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HP TouchPad: what we know, what we don't 102

by Derek Kessler Wed, 23 Feb 2011 3:37 pm EST

If there was on thing we were all but certain we would see at HP’s Think Beyond event, it was the long rumored, hinted, and outright spoken-of PalmPad tablet. Turns out it’s actually to be called the HP TouchPad, and it’s the webOS answer to the Apple iPad. In many physical respects the two tablets are quite similar: a 9.7-inch 1024x768 screen dominates the front of the device, it measures just 13 mm thick, and weighs in at just over 1.5 pounds. But that’s where the similarities end: the TouchPad packs Touch-to-Share compatibility, Touchstone charging, a front-facing camera for video calls, Beats Audio stereo speakers, and, oh yeah, webOS 3.0.

What we know:

At first glance there’s not much to the HP TouchPad. As the first webOS tablet, it’s basic black: a big 9.7-inch screen (18-bit IPS) with a 1024x768 resolution. The whole front is faced with a big sheet of chemically-hardened Gorilla Glass from Corning, and the entire back is comprised of a glossy black plastic shell. We can’t speak for rigidity here, as all the TouchPads at Think Beyond were pre-production units. A small button with the familiar webOS light bar (present on every webOS device since the Pixi) sits at the bottom, though there is no gesture area to be found here.

A 1.3 megapixel camera sits at the top of the display, though there is no camera around back like we’ve seen on so many recently announced Android tablets. But back to that button - it’s of the clicky type (with no gesture area, there’s no touch sensitivity outside the display) and is also the location of the Touch-to-Share communication coil used to communicate with devices like the HP Pre 3. There’s a power button and 3.5mm headphone jack at the top, volume rocker on the right side, two Beats Audio-enhanced stereo speakers on the left (for when you go landscape for movies) and a micro-USB port at the bottom. It’s a very minimalist design, and very clearly takes a lot of design inspiration from the iPad.

Under that shiny black exterior you’ll find a brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz. To make sure there’s enough space for everything to zip along smoothly, the TouchPad also has a full gigabyte of RAM and will come with choices of 32GB or 64GB for storage. There’s your standard compliment of sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, and compass), Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi b/g/n, and GPS. And if you’re worried about what’s going to keep all this powered, it’s a beastly 6300 mAh battery.

The TouchPad runs HP’s new webOS 3.0 operating system, which was designed with the flexibility of the tablet form factor in mind. Practically every core webOS app has been (or will) be updated with 3.0, but we’ll cover that in depth in another article.

HP has also started to build an ecosystem of accessories for the TouchPad. First up is a new big-size Touchstone for the TouchPad, packing a more powerful charging coil. In fact, the new TouchPad Touchstone is more stand than the podium of the smaller smartphone Touchstones, and as such can be adjusted to work at different angles, from nearly upright to practically flat. With Exhibition still present in webOS 3.0, it’ll make for turning the TouchPad into a very versatile desktop companion. There’s also a case for the TouchPad that wraps around the edges and has a flap to cover that big screen. The flab can be tucked into a notch on the back to prop the TouchPad up for easier two-handed desk-borne typing, and the back is thin enough that it will permit charging on the Touchstone stand. Lastly there’s a webOS-specific Bluetooth keyboard, which is a slim and sexy affair with a full complement of webOS-specific buttons (such as what looks like a card view button).

What we don’t know:

For all we know about the HP TouchPad, there’s still an awful many questions whose answers we do not know. For one, there’s the specific launch date. HP says that they have planned for availability this “summer,” but that vague seasonal launch timeframe gives them a lot of wiggle room, as does “planned.”

And then there’s price, which we hope and assume HP will ensure is competitive with what will be the second generation iPad by the time the TouchPad comes out, as well as a smorgasbord of Android tablets of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to selling devices like the Veer and Pre 3, HP will have the help of the carriers, their stores, and their networks to do much of the heavy lifting, though HP has promised an all-out marketing campaign to make sure we’re all fully aware of the rebirth of webOS.

