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HP training promises webOS Netbooks 64

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 16 Jan 2011 2:53 am EST

If you were diligent enough to sit through the webOS carrier training site HP put together and we told you about on Friday, perhaps you caught this little nugget during the webOS 101 section - we alluded to it in our post but at the urging of Thor (probably not that Thor), we figured we'd give it an extra mention:

That's hot. Love it. Why can't I do all that stuff on my PC?

Maybe you will. That's the big idea.

If I could run webOS on my phone and a slate and a netbook...

And they all talked to each other and shared information.

A friendly little product family...

That connects you to the world in amazing new ways.

I'm in. Let's go

Today, let's start with the phones. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Well, we don't know if it will be "soon enough" for those of us waiting for new hardware. What we do know is that despite previous webOS netbook mentions, this is the clearest indication yet that HP intends to release webOS on a netbook-style device, keyboard and all. Still doubt it? Check out the post-training quiz after the break. "In the future you'll see webOS on multiple devices like: Phones, Slates, Netbooks, All of the above." You know the answer, don't you?

Source: HP webOS Central; Thanks Thor!


Sometimes I wonder why I'm constantly refreshing this page. Shouldn't I be asleep? Or watching NFL Primetime? WEBOS!!!

I wonder myself as well. Even at work I find myself opening the Precentral App several times a day. Is this a bad thing or we just want something really bad?

We want something really bad. With every single Android release and iphone annoucement, I find myself wanting it even more. Just so I can say, "I told you so." Haha.

+1 ;)


I'd love to be able to say "I told you so" to the Sprint store salesman who told me, "No man, Palm is dead. They got bought out by somebody else,I forget who".

My reply was, "That would be HP, and no they're not dead".

Come on, HP, prove me wrong!

prove you wrong or right?

i do it every chance i get even on my pre - i keep lurking for more news as much as i can get in a day lol

Woot woot!

On top of Ubuntu Netbook Remix would be great. Like Jolicloud, but better.

I think the netbook/ultralight category still has room for more entries, especially something sleek. After owning an ipad for several months I can say with little hesitation it's 'ok'. I think WebOS could really go far if it focuses on being a productive, mobile OS.

From my experience with PC netbooks, this information is an immediate turn-off...

I really hope HP comes out with a webOS- and Cortex A9-powered equivalent of the Always Innovating Smartbook. That would be amazing.

Well I'll be... I hope tomorrow comes faster than lightning. Man I feel like I've been waiting, and waiting. All I hear is "soon", "it's coming" wow!! WebOS users are expected to have monk like patience in order to prosper with our beloved OS.

honestly.. i think webos netbooks would be a mistake.. way too ambitious.. i just don't see it scaling well enough.. or the point for that matter.. i feel like it would detract focus from where it really needs to hit hard - in the mobile area.

now some sort of web-portal or software suite on the other hand.. done correctly that would be huge. a nice augmentation to the mobile side of things..

Ahh life in the Rumsfeld zone. This is now upgraded to a known unknown, but it could be any of the following.

1. A full webOS device. PalmPad with keyboard if you like. Multitouch and all.

2. An emulator app that runs on your existing windows or linux netbook. Like the virtual box dev platform.

3. A iTunes style app that lets you wirelessly sync your data.

4. A webpage that allows you to run certain apps that exist on your profile from any machine. We all saw the enyo email demo running in chrome. And access data and files from your profile.

or something else entirely.

personally i would like the last one best.

Can't wait for the day I boot up my webOS-TV set-top-box and navigate it using Kinect, courtesy of HPs and Microsofts excellent friendship.

Umm sure. So HP decides to dump Windows on their tablet and some notebooks in favor of webOS and, by the way, do you think we can go ahead and integrate Kinect with webOS?

WebOS on a netbook would shave $55 or so off the cost of manufacturing a Windows based netbook, so I can see that as an attempt. The real question is controlling a device larger than a smartphone. A full touchscreen wouldn't work well, just due to the inconvenience of flipping from page to page.

Now, I can see a touchpad that would let you use our controls since that would scale the size of the screen down to something that would be easier to control with a finger, plus without the need to reach out to touch the screen to control certain apps.

