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TouchPad set for a June release, priced from $499; 7-inch coming in September? 116

by Derek Kessler Sun, 13 Mar 2011 12:46 pm EDT

HP was and has remained mum on the pricing and release timeframe (planned for "summer") for their TouchPad tablet, but we’ve got a few more details on that matter. A major US retailer is getting their employees ready for a year's worth of tablets and in that vein, they believe that HP is currently targeting a June release for the 10-inch webOS tablet, with pricing set at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, and $599 for the 32GB. That pricing falls right in line with the equivalent Apple iPad models. No word on cellular-enabled versions of the TouchPad, though we would expect HP to set their pricing right in line with Apple’s as well.

Additionally, HP has a seven-inch webOS tablet (codename: Opal) in the works, apparently with a planned September release. We have no clues on pricing, but if we had to guess we’d say it would be a bit less than the 10-inch TouchPad. And thanks to the magic that is webOS 3.0 and Enyo frameworks, apps made for the bigger variety will work just fine on the smaller tablet (not to mention phone-sized devices as well).

Thanks anonymous for the tip!


First... And I hope this is true! Lets just hope that hp ships over seas.

This looks fishy. A "major retailer" doesn't see any other pending release dates between June and September? And they actually know about the next HP?

Too fishy. If anything, this looks like a "leak" geared towards keeping HP slate buyers chasing a carrot on a stick until at least June. More wait, more wait, more wait. Feels like we'll get a real date in late May or Early June and the launch date will be "weeks" beyond that date.

I don't think it's "fishy". Here's a link to a similar worksheet from Staples.

June??? Whatever happened to March? Doesn't HP have an event today? Will there be any announcements there?

To paraphrase the climactic scene of a lot of romantic comedies - "It's always been June."

It was NEVER going to be released in March.

The announcement today has nothing to do with prices. It is regarding corporate strategies, if I remember correctly (i.e. what Leo wants to do to make HP better; nothing for consumers, only to make shareholders less wary of Leo)

The only thing that could have been released in March based on their Spring and Summer time frames given at the Feb 9th event was the Veer.

Come June, there will be a 4G network for HP Products, without need for 4g Interface on the PRE OR TouchPad........... So you can get 4G access for/on your Pren or HPTouchPad anywhere in the USA (goes to 3G if no 4G available).



They need to release the Touchpad ASAP. If it's June then the software needs to be rock solid!

Well they can't release right now considering webOS 3.0 is buggy (it was on February 9th).

Come release time, webOS 3.0 will be solid.

I truly hope so! :)

Headline rewrite: TouchPad set for June release, priced from $499, $599 if you own a Pre- on Sprint.

Uh what?

The person is acting like Palm/HP is **** them regarding everything, even though it was always Sprint **** the webOS customers.

So what they're saying is that HP will **** (them) even more" by requiring Sprint customers to pay more for the WiFi-only TouchPad.

See, it wasn't that hard to figure out. Regarding this all being Sprint's fault, they do shoulder some of the blame but ultimatly it's HP that shot down the Pre not Sprint. Also, how long has it been since HP said they would make things right? I haven't heard anything from them, have you?

You mean $399 if you own a Pre- (or a Pixie+/-)?

Very cool! I was hoping for May, but I'll go with June. Let's just hope it's early June :)

Pricing is just right too. I'd like to preorder my 32GB version now!

No, pricing isn't right. Other than the 1000 of us here who want one because we love WebOS, the rest of the people need a reason to look at it. Pricing it the same as iPad eliminates almost all of your market.

Too late. I got an iPad 2 on Friday. I still think WebOS is a better OS, but the ipad is so smooth and super fast and the apps really were the deciding factor for me. I am willing to deal with the annoying notifications and subpar multitasking for quality Apps. Once HP gets a quality app store full of apps I actually want, I might come back. Until then, iPad 2 for me.

Agreed. Picked up an iPad2 for myself as well. Hp CEO stated earlier this year that when new products are announced, they will be ready to ship...I don't care for how this company is performing nor do I care for how they have treated the patient day one Sprint Pre faithful. I have chosen to speak with my wallet. When my Pre dies, I sincerely doubt I will be purchasing an Hp product to replace it.

Good move and good move. I committed to the iPad back in October when I realized the 12 month road map was a myth. Picked up an iPhone for work and threw my personal Sprint Pre in the drawer. Haven't used it since.