But what of marketing the TouchPad? HP has made much of their scale, and indeed they do monopolize a lot of shelf space at retailers like Best Buy all around the United States, but so does Apple, who has set up mini Apple Stores inside Best Buy locations. The marketing blitz for the TouchPad has already begun, even though the tablet is months from availability.

And speaking of the carriers, there’s still that question of if or when we’ll see a cellular version of the TouchPad. HP only announced the Wi-Fi version of the TouchPad, but if and Touch-to-Share devices like the Pre 3 are to serve as compliments to each other, then one would reason that it’d be best if they were sold in the same places (much like you’re pitched to buy chargers, cases, and protection plans at the carrier stores). This is all without even mentioning the added utility of a TouchPad with integrated cellular connectivity. Whether a speculative cellular TouchPad goes the route of 3G vs. 4G or CDMA vs. GSM is anybody’s guess. But seeing as HP was unwilling or unable to name any carrier partners for the Veer or Pre 3, we imagine their also still trying to work out partnerships for the TouchPad as well.

And then there’s the simple matter of your Palm Profile (only a matter of time before this is renamed). Apple iOS users have long enjoyed the benefits of their Apple ID syncing music, movies, apps, and other data across multiple devices, specifically on both iPhones and iPads. This hasn’t been an issue for the vast majority of webOS users, because most of us don’t have much use for two webOS phones. In fact, if you try to activate your Palm Profile on a new device, it automatically signs out of and wipes the older webOS device.

Whether this changes with the TouchPad is a huge unknown, though we have at least seen hints of potential profile sharing from HP: SVP Jon Rubinstein mentioned during the TouchPad introduction that all you would have to do is sign in with your profile on the TouchPad and all your Synergy data would automatically sync to the tablet. Synergy data, like your contacts and calendar info, is obviously a good thing to have and keep in sync. But what about apps or music or anything other than your basic PIM info? Yeah, we don’t know.


first. hopefully it will be under $600

im just waiting for someone to take my money for the touchpad

Here is my personal pricing structure for the touchpad

$499.99 and under= In pulse buy. I will stand outside whatever store the day it is released to buy it.(just like I did for the palm pre)

$599.99= I might wait a week see what the reviews are and wait till payday to get it.

$699.99= I would have to wait till a holiday and maybe ask my girlfriend or family member to go half on it with me as a present to me.

$799.99= Screw that. I just won't own it. I would go buy a ipad or some cheap android tablet.

It probably needs to be 299 to move or 99 and a data plan. I can't imagine many wanting an ereader/media viewer for 499+. Nook got the price right.

they need that touchstone media doc, HDMI, wireless HTPC for your TV.. Now that I would buy

It definitely needs to be in the $400-$550 range.
6300 mAh battery is HUGE. That is awesome! The more I learn about this tablet, the more I want to buy one, if the price is right.

It needs HDMI on the tablet itself. This is a deal killer for me. So many Android phones already have it and the Xoom will have it.

Blackberry will have it on the Playbook as well.

all true... the biggest question: what kind of apps will this bad boy be running? they didnt show ANYTHING except for the email app and a flight simulator for like 10 seconds. i have a feeling this thing will b launched with a slim catalog (just like the pre, i remember when i got it there was like 60 apps haha). have u seen what they have out for the ipad? holy moly it has a TON of things it can run.

You are dreaming.

If you're comparing the TouchPad to the Nook then I don't think you quite understand what the TouchPad is. I look at this as *almost* a laptop replacement. In fact, that's what I'm planning on doing. I've got my desktop computer which I'll keep. I'll get rid of my very old laptop and just get this instead. It'll be cheaper, lighter and more portable than any laptop and still have most of the functionality that I need out of a laptop (that's for me anyway, but I don't use a laptop as my main computer at home).

What is it you'll be doing with a touchpad that is any more of an ereader/web browser/media viewer? That's right. Nothing much.

I'm not sure you understand how limited these "tablets" are. Or you're clueless about laptops & windows.

The only things you get with a laptop is a hard keyboard, and a better multitasking system.

