Meg??

Anybody Knows?? Derek could you get that information for us??

It seems that WebOS is only for smart people.

HP=> we need Pre3 and 3 models of TouchPads, urgently, HP does not realize that they are loosing a lot of money, just do the promotion and market will respond sooner or later, there are a lot of people who deserve to know WebOS.

This is our campaign folks. This is Derek Kessler's way of telling us...."This little nugget is one of the reasons HP must revive webOS."
Many of us here realize how great webOS is especially on a well thought out form design such as the TouchPad Go. So, We must reach out to as many people in the mobile press community (i.e., Molly Wood of Buzz Out Loud Pod Radio, James Kendrick of ZD Net, the staffs at PreCentral, webOS RoundUp, and so many more) to pick up their digital pens, and contact CEO Ms. Whitman about reviving webOS.

You can write to Ms. Whitman on Twitter, FaceBook, etc. The more we persist, the better our chances for webOS to succeed. Besides, we are not afraid to take risks like the previous HP CEO Leo did, and we believe Ms. Whitman is swamped with work in her new office just trying to cleanup the mess Leo left behind.

So, again, let HP know how you feel about reviving webOS. Honestly, no other mobile OS can compare to webOS.


Wow. Looks like HP finally got it ..... strike that thought.

So .... rather than finally make a good Palm/HP delivery, they decided to implode. Gotta love it.

Dear Miss Whitman; please, put to sell in Ebay!


Best Regards... B)

The webOS ecosystem would have been so awesome...

I really hate hp for giving up on it even before it really began

ok- stop addressing the blond bombshell...enough..
Start posting to Todd Bradley, Exec VP of PCG as he might be able to pull the HW part of webOS and partner with HTC OR NOT... And start pumping some hardware out the door!


Was waiting for this one.

I don't think that we have seen the last of webOS or TouchPads based on webOS. As the rumor goes, HP may not spin the PSG after all. But as Tod Bradley said to operate in the PC market they need to have TouchPads. So once HP finally makes a decision on PSG, webOS devices will return. And if HP decides to spin-off the PSG, I bet Todd Bradley, who then is going to run the spun-off entity, will demand the webOS group come with the PSG too. And so webOS devices will be revived again. Let us see what happens.

It has to happen really quick. Windows tablets and Mango are coming and the window of opportunity for a 3rd party OS (even Android) is closing fast.


exactly what I say when I see the hp logo anywhere.

No Gorilla Glass.
Still way thicker than the Galaxy Tab.
Probably same lousy camera as the Pre3.

HP couldn't get things right even if they wanted to.

Thicker because it has touchstone charging coil you idiot.

I think I missed the place where it said there would be no Gorilla Glass.

Camera on Pre3 looked extremely good in the review.

Engadget said the camera sucked.

Nice device, would have bought the 3/4g version of it.

the 10" version should have had a soft-touch back, only thing wrong with it really. I like my pre 3 build, the soft-touch stuff takes away the need for a cover.

try going to shopping.hp.com now. You can't get in. Want to know why? Special Hp employee sale on TouchPad. Servers have been slammed since noon eastern time. Somebody should notice that.

* Pre Slab
* Pre 3
* Veer
* Touchpad
* Touchpad Go

Nice line up! Oh what could have been...

Instead we get to watch a formerly great (and historic) company blow up at the hands of a board & CEO that would have done better if they did nothing at all.

And unfortunately our beloved webOS gets taken down with it.

This thing is what the 10" Touchpad should have been from the get-go. It's freakin' awsome. I'd buy one just to use as GPS and e-mail device. How can HP be so myopic not to build the Touchpad Go? I feel like I've been taking crazy pills reading about the mess at HP.

ahhh! My heart just can't take it anymore. First the announcement that the VZW pre3 existed, but never arrived. Now the touchpad go which is what I was holding out to buy (until firesale where I just picked a TP up) because it had GPS and was a more convenient travel size. Now seeing it also had a rear camera with flash and metal buttons and they should've had a metal back too. Woohoo or um boohoo, wow HP really? Just add an sd card slot and you got it almost all right. Why oh why? Please reinstate webOS hardware! I know it may not mean much, but I for one would buy a pre3 on Verizon and a go, so there's one sale at least.

this sounds fun. please hook me up with this app. thanks

Listen up HP! Just to echo what everyone is saying...TouchPad Go is THE device.

TP-Go has the right spec and form factor to offer differentiation from the iPad with a higher pixel density screen.

I want one... :(

Price this at $199.99 and Kindle Fire isn't going to sell well. Maybe someone with Amazon ties shut down webOS so there would not be a competing product.

I wonder if the Navigon app for WebOS was finished? Would be nice if it ran on a Pre3.

So basically this should been released first as its a different position in the market to the ipad?

and is a tablet that is actually fairly useful out of the box?!

You can't say I didn't tell you.

Wow. That's too bad. This thing looks like a freaking monster of a device.

I didn't even want one that small, but for what it's got... I'd totally love to use it as a carputer/something that is a bit more mobile than my TouchPad OG.

I'd snatch one of those in a heartbeat, and it would be the perfect size for my parents too.

Since Ruby is on the board of Amazon do you think this truly makes him ill? What could have been indeed.