Admittedly, iTunes blows and multi-tasking isn't as great as it is on webOS, but at least you can use the devices beyond games, messaging, browsing, twitter, facebook, music, and multi-tasking just for the sake of multi-tasking.

Haha, "multi-tasking just for the sake of multi-tasking". I definitely do that, and didn't realize it until you said it. I'll open a bunch of apps I don't want to look at so I can switch to an app I want. Just cuz multi-tasking is still amazingly fun on webos all these years later.

I too purchased that iPad2. I have a pre - and I like how WebOS operates, but its lacking features. I don't want to wait till June for a product that could be pricey and lacks apps. I will still consider the Pre 3, IF it comes out on Sprint! Otherwise, iPhone 5 will be my next phone. HP needs to setup their game! I might get negatives for my comment, but HP should know better!

So if it looks like $449 to $499 is the default starting price then that means that manufacturers are finding little to no room to price lower than the base price of the iPad 2.

That raises (but does not "beg") the question: "Why should anyone choose to buy an HTC, Acer, Dell, Toshiba or HP over an Apple?"

It is entirely "possible" that a consumer might actually like these other models more than the Ipad - heretical thought, I know ;-)

...especially "if" price is of little relevance!!

Because some people have an iPad and think it sucks because of the OS.

saying the OS sucks implies that its bad. i would say IOS is nice, just not awesome... you want a bad OS? the one that Verizon put on its phones like the Voyager, now that sucked haha

Awesome. I also hate the misuse of "beg the question," but I think it's a losing battle.

It comes down to control and cost for me. I'm not an Apple person at home and never will be. I use a Mac at work and have for a couple of decades (Graphic Artist) and I don't think OSX has any real advantage over Windows. The main difference in systems? Cost. Apple likes to wrap everything in aluminum or kitschy colors and put out crazy looking mouses and the like and all it does is drive the cost of their products up, sometimes doubling the cost of a competitive Windows based product. Does it make the product better? HELL NO. Did you ever try to use that stupid puck mouse they came out with in the early oughts? The capsule mouse with the nipple wasn't much better. As for OSX and the hardware... I guess if you're a fan of laptops with melting batteries or that get so hot they cause first degree burns they're okay. And I crash Finder more often than I crash win7 these days.

While I haven't tried iTunes on my PC lately I can tell you when I had it installed it was a horrible experience. I kept it loaded for MAYBE a week before I ditched it.

So I've never had an iTunes account and never will. It didn't phase me when the iPod was released (I already had several mp3 players). It didn't bother me when the iPhone was released (the only thing the first gen could do was look pretty, it was basically functionless). And the iPad release hasn't phased me at all, knowing what I would have to do if I ever bought one (join the collective). Plus if one wants a mobile OS tablet it's probably best to stay in the same ecosystem if possible. I like the way HP has the Pre3 and TouchPad working together. It wouldn't make sense for me to purchase anything other than the TouchPad at this point.

I hope this helps answer your question.

If they hit that price point then kudos to HP. Since HP (like Palm before it) seems to be bound and determined to simply match Apple (ie fixed memory rather than SD, no widgets) rather than beat them, how about they also adopt Apple's practice of releasing products within a couple weeks of announcement (or even early like iOS 4.3) rather than 4-6 months after.

I like the $499, but $100 for the extra 32 gb of memory is a serious ripoff (although HP isn't alone in this practice). Best Buy has PNY 32gb microSD cards for $60.

I've waited this long, I can wait a bit longer.

Half the attraction of the Touchpad is how it will work with a Pre3 (or, I assume a Veer). The Pre3 and Veer need to also be released (or announced) to seal the deal for me.

What is most important to me is Apps. Without Apps, the Touchpad is little more than a gigantic Pixi. HP should crow everytime a big name developer signs up, since it's apps that will make or break this thing.

I've watched with a twinge of envy the iPad2 release. Photobooth is just a gimic, and Garageband has little appeal to me, but no one can underestimate the attraction of Apps on the iPad. HP has an uphill battle and enterprise class apps will go along way to get webOS back in the game.

I for one intend to purchase a 32gb unit on launch day. I just hope that a week later I don't regret my decision because outside of PIM apps there's nothing out there.

I agree.