Unless you're a programmer/heavy gamer, I don't see why a tablet can't replace a laptop.

For everyone else, "what is it you'll be doing with a [laptop] that is any more of an ereader/web browser/media viewer? That's right. Nothing much."

To further augment my point: let's compare iPad sales to Nook sales, shall we?

Yeah, too bad it's not just a ereader/media viewer.

If you want just a e-reader/media player then the nook or any archos tablet would be great for u. this tablet is more of a netbook replacement.

What?! If anything 299 is pushing it for a subsidized price. If you can't even get a Pre2 for $99 on a two year contract why would you think you could get a tablet for that price? The hardware is comparable to the iPad so that means it's at least $499 worth. But HP would sell it for most likely more because they sell them wholesale compared the iPad which Apple collects full profits from.

Plus, e-reader/media viewer? Come on, who are you kidding, it's more than that. If you'd call an iPad or the Xoom that, then this is all irrelevant. I'm not one to call someone's point of view wrong, but you've really gotta look at it from a different angle.

Press release: Apple started selling a $499+ device like this last year. A couple people bought it.


I would be surprised if it were that cheap. not for all were getting with this unit. that and we all thought the Pre would be a lot cheaper and it was not. im guessing $799 with all the features. Gorilla Glass, Dual Core Processor WebOS, and an included TouchStone

It won't sell at that price. No way... It obviously can't be priced higher than the iPads with comparable storage.

Dont you mean that it will be available in 16 or 32 GB versions. You wrote 32 or 64.

I think Derek is being a typical guy - we all want to think it's bigger than it actually is.

Among the three, this is one piece of hardware, that matches other top hardware tablets in the market right now. And if H/P makes a big enterprise push, we can get it in a lot of hands. Hopefully its not outdone by iPAD-2

it will b cuz the ipad2 has a boat load of software to run on it that this will not. im not trying to troll here, its the truth... i do like the touchpad a whole lot though. its quite nice

I wish gesture area was still there

Yeah and I don't get why they left it out. I don't understand how we're going to "do" webOS without gestures...

I wish the gesture area was there too but I can see it getting confusing when switching from portrait to landscape and back. Instead of swiping right to left or down to up you'd be going the other way for the same outcomes. I can see why just pressing a button to go back would make more sense.

It's not there because HP is putting WebOS on desktops and they are not going to produce special gesture area touchscreens, nor does a gesture work with a mouse input.

Exactly. Jon already said that when webOS was originally conceived, it was for smartphones only. Palm had no plans to put it on tablets or laptops or any other type of device. That all changed when HP took over and saw a new potential for webOS as being the central nervous system of newly integrated HP products. This is why Enyo was developed, a virtual keyboard has been implemented and the gesture area removed. To make a consistent user experience across multiple form factors some stuff we had gotten used to as day 1 webOS users had to change, and removing the gesture area was one of them. I actually thought about this a while ago and wondered what would happen with a tablet (have all 4 sides touch-sensitive?) and then with laptops (a "special" area under the mouse pad?) and then desktops (a touch-sensitive USB input pad that sits next to the keyboard?). You get too creative with it and it becomes a confusing mess to the general public. It's just simpler to remove it altogether and put back buttons in your apps.

I had that thought too about the gesture area, but after thinking about it, I don't know if I were holding a tablet cradled in my arm, if I'd want to keep moving my hand to the bottom to do swipes. It works for a phone where the whole screen is available to touch. Seems, if anything you'd want to be able to swipe-in from the sides like the way you can swipe down the top menus now.

Swipe-in from the right to go back, left for forward. Maybe a swipe-in and hold wold give the wave bar. (I hope they still have a way to get to the wave bar.)

What is rumor? All Derek listed were known facts. (well, except for the wrong sized storage.)

And facts that he wants to know. No rumors anywhere.

Yet, you still come here...?

Most of this article is public information from the Think Beyond event. Calm down bud.

I want to know why the camera is mounted in the wrong orientation. In all the video chat demos, the person would be holding the thing in portrait, while the video was showing in landscape... which made no sense to me.

