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HP unfazed by Microsoft's Surface tablet, have their own Windows 8 plans 17

by Derek Kessler Wed, 15 Aug 2012 10:19 pm EDT

HP unfazed by Microsoft's Surface tablet, have their own Windows 8 plans

HP's charging ahead with their Windows 8 tablet plans, and they're not going to let anyone, least of which OS-supplier and OEM competitor Microsoft hold them back. HP's also not letting the debacle that befell the TouchPad a year ago slow them down. HP's teased the Slate 8 tablet a few times in their new advertising campaign, and they've already said that they're going to go with Intel for their first Windows 8 tablet (and thus doing a Windows 8 tablet). We'd speculated that Microsoft OEMs like HP would be perturbed by Microsoft's entry into the manufacturer space, and while Acer's CEO might be unhappy, it seems HP isn't too upset by the Surface.

Said John Solomon, HP SVP for America sales in the Printing and Personal Systems Group, to CRN:

"I believe Microsoft was basically making a leadership statement and showing what's possible in the tablet space. Our relationship has not changed at all due to Microsoft's announcement. In fact, I applaud it -- I think it's great that they are getting out in front and [showing] what's possible."

This stands in stark contrast to Acer CEO JT Wang, who said Microsoft should "think twice" about their intentions for Surface and how it could affect relations with OEMs like his company. HP for their part is putting on a smiling face, at least for the public. HP has massive reach and scale in the retail space, and so long as Microsoft's pricing for Surface isn't insane, HP shouldn't have many issues selling copies of their Slate 8 tablet, assuming that people want them.

Of course, what we really want is a new webOS tablet, and we have no idea if that's anything HP's interested in doing at this point. And they wouldn't have to worry about competing with Microsoft for the same customers…

Source: CRN; Via: The Verge



Any guesses of whether or not HP will give us an "official" crowbar to flash Open webOS onto whatever they produce?

doesnt this state their going with intel rather than arm for their next tablet?

I wouldn't trust HP to build a rubber duck.

And I sure wouldn't buy it from them if they did.


Sounds like Acer might be looking for a new tablet OS...

no I would not mind at all if the price is justifiable than sure I would buy it BUT ONLY IF I CAN INSTALL WebOS in it lol style looks doable

ill buy only if I can istall webos on it

Of course they are concerned about it, but they don't want to appear weak, so they come out with a macho response. Just Marketing bla bla.

I don't see why the surface matters. The surface isn't going to be sold in retail stores and there are already many companies making a Windows 8 tablets so why would it matter. Many Windows 8 tablets will be competing with each other just like the many different Windows computers.

HP is whistling past the graveyard here. Of course they are concerned about it, and I think their decision to only do the Intel based tablets (which should give them a better chance to be price competitive without eating big losses) telegraphs that.

I know some here think it's all about tablets, but you have to remember these are PC OEMs. Acer can complain all they like about Surface undercutting their tablet efforts, but I doubt they even shipped a million tablets last quarter, much less sold them. That's Android ICS. If they want to keep riding that train and not sell Windows 8 tablets, they will continue to fail in the tablet market as they have been doing.

Meanwhile, the most recent market share had them shipping just shy of 10 million PCs, and that's UP from a year ago. Microsoft butters their bread. Period. Same goes for HP.

All true, but the PC will decline - mobile is the future. Not making headway into tablets might not be a big deal now, but in the not too distant future it will be a very big deal. PC sales will decline as tablets and phones get more powerful and feature filled, and companies that don't take steps now to be a part of this change run the risk of ending up like Kodak.

Def. agree, which is why they will fall in line behind Windows 8 tablets. Android is not and likely won't be any sort of compelling tablet product for quite some time. I guess if you have some huge content ecosystem like Amazon, you could grab it and fork it, but there's no PC OEM that fits that description.

Windows 8 bridges the gap between Tablet and PC since they both use the same operating system. An x86 tablet can do basically the same thing as a desktop PC. What you will see are laptops that transform to tablets.

"Of course, what we really want is a new webOS tablet, and we have no idea if that's anything HP's interested in doing at this point."

Hum.. no I think at this stage we have a fairly good idea that they no interest at all - well unless we want to be wilfully blind and quite naive.

I agree with several people who have already stated that this is probably just a public response and that internally HP has a much different (negative) view on the Surface.

However, the alternative being that HP does in fact believe that the Surface is not a bad thing (or is actually a good thing) is not beyond them. These are still essentially the same people that shuttered the production of all WebOS hardware after having purchased it <18 months prior. If HP thinks that being a(nother) hardware supplier for Windows tablets is the equivalet of supplying PCs for Windows, they have another thing coming!

I hate to be negative, but if HP truly doesn't see the writing on the wall about coordinating WebOS in to their own hardware and promoting it, then I see their eventual failure...and it will be well-deserved.


Dude only a mad man would try to bring webOS back. The product has been dead for many years and it never took off. The creators are long gone and so are the few developer leaving college students trying to make a quick buck on some really lame apps. I will check this site in another year or two and I bet people will still be here hoping for another webOS device. I don't even think there is enough interest or man power to port webOS to another device which imo is just pointless since you will still be stuck with the same lame apps and software.