I just picked up Android TV for my EVO. It's basically HULU for my phone with a ton of shows from ABC, NBC, Fox, SyFy, USA, and Daily Show and Colbert from Comedy.

But it downloads the actual episodes to my SD card so I can watch them even if I don't have a signal. Many shows are free, and the few that aren't (Fringe, Glee, Family Guy, House, Modern Family among others) a 6-month subscription was $6 extra.

What do you think the odds are that webOS is going to have a similar app anytime soon?

I definitely miss webOS, but before I will lay out $500+ for a webOS tablet HP is going to have to play some serious catchup in the app department.

Do you get "the Middle" from ABC on Android TV? I can't find this show anywhere...Hulu, Netflix, ABC online...only way to see it is to record it from TV or actually watch it when it comes on TV...which is a strange concept.


who here thinks that when webos 3.0 gets released the pre 2 will get the update via our hp cloud?

I've decided that i'm not going to buy the TP. I refuse to be a beta tester for another product. i went through it with the pre-, i won't make the same mistake with the TP.

i agree... i will b getting the pre 3 though... granted it comes out in the beginning of the summer

I really hope HP doesn't price the TouchPad right where the iPad since it's an obviously inferior product. There are so many apps out there now for the iPad. Someone explain to me how you're going to convince someone to buy a TP over an iPad when there won't be any apps for the TP.

I will be getting a TouchPad... and inferior/superior are in the eyes of the beholder. To me, it's all about the OS - I love the simplicity and multitasking aspects of WebOS. I'll wager that a year from now, you'll be asking why so many people bought the TouchPad. Different strokes for different folks! Just like with other electronic devices, there will be many choices for consumers - which will keep the technology advancements (and numbers of apps for all the platforms) in high gear!! Although Ipads will dominate for the foreseeable future, their market share will slowly go down as all these other players come to the game AND the total number of consumers buying tablets skyrockets!!! There is room for multiple players in this market!

I assume by 'inferior', you mean "a lack of apps" to which I agree completely. I also agree that if HP releases the TP at the same price, they have totally missed the point of how to really compete with Apple. It astounds me how almost every company I can think of has an iOS app out there. I recently went to a Glass Vendor's website that has their product selection guide in an iOS app (Marvin Windows & Doors). Even Crestron has an incredible app for controlling your entire home from an iOS product. This is the 'hearts and minds' battle HP has to fight and they are not going to win it by matching prices and specs with Apple. This is Apples and Oranges (pun intended) so HP has to INNOVATE. They can start with incentives to attract buyers by lowering the price point. THey will have to do what these Video Game OEMs did and INVEST in their platform for the long run.

"obviously inferior"? First how would you know if the TouchPad is an inferior product until it is released? Second Apps are not the product. Apps are what currently interest people in the product. HP has a lot of catching up to do in Apps but like Android it is possible to catch up. Will they is the real question. I hope they do.

What does (based on hard drive) and (hard drive) mean?

means there are 2 sized hard drives. 16g and 32g. so the 16 will be 499 and the 32 will be 599. hope that helps. :-)

Device has a Physical Disk Drive vs. memory Disk Drive (Emulator). Speeds up the disk access but costs more to have memory.... I think?

Specs don't matter.

Price barely matters.

What's the experience? It can't just be "You can 'elegantly multitask' between the same apps you already have on every other OS (e.g. Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds)".

Where's the HP Movie Store? Where's the HP Music Store? Am I going to have to flip between four different apps if I want to access magazines, movies, music, and books? (e.g. Time app, Movie Store, Music Store, Kindle)

Let's get these details out ASAP, HP.

Looks like there is indeed no need to rush out and get a tablet. HP is bringing the TP to market late enough that I might as well do a serious dive into all of the platforms and determine the best avenue for long-term support/loyalty.

I would have bought a TP today based on previous WebOS capabilities. I have to assume that other OS' are getting closer to the interface of WebOS. I am typing this on an Acer netbook with Acer monitor connected so might as well consider their hardware and Android as equal to HPalm and WebOS. Good thing is I can decide on 7" or 10" tablet long before the Touchpad comes out.I can also look at the OS's prior to June. Pretty much by May I can make my decision and buy in June based on price.

Would be nice if this is wrong and HP announced something sooner (I dont mind beta testing solid hardware and buggy UI with the homebrew community). I doubt they will though as the HP "Blog" hasn't posted anything in 3 weeks. Not even a full-time hype-man on the team.