Oh, and +1 for the gesture area. Omitting that is a horrible idea. It's one of the main features of the OS!

By doing the video in portrait, you have room for the video and controls in the extra space that the 4:3 video image doesn't take up.

RE: Gesture Area.

I guess they wanted us to go back to a three step process to switch aps.

1. Press button.
2. Swipe left or right.
3. Tap the ap to go full screen.

With Gesture area:
1. Swipe across the G.A. left or right to go to adjacent ap.

They need to break this obsession with chasing Apple...

Using regular gestures
I still use three steps:

1. Swipe up.
2. Swipe left or right.
3. Tap the app

Now about Advanced Gestures:
Assuming that the tablet is powerful enough to run more than 3 apps at once, it would be annoying for me to blindly flip through the apps until I found one that I was looking for. I think America would like to see cards of the programs running first and HP will not spend extra resources to put that in just for the technogeeks that can memorize the order of their apps.

"America would like to see cards".

You are entitled to your opinion but improved work flow and usability with an "optional" gesture area could have really set this device apart from the hundred other tablets coming out.

I personally loved the gesture area, having said that I'm glad its gone.
Everytime somebody used my phone they would get incredibly confused about how to go back or close the app. If webOS is going to become mainstream than it needs to be easy to use and the gesture area is too much overhead. (also I imagine it would get in the way on a tablet, people would be accidently swiping all the time)

Really? After spending a couple weeks with my EVO I still have trouble figuring out how to shut down some apps. I keep wanting to minimize and flick to close.

Android has some positives, and the speed of my phone and the huge screen are great. But webOS is definitely the better and easier to learn OS.

Without me telling him, my six-year-old son has figured out how to get the launcher open and find Angry Birds on my Pre+. The boy is bright and all, but ... really ... webOS is not that hard to figure out.

My four year old can swipe up to get the launcher and swipe over to get to right screen and select Angry Birds. I agree that WebOS gestures are more nature, on a phone at least.

Did you say "EVERY TIME" and "INCREDIBLY CONFUSED?" Seriously??? If someone you know gets "incredibly confused every time" they try to use a really simple gesture area on your phone, then you've got real idiots for friends or you are just lying!!! I mean you need to really review your post because it is "incredibly" hard to believe and I get "confused" as to why people want to say such ignorant shit "every time" i read these comments....LOL!

The fact that there's a "Gesture Tutorial" should tell you that no, the gesture area is NOT as intuitive and easy as you, a veteran webOS user, thinks it is.

Yes, every time I've demo'd my Pre Plus to people, the gesture area confuses them until I show it to them.

Don't be such a troll.

But as for the gesture area itself, I was initially confused/angry about the omission, but I understand why they made the decision. If HP truly wanted to follow through with "Everybody On" and bring webOS to the laptop/desktop/anything, the gesture area had to go. Even on the tablet, a gesture area is pushing it. It's really only ideal for a phone, and phones are no longer the main act on webOS.

Now, as for a gesture area, this tablet should absolutely have one! As long as you can identify that the device has a top and a bottom, then you can implement a gesture area. And, since the thing has a front facing camera, you can identify a top and a bottom. The gesture area does not have to work any differently on the tablet than on the phone, which can also be rotated in all directions while successfully implementing a gesture area on one side of the phone. HP missed the boat on this one! That gesture area differentiates this tablet from most others and it's very efficient and useful. It's not just cool but it's productive as well!!

My fear is that HP will keep on fucking with webOS until it loses all the elegance that it once had. I also don't like the fact that they dropped the lowest level of minimizing my card view in webOS 2.0. That was a neat feature that reduced the need to swipe so much, while looking for your apps. If they wanted to improve webOS's functionality, it would have been nice to see the card view layout in landscape mode as well as portrait, on the phones. It seems to work on the Touchpad. It would also be nice to drop 2 cards side by side to compare, copy/paste or whatever!!! That should definitely be included with webOS 3.0 IMO!