We shall see what happens in the next month.

Where's my webOS toaster?

if it dual boots...then i will get it

I feel like mobile operating systems are more appropriate for 'netbook' devices that PC OSs.

on a mobile OS, you'll certainly won't have the same performance issues because the entire system was built from the ground up to function well on lightweight hardware.

secondly there is certainly a market for netbooks w/ mobile OS. This is essentially a tablet with a keyboard, and I already see plenty of people adding keyboard to their ipads and galaxy pads.

what i'd really like to see is HP come out with a Motorola Atrix type webos device. Mmmmm

Agree that mobile OS are better for tablets and netbooks but then you need a very functional suite of office compatible apps. Quick office better be good. Otherwise it's pointless. Many people's main software is office.
I want HP to stay aware from docks (in contrast to Motorola Atrix). Why lock yourself into a particular manufacturer or a separate docking port? I would rather have a great cloud solution. Esp when smartphones change every 2 years (if not sooner) and even laptops/netbooks/tablets change every 3-5 years.
The great thing, is HP can try different forms without betting the farm. It's big enough to absorb the losses if some devices don't sell.

Stay "aware"? I'm assuming you meant "away". First of all HP IS the manufacturer!! So how are they locking themselves? Secondly if you have seen the hands-on reviews for the Atrix, you know that all of the "brains" are in the phone and it simply scaled to the monitor laptop or HDTV. This is a great (read less expensive) way to get webOS on multiple platforms without having to pay for a whole new slate,laptop,TV you name it.

Yes sorry I meant "away" not aware. I just reviewed the engadget preview video about motorola atrix.
It's interesting but device could be limited. A dumb peripheral attached to computer has been tried before like early dumb laser printers that relied on pc for processing and memory rather than have its own cpu and memory. Often performance lags on those systems. Unless it was really cheaper than full featured counterpart, I would stick with a functional stand-alone product that can interface with another smart device. Hp's model seems more to be standalone smart products that can interact. Have to say I was impressed by Motorola's demo. Reading about it wasn't doing it justice.

+1 The 4G Motorola Atrix in my option is the best mobile device to date. You throw in webOS and the cloud, it might just take over the WORLD! LOL!

I like that they referred to the tablet as a "slate".

I guess that after everyone stoped ridiculing the iPad, everyone else decided it was ok to name tablets after feminine hygiene products.

My hp Mini 10 comes with an 'instant-on' Linux that is the default at start-up; then, if I want/need it, I can launch Win7 from there. But truth is, that instant-on Linux is all I need to check my e-mails (using Thunderbird) or browse the Web (using Firefox) - I only go on to Win 7 about 40% of the time.

I'd love to see hp replace that instant-on Linux with WebOS (which I'm sure is the plan for the min1 10 -class of devices), but for ALL of their portable devices - including every notebook/laptop that they make. I'm not so sure that THAT is part of the plan, but dammed if I can see any reason NOT to do it! Now THAT would inspire some developers to get on board, and in ways that Android wouldn't be able to match. In fact, I'm not sure Apple could match that in the short term...


Any information regarding this generation or the next of touchstones? Compatibility?


If HPalm is gonna make a splash they gotta do something that nobody else is doing otherwise it'll be perceived as just an intertive knock-off.

What I'm guessing HP is gonna do is introduce an eco-system of products. Remember the Folio? A netbook device that fundamentally communicates with your Treo? If HPalm can introduce multiple devices that all natively communicate with each other to do meaningful things would be huge.

First, gotta have the phone for mobile hotspot. check.

Second, gotta be really good a cloud computing. check.

Then have a slate and netbook that can not only connect to the mobile hotspot but natively share information.

What would make this killer is if HPalm can deploy a PC client that allows sharing of info even to a PC so syncing music/video/pics/docs as well as allowing a conduit for 3rd party apps to join the party. Obviously, with HP they want seemless printing too.

...so not only a Netbook (cause everybody has one) but a Netbook that easily communicates to your other devices.

Apple and Android can't touch that. HPalm already have the fundamentals with Synergy. If they pull that off, it could really proper WebOS in consumer's eyes.

