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HP using TouchPad to test Windows 8, meeting with webOS buyers? [rumor] 62

by Derek Kessler Sun, 23 Oct 2011 6:06 pm EDT

Get your salt shakers ready, folks, because it’s rumor time. Clayton Morris is back with another report from deep inside the bowels of HP, this time claiming that HP is using their supply of ARM-powered HP TouchPad tablets to test the developer preview of Windows 8. Apparently there are internal talks “about reviving the defunct tablets or building new devices with Windows 8 in mind.” Of course, any logical thinking on this matter would conclude that HP will build new devices – they certainly wouldn’t be able to turn around and sell the previously-$99-TouchPad for a few hundred dollars just because it has Windows 8 on it. And that’s assuming it could even run Windows 8 well (the current testing is said to be proof-of-concept).

Additionally, Morris’ “on the webOS team” sources tell him that HP is “actively meeting with a number of interested buyers” for webOS, supposedly to include HTC, LG, Nikon, and Amazon. Of those, HTC has already publicly dismissed webOS and Amazon has been rumored to be in negotiations but has offered no comment on the matter. LG, meanwhile, has yet to be seriously rumored, and Nikon? Where did that come from? They make cameras, scanners, and other optical equipment (including ophthalmological lens – bet you didn’t know that) and have practically zero experience in consumer computing software or hardware. That said, we would love to have a webOS smartphone with Nikon-quality optics in it.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Morris’ two previous major webOS rumors didn’t pan out at all. First there was the palmPad based on the HP Slate 500 Windows tablet and the “eduPad” education-special tablet; then there were “final tweaks” to be made to what eventually came to be known as the TouchPad (which was physically almost exactly like the TouchPad in our leaked design documents). So we’ll see, but we wouldn’t put any money on the TouchPad coming back as a Windows 8 tablet.

And for the record, it’s no shock that HP is working on a Windows 8 tablet. They’ve said from day one of their little webOS experiment that they’re still committed to Microsoft and continue to be one of Microsoft’s biggest vendors. There’s a potentially huge market for Windows-powered tablets (just like there was for webOS, had HP been willing to stick it out), they’d be silly not to try and capitalize on that.

Source: Clayton Morris


I just hope HP knows that I want a W8 tab, but I would never buy one from them. I will forever boycott them because I think they are high-functioning business retards... Well, the level of their functionality is debatable.

I'm with you. HP brand will never see another penny from my pocket. No hardware, no ink, no service. They could make a world killing WebOS, but if it says HP on it, I'll be that guy that wont touch it no matter how great it is. I know Leo made a lot of bad calls, but the board let him smear his **** on a lot of victims/customers before they tossed him out.

2.0 lies.
3 incomplete generations of o/s.
Smear Sprint in social media.
With hold hardware form Sprint
$600 make it right.
Ipad price, sub droid product.
Slaughtering all WebOS prodcuts
Employee units after teasing customers they'd make a few more units.

Die, rot, burn in _!

And have a nice day.

I don't want a W8 tablet, but I agree I won't buy any new HW from HP (technically I am still buying SW in form of apps from them and the awesome devs) unless it's a phone (and then only if its the only webOS phone available).

Hp not high functioning though.

I'm considering replacing my HP inkjet just so I don't give them any more money for ink.

I hope they burn.

It was the most therapeutic thing I ever did. On Feb 10th, I had an "Office Space" occurrence. I put one HP color inkjet and one HP all-in-one color injet on a shelf of ice at the end of my drive way. Took out my son's broad-barrel Easton Redline aluminum bat and I went to town on those two HP POS's. I'm still finding bits in the lawn. My only regret, I didn't video them for YouTube.

A downtick? What, we have a fan if wooden bats? Sorry. I think I have an old Pavilion laptop down in the office. I'll find it and give it the Louisville Slugger firmware update and post it up on YouTube. Please forgive my missive. This is clearly a job for a 34" slab of USA ash tree. I will improve.

I own a Touchpad (and had a Pre-) because I really enjoy WebOS. But I'm looking at this HP/Windows 8 on TP hardware from a different perspective.

As WebOS slowly dies from the market I'll still own a decent piece of hadware that may give me the option(maybe a year from now) to install either Android or W8 on it and increase my options in the App market.