I belive the Wi-Fi version will be $499.99, my contacts say there will be a cellular version (Verizon) and in talks with Sprint to see if it will be 3G or 4G cellular version.

Starting price will be $499.99 and up.

UPDATE: Just got a tip from a trusted source... expect an announcement from HP & a big carrier Next Month (March). Hmm... seems HP is trying to steal some thunder from the xoom and ipad 2, who by the way is making their own announcement next week!

Too much! (IMO)

Very reasonable, given the hardware.

I think it looks great, but being a new "player" in the tablet market with little/no apps (unless this changes before release), I just think it will make it hard to attract buyers at that price. Having said that -I'll probably get one anyway.

Seeing as a Pre2 goes for about $400 unsubsidized, what would you think is fair for a device with 6" more screen?

I'm not even in the market for a tablet, but I'd consider it for $500 sans contract.

$499.99 is what I wanted it to be.

Too much compared to what? Who sells (or says they will sell) a comparable device for less? $500 would be a bargain.

We'll see how it does if that is the price. Great hardware, but supporting apps just not there yet. Hope I'm wrong. WebOs community will see it as a a bargain, not sure about others.

From where I stand, it will be the phone choice that will drive the tablet sale. The phone is my main device and if & when I buy the tablet, it will match up with the phone.

I'm sure there are people who feel the opposite will happen, but if you are already invested in a smartphone, your OS will push you to that tablet. I'm saying this as a Sprint Pre owner who is facing a decision in the coming months. If I can stay on WEBOS, then this tablet is a natural choice, but if I have to transition to another platform, no chance of buying this at any price. How many Iphone owners will buy this? not many. Same for Android.

I'm sure the largest market segment isn't on a smartphone, but I would bet the early adopters all are!

For the iPhone you're probbably right because apple has built such a strong image. However android doesnt have that image "Droid" sortof does but that only applies to Verizon Motorola Android phones. Most regular android users dont really understand what android is, or even that their phone is running it.

haha so true. its funny how little people know about what they own

What we don't know?

Why they removed the most intriguing feature that would have differentiated the device (along with TS charging). The GESTURE AREA!!!

Does anyone know if the wave bar is gone (like the gesture area)?

I don't see how the wave could work w/o the G.A. A lot of folks say they don't use the wave but I do constantly. It's the fastest way to get to your most used apps.

just like some other platforms, you could have a 1px border that would activate the wave when it's crossed. something like that.

OOH YEAH TRUuuuue... i use the wave bar alllll the time. mannn why did HP have to stomp on some of my fav parts about my fav OS

My question is will it have a USB port?

If not how will we Doctor it?

I would be terribly surprised if it doesn't have a Micro USB. It is becoming standard for all companies, but Apple.

I do agree with you but in pic i have seen I couldn't see one nor did they mention it in the information and remember Apoth wants HP to be "cool" like Apple.

Every thing I have read (including the above article) is it has the standard micro-USB like the other webOS devices.

wow I must have missed that then ... thanks

hopefully carriers will jump aboard and actually want to carry webos products. then will get some product release dates

are the following confirmed?

1. No video out on the device?
2. No media doc (for video out, usb, etc.)
3. Does Touch-to-Share work between Veer and Touchpad on day 1 of TP launch?

I'm pretty sure Veer and touchpad touch to share is confirmed and that the new touchstone is a video out doc.

perfect. thanks! If it is video out, that will be a nice plus. having these two features could be a day one sell on the veer (phone calls and hot spot) and touchpad.

Veer will not support touch-to-share. See paragraph two of this article: http://www.precentral.net/hp-veer-hands-on-9

I would be really interested in knowing the battery life

No gesture area might be the biggest complaint I have. It may be reason enough for me to skip on new webOS devices. The gesture area is single thing I love most about the OS. It makes doing everything so much simpler. I hate having to press down on one stupid spot to press stupid buttons to get anything done. Every time I introduce somebody to webOS, it's the first, best thing I show them. I love to explain how everything is so fluid and how easily one can change applications and go back and forth within applications by simply swiping around. It's easier than aiming for a button and hoping I hit it. And it's way, way more fun to boot!! Plus, it eliminates the need for even a single button on the front of the device. I always show that as an advantage to people when explaining webOS. Now I have to tell them it's just like Apple with its one button except that the one button only takes you to card view and doesn't have the multi-functionality that Apple's home button has.


