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HP webOS ePrint app due in July, iOS has theirs now 65

by Derek Kessler Mon, 25 Apr 2011 9:10 am EDT

At the Think Beyond event back in February HP demoed ePrint wireless printing in an integrated fashion from the webOS 3.0-powered HP TouchPad to ePrint-equipped HP printers, both on stage and in their little demo booths. They told us that ePrint would be coming to webOS handhelds as well, and for those that aren’t yet running webOS 3.0 (all of them), they’d release an app this spring that would enable said printing. It’d even be compatible with webOS 1.4.5.

Well, we hope you didn’t scribble ePrint all over the months of April, May, and June in your calendar, because HP has quietly pushed back the date for the ePrint app to July 2011. At least that’s what the footnotes on their ePrint Enterprise Solutions page says. It still notes that the app will be compatible back to webOS 1.4.5, so there’s that going, but considering the timing of the app release, we wouldn’t be too surprised if it ended up going webOS 2.2 only, that being the expected webOS release version for the HP Pre 3, which we are anticipating this summer.

Of course, while all this is going around, HP’s Imaging and Printing Group is spreading the ePrint love, having released an iOS app that will allow the same magical printing that we know webOS to be capable of when equipped with a similar app.

Source: HP; Thanks to aquitayo on Twitter!


PreCentral, say it isn't so!

iOS getting an app before WebOS that was made behind the doors of WebOS's owner? Apple owners already get enough, why can't HP throw us WebOS users a bone for cryin'-out-loud?! This is sickening.

Yeah when I read that about HP giving competition the app before its own OS/devices I was mad. How stupid. Come on. What are we, chopped liver. Step kids. The mother in law.

shut. the. **** up.

They sell printers too, you know.
Go away.

We know they sell printers; that's not the point. The point is that there is no evidence to say that WebOS users shouldn't have gotten this app before anyone else. It's insulting to WebOS users.

And next time, offer constructive criticism instead of just throwing users like kld2009 under the bus.

Seriously? Supporting a single platform over another is a way to gimp your OTHER PRODUCTS.
Grow up. Stop commenting. It'll do you some good.

I never said they had to support a single platform, even WebOS. What I was saying is that WebOS should have gotten the app first or, the more profitable scenario, in tandem with a release to other OS's. Going this route, they would have been able to ensure market share (through iOS) while also showing support for their own product, WebOS. But currently, the way they've released the app is, in my opinion, insulting to WebOS users.

And no; I don't insult. I comment and add something to the conversation. Thanks for playing.

seriously? Supporting other platforms before your own is a way to gimp your EXISTING PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMERS.
Grow up. Stop commenting. It'll do the world some good.

I think you are assuming ePrint is using webOS and not some other standard/os entirely. One day you'll grow up and look back on this and shake your head in disgust, like the rest of us, at how big of an **** you are.

No, I think they are assuming that HP would support their own in house OS first by providing an app that would be the front end for ePrint. Rather than providing the app for iOS first.

Please engage your brain before commenting.

Most of you people complaining probably don't even have an HP ePrint printer.

These people are not capable of releasing anything for webOS unless it's "IN THE COMING MONTHS" so you shouldn't be surprised.


Well, if ePrint isn't ready for webOS then it isn't ready. The only other option to rectify the situation would be to hold up the iOS version. Given that HP is in the printer business in a big way, that would be dumb - like Samsung holding up their $5 billion-a-year manufacturing contract with Apple so that they can catch up to the iPad with their Galaxy Tabs.

If they have an iOS version, then wouldn't the PDK offer quick portability to a WebOS version? At this point, I can't seem to find an excuse for HP's thinking.

PDK portability for anything other than games is a complete myth. It does not exist. If you were expecting the PDK to result in a lot of apps other than games then you have been misled.

Ah, ok. Then this makes more sense to me. But on the other hand, wouldn't HP have the resources to, at least, release a version of ePrint to WebOS as well as any other OS, side by side?

The PDK works primarily for games, as I understand it.

But I think it makes sense to hold it back for 2.x and to only support that. Legacy hardware could possibly be a pain to support, and they have enough balls in the air right now.

Well, according to the article and HP's official stance on the subject, it seems their tentative plans are to still release a version of ePrint compatible to 1.4.5. At the moment, I have to take these facts over a possible assumption.

If they were a bit more transparent in their logic regarding a move such as this, then the situation probably wouldn't seem so much like a slap in the face.

It may be an assumption, but I believe 1.4.5 support, if it still happens, will be minimal at best.