For example: I use the Slingbox app alot on my EVO 3D and enjoy it but would LOVE to have it as an option on my TP. Switching to another OS on this piece of hardware would increase my options.

Quiet down.......

Could we please get P|C renamed R|C (rumor central)?

If they didn't post rumors what would they discuss at this point?


No way the hardware is good enough to run Windows smoothly. Maybe WindowsPhone, but not Windows.

windows 8 is the successfor for windows 7 AND windows phone

That's not correct. They may have the same Metro UI but they are 2 completely different operating systems.

That's not correct.

"...and other optical equipment (including ophthalmological lens – bet you didn’t know that)"

LOL! Of course, I knew that! As an eye doctor, I use Nikon diagnostic lenses and sell Nikon prescription lenses everyday. Great company but I'm not sure how they would implement WebOS.

Hi all,

I'd love to see Nikon working with who ever buys webOS to increase the quality of the optics and camera circutry....after all even SONY had to bring in Zeiss to make better lenses for them...at one point SONY was using plastic lenses uncoated and then glass with very crude coatings...until Zeiss started working with them...

However, I can't imagine Nikon would want to veer of into the direction of smartphones...

Unless of course that Nikon wants to own webOS with another firm or to license webOS onto their lines of cameras....

I'm a hobby photographer and have been for over 40 years...with well over 150 enlargements plastering the walls of my bedroom, bath, guest room & den. I started with an old Minolta range finder and then two Pentax SLR, (including my beloved ME Super...which was light as a feather and took excellent pics...now I have a Nikon which takes all the guess work out of taking pictures....however Nikon may win awards for fantastic lenses and circuirty...however the interface is confusing and difficult for neophetes...unless you leave it on auto all of the time...

A good dose of webOS intuitiveness would make Nikon's easier for the beginner to average photographer....My fiancée uses a range finger pocket camaera....she has a very good eye for composition but see is overwhelmed by the complexity of all of the menus and options on my Nikon.

I could see Amazon working with Nikon and buying webOS....but who knows....

I think a camera with a basic OS would be cool, especially if they build WiFi in. Upload/transfer photos without cables and other uses that I can't think of at the moment. Of course, this wouldn't require all of the power of webOS...also means webOS as we know it would be dead (assuming you think it still has a chance as of today).

Well not necessarily. I thought a bit about it and as it is now those camera-companies are loosing (and are going to loose more of) their market-share of point-and-shoot cameras to phones.

It might be that Nikon wants to enter the smartphone business just to have a foot in that market too and transition the webOS-paradigm also to their higher-end cameras.

Well, this was just my grain of salt :)

If you're looking for a great camera UI with state-of-the-art options features, check out the Sony a55 or the almost released a77 which should blow everybody's mind! Can't wait!

Nikon makes a lot of microscopes with image processors attached to them. If they are interested, I would guess it would be to serve as an upgrade on the current awkward operating system they use for that. Apps and userbase are irrelevant - it's a closed system.

A touch screen video editor based on webos would be a really nice upgrade for their systems. I don't think any phone company is going to buy webos (unfortunately). Even Blackberry is dying and I'll be surprised if we're not down to ios and android in two years. Just like we're done to apple and microsoft (and linux for geeks).

So I'm guessing they're looking to pick up webos cheap when hp can't find another buyer. HP keeps the patents to sue others with. Nikon gets to the os. We get disappointed.

i haven't figured out why MSFT doesn't just buy webOS for a) patents b) card interface c) enyo runtime - W8 is supposed to have a html/js programming interface. Enyo fits right in. Cards GUI much better than the w8 gui

I can't believe they didn't buy WebOS last time. I am still floored they make so much $ off indirect android licenses too...

After HP deceided they'd make their own o/s and then said they dont really want to sell hardware, I'm sure MS made a generous offer.

I just cant believe HP didn't accept MS's offer of $50 cash and a couple of Zunes tossed in as a bonus. HP has burned more bridges than Sherman's March.

What specific patents does palm have that Microsoft needs? Patent numbers would be helpful.

Bueller? Bueller?

well, I have the Pre3 & the Touchpad. I'm good for about 2 years before I need to upgrade again. WebOS has me as a customer for at least that length of time.. hopefully a new device is out by then.