We are so driven by Instand Gratification. HP Has Billions so if it takes a year for WebOS to become viable, and to be on 50-80 million devices, (see HP to put WebOS on all PCs), they they can wait.
So they loose a few of us 1 or 2 million, not a big deal to them.....


No offense, but simply slapping WebOS on a bunch of PCs doesn't mean anything for developers, profits or marketshare.

If anything, app momentum has slowed since HP has proclaimed that they'll spread this OS everywhere, whether people use it or not.

"If anything, app momentum has slowed since HP has proclaimed that they'll spread this OS everywhere, whether people use it or not."

:rolleyes: Speak for yourself, don't speak for all developers. And there are good reasons a lot of apps are not coming out right now, as in today or tomorrow. Doesn't mean development is dead or slowed.

I said app momentum. I have no other way to measure "developer momentum".

You only have to look at the latest "App Roundup" by Derek on the site on Friday. He sums up several days with a whopping 15 new apps (full of spam like "List of Banks" and "Toll Station Counter", and then lists 40 books added to the app catalog. The last app roundup before that had EIGHT new apps from the three days prior.

That's slowing app momentum. Calling that "momentum" at all may be generous.

I guess HP is stockpiling all of the good stuff so they can meet their "We have developers committed so that tenS (plural) of thousands of apps will be available when we launch"

These book shops better get busy to help them meet their goals...

Absolutely right.

Sorry, HP doesn't care for the consumer base it has right now. The only thing they care about (and rightfully so) is pleasing their shareholders.

If you can't accept that and how publicly traded companies work, then please, move on.

If Hp's primary is concern is pleasing their shareholders, then they are doing a pretty poor job of that as well. Their stock has failed to make significant gains since the Hurd scandal and looking at the stock's reaction to their most recent earnings report (a three dollar gap down on a $40+ stock) doesn't look like an attractive stock to own.

i think pleasing the only consumers they have interested in WebOS in the long run will help when trying to pleasing their shareholders. its called making money

"HP Has Billions so if it takes a year for WebOS to become viable, and to be on 50-80 million devices, (see HP to put WebOS on all PCs), they they can wait.
So they loose a few of us 1 or 2 million, not a big deal to them.....

We like to think HP is the big dog. Apple and Google are magnitudes larger than HP. They have great sales of low-margin, "generic" hardware, but in the end, all those sales dont amount to much working capital compared to their competition.

HP is actually small. They are actually slow, they are actually very far behind. And if you think HP can pry Apple or Android products out of people's hands with little more than a slick hasn't worked yet.

You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you are talking about.
Apple is magnitudes larger than HP? Maybe magnitudes larger in your brain, but that is about it.

Unless $130B in sales and $12B in profit is small.

Apple, 65B in revenue, 14B in profit. That's an extra 2B for research and development, and they're not trying to hold down as many product lines as HP.


And southbaypalm, compare magnitudes via market cap if your brain so much bigger than mine.

HP small? Really? A 90B market cap is small?

For your information the water mark for a Large Corp is anything over 10 billion. Small is 100 million to 2 billion. Spend time researching before you try to make someone look bad with market speak genius!

If you're competition is:
Apple 325B
Google 183B
Microsoft 215B

And your margin smells like last month's milk, 90B is small.

Ok you're right 90B market cap and 8+B income is not enough to do business.

The market space is in colsolidation. Market share of slates 0%. Phones 3%. And at this point, we are WAITING for their slate, and WAITing for their latest 3G phones when the market is saturating with 4G.

I didn't say don't do business, I said they're not large in this segement and they dont have deeper pockets that the guys they're trying to challenge (which are currently eating into their other core products as well). Compared to Palm, yeah, they can write some big checks. But, lets not fool ourselves, they're not the 600# gorilla, far far from it. That's my point, they aint big, they're not going to outspend these guys, they're not going to out-endure them, and they better start alligning with customer needs and expectations before we find ourselves saying "I didn't see an HP logo on that product announcement, I hoped in the merger, they'd keep the brand alive."

We are going to have to agree to disagree.

First, your static thinking is flawed. Apple wasn't the 600 lb gorilla either not too long ago, and the idea of Android competing with Apple was unthinkable not too long ago. Second, they all have easily enough money to fully develop and market whatever they want. Have you ever heard of the concept of diminishing returns?

