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HP webOS Marketing Blitz to feature Lady Gaga, Russel Brand, Jay-Z, Kanye West? 75

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 28 May 2011 11:03 am EDT

We've been wondering when the marketing ramp-up for the Veer would start because to date it's been pretty thin: some spotted Mini Coopers, Manny Pacquiao's supposed involvement, a YouTube ad and NYT ad, and some Lady Gaga antics in the New York subway system.

According to Agency Spy, it's coming soon and it's going to be pretty big. They've been tipped that HP is shooting new ads for the Veer and TouchPad with celebities likes Russell Brand, Lady Gaga, JayZ, Kanye West, and Lea Michele. Supposedly HP has laid out upwards of $10 milion on the celebrities, but that wasn't quite enough to get an actual commercial shoot with the Gaga herself, who apparently was kept from the set by Google.

All these music celebrities also lends credence to the idea that HP's rumored music service, HP Play, will have a big part in the webOS ecosystem. More important (we assume) than celebrity name dropping to webOS faithful is the rumored dates for the campaign to start hitting airwaves: early June.

Source: Agency Spy; Thanks mc_gusto!



Can't wait to start seeing what is coming!



Very nice!

Hi all,

Glad to see they are going after endorsements for the younger crowd...trying to give webOS and webOS phones/TouchPad the cool factor....

Just as Apple has a cool factor!

Take care,


Bought two from BB four days ago. White for my teen daughter (in stock). Black for my teen son (had to order). Both chose it over "tired iPhone."

Asked my daughter this morning if she still liked it. Asked her if she wanted to go back to the iPhone. She said, "I love it...no way." She said it is the best social networking phone she has had. She said her friends keep asking about it and commenting that they want one.

HP is on to something with the Veer.

Tramps...I am sure they will be using her music. not her. Jay-Z is magic. Very excited!!!

why the **** is a evo ad next to a touchsmart article?

Hahaha... even automatically generated ads know what people really want.

cannot WAIT

I don't understand the stupidity of HP marketing department.

Did you see any ads by apple, microsoft, samsung, VZW, Tmobile, google, HTC with any celebrity?

The effectiveness/cost is near zero.

Why is HP so obesssed with this? Save the freaking 10 million and comes up with some inspiritional and impresseive ideas instead.

Lack of imagination is astounding at HP.

It's worked pretty well at selling laptops.

not really, if you consider HP's laptop market share didn't go up.

and pretty much no other laptop makers is doing TV ads at all.

I was referring to the "HP Hands" campaign they've had for several years. It helped them sell hundreds of millions of laptops.

Not really. What helped them sell laptops was flooding the retail outlets. You can't take a step without bumping into a HP laptop.

Dang. They prolly shouldn't bother advertising then, huh?

Pretty certain the celebs are being used to advertise a specific function of upcoming webOS and they are going for the gold with that. The other platforms are not doing this for they are already established that the public knows what they can do but HP has to do that still by showing off functions of what webOS can do piece by piece in a tiered advertisement campaign.

Soon HP will also say stupid things like "If you don't have a Touchpad, well you don't have a touchpad." But not just yet...

Anything from freaky lady 2 years ago will be a quantum leap.

Yes because HP doesn't know a thing about marketing. Aren't they the biggest tech company? Pretty sure they didn't get there by **** up marketing. Sometimes, copying the competition isn't the best strategy.

wth? A little unnecessary censoring there! Are you saying I can say I'm going to **** to pieces of wood together?

Well apparently :)

You don't want to bring back creepy girl do you?

I find it humorous that you seem to know what a big company should do... So, which big company do you work for and tell us about your sucesses in advertising, we'd all love to hear.

Ok...it's pretty exciting to hear some semi-concrete evidence that HP is going full force with webOS. I'm not surprised by it...but I am excited.

Looking forward to the next couple months...

What about the Pre 3? They only mention the Touchpad and Veer as advertised products - hopefully they're drumming up the Pre 3 as well!!

I could see them going a different direction with the Pre 3. Running multiple campaigns at once. Something more business-centric. Not Russel Brand and Jay-Z tryin' ta slang phones ta tha suits.

This confirms that the Touchpad will have a soft power button because none of these celebrities have an off switch.

(If you don't get the joke, at least realize it's not a compliment)

Glad to see some movement but I'm a bit concerned there is no mention of the Pre3. Surely HP isn't going to try to push the Veer as their flagship phone?

I was also hoping the TPad would be on sale 1st week of June but if they are shooting now then we are at least 3 weeks away. :(

You missed the hang nail complaint.

I try not to be childish on these boards, but I have to say "SUCK IT" to all the people that have been saying HP isn't doing anything and that HP doesn't know marketing.

We already know they've got Dre (etc.) on board, now this. This is how you sell devices, you dont compete against the giant directly, you target their audience. Brilliant!

Somebody's HP tramp stamp is showing. No product and no real ad yet, but you're wearing your boyfriend's jacket and dancing like he made a touchdown. Don't worry, it is only embarrassing if you are pretending to be a straight guy and/or not wearing a collar.

Actually you shove the product in their faces. No one gives a **** about Dre or whoever.

Things are starting to make much more sense timing wise. This push, which is a costly push, had to have expert timing and doing it at the release of the Veer wouldn't have been any good without the availability or imminent availability of the TouchPad & Pre3.


why do people care that HP is using celebrities to promote products? it's time-tested and it works. obviously HP is a very 'corporate' company. they NEED celebrities if they are going to have any kind of 'cool' factor.

Yeah but they're doing it instead of not doing it...

hurray for HP for taking charge and getting their advertising out there. Bummer because celebrities get all the fun.