As for any other diehard WebOS fan thinking about getting the Iphone or crappy android.. You really gotta go out and just switch to ATT and bite the bullet. This phone is just SUPERB

I still want a Veer! My plan was to have a Veer running Freeteather in my sport coat while I used a Touchpad to take calls and surf the web... That Russel Brand hosed me and let me think I could have a robot butler. Funny how now there is a robot butler... Or is Work more of a robot maid? Oh HP, you un-loveable losers! I can't wait to see you rot.

Ebay, I saw them for $85, new.

I've got brand-new unlocked veers for $85!
PM me..
better yet, just email veers@atothet.com

not sure why my Trashpad thinks Siri should be auto corrected to Work. So annoying. And typing on this crappad is so unresponsive!

I can't believe I'm even taking the time to reply to this.

1) Siri wasn't a word, or should I say, proper noun until the iPhone4s launch day. Why should the TP know it?

2) Look at the location of the letters on the keyboard and you'll clearly see why it auto corrected to work.

3) There are sensitivity patches in preware. If you can't find them, you can't be helped. I generally have issues with touch sensitivity on most devices. The TP is one device I have no issues at all with.

Regardless, troll on. ;)

Can you point me to the keyboard sensitivity patches? I have a typing issue as well, but haven't been able to find anything in Preware that seems to address this

I was trolling a bit there... Thanx 4 the reply. Checking preware now. I shouldn't get so mad when I am the one doing the typing. We hurt the ones we love I guess and I do love my touchpad! Maybe by that logic, HP loves our WebOS community? :'(

HP doesn't do what they say or say what they do.

If I was going to buy a Windows 8 tablet, (which I'm not) it sure as **** wouldn't be from HP.

Unless it was some stupidly low price of course. They should do that more often.

HP could sell Rolex watches or diamonds and quickly **** it up for everybody.

Honestly I really don't care for HP hardware, just the software (WebOS of course)

Off-topic but is anyone else getting comments cut off by this side bar thing? It might just be my beta Firefox (I see up to the "S" on Spam)

windows 8, looks like **** an the everyday person will not use it cuz Its to dumb looking.

What ever! HP Hardware is dead, there is no future for WebOS.
Windows 8 on the Touchpad? It will be slower that than WebOS.

The Touchpad hardware is obsolete, any company that takes over needs to invest in new hardware development.

I predict that WebOS and PreCentral will not be around in 2012!!!

Not interested. HP will not see any kind of support from me. I am pointing my customers away from HP products. They don't deserve my money or support!!!!

At this point, I think HP can consume fecal matter and pass on to a higher plane of dysfunctional consciousness. ...oh yeah, sent from my TouchPad.

it would be very interesting to see if nikon is interested in implementing webos to their high end cameras and adding a data connection to them. they can then use cloud services to automatically sync all of their photo shoots and have a back up at all times as well. however that would be the extent of it. i really do not see them getting into the tablet or smartphone business just to add those features to their cameras.

With the latest developments with Black berry ...why stay with webOS. I have a pre 3 and its great but Blackberry is web os like and will have more options and better support. The plug has been pulled.

Can you elaborate on the latest Blackberry developments? My Sprint Pre's on/off button is going out :( I tried my husband and daughter's Android phones, but Android just isn't my cup of tea.

Advice for HP:

Next time you decide to make/cancel something, don't give us some random reason why something is the way it is, it need to have good reason for it.

The presentation of Android 4.0 was given by Matias Duarte, who managed projects for Danger, Helio and Palm before joining with Google after Palm’s sale to HP. Most notably, Duarte gave birth to the innovative WebOS smartphone platform, which developed an almost cult following by its small user-base. Recognizing Duarte’s background with Palm is important to understanding some of the new features that have been implemented into Ice Cream Sandwich.

I love it! If we can't revive WebOS then we'll just hijack Android and make it into WebOS inside out!. :)

actually can webos' card view be "skinned" onto android. Kinda like megalauncher and zlauncher existed for palmOS?

If that is possible and mojo/enyo is open sourced for phonegap use, is there anything else left?

