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HP TouchPad price cuts and early adopter App Catalog credit follow through in Europe, Canada, and Australia 52

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Aug 2011 7:59 am EDT

When HP announced price cuts to the HP TouchPad and a subsequent “Sorry you bought early, here’s $50 for apps” App Catalog credit - both in the US - there was a resounding cry in our comments: “What about Canada/France/Germany/Britain?” Well, friends, your day has come. HP has slashed the price of both storage options of the TouchPad across the international board. Both the 16GB and 32GB TouchPads have received a £50 cut in the UK, €80 in France and Germany, $100 in Australia where it hasn’t even officially launched yet, and a whopping $150 (!) slashing in Canada that brings the pricing in line with the American brother.

Additionally, according to Golem.de, HP is extending its early adopter app credit to at least Germany, where TouchPad customers can expect a €40 credit for use in the App Catalog. We wouldn’t be surprised if this also applies to France and the UK (Canada, we’re sorry, but we’re never sure if you’re going to get the short end of the stick or not… fingers crossed?). Even though we’re a US-based blog, we’re happy to see HP extending both the price cuts and app credits to loyal webOS customers the world over. It’s a good move and it speaks volumes to HP’s commitment to the webOS customer base.

Source: Golem.de, HP (Canada, France, Germany, UK), Harvey Norman Australia; Thanks to gizmo21 and Redrick76 for the tips!


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I adapted early here in Canada. If we don't get the app credit I am going to be "just" a little unhappy. I'll wait a few days and see.

While it is remarkable, that they are able to pull rest of world without significant delay, there's just one small BUT:

DOes anyone think like me, that HP is actually reimbursing only developers, with $50 of your early-adopter tax?

It is kind like giving money to struggling households to pay up their mortgages - it really is paying more money to the banks. Kinda the same story, you are forced to spent this money on apps, so it eventually gets to developers.

Smart move, but again, very cynical one.

The key is that HP didn't have to do anything. When you buy something, you agree to a price. If the price drops after that, there is no legal obligation to make up for it. It is just good for business to try to make up for it.

Sure the $50 benefits developers, but I get apps while it benefits them. Like your analogy for the households and mortgages, the money goes to the bank, but people still have a place to sleep at night.

cynical means "believing" that people are motivated by self-interest. so in this context, who's being cynical? or are we really just trying to find the (what's the opposite of silver lining) in every HP move?

The opposite of "the silver lining" is "the ####ty reality."

The ####ty reality being, slicing things up and serving things in HP Stew in the HP cafeteria works better for outdated potatoes than outdated tablets.

HP hasn't discovered altruism, they've recognized mortality. Cynical.

You lost me at potatoes.

I'll explain later with visuals aids. Finish your Veer soup and wipe your chin.

I don't want you to give me your aids.

Sorry, you're on your own there. I don't mess with that sort of medical mojo. For anyone offended by ahabenezerls comment, I apologize for leading him to this retort.

Looks like you've been thinking about old potatoes so long that your mind is firmly planted in the gutter.

Seriously, I don't understand your allusion or metaphor. Are you saying that we've been served up outdated hardware? I have it on good authority that the TouchPad was conceived and designed in-house at HP. It was a product that went from conception to release in about a year. That's completely unheard of in our industry. And even then, HP can't sit on their laurels and are probably busy coming up with new designs that would render the existing one obsolete. I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way.

I don't consider it outdated, nor edgy fresh. But, like a potato it is perishable. It's value goes down everyday and with each new competing tablet released, another patch of hightech grey hair is noticed.

HP has moved the price down AND recognized that keeping their most loyal buyers happy is in HP's best interest and a litle goodwill has been extended. A refreshing change in the last couple of weeks. HP actually looks like they might be trying to make a few friends.

...well it is not really that hard to find cynicism in every move they have made up until now, is it? Apart from these moves, which were absolutely comical, like the order of releasing devices, from the least wanted to the most wanted, they mostly did very cynical (and very transparent) jerks to "make things right", but rather to their margins & boosting developer revenue, at really little to none expense on their side - remember, they are "giving" the developers back half (actually, not even half, but half minus their cut on apps in app store) of what you have overpaid, in the first place). It is quite clever move, I agree, but it is a cynical one as well.

I would still rather encourage everyone who qualifies, to return TP, buy a new one for $100 less, enjoy longer warranty period, and the freedom of being able to spend saved $100 (NOT $50), on ANYTHING (NOT necessarily on apps, but maybe on accessories, or maybe on nice meals, or my retirement fund indeed). It is but a simple logic.