Let me chime in on the G.A.

50 bucks says they didn't get rid of it because they are playing follow the leader with apple. I think they got backstabbed by RIM (blackberry) they have a tablet (playbook) that emulates webOS and has a gesture area.

Maybe the reason HP passed on the GA was because of patent lawsuits. Rim has patents like crazy and could easily counter sue with their massive patent portfolio. But who knows. Either way webOS just lost some big points in my book. No pun intended.

TouchPad all day! I wonder if the touch sensitivity is as good as the Ipad! Cuz I kno the Pre touch aint as good at the Iphone... However, Pre is better than all of the Android fones that's out today! They suck! But love the iphone touch tho... I hope TouchPad is as good... And 550 price I buy two since I bouch Ipad for 500!

There are Joe Boxer, Calvin Klein, FTL, 21xst, and many other styles of underwear that guys buy everyday. My point being everyone has different desires and comfort levels and there is room for many choices - HP webOS will be a major player once it is released as an ecosystem in the near future and for years to come.

Feeling fuzzy today - :)

Here is what we know, Precentral junkie Addiarmadar WILL be getting one!

I would love to use this as my daily phone!!!! Might have to get some kind of strap and handle for the back of the TouchPad...Take that you ugly slab phones!!! bahaha

on a serious note, I may consider getting one of these. Especially if it does all the Remote Desktop,VPN,etc.

"The flab can be tucked into a notch on the back..." Damn, sounds like my ex-wife! :D

LMAO! Ouch.

I hope she wasn't talking about you.

Here's what HP/Palm can do to "make it right":

HP Pre3 16GB $199 with $100 instant rebate for existing webOS customers (must have an active Palm profile).

HP TouchPad 16GB $499 or 32GB $599, both available with $200 instant rebate for existing webOS customers (must have an active Palm profile).

HP Pre3 and TouchPad, when sold together, qualify for a total instant rebate of $350 for existing webOS customers. Launch earlier than promised (end of March or early April) and existing webOS customers can get both devices together on Sprint for $350 (16GB/16GB) or $450 (16GB/32GB).

wake up now. not going to happen. I think the only thing that may be accurate is the $599 price point. I think this is the lowest we see the touchpad. Wifi version at 16GB.

I will reserve judgment on the loss of the gesture area until the device is out and we see what webOS 3.0 is like. Its' possible that HP thinks the TP will frequently be used in landscape mode. I know with my Pre the GA didn't work as well in landscape, especially on the web.

My only real complaint about the spec's as we know them is the fixed memory. IMHO fixed memory is a weakness of the iPad (and the iPhone for that matter) and HP should have taken advantage of the chance to offer something that the iP (and Galaxy Tab) doesn't.

Memory is cheap and I shouldn't have to pay HP $100 for extra memory that I could get retail for $25.

I respect your opinion so don't take this the wrong way but I'm curious: How did the gesture area not work as well in landscape? For me, it works exactly the same in any orientation. The touch sensitivity does not change in different orientations. Also, in landscape, the gesture area can be used to scroll a page at a time which is a GI-FRICKING-GANTIC AMAZING feature that I love about my Pre. It is another use of the gesture area that I am pissed to lose. Also, you have the option to turn that off if you still prefer to use the gesture area to go back a page and such.

I was hoping hp would go with the soft touch backing like the veer and pre3. I don't like that glossy plastic that scratches easily and shows from different angles. Please change it hp, it would also help with asthetic continuity and hardware recognition.