I also believe that is for the best.

i am sure it is beyond us... like many of the decisioned that they make that we complain about. we don't even know the half of it

So I'm guessing at this point WebOS users just have to keep rolling with the punches until HP can turn the tide back in our favor? Though the point you make is a valid one I think you have a tough argument to make there, especially with the Sprint users who adopted Palm's WebOS first.

Good to see that HP has their priorities straight. Perhaps we should all become IOS users so that we can get HP apps first. Even HP slights Webos!

Gonna head off the flood of "HP WHAT ARE YOU THINKING" comments with...RELAX!!!

This is a good move by HP. They concentrated there resources to produce an application for platforms that are out on the market right now! This is great marketing for HP, its get's their name out on the mobile market which can only be a good thing for webOS. So I'll say again...relax! Our new HP devices are coming soon and so is ePrint

I don't see where what is good for HP is good for Webos. The two exist separately in the market and HP can thrive while Webos fades from lack of resources and attention.

I agree with sj4231. While HP's market share in printers goes up, the OS market is a different story. The fragmentation of an app such as this will only hurt WebOS, most especially when an app goes to the market first for a competing operating system. The usability of the app will be the same, but iOS users can have it NOW.

I'm more confused by the many webos owners who still have faith in anything HP or Palm says in regards to timelines or expectations.

How many times have we all been burnt? At some point you have to realize this is an unreliable company to place your bets on.

This falls right into place with all the many other failures and missed marks. Don't worry, there's more to come. Just sit back, relax and wait to see what other devices don't make their timelines. Or if they do, what components won't work or will be missing... still waiting for calendar fixes. I doubt we'll see those anytime soon either.

Agree. So many people want things to be a certain way that they just start believing it, despite all evidence to the contrary.

HP, and Palm before it, has shown nothing except an inability to get webOS products to market, a stark indifference to the desires of its user base, and a complete incompetence in updating and maintaining what could be a superior product.

Where does all this blind loyalty come from? It's a phone OS, people, and from all objective measures HP and Palm have genuinely screwed it up.

Agreeded, frustrating as *@#&$#. But has anbody actually analyzed the features in the iOS release? Could it be that they are getting a cheap feature-lacking version 1? Are they being used to find the bugs for us? I would like to think that so many things are coming down the pike in 3.0 that HP has to keep updating the ePrint software to match, to give WebOS users that nice experience straight away.

An iOS version of ePrint that is sub-par compared to a WebOS version would be the only redeeming factor of this move by HP. But if this were true, I'd have assumed HP or PreCentral would have made this vividly clear so as to not insult its WebOS users.

And then release this version after the webOS version.

Not likely. I think the HP printer division probably couldn't care less about webOS. They want their printers to be the #1 choice of every iPhone and iPad user out there. They want sales people to say that HP ePrint printers are the best ones to integrate with iOS.

UntidyGuy, I replied to your comment by replying to mikah912 because you both had similar stances.

Exactly. What makes HP the most money BY FAR? Printers and Servers.

Anything they can do to serve those two masters can - and should - take precedence over everything else including WebOS.

Why would an iOS version be barebones and beta-buggy compared to the WebOS version? This isn't Google Maps on other platforms besides Android. This is a software initiative that HP needs to get as widely used as possible.

While WebOS is their operating system, that doesn't mean that every initiative from the entire company should benefit WebOS first and foremost. Windows/Microsoft is still a significant partner that will genrate more revenue for them than WebOS will for the foreseeable future. Getting this software on the leading mobile platforms will also benefit them. They can't sit around and wait for WebOS to get it together. That makes no sense.

When/if the platform is up to speed with healthy marketshare and lots of regular device releases, then it would make sense to get this first. Not now, tho.

What I'm saying is that HP could have used this as a way to show support for WebOS. I'm not saying they had to stymie an iOS release just to make this statement; however, releasing a WebOS version alongside an iOS version would be the way HP could increase market share (through iOS) while showing staunch support for its own OS.

But HP is not one monolithic entity. There's a reason they are still selling a tablet/printer combo with Android AND WebOS AND Windows 7 hardware AND Windows 7 hardware with a TouchSmart layer with ITS own apps on top.

People have to keep that in mind.

Some moves HP is going to make going forward will benefit WebOS at the expense of HP.
Some moves going forward will benefit HP at the expense of WebOS.

It's always going to be that way.

According to HP, though, they want to make an ecosystem around WebOS. My assumption (and, yes, it's strictly an assumption) is that HP will want to integrate many, if not all, of its services with WebOS moving forward. Leaving too many loose ends would translate into a lack of confidence in the OS on HP's part. I do understand that HP will continue to support Windows moving forward, but I also think that the company will try to quell any way WebOS could hinder the company or the company could hinder WebOS (referring to your "expense" comments).

