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HP TouchPad Unboxing Video! 23

by Kevin Michaluk Mon, 04 Jul 2011 6:11 pm EDT

Hey everybody! Yep, this is my first blog post on PreCentral.net. I feel a little dirty... and scared. Seriously, as I started up the HD camera to record this unboxing video of the HP TouchPad the sky turned dark and it started to thunder, rain and hail (I'm not even exaggerating a little bit here... check out today's weather in Winnipeg).

With our chief webOS guru Derek Kessler mainly tied up for a few more days with non-PreCentral commitments, I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to drop a few blog posts here on PreCentral (shhh.. don't tell anybody at CrackBerry.com). The truth is, I've been really excited to give the HP TouchPad a try. I was actually in the audience at CES when webOS was officially unveiled to the world by Palm, and have always been a fan of the webOS way of doing things. That said, I was of course pleasantly surprised when RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook showed up with a UI design that looked a lot like webOS. And while I do like the BlackBerry PlayBook, I can't help but wish sometimes that the display was bigger, like the iPad. Put it all together and you'll get why I've been anxious to spend some time on the TouchPad.

Check out the video above to see me go through the ritual unboxing of the HP TouchPad. I take a look at what ships in the box and do some quick hardware comparisons to the Apple iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook. With the unboxing out of the way, I plan to spend tonight getting up to speed on webOS 3 and will probably drop a few more posts here over the next couple of days. I figure a perspective from a newbie wouldn't be a bad thing for some of the people considering webOS for the first time (for a more indepth look be sure to check out our in-depth HP TouchPad Review). And if there's any posts you'd like to see us cover that we haven't yet, be sure to drop them in the comments and we'll get them done.

Be gentle on me webOS nation, it's my first time unboxing one of these babies. Enjoy the show! 



I just went to Best Buy and played with the Touchpad. Man, was I impressed. It was a lot speedier, smaller, and better sounding than I expected. I was walking around looking to see who would look at the touchpad, and there was quite a bunch of people playing with it! Little kids, adults, students, etc. Bad thing is that most of them didn't know how to work the device (Cards Metaphor) and things like that so after playing with the apps on screen, they just put it down and left. HP and Bestbuy needs to put at least one employee managing the HP stand to teach customers about the device. The tiny HP stand was right next to the huge Apple stand, and there were at least two employees talking to customers about the Apple products. If HP put their laptops, printers, and WebOS Devices into one LARGE stand with personnel manning the display, HP would make tons more money... Keep up the good work HP!

@Kevin: You did good. I like the comparisons and your enthusiasm.

@Prediscover: "Keep up the good work HP?" Are you serious?

They release a tiny phone that fails, and now places are trying to give the veer away for free and still the sales on the veer suck.

Now they release their first tablet, whic they announced five months ago. It's thicker & with less apps, but at the same price as the great ipad2... we can easily predict how the revision 1 tablet sales will do because of this.
Hp insults us by offer a "reward" of $50 for the 32GB touchpad only for the Sprint pre minus owners that have been waiting. We could use a discount on a new phone... not on a tablet that's slower than the samsung galaxy and ipad2.

We just heard earlier that the pre3 got pushed back to a fall release date instead of summer. We still don't know exactly when and which carrier. Sprint pre minus owners are fed up and as their 2 year contracts expire, they are leaving WebOS for Android.

yeah... keep up the good work HP.

Then move on over to another device. Not that hard is it. Troll alert

no kidding, a lot of *(^$# on this site... if you arn't happy leave.

So much truth...

Hey, welcome to Precentral!

Nice work on the unboxing video Kevin. I won't tell anyone at Crackberry. Hope to know what Kevin thinks webOS 3.0.

I also went to Best Buy locally. The place for the Touchpad was all the way in the back, away from the other Tablets and iPad. I played with the Touchpad, it does have more weight to it, which is a plus for me. Having different size on-screen keyboards is a big plus.

Great job, welcome to Precentral. Hope you post the next one tonight, look forward to hearing your thoughts. Always great to get a fresh perspective.

Nice to see you here in Precentrall. I have to confess that I love your videos @ crackberry :)

Nice to hear the dulcet Michaluk tones on Precentral and hey, WebOS Nation kinda has a ring to it.

Best TouchPad unboxing video. You really seemed genuinely excited. Can't wait to see your other videos

i can't wait for his next video. i think it'll be better since he has not much experience with webos. most reviews out there are done by fanboys (either webos or apple, etc) so they have a pre-conceived idea of whether they'll like it or not.

DUDE, i KNEW he was Canadian lol. When he said the word "so"...

I've been a loyal crackberry.com reader for a long time, and I'm glad to see you here Kevin. Its good to get a fresh perspective on new products. I'm still a BlackBerry user, but I'm very interested to see what HP/Palm webOS is doing with their new products. Nicely done, Kevin.

I'm very interested in Kevin's first impressions of webOS. I have no doubt he'll be as enamored with as a lot of us are.

Holy **** Do you guys even take a break? Keep it up!

Kevin: Welcome to webOS territory. Love the enthusiasm and delivery. Looking forward to more!

Great job Kevin on the review, and bringing down Adora rath upon you for your use of WebOS, but...just say you learned that from Dieter Bohn ;) http://twitter.com/#!/crackberrykevin/status/88057790249172992

Dude, Awesome unboxing video. I NEVER say that to an unboxing video, but you sound so excited and kept it fresh! Look forward to seeing another post of your first impressions, esp because you've used the Playbook! :)

Great review Kevin. I too have seen previous reviews of yours on the crackberry side (yeah used to have a blackberry) :) love the engergy in your vid..damn I am so jelous still waiting for my touchpad here in the UK to arrive! :)