I think your idea is a terrible plan. You hurt the still fragile webOS sytem, hurt HP's reputation and webOS reputation with the retailers, waste money with the entire return process even though the device works well enough (with the 3.02 update). HP did the classy thing and gave early adopters credit for apps. The users benefit, the developers benefit, and HP gets the users to delve deeper in the OS so you get hooked (in a good way) on webOS. Yes it doesn't cost HP $50 but the user gets an equivalent to that value. That money HP spent is more effective than advertising. (and they are trying to do the right thing to international users)
By the way, I don't HP is making decisions cynically. They tried to compete with Ipad2 with same price and that failed. Rather than waste 1.2 billion dollars + and throw in the towel, they cut their short-term profits to the bone in order to drive sales. Very rational.

If you want to do that, you're within your rights and HP certainly has earned that sort of hostility. You extract maximum utility from the situation. If you dont care about WebOS that's fine, have at it.

If you like WebOS, bad move. This was a clear mistake. Uninspired hardware and incomplete software being sold at Ipad pricing. If you bought at this price, sorry to say, you kinda deserve to pay a bit of a premium if you are not happy considering your high cost some sort of WebOS donation. Now that HP is discovering that nearly every move they've made so far has been wrong, and it's causing long term damage to the WebOS and HP brands, if you care for the O/S, you have to take whatever goodwill they offer, no matter how marginal it is, and help them see the light of aligning with their customers, rather than trying to be some sort of high tech deity.

They're $1.2B+ in the whole already, if they can't start amortizing the Palm purchase, WebOS will be burried between Foleo and PalmOS.

Time will tell if they ever "finish" the products they've releaseed. Instead of developing some halfbaked laptop o/s -- app -- mutant product, I'd rather see them commit to finishing the legacy devices, or truly making things right for their owners. Encourage them to make Touchpad, the hands down best tablet in the world. Its better to have two strong product lines, than three deformed/malnourished product lines. It's time for HP to retreat and retrench, or formally ditch tablets and phones and do PC's with all their efforts. While HP as a corporation, multitasks like IOS running a weak app, it is time for focus. Pick a direction and be good at one thing, then grow from there. Bring some pride to WebOS, take the time to improve and refine products, give people a reason to seek new products.

This is what we call a win-win-win!

-Early-adopters are happy because they at least got something
-Devs are happy because more people are getting their apps, thus they get paid
-HP is happy because it really didn't cost them $50 (ie they got a good bang for their PR buck)

You sir are correct, and HP is doing all right lately. I like this new guy!

It also doesn't cost HP $50 because they get a cut of app revenues (30% ?)

...exactly, so while it is better to get something rather than nothing, for real, folks, they are not trying too hard to make things right with you. Rather trying to do more good for themselves (increased developer revenue = more incentive to develop for webOS)

If someone weren't going to spend $50 on apps, what did one buy a $500 or $600 device for (plus most likely some accessories) in the first month of release?

I mean even the 100% business user is going to find a handful of apps to purchase over the first 6 months of ownership.

" what did one buy a $500 or $600 device for "

..well, don't ask me, I have no idea why one would buy TP for that price, honestly, and it seems that HP is recently sharing my point of view!

So you are going to completely ignore the point I was making about you saying HP isn't giving users anything when in actuality they are???


1. Not everyone will spend that much on apps and this does NOT invalidate one's decision to buy a tablet or smartphone.

2. HP giving $50 back as "app credit" IS a good thing because you get to convert part of your initial purchase into app purchases. They are giving you apps, not money...and they are letting you pick the ones you want up to a certain value.

3. HP giving $50 back as "app credit" CAN ALSO be seen as bad because they are really only giving back $35 (still good because they don't owe you anything in reality) and you are forced to spend your return in one place. Some people may not want that and would rather just get their money back. It's a perfectly valid desire but it's one that no company has the obligation to fulfill (unless some prior agreement was made).

In the end, it is the buyer's fault for getting it early. Everyone knows that tech prices drop after some time. Frustrations are understandable given the speed at which these drops occurred, but it was still the buyer's decision to make an early purchase.

I do agree that those still within their return period would be better served in returning their TP and then repurchasing it at the lower price if the app credit does not work for them.

Those who are outside of the return window who also don't want $50 in app credit, this is a case of "tough". All decisions have consequences.

If a person was buying a tablet for the rich envirnoment of device specific, their-party apps, they should have bought an iPad.

You're lucky. I'm an even earlier adopter having purchased the TP in the US and had it shipped. Right now, I'm in no-man's-land. Can't get a refund in the US and likely won't get it either here in Canada. Still, I'm happy with my purchase (or I'd be even more happy if HP can get their act together and get it replaced with a working BT radio).

(from Germany)


Price cut for Singapore as well... and better bundles...

Surely you mean
“What about Ireland/Canada/France/Germany/Britain?”

HP Germany cuts also the price of the webOS Keyboard from 70 to 40 EUR.
Would i wait 1 month, i save 120EUR.
Could 40 EUR for Apps make it good?
No. But it is better than no reaction.

where did you find that new price for the keyboard?
http://h41112.www4.hp.com/promo/webos/de/de/tablet/touchpad-accessories.... says still 70€..