WebOS has to relaunch first. Trying to make an ecosystem out of 1.4.5, 2.x, and 3.x is a mistake to launch with. They need to pick a target, draw the line, and go from there.

I fully agree with what you're saying, but I don't think that's possible right now, so stuff like this will happen. When they get the relaunch well behind them, we should see things change slightly.

It is likely that ePrint was being developed long before HP purchased webOS. Every day, hundreds of people probably walk in to Best Buy or Staples and say "I'd like to be able to print from my iPhone or iPad. What printer works best for this?"

The webOS version probably isn't a priority because hardly anyone walks in and says "I'd like to be able to print from my Pre or my TouchPad..." So, what's the rush for a webOS version until a TouchPad is released?

I guess my reasoning revolves around principal more than market viability. If HP has the resources to do something not only for the benefit of its print division but also its WebOS division, then why not do it?

Mikah912 states below that HP wouldn't fast track an ePrint app for WebOS because right now there aren't many WebOS devices in the market. I will agree with this. However, HP has said they will support 1.4.5 and above when ePrint is released. Aside from the fact that the Pre2 is already released, most WebOS users have 1.4.5 - we could have the app now. By making a move like this, is HP silently inferring that they will not be supporting 1.4.5?

For me, this all comes down to HP, as a corporate entity, supporting a product that supposedly has a big role to play in the corporation's future. They have to start somewhere, right? If they have the resources, then why not make a full push in support of WebOS while making decisions to support the more lucrative competition?

But they are not withholding the app from WebOS. They are simply making the wise decision of getting it to iOS users while the window of opportunity to become the leading iPad print solution exists. The cost of missing that opportunity to wait for the WebOS side to get it together is way too great, and it would be shooting one of their golden geese (the printer division of HP) in the foot and probably the kneecap.

Even if they had it for WebOS at the same time, there's nothing to "fully push" right now. The existing devices are a nonentity in the big scheme of things.

Well that seems to be what I'm getting at. If HP has already thrown 1.4.5 under the bus, then there really is no reason to get the ePrint app to current users. This would also mean that a release of the app in tandem with any other OS would be out of the question. In this case, HP forces current WebOS users to, again, wait for good things to come while other OS's can get them now.

I guess I'm seeing HP's decisions to consider current devices a "nonentity" also seemingly causing attrition to the current WebOS user base. As a WebOS user, it saddening to know that HP, even with the resources, could care less about the current users.

Maybe we should call this interim period, between now and the release of WebOS 2.x/3.x, the "WebOS Dark Ages"? Or the "WebOS Age of Uncertainty"?

I don't think it's that they couldn't care less. But look at it realistically from their perspective. Every resource they spend trying to support 1.4.5 and the existing devices is one they aren't spending on getting the new batch and new OS going. The carriers have already given up on those devices, so getting updates to them through carrier approval is going to be a logistical nightmare anyway. The hardware, with its myriad of build quality issues, is largely irredeemable and outdated anyway.

At some point, people are going to have to realize that HP saving WebOS and putting in their best effort to give it a successful future is "making it right" for those that took a chance on Palm. Not making stuff like this or device upgrade coupons a priority.

Touché, Mikah912. Your point is valid and sensible. I agree through this conversation that, while disappointing, HP's decision to hold off on app deployments like this to WebOS would be in the OS's favor. To make a consolidated push on one front from solely HP products would be the best strategy to see WebOS flourish. Too bad it took a debate such as this to bring to light HP's possible future plans. That said, I would still like a coupon for a device upgrade, nonetheless.

With this politics HP ensure that noone buyes their devices. As all they promised before and broke it afterwards. It seems that they want a success of products of the HPPalm division. And maybe the ones predicted the end of webOS may be right!
webOS isn't officially supported, regarding the ePrint page:

I can't help but think its webos 3 development that is the real source of trouble here. It's clearly behind schedule and is holding up just about everything.

But they have ressources to support other systems. Besides that, the people behind this app aren't involved in the development of webOS 3 (i think)

That's what I believe, mkinzler. If they have the resources to support multiple OS's at once, why not release ePrints for WebOS as well as any other OS (in this case, iOS). HP will gain market share through iOS, but also show support for their own WebOS.

They are supporting WebOS, but shouldn't the widest used devices that are available NOW take priority? I get the "supporting the home team", but there's no team to support as WebOS devices are largely missing from store shelves and will be for a while.

WebOS support is coming, but it isn't and shouldn't be the priority for April 2011. Apple is ready now. HP's WebOS division is not.

It concerns me HP can't fast-track this. Don't they have the man power to knock something like this out in a week or so?

