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HP Veer Video Review 47

by Derek Kessler Mon, 09 May 2011 7:09 pm EDT

You've read our extensive text and pictures review of the AT&T HP Veer 4G, now it's time to see it video glory. After the break you'll find eight minutes and thirty one seconds of the white Veer, with sweet hot action including a hardware overview, some time with that funky charging cable and headphone adapter, a quick comparison with the Pre 2, a demonstration of carrier billing, and more. So head on past the break, and if you haven't already, go ahead and check out our comprehensive review of the Veer.



Such a cool phone! The more I see it the more I want it. Too bad I'm on Sprint. Pre 3!?!?!

Same here.

Dude doing video has really big hands...

erm... Anyone else pissed off that they claim its the smallest phone on the market but in volume its actually considerably larger than the iPodphone 4 and almost the same volume as the 4.3" Galaxy S2

no not really, keep in mind it also has a physical keyboard and all the devices you mentioned do not.

LOL... iPhone 4 the smallest smartphone? Good one! Let's see which one fits in a pocket easier.

Very nice! Angry Birds doesn't look as small as I was made to believe on that screen. It's going to be a nice companion to a Touchpad. Going to ATT on Sunday to give it a hands on.

Yes def want a hands on this phone. Lordy is that a tiny phone.

Great job, Derek.. but, you forgot to try to incessantly swipe delete emails to make the email app hang, like Josh T. did!

(I kid, I kid).. :)

Looks like a pretty nifty device!

Joshua Topolsky is a complete joke.

Topolsky's point in his review was that the webOS email app is not very good and hasn't improved in the two years that webOS has been out despite numerous minor and one major update to the OS as a whole. While you can disagree with that position but his point does ring true to me. The email app in my Pre Minus feels bloated and sluggish and has a tendency to slow my entire phone down. So when Topolsky complains about its performance on the Veer, I tend to believe him.

There were numerous problems with Joshua's review, one of which is that he didn't properly swipe the emails away. Having used the updated email client on 2.1, it's much quicker with a lot less lag than the old one. The new database backend is likely the reason for that.

More importantly, it was the only thing he could show that constantly lagged for him (with over 300 emails in his trash no less). This review here, plus the big video review over at WOR, both show that this device generally operates smoothly and quickly. The whole review that Josh did harped on how webOS wasn't ready and had all of this stuttering and non-responsiveness, which we haven't actually viewed, anywhere, except in Josh's one-off case. He also harped tremendously on the screen size, which is the same as the Pixi, and really, is the same or larger than most BB phones, and yet, suddenly screens of this size are unusable? You have to zoom all of your content? I don't on my Pixi+. Sure, my Pre+ is a little roomier to read websites, but, even on an iPhone, you'll be zooming in.

So far, the most fair reviews have been from the webOS centric sites. The others have been pretty much unfair from what I've seen, and they haven't been able to view this phone from the target audience's perspective.

Too bad this isn't coming to Canada as far as we know :(

Looks really fast!! I'm impressed.

WTF! So much lag! ARghhhhhh!@#$#@ /s


Well, some lag. But less lag than what I experience on my Pre Minus even though it is overclocked to 1GHz. And we also saw that Derek was running a dozen or more apps at the same time with little lag. My Pre Minus can rarely manage more than five apps before throwing up too many cards errors. So the Veer running at its stock clock speed, which is slightly less than the overclocked speed of my Pre Minus, would represent a significant performance improvement to me. I was impressed. Perhaps not as impressed as I wanted to be but then, I'm still holding out for the Pre 3.

Looks pretty impressive!!!

what do you expect from a peanut-brain like yours. remember your life a laggggg!!!

The scrolling seems smooth, although the app load times are atrocious. But again, thanks for the indepth review, Derek.

I beg to differ about the load times. But if it bothers you, just leave the most used apps open, and it'll "open" instantly.

This is a good point and advice that I wish I could heed with my Pre Minus. But I can't because Palm didn't give it enough memory. Based on its increased memory alone, the Veer is a huge improvement.

I hope I don't have to wait till X-Mas for a new device on Sprint. :.(3

lo espero en españa y el touchpad y pre 3...!!?

No camera flash is disappointing for me.

My wife wants one like on one's business. But we won't be leaving Sprint for it. She does NOT want a phone as large as the Pre3. So, when her pre- dies it looks like we are left with a choice of either getting a pre2 that I have to frankenpre or switching to a different phone. Having used the iphone extensively, she does not like it. And isn't thrilled by Android either. So...... she has little options unless this comes to Sprint.