I have been a palm user for the last 10 years and this is the device I have been waiting for these last 2 years. I broke down and bought a Nook Color in January because it was taking forever for the Touchpad to come out and I really just wanted a 7 inch tablet, not a 10 inch tablet. Whenever I go on a trip, I already have to lug around my laptop from work so the lighter, the better. I could reconsider that for the right 10 inch table and I have come close to buying the Touchpad off Amazon at about the $300 pricepoint. Not knowing HP's plans for any future devices or improvements to WebOS has kept me from buying one. (I'll give a shoutout to the Homebrew community at this point, because their presence almost cancelled out the unknown status of HP's WebOS team)

I want one of these AND a Pre 3 (on Sprint!!). My Nook Color is OK but it is NOT a WebOS device and I get frustrated every time I switch from my Pre (minus) to the Nook Color because of the switch from WebOS to Android. With all the talk today about the Kindle Fire being an Ipad killer, I have had to laugh. A 7 inch tablet WebOS with dual processor, ability to edit documents (thanks QuickOffice), 1GB RAM, 16 GB memory, front and rear (5MP!) camera running WebOS would really be a killer. Of course it will have to be at the right price point. Regarding the "apps" disparity, the reason so many people NEED apps on the iPad is because they can't use the features of regular web pages anymore due to no flash capability.

(enough of my rant)

There is plenty of space for business here. what HP needs to do is sell. But also (please) do better promotion Marketing. Stop doing the same stupid promos that put Palm out of business. I don't know much about that but come on. the lack of commitment from hp and the stupid promotions they gave to WebOS-Touchpad are not good for business here. Even RIM took advantage of WebOS way to get profit. Stop giving contracts to old fashioned friends with lack of innovation.

Promotion is one of the four elements of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place). It is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyer's purchasing decision. (wikipedia) How Manny Pacquiao is going to influence people in buying Touchpad? He is a good/excellent boxer but.... whose idea was that. That is what I think I might be wrong, I dont know. But for what I see the people like me who had or still have an original palm pre are the ones who really are promoting WebOS and the now HP products.

Nice post and it would have been a nice device - but in hindsight it seems Apotheker actually made a good decision to scrap plans to make this product because nobody would have bought it. Amazon will own the 7 inch tablet space.

I can see that things like bundling navigation software on the device, pushing content creation and front facing cameras seem a good idea, but nobody is interested in using tablets to do turn by turn navigation, taking photos or creating documents. They're content consumption devices used as book readers or on the couch to browse the web, email and social networks and that's it.

This type of thinking is the reason HP failed so spectacularly with the TP and it's why Amazon will have the 7 inch tablet market wrapped up. In fact, eventually they'll have whole tablet market wrapped up unless Apple chooses to compete and release a 7 inch tablet themselves (which I expect they will be forced to do).

Hello, You don't know me - but I am a great HP customer. I run a small IT service business in the UK and am also a big fan of WebOS (please don't stop reading!).

I just wanted to give you a head up regarding tablets etc, and highlight an issue that I think you (being in control on HP), should address. Amazon have just launched a new tablet, the Kindle Fire, Microsoft are shipping Mango on Tablets, Desktops and smartphones, and the Android community (see Samsung) of companies are doing there best to fill a void that was destined for HP.

If you look at the new microsoft Mango product, and the Blackberry playbook, many ideas have been 'borrowed' from WebOS, but none of them pull it off so well. Hp have managed to secure many new customers via the TouchPad fire sale, and now you have a base for growing those customers by introducing new products. I'm sure you realise that ceasing manufacture of competing devices removes you from this market.

What I want to point out is that your strategy for software and services, will be restricted without hardware manufacture. WebOS and the ethos that it was born from (synergy7, cloud storage, data anywehere etc), will fail without a physical platform - your competition is Windows (same interface different devices) not Apple. Your leverage into the services market is being removed by HP's own actions and the fierce competativeness of Microsoft and the Android community.

Bottom Line, you need to complete the PSG spinoff or cancel it so that someone can start making the TouchPad, TouchPad Go and Pre3. You also need to get the WebOS software out onto PC dekstops, to provide seamless access to contacts/messages (synergy), call taking etc (i.e. pairing of Pre phones to dekstop interface), and make it work on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu/OpenSuse etc), and MacOSX.

Thanks for reading this, I know you have a tough job ahead and need a lttle time to assess and settle. But please understand, revenue is revenue. If your making a little, you can turn it into a lot, but if you make nothing you have nothing!

Robert Woods

This is a great response to the original article by Derek Kessler.

Mr. Kessler please send these great responses (along with your article) to the new HP CEO, Meg Whitman.

And, make sure to send Ms. Whitman the "TouchPad Go" (or a TouchPad) while you're at it. Once she gets her hands on the TP Go she will drop her Android or IPad in a heartbeat.

- Go HP Go, TouchPad Go!

I want one. Come on HP - do a U-Turn and get these things built and sold. Where do I put down a deposit. No, seriously. Where? :-) How about a show of faith, and a HP web page where people CAN leave a deposit. Anyone?

Why did only the TouchPad Go get GPS and a
good camera, was the TouchPad Go going to
cost more than the regular Touchpad?

I just don't understand why the regular
Touchpad is missing a good camera and GPS.

Still no HDMI out...