Only thing I can say is that don't worry about how HP is going to sell its TouchPad and Pre-3. If they are selling like 2 computers per second, do you all think those compus are mostly being sold by retailers ? Have you ever been in any call centers before ? Floors after floors stuffed with cubicles having desktops/laptops made by HP or Dell. So stuffing these centers with TouchPad and Pre-3 as additional tools for providing solutions to their clients won't be a big deal for HP. Also I think HP chose the 'tap' method of file-transfers (or, URL-transfers)say between Pre-3 and TouchPad, instead of NFC is because of security reasons, and interference reasons, because of situations of having so many near-field-communications happening so nearby in processing-center setups.

So basically Pre-3/TouchPad are mainly geared for corporate clients requiring mobile tools and retail clients are just afterthoughts! We should be happy with Veer (means warrior in Hindi) and Pre 2. And I like Pre 2.

You make a good point. I was thinking all along that HP bought PALM to infuse WebOS with it's CLOUD focus into corporate america and integrate it with Enterprise applications. Call Centers, Data Centers, Massive mobile sales forces etc... they already have the client loyalty. selling their new technology will be easy.

What you say about the NFC is interesting, however, it does imply that there is already such an amount of NFC based interference in processing centres that NFC communication itself cannot work, which beats the whole idea of NFC. Without going into too much detail, NFC was designed from the ground up exactly so that interference would not be an issue and that security was taken care of- You have to stack then squeeze the devices for interference to happen, but they will break beforehand)

All the same, I can't see evidence that NFC is not actually used in Pre3. The analysis that I have seen is based on thouchstone 2's coil frequency. But I am not very convinced that touchstones need to be present for touch to share to work. The secondary coils in the touchstone2 can be for communicating its serial number for exhibition mode purposes.

There's a typo. The article states that there's "32GB or 64GB for storage", but the slide from the think beyond event posted right underneath states 16G or 32GB storage.

Not trying to be a troll or anything, just thought I'd point it out.

caught that too. was going to mention, but figured one or two folks already would.

Noticed that as well. How big a difference this makes to me will depend on what my streaming options are and what price is. Hopefully a 32gb wifi model is priced on par with Apple's 32gb Wifi.

There's no reason why HP, or possibly a developer, couldn't write a "Gesture Area app" for WebOS-3 at some point. It would lock into the bottom 3/4" of the portrait screen. A less common command such as a "pinch" would unlock (or close) it. You could have the option to "start with boot".

Yeah and you could have the on-screen gesture area change orientation with the device when you switch to landscape. I bet webos-internals would be all over that with a patch or something!

OR.. just make a two-finger side-swipe to shift between apps ala advanced gestures.

Problem solved.

They forgot to mention in the what you don't know section is how long will the TouchPad take to boot. The pre minus takes forever to launch when it's rebooted or powered up. What about battery replacement? There's a lot we don't know here and I'm going to wait and see.

Does flash actually work on this? I just heard Motorola's new Xoom does not have Adobe flash. This alone might give it an edge. I think their specs at least are similar. You could watch sites like hulu and use a slingbox and stuff. Right?

HP pre3, veer, and touchpad on Jimmy Fallon Wed night. Looked awesome!! Just wish I could get my hands on these devices. Maybe someday all of us on Sprint will see another Webos device.

Wow, a black iPad without any apps, due out when the iPad 2 comes out. Wow.

My 'contact' says the TouchPad will be free for exisiting Palm owners.

He's been wrong with his other tips but I trust him with my life. He works for Apple.

After reading Engadget's review of the Xoom, ultimately saying "until Google paints its tablet strategy and software picture more clearly, we'd suggest a wait-and-see approach. " I'd say there is room for the Touchpad to shine. That's if HP nails the software (optimization, core apps and UI) and has some App representation at launch.

The Xoom was supposed to be the iPad killer and turned out to stumble a little at launch. Nothing is written in stone yet in the tablet space.

Also got some love on Jimmy Fallon last night

Great product placement for HP. Three products showcased! Nice to see the webOS get some love.

Now, maybe I'm weird, but I don't get all that excited about Touch to Share. I mean, it's cool. But really, how often would you use it in every day life? I sure hope that is not going to be their marketing plan.