Anything short, I think it'll just be HP's marketing dept trying to flood the market to convince WebOS is better and that's an uphill battle.

We know they bought that linux instant boot company. We know they have a Nutsie. We know they're working on voice commands and music APIs.

I am more MORE than willing for them to have the next release of WebOS leave the Pre in the dust if it means they come out with something on the 9th that astonishes!!!!!

are we there yet?

I watched all of the videos as soon as Precentral posted the link and noticed the netbook, smartphone, tablet triumvirate as well.

At first I wondered if "think beyond" referred to the netbook. But that is not really revolutionary.

The "think beyond" probably refers to a large screen TV and/or a cool ecosystem with the companies HP acquired: streaming Music (melodeo), and Photos/Videos (snapfish/motionbox).

Flexible foldable monitors that can be mounted to a wall or the surface of a table that connect to any WebOS device in the room -- now that would be thinking beyond! That would beat the Motorola Atrix, especially if the proprietary dock could be done away with.


What I don't like is the picture above:

There you see just a Tablet (with Pin) and a Pre 2-Smartphone in the middle and a Netbook.

1) I want a PALMpad on which is just written PALM on the back. Maybe with HPwebOS. That would be cool. But in my opinion it's necessary that the Brand PALM is written there so that all (I hope there will be Thousands of new webOS-Users) link the name PALM with a smartphone. HP webOS: Everyone knows that the OS is built from HP (ok actually it's Palm).

But to promote the new Superphones that hopefully will come next month, it's better to make advertising with Palm instead of ' HP webOS Sartphone' coz nobody knows about that name. When you say Palm even people with little interest in phones think of the early Palm Pilots which are still well known, also in Germany! ;-)

2) There MUST come a new Smartphone, maybe they give it a new name, but if HP just brings Pre 2 to the people with webOS 2.0, Palm cannot have a good start to fight all the Android and Apple devives which ar already available.

I don't want to hear: Hey we have Pre 2 running webOS 2.0 and a NEW Netbook and a HP Slate 4 the
business men.

3) The Netbook would be great named also HP Palm Netbook:

Specs must be better than the Netbooks out now.

Price has to be somewhere like the Samsung Galaxy Tablet or other Netbooks.

Where is my old comment?

Concentrate on one thing and do it well, then branch out. Seems like HP is going to take the opposite approach, take one thing that is not doing well and splat it on any kind of device they think has a shot (including toasters :P).

Sorry, but this smells of a desperation move rather than a well thought out strategy.

Woo Hoo. That was me :). I was wondering if they would report that. I'm glad they did. I don't kniw about anyone else but ts super exciting to me. I love WebOS.

Really big mistake in my opinon...

they havent even released the 2nd gen phone and they are talking netbook?!

a master plan to play catchup with phone, tablet and netbook in one swoop?

if anything it will put more pressure on webos because they will be behind in all three fronts and will bring down the whole thing.

who is going to spend on a new phone, tablet and netbook? most buyers are only go with one and maybe in the future expand. They need to concentrate on the phone and making the thing a monster and getting apps for it.

going against ipad is dumb for them right now. and netbook?! really dumb.

just when you thank goodness palm was bought by hp because you think they'll sell webos better than palm did... they do this.

People let me tell ya'll something....I got my Pre Plus in October and I have to say I absolutely LOVE this phone.... I have heard people rant and rave about the hardware but I really like my Plus. The Os is unmatched! My wife has an HTC Android blah blah blah and the few times I used it I wanted to smash it to a million pieces. I adore my Qwerty keyboard and even the look of my phone compared with hers. I think if somehow we could expose every American to Webos they would all fall in love with it and be fans for life like me! True they would all have to be patient but regardless the wait will be worth it! That's why we all check this damn website 14 times a day hoping to read something positive about Palm. GO PALM!

im with you about checking this website so many damn times a day. anyways with the current hardware and dev support it will be impossible for anybody to give it a shot. Everybody at my job is on the iphone train and everytime they take a look at my phone they ask my why it didnt become more popular. Hopefully with the release of new hardware they do a better job at letting people know about the awesomeness of webos and all of its benefits.