Meh....West? Why use degenerates like him to promote sleek, professional devices like the TouchPad and Pre 3?

YEP! Kanye = P.O.S.

I agree with both of you. Two things though:

1. Notice there was no mention of the Pre 3 anywhere in there. I anticipate a differently-geared campaign for that little item.

2. Yeah, he sucks but lots of people like him. We just gotta bite it on this one. Every tab or phone sold to a kanye fan is another fan to the flame of developer interest.

@ Producer My guess it this campaign is targeted towards the consumer. There will be a totally different method of getting into the office and professionals' hands. But that campaign probably isn't needed as much. HP is already there.

Good point.

I would be LESS inclined to purchase an HP product if promoted by Kanye West - he is about the bottom of the barrel. How soon till he drops a racial comment or plays the race card?

Celebrity endorsements will have little if any impact on product sales - Quality and Availability WILL have impact.

any bad or good publicity is good,it will get ppl attention which is really needed at the moment.

I agree, I want a WebOS tablet and phone. Gonna have to ignore the fact they are using Kanye West to do advertising. Of all the celebrities in the world, why him?

I'm concerned that the Pre3 wasn't mentioned with the new ads. Since the Touchpad will be released soon, perhaps June 20th, does that mean that the Pre3 will not be released any time soon? It seems like it's going to be a mid-summer Pre3 launch. *sighs*

How many professionals are influenced by Kanye West, J-Z or Gaga?

How about using some CEOs, Doctors, Small Business Owners and Scientist in some ads? Just wondering if the Touchpad is going to be marketed as a toy or as a tool for success.

I really do not care how famous Kanye West or Lady Gaga might be or how many people will buy anything just because *they* tell them to do so...
I personally don't want to be identified as "the guy with the same tablet that theses jerks on MTV always use". Thank you very much

Maybe you'll see both types of ad campaigns. I don't think there will be a leak of fake Dr.s and CEOs coming in for ads.

None. lol. None are influenced to buy, anyway. Hopefully influenced to *investigate*.

I really hope we see what you're describing *in addition to* what this article is describing. Maybe it's the sleep dep, but right now I'm pretty confident that we will and that it will line up with the Pre 3 launch, which will come a little later.

The important thing is that consumers hear of & talk about webOS & HP products. If this results, it is good for the product.

Friday's USA Today, back page of Sports (or business, I really don't remember), had the full page Veer a\d. Same as or similar to the NYT ad.

I agree, West and the others are the worst persons for promoting the products to the professionals. But unless the guys at the HP marketing aren't completely stoned, and completely drunk, I think like said before this is the consumer campaign. And I think that the marketing for the porfessional sector will be completely different. (By the way, even if I'm a professional, I don't give a **** about a CEO advertising a product. So I think they will try to reach the professional sector with another campaign.

Something bad I forgot: WHERE THE HECK IS THE PR IN EUROPE?

Where is the product in Europe?

You don't make something cool by marketing it to middle aged professionals.

forget about the Palm Treo?

The what?

Of course I would base my technology buying decisions on recommendations from that group.

I don't care if it is cool; I care that it is the right purchase for me.

But what do I know....

How about getting a normal country music artist to promote it since some people are not into this line-up of freak show musicians. I'm not sure that I want a woman who dresses like an half clown/half WH*** to sell me a touch pad. Same thing with a guy who says, "George Bush hates white people".

Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley? Anyone normal?

Wow. Another braindead MTV robot. Maybe you should take a break from 16 and pregnant and think for yourself for a day or two. There is more to life than stooky and the situation.

All these actors are trend setters and are unique and different. Webos is unique and different. HP is attacking apples biggest weakness, the isheep and the followers. I think it is brilliant.

If you're absolutely right, in that the only thing Apple has going for it are "isheep and followers" maybe you're on to something.

But if you are at all misguided, and perhaps even a little blinded by fan-boy-ism (a little? maybe?) you've just made a multi-million dollar miscalculation.

Actually, I think HP understands this more than its fans, personally.

So you are saying that HP spending 10 million to get the trendiest musicians and actors to pretend like they are touchpad fans is better than apple who sells their products based on reputation alone? I know one thing for sure, all the people on that list own ipads.

"hp play" and "beats audio" seem to be the angle they are taking to sell people. Hopefully they will package some really nice headphones with the touchpad. Match the price of the iPad but include some killer accesories.

That sounds brilliant to go with the music angle. Especially with a nonexistent music platform to go with it.

More important than celebrity endorsements, is HP going to fulfill its promise to make things right. That's all I'm saying ... still no mention.

I think Brand will bring his comedy, Jay-z, West and Gaga are good business people, besides being creative. Don't judge if you don't want to be. This a business and marketing decision. We have to get the word out. 10 million twitter followers can't be wrong. I like the thought of Brad Paisley or Taylor Swift. It should be "everybody get on". It should reflect that.

russel won't have to google his name anymore.. He can just type it ;]

While I'm glad to see that there will be heavy marketing of the touchpad, I don't think HP could have picked four celebs much closer to the top of my most despised list.

Well, like many others here have suggested, HP has to get the word out about WebOS!

....apparently, no matter how low, how unhinged, or how morally or socially degrading they have to kneel to do it. And honestly, I probably wouldn't blame them too much for doing it. In today's "mainstream", the more repugnant the behavior, the better..I guess.

i will buy ANYTING with Lady Gaga involved fine not apple products

lady gaga is evil you can't be serious so you pick Judas smh no think you HP

And this is somehow better than people buying Apple products....because they like them?


its' funny the contortions people are going through to support HPs decisions....

HP doesn't care about black people.

I hate Russel Brand.

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