Both of those companies had focus. HP is trying to juggle a wider range of products and services. Yes, we are seeing diminishing returns from this dilution of focus. Why are you on both sides of the debate?

Diminishing returns on spending. The development and marketing will be fully funded in all of those companies.
What you refer to as "dilution of focus" could just as easily be labeled as what will become a much larger integrated ecosystem.

The point is your claim that HP is too small to play with the big boys was silly, no matter how vigorously you defend it now. You would have had a great case to make if it were Palm you were talking about. And even they were only some bad hardware away from playing with the big boys.

My claim was that they are not the big boys. I said they were small, not too small.

In the last three months, "big HP" has lost the lead in server sales to IBM and lost the lead in mobile computing to Apple.

All this while having the most dreadful margin in the industry. So much for leverage.

Look you don't like HP or WebOS, fine but please don't try to make ludicrous arguments about how many more BILLIONS one freakin huge corp has compared to another another freakin huge corp! HP has the money to invest PERIOD!

They have innovated (read an Envy review, ePrint, etc). Lastly they don't need to worry about current iPhone, iPad, Android owners because the market is HUGE. There are plenty of open hands out there to put devices in, no need to use a crowbar on anyone (see the growth of the iPhone in 2007 for reference)

Who said anything about what I like? You don't like the facts of the situation, fine shoot the messenger. Doesn't change the facts. What I like or dislike is pretty immaterial. I dont like Apple. I dont like Droid. I dont care for WinMo. BB is not worth liking or disliking, so at this point, what I "like" will be a compromise no matter what device I carry. Innovation is great.

Beaming reviews are great. But there is value in delivery, there is value in trust, there is value in simplicity and there is value int loyalty and alliances. HP is not really mastering those other valuable elements the way the market leaders are. Innovation is the unhappy partner of imitation. So if you want to be innovative, you better be able to put it on the shelf before imitation takes the market share.

I prefer WebOS. But HP and personal technology needs are driving me elsewhere. I can WAIT for HP and their history of breaking promises, or I can look elsewhere and WAIT for HP to catch up while someone else fulfills HP's promises. Would be a great time to "make things right", but that's in "coming months."

I dont dislike WebOS or HP. Yes, I dislike HP's leadership. They took the passion out of WebOS, they've fostered distrust and indifference. No hate there, it's a self punishing crime, they get to live with themselves and the market they've soured.

Bottom line my point is there is plenty of money, room and time to build their tablet market. They have very high value, and have executed/delivered in other sectors (business laptops, printers, consumer laptops, head phones, servers, cloud computing, support services) and just maybe they will in these one too.

For anyone to say that HP is to late to the game, to small (scoff) or incapable of delivering is a bit too presumptuous. I distinctly remember a lot of doubts when the iPhone was released. We we laugh at that now.

I really think folks are being a tad bit dramatic (read drama queen) when it comes to the evil, lying, mean ole bad company. Look it's business, if we don't like it we can move on (there are great options). I don't like this but unfortunately losing the original user base will probably not hurt them in the long run.

The laughing at Iphone was the users for thinking they were cutting edge "early adopters". There was never any doubt that Iphone was a natural evolution of the ipod. Apple had no trouble making a 2G phone with no apps work on ATT. They had a great UI, rock solid hardware and they had a history of embracing their customers and developers. (oops).

June is a tad far away as I was hoping a March release but I'll have to wait. The Price is perfect. The 499(16gb) allows me to stay within budget and get 2 of them as planned

Cue the "I'll definitely be getting a TouchPad in June at that price as long as [insert your caveat here such as: as long as they have all the apps I want; as long as the hardware is fantastic; as long as they changed some of the things I didn't like from the announcement;]"

I think it's safe to say that the photo in this article wasn't taken with a fixed-focus camera phone... so it must have come from an iPhone user.

Really sad that they had a 4 month gap between announcing and shipping a wifi device. Especially since the last leak of info was from last summer. Leo needs to speed things up.

I'm guessing the Pre3 will come out around the same time. If they release on June 6th again anyone with a two year Sprint contract will be ready for an upgrade.

Now that I've played with webOS 2.1 on my Pre-, I'm very interested. Would love to see more of Ares and checkout what webOS can do on a large 10" and 7" platform.

