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HP to use webOS exclusively for Smartphones, drops Windows Phone 7 50

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 23 Jul 2010 6:12 pm EDT


April 28th, aka the day we heard that HP was buying Palm, HP exec Brian Humphries said during the conference call that "We intend to continue to be a strategic partner for Microsoft. They're a huge piece of our business today, and will continue to be so." That's no doubt true, but in the context of the call it seemed to imply that HP might continue its iPaq line of Windows Mobile phones and perhaps stay on as a partner with Microsoft in creating Windows Phone 7 devices. Indeed, they were listed as a hardware partner for Windows Phone 7 at one time, but had recently dropped off that list.

Speaking to CNBC today, VP Todd Bradley said that HP would "exclusively use its webOS software" for smartphones, officially dropping Windows Phone 7 from their future plans.  Bradley also confirmed that HP has no plans to create an Android smartphone

No surprise, of course, but gratifying to hear that HP isn't about to play the game of trying to support multiple operating systems on their smartphones. 

Source: CNBC; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



Glad to hear this. It should only mean more resources for WebOS. It's nice to have all this good news lately. Finally something to get excited about.

Now we just need some product announcements!

i could not agree more

Sweet! Makes me very happy :D

that's the way I hoped it to be!
Thats the way, hpalm!

Good move HP

best news ive heard in over 6 months. this makes me stoked. webOS 2.0 with a new hardware setup, so pumped.

HA! Buh Bye Winblows!

hell ya, no way you can discount the functionality of webos! Very excited!

same here

I agree. We need new hardware. The pre/pixi are limited in storage capacity (we need 100-300 gigs. min). & extended battery life of course. Perhaps a better processor..

Remember quality over quantity! Consumers are waiting HP....

Come on HP bring it on.

Need to replace my Pre, but don't want to loose WebOS, I'm waiting..

just bought that new GRT case for my Pre. Now with the F105 kernal, and this solid case, it feels like a new phone.

Just enough to hold me off till new hardware arrives.

Good all the Focus On WebOS! WE Rock!


This = awesome. I have nothing against Windows, but hearing that webOS won't have to fight their own company for resources, mindshare, etc. is a large success.
I might just have to take advantage of that apps half-off sale now, seeing as how HP's buy-in just got really real. Decisions to be made.

Fantastic news. The dedication of HP for Palm WebOS is like a silent partner stepped in and said "Palm just make good phones, a lot of them and allow us to use your OS on other products. I return we will give you all the backing you need."

I didn't think HP had any phones in development much less Android or Windows. Kind of a non story isnt it?

absolutely not....hp had plans to for their version of the ipad which was supposed to run Win 7 along with tablets , notebooks ect.... Wether or not they were jumping in the smartphone market before buying Palm is not the point of the article "story" it's the fact that they will def be jumping into the market(which was up in the air when the Palm deal was finalized) now that they have their own OS=WebOS"2.0"(more on that in a sec) and severing ties with with Microsoft, for all their future hardware.....back to the 2.0 ....New Palm Pre2.0 will be released 3rd quarter on Sprint....you want specs? it will have to wait till my next post, I don't want to overwhelm everyone.... just in time for the holidays so you better hope you were not on Santa's naughty list bc you know he's checkin it twice, ha! This has been confirmed by 2 sources high up in Sprint & HP...it always boils down to who you know ;)

So, when will see the next generation of phones?

Well, according to dompee44's post above, Q3 2010.

So that would probably mean September 30, 2010. :-)

dompee44 posts as I post... hmmmm... so hold off on my purchase of a new phone?

So happy I returned my EVO 4 weeks ago, Android has a long way to go for the UI. I just hope the new WebOS phone lands on Sprint, and is worth the wait. I would think that all providers will get a different flavor of the new products, like Samsung did.

(in the voice of steve smith) "That's Awesome"!

Great news. It'll save HP some cash too -- no need to pay MS licensing fees. They basically bought a lifetime supply of webOS licensing fees already.

Anyone get Dejavu from when Blockbuster announced they were going Blu-ray exclusive? Or when Warner announced they were going Blu-ray exclusive and ditching HD DVD? :)

Sweet I was waiting for this situation to be cleared up and now that HP will be developing webOS phones on the EXCLUSIVE LEVEL I am confident that by next year we'll have webOS powered smartphones that will cater to everyone =) Stoked much!!!!