I'm not sure WebOS has ever been associated with anything being "fast-tracked". Partly because it's immature. Partly because it's never been under solid stewardship. But whichever reason you choose to go with, progression of this ecosystem and its products has always been molasses slow.

Not sure when/if that will ever change.

I had hoped that having 300k employees at their disposal would have sped things up a bit :/

I hope this changes soon. I'm REALLY getting tired of seeing 10 new Android phones come out every quarter. I'm not asking for the same for webOS, but I would like the option of upgrading every year.

Google developes apps for other platforms , too. But the android apps are the first in market with extra features. Apple makes windows software., after the counterparts or better are released on MacOS.
By not or later supporting their own platform hp kills it.

But what you are missing is that their platforms are mature and widely deployed NOW. Android is a popular and widespread platform, so it makes sense to give it priority for Google Maps. They didn't hold back Google Maps on iPhone in 2007 because Android couldn't launch until 15-16 months later. That move helped Google Maps become way more ubiquitous than competitor MapQuest.

WebOS is not mature or widespread. Why would HP handicap their foothold on the tablet printing market (which is exploding) just to benefit some phones (1.4.5 devices) that they don't even support anymore?

Haven't people here always touted how HP is in a marathon, not a sprint and they have a grand vision that goes just beyond phones? Well, if that's the case, then you should expect many more moves like this.

and without these features, what incentive do people have to buy webOS? Therefore, when will it become widespread and mature?

I think we all understand that HP wants to make as much money as it possibly can from its mainstay line of printers and servers. Obviously, we are (or were) webOS fans which is why we are here. So our interest is in seeing webOS have the features other phones have to help increase the popularity of the phones.

Sorry, but anyone expecting HP to tie the success of its core businesses solely to the future of WebOS was always going to be disappointed.

Microsoft is doing the same thing. It's making its Bing app solely available through iOS for the moment because WP7 doesn't have the HTML5 support for it yet. There's no reason for them to handicap Bing's growth and ubiquity just because another loosely-related product WP7 isn't ready yet. Doesn't mean Microsoft doesn't want WP7 to succeed, and indeed they've given it exclusive features like official Microsoft Office, Xbox live integration, and Zune **** that are exclusive.

Likewise, HP WebOS devices will get the HP Movie and Music stores, Touch To Share, and maybe a few other things to tout as exclusive. That's enough.

Wow! They better get this thing out of the gate for 1.4.5 soon or they're going to alienate the 12 of us Sprint users that still have working pres. You hear that HP? There are like a dozen of us on Sprint that still have functioning webOS hardware and are willing to hang on to it until, well, who knows. You **** us on this ePrint deal and you might lose us. That's like hundreds of dollars of future business you could be kicking to the curb. Oh, and BTW...Deliver us some post 2009 hardware ***holes!

>>But what you are missing is that their platforms are mature and widely deployed NOW.
But not in the beginning and perhaps it hasn't grown that, if they always first developed for iOS e.g.
Yes they have a great vision how **** existent customers and avoid having new ones.

HP is committed to supporting THREE different OS versions with this app at multiple resolutions and several different chipsets. Oh, and did I mention one of the three OS versions is unfinished?

Are people seriously wondering why they couldn't get all this done at the same time or before they had to develop for ONE version of iOS running on just a few pieces of mostly undifferentiated hardware? With the benefit of hitting the iPad market NOW, do you really wonder why they wouldn't hold back?

I scratch my head at this thinking.

Loyalty is a one way street kidz....... fact of life. Get over it and move on if you feel HPalm takes leak on you on a regular basis. Vote with your $$$$$. It's the only language the "top brass" gets.
HPee is about enterprise first and foremost with WebOS

They want the iPhone crowd.......that's why all their adds will feature young and hip.
Then they promote their Pre3 as a "business class"? Hmmmmm
Maybe it's for the "young and hip business people".
Oh well....

Its no surprise that app development for webOS is not a big priority...it's something webOS users should be used to.

However, that is the big problem. App developers put webOS at low or no priority because there aren't as many devices. Devices won't sell partly because there are no apps. So they are caught in a vicious circle.

if HP won't make WebOS a priority then why do they expect other app developers would do the same.

July looks like a big month for HP WebOS. e-Print app, maybe the Pre3? Maybe the Touchpad?
Question is: Will I wait until then?

All the reflex negative commentary on Pre Central has become utterly tiresome. Get over it. You are ruining this site.

It's now late october 2011. Went looking for the WebOS ePrint app. here's what HP currently says: "HP webOS [ePrint] app available late Fall 2011." http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/us/en/ipg/HPeprint-solution.html

I guess I'll be using the "email to print" part of ePrint for my WebOS device.