I also have plenty of experience with Android on my Nook that is barely usable even when you could on it coming in significantly lower in price. Honeycomb may help, but Nook won't have a dedicated platform for another 6-months and I'm certainly not buying a $600 Android tablet anytime soon.

I also suspect Palm and carriers will offer significant discounts if you sign-up and sell your soul to the carriers for 1 or 2 years. Don't expect this would interest me too much and either way I'm real excited at HP hopefully competing on price to make the choice easier. Sorli...

Pricing looks good to me. I'm in no rush so I can wait until June. Ipad2 didn't excite me much but glad that it does appeal to other users. No hating here, just not an Apple fan. Hope to see the Pre3 soon on Sprint! :)

you have to b a fan of Apple to like its products? do u have to b a fan of Natalie Portman to think she is hot? i dont think so. the ipad2 is impressive. if u dont think so, u dont understand mobile entertainment technology. not hating on WebOS. i am just giving credit where credit is due

That is great that you like the Ipad2. Like I said, not hating on it. It's nice for what it is but I wasn't that excited with it. It is faster and smoother than the original Ipad but that one didn't really wow me either. Ipads are too locked down for me. No thanks.

I've read some of the stupiddest comments here, apple, apple and apple...well people if the touchpad doesn't have our support like the apple has the support of other people, hp won't get support from devs. I could careless of apple I will be first in line for my touchpad, I don't like to settle for second best (apple) or third (android) at least in my opinion.

Anybody also spot that there's a bunch of Honeycombe Android devices planned for the same month, HP will need to gear up marketing for June to differentiate. Those familiar with WebOS will know the difference, those with iPad, or Android now probably don't even know what WebOS is - Release now doesn't necessarily mean that the product will sell a lot (we just want it now because we know it's cool), they have to market first and I think were starting to see this. Make those people who didn't know they were hungry, hungry for WebOs and TouchPad, then make it available, yes we'll be starving by then, but we don't want sales to be in the hundreds now do we?

Thanks for the info. And the tablet looks like a cool device, but, for the love of god, please get some info like this on the Pre 3! I am in so much more need of a new phone than I am in need of a tablet.

Looking forward to the TP coming out. I will def be waiting for it. Like others have said... Hope it's early june rather than later. :-D

Woo! Just in time for my birthday.

This is why I love HP!!!!

I was listening to TWIT, and Ryan Block and his partner Peter was talking up their event today in Austin, and mention that they will have the TouchPad on hand, and also let slip that a release date of next month April is the release. Ryan is mostly on point when it comes to this stuff.

I find him more credible than the major retailer in the story at the top of this article.

Hey, and why not a LARGER TouchPad instead of a smaller one? Tablets are already used as couch computers, so a bigger one can only be better. It wouldn't weight a lot more, plus it would be a "first" (ahem) in the market.

This make sense

where can we all start queing for the TP? Apple has the stores for the media to film people on release day so hp needs somewhere for us to gather!

Is that a joke?

Will there be a 64g version. I have more than 32g of music and if I'm going to carry this where ever i go i would like to have all of my music.

Boy, i really wish there was an SD slot in addition to the 32g

wow and I thought i had lots of music at 9 gigs even at 4 meg a piece I have about 2250 songs... equals about 187 CD's (12 songs per)

How many songs do you have and do you actually listen to them all or do you just have them...

That's where their "cloud storage" come into play! :)

awesome price. I hope this is true!

"...there are not enough quality apps to make use of it."

There's your disincentive.

I see RIM's PR spam team is out in full force today, i think they already have a site for WebOS ripoffs.

And a consumer cares about any of that because?

You may want to look into what RIMs app strategy is and how things are developed on the Playbook before claiming victory.

And linux is in alot of places as well. It's not what the system is, it's what software is run on it and how well it's built.

I have had a feeling/fear that ever since HP bought palm that they would royally f* up WebOS.

This appears apparent in their "vision" to put WebOS on all PC's they ship. So, by putting a mobile OS on a PC they will have more penetrance in the market. Nice, they single handedly will turn WebOS into bloatware.

Now, they are making a cheap, gesture-less Ipad clone and touting this as innovative? Really? How about doing something to wow us, music synnergy, cloud services, mainstream apps or perhaps a stylus? Was trying really hard to like the Touchpad, but was seriously let down by the Feb 9th event and now that the product is 6 months out...