Yup, just been to Currys and the price has dropped from £399 to £349. That is about (according to current rates) $560 to $570.

Is a £50 price cut enough in the UK? I'm not sure - I'd like to see it hit the £300 barrier myself.

I think it's got to be £299 or less in the UK to stand any chance, it's got no buzz, there is no promotion that I can see. At that price it becomes serious competition to the ipad but for the difference of only £50 most people will get the cheapest ipad2.

Wouldn't a drop from 399 to 349 GBP be more like a drop in US Dollars from $649 to $568? I based that on 1 British pound equivalent to $162.70 US Dollar today.

This is great though...I'm very glad for the early adopters around the world.

Yes, $568 is about right. Probably a bit confusing the way I originally wrote it - I meant that the new price is between 560 and 570 dollars as it is very exchange-rate dependent.

It does make it a much more attractive purchase now though - in amongst all the other tablets on display it does seem like the best bargain, but I think it needs to drop a bit further to really fly off the shelves. Maybe £320 would be a good compromise price point between what it is now and what I'd ideally like to see.

Maybe when the 'Go' arrives that'll make all the difference. Hoping it'll not be much more than £250 and can compete pricewise with netbooks.

That's a great exchange rate btw :)

Actually, you are kind of missing the point. HP dropped the price by £41.67 excluding tax. This equals $67.87. Before tax, the cost of the Touchpad in the UK is $473.71 vs the US $399. The you have to add 20% tax on that. It's just not that affordable.

Nice, just when I was about to lose my faith in HP Germany. This is only fair, still THANK YOU very much HP!

I'm going to say thank you in advance, HP. Don't make me a liar ;) Oh Canada!

I was on a chat session to Palm help last night and after we'd resolved the issue I asked the guy about the $50 app catalog credit for the UK and he did confirm it's on it's way!!

I always find those Palm help sessions great and the team are really helpful, this is a big thumbs up to HP . . . . but never 100% sure where they get there info so always take things with a pinch of salt. Great service though!!

That are really great news at the rigth time for me.
Now I can buy my wife´s birthday gift and save money, too. And if she is impressed maybe a second tp for myself :-)
Thank´s to hp.

I still need that Veer update for me to even look at the TouchPad.

I don't need a fancy web browser (that doesn't work, btw) when my netbook does the exact job just fine.

The Veer is 180 Euros now in Germany. Including shipping and VAT that is. That's a steal if you ask me :)

Even 169€ via the HP Student store... Tempting!

The Veer dropped in price as well :) From 280 Euros (cheapest online store) to 180 Euros (170 if you're a student). That's including shipping and VAT!

F*ck yeah! Just bought one :)

Handouts for everyone! Let's celebrate!

Here's a suggestion for HP - Build a decent product that doesn't require a discount within the first couple of months of availability and you won't have to refund any money to your customers.

..or, better yet, price whatever you have in store now attractively from get-go, so the reviewers will be able to write a review summary along these lines:

"Is it a perfect product? Obviously not, as an entrant in the already quite established race of mobile OSes, it has its serious drawbacks, but at that price, even taking into account the risk of webOS never seriously taking off, it is hard to beat! For what it does now, is worth every penny you spend on it, and since you are making a bargain already, it can only get better from here, IF webOS catches on!"

With middle-of-the-scale hardware, you need this kind of reviews, HP, to cut quite a decent piece of the cake for yourselves.

That includes Pre 3 - you guys better get off your high horse while you can, and price it aggressively from day one, that rumored price is THE SAME STORY ALL OVER AGAIN - here's the warning!

Every nonApple tablet maker either dropped their prices or started at lower price point to better compete with Ipad 2. So don't hold HP to a different standard.

Now please stop rioting and burning stuff down every night Euros! You finally got what your protests aimed at, equal touchpad pricing!

Let me correct you about prices of TouchPad in Canada! Prices here was never C$599,99 for a 32GB, always since launching date on July, 15 the price at BestBuy Canada Staples Canada etc, was C$549,99 for a 32GB & C$449,99 for a 16GB, so we ONLY got a C$50,00 cut on prices!
Only now prices around the country (my Canada) is C$499,99 for a 32GB & C$399,99 for a 16GB, ...where did you get this C$150,00 price cut in Canada? Please, let me know.
Don't forget!! You need a U$1,05 to buy C$1,00! The US currency is weaker/down! Please let HP know that! We need another C$50,00 to match your prices (US prices) we still paying "higher" prices as always!

WELL DONE HP! Excellent news!

You know you done the right thing by us loyal WebOS fans in Europe. I expect an uplift in the sales of TP's all round Europe now.

Too many trolls always complaining even in very good news. I wish all they go for iOS or Android... WebOS is for mature people.