Go H/Palm

looks like he can palm that Palm logo pretty well...

..oh and I just heard that Microsoft has an exclusivity of ARM processors. What does this deal mean for webOS on the mobile front?!? I know that Ti's OMAP 4 processors are ARM - Cortex 9 like...so does this leave webOS out in the cold?!?

someone please explain IN ENGLISH about this Micro/ARM deal.

No exclusivity. They didnt bought ARM or something like that. They just became licensees.

ARM is a company that design processors but do not build them themselves. They just license the design (as in the map of a house) to other companies like Samsung, TI, Qualcom, Apple, Marvell, NVIDIA, etc. These companies add their litte bits to that design, or create something else with that design and then someone else create the chips on a factory and sell them.

What microsoft announced is that they have become licensees of ARM aswell, as the ones above, so they seem interested in creating their own design based on arm. This is peculiar because MS is not usually on the hardware front.

Nothnig changes for Palm or anyone else. Palm just have to ask TI or NVIDIA or Qualcom for chips so they create a phone or wharever else as it has always done and it did before with intel/marvell and motorola.

No ... they did not purchase an exclusive licensing agreement. That isn't possible - no matter how much money MS could offer ARM, they can't just decide to revoke the license agreements they have with TI, Qualcomm, Samsung and other licensees. All they did was become "another" licensee of ARM which allows them to design their own SoC's for their applications. This basically means that they are either trying to one-up Apple's (Samsung) A4 design, or there's something they want to develop that isn't handled by any of the readily available chips out there (new XBox processor?).

Also ... should point out that the Palm Pre runs on an OMAP 3430/Cortex A8, not much newer OMAP 4430/Cortex A9 chip which to my knowledge hasn't been deployed in a production smartphone yet. Regardless, WebOS isn't dependent on an ARM architecture to survive - it is pretty arch-independent and already runs on x86, for example.

the next pre will probably have an NVidia in it much like the one that powers the zune hd. anyone here remember that article way back during the hp wait period to purchase palm where it made them sound interested in developing for palm?

This is the best news I have heard since we found out HP was buying Palm. This shows a committment going forward to WebOS and Palm's hardware. Now please announce the next big thing!

My Pre is getting older feeling by the second!

Wonderful to hear of all this support from HP! I'm really impatient to start seeing action back up the talk!

so I'm getting a free evo, since it's free I'm gonna hold onto it until the next webos phone... So make it happen quick Hpalm! I am not a fan of android over webos and I can't wait for the next hardware announcement.. Sux I gotta switch to android! But I need my upgrade fix and I've been waiting too long... It won't affect my upgrade bc I'm just switching service over so I'll be looking out everyday like I have been to precentral hoping for something!!

Me too however I'm loving this voice API on the android works for EvERYTHING that requires QWERTY or virtual keyboard. I wonder if HP's wull be any better

All I want is a date to purchase a new Palm/HP phone. All this news is good but the one thing I really want to know is what day I can replace my Pre that I got on the original launch day. I don't even need to know specs. I'm tired at looking with envy at all of these shiny new phones that other companies are releasing. So if, by the off chance that someone run across this that works @ Palm/Hp please just tell me what day to have my money ready. PLEASE!

pt pt pt pt! Doing snoopy dance!! Hurry up with the phones!!


Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, Jay

Yes! This is great news for Palm and us. More platforms = more users = more WebOS development.

when the new hardware comes out how many phone do you guys think they will sell inthe fist quarter? (4million)

Yeah right in your dreams!

I think we all agree about webos being a great platform, but when the new phones come out hope they can mobilized
and advertise better than the pre. This platform is great but not many people know it. Lets hope that they name it MAX.

So the enterprise backend they build for phones will probably be all webOS. That is great. I expect the HP staff to switch over to webOS as soon as it is ready and their contracts run out. That means a whole suite of Enterprise apps that I hope get released for consumer phones also.
I'm reading a lot into this but MS had a strong presence in Enterprise phones before and I'm sure they will try to regain some of that market.

This pretty much guarantees WebOS smartphones are here to stay. I have a little more faith in HP now, considering their enterprise business.

I hope they build something that can compete because the Android army marches on!

What I think is funny is in that same interview, Bradley says HP won't be doing Linux/Android phones. Hello Bradley, do you know the kernel your own OS is based on?

A resounding YES!

Makes me think back to the time that Palm itself used to make phones with both palm os and windows mobile.