I will take the pre3 if it comes to Sprint. Otherwise, I guess I need a frankenpre as well. Its an unfortunate situation to be in: to prefer a particular OS that isn't available to you. I hope HP expands their lineup/carriers sooner rather than later or I, and many people like me, am in a very un-webOS friendly situation. Hopefully, when the 6 month exclusive is over, they will make one with a CDMA radio and send it over to Sprint.

I understand the desire to stay on the lowest price plan but don't you ever feel like you are being held captive by the cost savings?

As opposed to Verizon users who are held captive by the price premium?

6mo exclusives hold this industry back! My kids would love this thing, but I ain't goin near an ATT store...

6 month exclusive... just stupied. They did not learn their lesson with the original Pre launch on Sprint.

Sure they did. They avoided Sprint. (I know, I know, let the flames begin.)

Actually, I think Sprint learned their lesson with the original Pre (-).

If that's true (and it very well might be), then the sprint-users on this forum need to stop whining about HP not bringing their phone to sprint. They should be contacting sprint directly, telling them that they need this new phone!

Personally as a Sprint user, I'd rather have a Pre 3 or an updated Pixi with the Veer's specs. Having said that, you're right. As Sprint users we need to start agitating for a new webOS phone.

Isn't the "exclusive" a self-imposed one due to engineering not being able to fit in a CDMA radio? Remember that the Pre 2 was actually an "exclusive" because no other carrier would carry it. There were CDMA and GSM versions available for Sprint and AT&T. They just passed.

There was no CDMA version of the Veer made for anyone. So that leaves AT&T by process of elimination. Their "exclusive" claims are probably academic at this point.

Ok... I see your point but here's mine.

They can make a CDMA veer if they want to no problem. What if Verizon or Spirit or any other CDMA carrier decides they want that phone due to high demand? Well, guess what??? They can't get it for 6 months.

This screws the carriers, HPalm, and more importantly... their customers.

We wonder why WebOS holds 1% market share barley hanging on for dear life. Folks Here you have it, 6 months!!!

Ok... so maybe AT&T was the only carrier that showed interest in the Veer. Why do a 6 month exclusive deal. Makes no sense.

I haven't read anywhere that definitively states the terms of the "exclusive," but don't you think they took the Veer elsewhere just as they did the Palm Pre 2?

They probably had no choice but to bend over and agree to whatever terms AT&T offered. Sprint seems largely indifferent with their wall of silence to the cries of old Pre users. Verizon BARELY carries the Pre 2. AT&T may be the only "friendly" port of harbor in the US left for HP right now.

High demand isn't a reasonable expectation for ANY WebOS product for the foreseeable future. The Pre 3 and TouchPad just need to get visibility up. That's all I can reasonably expect from HP until they reveal a detailed strategy with content ecosystem, multiple carriers, and regularly staggered releases.

You are correct about that. The more carriers it is on, the better for HP. The only reason some (maybe yourself included) are that upset is, the Pre3 isn't out yet and no one knows anything officially, to date. If we all knew that the Pre3 was coming on June 15, and would be on networks A, V, and S, fewer would care about this problem.

However, everything that I have read says it is next to impossible to shove a CDMA radio into that small space. Is that true? I haven't the foggiest, but I'll take the experts word for it.

For both of our sakes, I wish they had made it just a half-inch bigger, so they could put standard plugs on it AND put both types of radio in, so they wouldn't have to choose GSM only.

Hi all,

While I want the Pre3. I am very pleased that the Veer is out. I just want HP & AT&T to market the **** out of it!

It's interesting that HP gave AT&T only a 6 month exclusive.

Take care,


But, who else can carry it? T-Mob is the only other GSM carrier of any size, right? And, in 12 months, they'll be gone.

maybe it will become att&t!

makes sense to go with att. i cant wait for the summit in june we'll get release dates and maybe even another annoucement on of a new device ONE MORE MONTH PEOPLE!!!!!

Best Review i've seen so far. Fair, honest and without all the bluster!! The magnetic side connection looks simple and easy. Not the cumbersome piece i was expecting.
The hardware looks pretty snappy (no one really keeps 15 cards open all day anyway).
And with the battery life reportedly surpassing that of the Pre 2, this can only mean good things for any user.
All that's needed is the WebOS 3.0 upgrade that auto-adjusts apps to different screen sizes and it's an A+ rating from me!!

HP Products make Cats cry!!! lol

Will the hp veer, pre 3 and the touchpad come to the uk ???

Derek, THE VIDEO WAS NOT LONG ENOUGH! I need more! I can't wait until Sunday! I'd like to see how PDFs and other office documents are handled. Any PDF reader crashes or other issues while opening these files? Also, how does multiple call handling work on the Veer? Last, is Visual Voicemail support baked in to 2.1?

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