You post represent a logical conundrum....

First you mention the people complaining about hardware, they you say that "if somehow we could expose every American to Webos they would all fall in love with it and be fans for life like me".

So, sorry, there are a lot of people who have been exposed and are not in love with it...

Me? I am in love with it, but not the road HPalm is taking (and has taken) us down. Will be splitting for a year to try out the other side of the fence once a new Android device comes out on Sprint. After that year, will check out the progress that HPalm has made.

I wonder if there will be a non-phone device like an ipod.... Something tells me sprint is gonna get shafted.

All you US-Guys: Why don't you buy the Pre 2 online? In Germany it's too expensive with all the shipping and taxes.

I have a Pre Plus now, bought it via ebay for 200 € and I love this phone.

My first Palm phone was the normal Pre (price 480 €!!!!), but it switched off so many times that I could return it.

Now I have the Plus 4 less than the half price of the Pre!!!!


1) New Phone

2I Palmpad

because alot of us are currently using the cdma version palm pre. For us to get the gsm unlocked palm pre 2 we would have to leave our networks. to me it is not worth it. ill wait until they release something newer and better on sprint.

I wish there was a different phone silhouette shown.

Something is wrong with the new commenting system here. My comments at around 11:00am today (Sun, 1/16) keep disappearing. I am browsing from multiple devices and flushing my browser cache, but my comments (and those of others) sometimes appear, and sometimes don't, with no discernable pattern.

I dont care what they release. As long as they release is soon and have lots of devs and apps to back it up. Come on guys wheres our word processors and all of the other office tools business would need. Come on hp make it happen.

without office editing software, i don't see a point at running webos on a netbook. as a gadget geek, i would love to see it, as an it professional, it doesn't replace or fill a gap in the current tools i use.

WebOS may be another Android product. As we know android is an OS so they barely need to worry about what hardware to put it on. It would make sense for HP to do this with WebOS too. Lord knows PALM isn't that good at making good hardware anymore.

I would have thought hundreds of replies more appropriate to HPALM's tipping of the hand here, interesting, made me log in and post something.

:) I'm a PreCentral junkie, too! I have it on my launcher's main page and check it when I wake up, before I fall asleep, and many times throughout the day! Bad, I know. But I love getting every little tidbit I can.

I want to say thank you to PreCentral for keeping it clean. I really appreciate that.

Forget Netbooks, why would I want one of those stupid things if I had a slate? Now, use WebOS to free the TouchSmart from being bogged down with Windows so you can trim some of it's guts, make the screen bigger, and move it into interactive HDTV territory and you've got a winner.

netbooks are dead, going to be replaced by slates. time to realize that trend, HP...

I doubt that. A lot of us around here love having a physical keyboard. Would not be surprised though if hybrid form factors like the Dell Inspiron Duo took off.

Why do all of the materials coming from HP look like they were done on a mac? Really, I thought only Mac users actually used quicktime?

@ dfjkgdfjh:

STOP this ad-bullshit and don't waste our forum.

If u do this a second time I call the police u asshole!!!!!!!!!

Is it possible to see the HP-Videos in youtube?

I have to chime in on this. I can't see what is so great about the slates (I know I'm in a minority, here). I tried an iPad and I couldn't stand not having a keyboard. The smallest amount of typing was just too cumbersome. If you're a two-fingered typist, then it does the job. But I'm not, and like using keyboard shortcuts a lot. And then there's just something about having a real keyboard; it's faster for me to type with my thumbs on the Pre's physical keyboard than it was for me to try and two-finger peck on the iPad screen.

A webOS netbook is my dream device. I do almost everything on my Pre, and only only fire up the laptop when I need a bigger keyboard for some heavy-duty typing and editing and a bigger screen. So a netbook for my purposes (and considering my preferences) is perfect.

I find this very interesting.. he immediately have the jump on google chrome. the appear to have a great strategy going forward with webos.. i do lament the demise of the palm brand though.

the keyboard should fold back the other way and boom you have a tablet.

How about the battery.And I want to know that.

is it really that great? because I'm looking for a netbooks under 200 and maybe I can buy one of these!