Not to be all conspiratorial, but you have to wonder if M$ has actively worked behind the scenes to help kill off any threats to its bid at being the #3 mobile ecosystem by piling on to the mistakes of their mobile rivals. (It was mighty inconvenient for RIM to have a major outage right before their Devcon and right after the iPhone 4S launch.) The TouchPad firesale debacle was supposedly partially touched off by a leak of plans that were months out on the horizon, that had to then go public because of SEC regulations. I haven't heard who the leaker was, and HP obviously has a long history of leaking like a sieve. Maybe the leaker only pulled forward the inevitable, but maybe their actions crippled the future prospects of webOS to an unrecoverable state. Maybe it was just hijinx as usual at HP, and maybe it was a sinister M$ operative. It's not like M$ doesn't have a history of working to kill consumer choice for their own financial benefit. In any case, the leaker threw a bunch of lives into chaos - here's hoping they are proud of their handiwork.

Now, where did I put my tin foil beanie ...

So I guess I'm such a b***ch (like we say in Brazil) because they (HP) treated me (us) like s**t and I'm still willing to buy their products. Maybe because I fought all the board in my company when it was time to renew the contracts with Dell/IBM to instead of that buy everything from HP. The greatest news is that two or three months later we got the PSG news an yep, we purchased like 2k desktops, 2 new servers, a few ProCurve switches and access points and so on.

I hope Microsoft doesn't buy webOS, because I doubt it would still be powered by Linux.

prob so. Though most of the webos we're used to simply html and javascript apps using the enyo and mojo code. if windows 8 apps are also written in html/js for the phones, then it should not be hard for them to adapt. In fact, MS may want enyo for making writing apps easier in a nice framework and while their at it, cards view.

Lets face it even wp7 has more apps than webos. If these two forces join, microsoft has endless capital...and we might just see webos on desktops - as HP once imagined.

Well, HP also had money enough to make it happen but they didn't.

In fact, MS may want enyo for making writing apps easier in a nice framework and while their at it, cards view.

Doesn't wp7 already have a vastly superior and much more mature set of development tools? What is it about enyo that would make it easier?

mark me down on the "will never buy new hardware from HP due to their complete bungling of webos" list.


cmn guys, don't be so negative, hp or any other brand will get my money if tne product is good.

The developer preview of Windows 8 is strictly a build for Intel hardware and wouldn't work on the TouchPad. Microsoft has said that test builds of the new ARM version of the OS will be coming later. It is certainly possible that HP has an early test build of it, but I still find this rumor to be questionable at best.

I have a Different take. Make hardware that can upgrade to win 8 but ship now with web os. Course it will never happen.

Hmmm... I wonder why Google doesn't just buy webOS and complete it's assimilation onto Android. After seeing ICS, i'm feeling a little less depressed.

Some time ago, someone correctly pointed out that HP got webOS but Google got Duarte. Google got the better deal.

I agree with you guys. HP will no longer see any money from me. They want to be in the big game but play like little leaguers. They can take a flying leap.

It is perfectly reasonable IMO to assume that HP would test an ARM version of Windows 8 on the HP Touchpad as it is without modification. This would require a special version of Windows 8 ARM addition but it does make sense since testing platforms from other companies have had similar hardware as that of the HP Touchpad.

Going to market is quite another thing though. For retail Windows 8 hardware other manufactures are improving the specs from what they are testing on


The HP Touchpad specs are as follows:

Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 processor (1.2 GHz)
Qualcomm Adreno 220 graphics
9.7-inch diagonal touch screen (1024 x 768 XGA)
And so on,...

The Qualcomm Windows 8 ARM demo hardware is as follows:

Qualcomm Scorpion dual cores MSM8660 SoC
Qualcomm Adreno 220 graphics
Metro will require 1024x768 as a minimum, so we know its at least 1024x768

Qualcomm wont go to market with such hardware for Windows 8 ARM (or so I hear) instead opting for more powerful hardware:

Krait MSM8960 at first and quad core Krait APQ8064 later on. Dual core krait SoCs (eg 8960, 8270, 8260A) come with Adreno 225, quad core krait*(APQ8064 and others) come with Adreno 320, both of which are Direct3D 9.3.*


Come to the Android Light People.. I see many of you see whats happening with Duarte on board. And if Android does develop more of a WebOS look/feel, who's gonna Sue?? Don't hate Google if they clothe and feed your abandoned child.

I'm all for Android as long as its 3.0 and above,......