I really like my WebOS phone, and as a phone OS I feel that WebOS is a great experience. That experience would have been great on other devices, but I just don't see HP's vision panning out for the consumer. Maybe enterprise is where WebOS is headed, but I don't buy too many enterprise based devices for personal use, so I guess I'll be looking elsewhere.

PS. I do not like iOS at all, but the design and fluidity of the Ipad (1 and 2) is undeniable. Too bad HP couldn't deliver the same on the Touchpad.

I really hope this is true. I want it to be $499. I will buy it if it's at that price.

From the story: "That pricing falls right in line with the equivalent Apple iPad models."

And that, my webOS friends, is why HP has already failed, EVEN BEFORE THE LAUNCH.

Make it start at $399 and not one dime more. HP is delusional if it thinks people are going to stand in line outside BestBuy (or wherever) to get one for the same price as an iPad 2.

HP!!!! LISTEN UP!!! Take the loss!!! Make it cost less!!! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RECOUP COSTS ON THE FIRST ITERATION!!!!!! Get it in the hands of people first!

I agree! get ten million of them out there and then come out with the "Newer better" for a little more and you've got 'em for life.

HP, Don't just match Apple, beat them! WebOs is better than Ios so smack them on the head with it, wake up the world to WebOS!

1-Maybe the 7 inch will have a gesture area since there is less "real estate," and it is coming out later, so it is less likely to be a revised windows 7 tablet (which the TP may be).
I don't believe this, but I can dream.

2-Could HP buy Sprint? That would be neat, especially since I do not think Sprint will be getting any HP phones anytime soon.

3-Nobody noticed that more ipad2 releases are delayed by 3 to 4 weeks? Isnt ipad3 supposed to come out later this year? Morons are buying 2's. And there are backlight bleedthrough issues on the ipad2; haste makes waste.

I keep wondering about HP buying Sprint... There may be antitrust issues with that, but it would solve a lot of problems, and HP could have a tech section in thousands of retail stores.. It'd be really cool.

Engadget hinted at t mobile merging with sprint, which means maybe something could be in play. Imagine if HP could give a monthly discount to people who used their phones?
It would be pretty cool.

Hard Drive? For the love of solid state, please tell me there is not a disk drive in this thing.

there is not...

It's like this: HP was my God, but Apple is like my Devil...yeah...I went to the dark side baby! Lost faith in HP.. **** happens! LOL

I'm hoping for HP on their next touchpad next year AND improved WebOS with standard features, not patches.

buy it at the same price as the iPad 2??! lol... maybe in the coming years when it gets polished... apple wins for now... but i'm sure to get the Veer though...

Well, it will be a nice toy for me, but what about the Pre 3?

Ok..this is my plan since HP is so slow to market.

Buy BlackBerry Playbook (copy) of Webos in April
Sale the Playbook when the Touchpad comes out
Sale the Playbook when the 7 inch Touchpad drops and purchase the 7 inch

I'm in Aust so expect lousy access anyway to HP TP. Limited (or no) supply and twice the price as in US (e.g. Touchsmart notebook).
I agree with most comments by PreDogs here. I've been a HP fan for looOong time, but I'm losing patience. HP has been enticing us for over a year about slate/touchpad, but still nothing of substance. HP is long on hype but short on delivery.
I believe they treat the customer base with contempt and the competition will catch them out.
I'm no Apple fan, but at least they produce a good product and deliver it. I've had an Iphone for two years and love it. I doubt I will get an Ipad because it lacks a couple of features I want.
HP needs to lift its game and attitude. It can keep playing a stalling game but it will lose customers along the way. Probably me.

Its been a while since I last visited precentral (about 1 months ago just when the new devices were shown). Once again I'm not surprised by what I'm seeing here. Yet again they're at the back of the bunch down the list. You wait so long for them to make a decent candybar pixi type phones (with a different name ofcourse and they come out with pre 3 and what you can easily call a pre 4 as well. Last time I was on precentral I heard future were device set to ship within 2 weeks of them being revealed? I'm not ranting here, I'm just saying, you keep people waiting for so long then its a big dissapointment. I don't see any other devices being released soon, maybe another year down the line (with no palm log/brand) so I guess many palm fans think this is the end of the road.