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HP: webOS smartphones, slate PCs and netbooks on their way 57

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 01 Jul 2010 10:39 am EDT

HP has published its official press release announcing the completion of the Palm acquisition, and its brief text includes quite a few carrots for the hungry webOS faithful. One is this quote from Todd Bradley, the EVP of HP's Personal Systems Group (to whom Jon Rubinstein and his Palm global business unit will report):

With webOS, HP will deliver its customers a unique and compelling experience across smartphones and other mobility products. This allows us the opportunity to fully engage in growing our smartphone family offering and the footprint of webOS.

For those wishing for official confirmation that Palm will remain a smartphone provider, there it is.

Even more exciting is what the release says about how broadly that "footprint" will stretch:

Palm will be responsible for webOS software development and webOS based hardware products, from a robust smartphone roadmap to future slate PCs and netbooks.

Forget about the Foleo that was for sale on eBay yesterday: HP has just definitively told the world that slate PCs (aka tablets) and netbooks running webOS are in the works.

Full release after the break!

PALO ALTO, Calif., -- HP today announced it has completed its acquisition of Palm Inc. at a price of $5.70 per share of Palm common stock in cash.

HP today announced it has completed its acquisition of Palm Inc. at a price of $5.70 per share of Palm common stock in cash.

The combination gives HP significant headway into one of technology’s fastest-growth segments with Palm’s innovative webOS platform and family of smartphones, plus a rich portfolio of intellectual property from the smartphone pioneer.

HP’s global scale and financial strength plus Palm’s award-winning webOS experience, as well as its acclaimed Pre and Pixi smartphone product lines, enhance HP’s ability to participate more aggressively in the highly profitable, $100 billion smartphone and connected mobile device markets.

“With webOS, HP will deliver its customers a unique and compelling experience across smartphones and other mobility products,” said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP. “This allows us the opportunity to fully engage in growing our smartphone family offering and the footprint of webOS.”

Under Jon Rubinstein, former Palm chairman and chief executive officer, the Palm global business unit will report to Bradley. Palm will be responsible for webOS software development and webOS based hardware products, from a robust smartphone roadmap to future slate PCs and netbooks.

“With HP’s full backing and global strengths, I’m confident that webOS will be able to reach its full potential,” said Rubinstein. ”This agreement will accelerate the development of this incredible platform with new resources, scale and support from a world-respected brand.”


Now the question is timeframe...
Just how long will it take to crank those babies out!

Can't wait and I think WebOS now has a solid foothold on the mountain. With HP's experience and backing, I think it can climb to the top!

Timeframe for actual hardware release only matters for updated phone hardware. For the tablet, all they have to do is provide a compelling vision for the future. And if they want to win, listen closely HP, give me this:
Tablets (plural), small/medium and medium/large
A "docking station" for the tablet that is a keyboard, such that when it's attached to the docking station it folds up into what is effectively a WebOS netbook/laptop
A "premium" docking station that has all of the parts/pieces of a Windows laptop, just without a screen. When I dock my tablet, I get the option of booting into WebOS for light work, or I can boot into full blown Windows 7

As an added bonus, build the WebOS tablet functionality into a TouchSmart monitor (w/ wifi). Same deal as before, I can run WebOS for 90% of what I want to do, and boot up Windows for the rest.
If you REALLY want to put a cherry on top, let me run WebOS apps as widgets instead of the useless Windows7 desktop widgets.

let the good times roll.

New Hardware.. Yay!!!!!!!

leak a spec sheet for a new device please!!!!!! Gotta say I'm almost as excited as I was when I got my pre!!!!!!

like i have used this before on another thread, just went from 6 to midnight in my pants...

to midnight? That's gotta hurt, I'd be ok with stopping at 3.....lol

"six to midnight" I'm ROTF AND LMAO! I have the same response!!!!

haha, best analogy ever.

A WebOS netbook...with a PixelQi screen.

Make my dreams come true, Uncle Ruby!

"Make my dreams come true, Uncle Ruby!"

lol, I love it!

Thanks for the links and Mirasoi MEMS display looks promising. The second video shows better Contrast Ratio though short and I'd love to hear more about it. Sorli...

This tech also looks promising...can imagine Palm and HP have been looking at all of these displays or at least we can hope their R&D has been getting emails from the right companies.

Wonder how it performs power saving wise, especially compared to Qualcomm's Mirasol Mems display tech that does not require any back-light at all and holds up extremely well outside


Great suggestions and hope we something inspiring from HP about future webOS devices with display tech that people simply say "WOW...Gotta Have It!"

yay, mobile phones specifically mentioned!

It's like CES 2009 all over again. When should we expect this new hardware? The last half of the year?

However, I would assume, even if Palm has new hardware entirely ready for release, HP will want to extensively review it before release, because it is now their name on the line... Particularly with the prior harware "difficulties" Palm has experienced with the Pre. With the review process and likely (at the very least) some minor modifications to any hardware "ready" for release, I wouldn't expect anything announced immediately. But I do hope (optimistically) for something relatively soon!

That extensive review process probably began shortly after Palm and HP came to an agreement. There is likely very little that went on at Palm since then that has not been subject to some level of review or signoff from HP. I expect specific news about new hardware to be released pretty soon. Probably once the hype around the i4 quiets down a bit.

Especially with all the movement on the board in and out of Palm. I do believe that they were atleast putting together the specs for the perfect WebOS phone! With rumors of a dual-core HTC phone coming out by the end of this year, Im guessing thats in Palms plans too!

brendilon I will definitely agree with you.. The buying process has takin a few months and with how HP is treatin Palm (awesome I might ad) that means Palm was being cooperative and probally let HP test the hardware for the new device so they can get a brand new HP/Palm device in consumers hands ASAP... HP is not stupid.. They know their window of opportunity is small right now and right now it's wide open for a shake up and remind the world that we are here........ HP/Palm WebOS!

Damn!! I know it's 4th of July wknd but HPalm is bringing the Fireworks early! Yessssssss me likes :)

"Palm will be responsible for webOS software development and webOS based hardware products"

This right here is what I'm happy to hear. It sounds like all that HP will do with Palm is give them money to make them do what they want. I was hoping HP didn't do any hardware for the smartphones as that brings up some bad nightmares from smartphone past of the HP iPaqs. They just had some bad looking models and useability :(

Love it. =)

This is great news. Palm is still Palm. Can't wait to see whats in store.

Motorola Cliq / DEXT owners arte still waiting for the (already aging) 2.1 version of Android, a thing promised by Motorola last year, for Q2 of 2010 (Cliq ships 1.6).

I'd like to know if HP is going to put efforts on new hardware, leaving Pre and Pixi owners as is, in a road to catch latests devices from other manufacturers. Or, instead, try to tune WebOS, much as PreCentral forum members does, to get the most of current terminals.

Will WebOS 2.0 have features that make it run sluggish in 500mhz Pre's CPU?

Or will it be tuned and have it removed 'core' features that really aren't, and have basic ones updated?

I miss true bluetooth functionality. I want to send and receive any kind of files by using it.

I want to be able to edit microsoft office, just like the old Treo 650 can do.

I want to be able to manage every email file attachment, instead of the ones they want me to.

I want to have business stuff: shared contacts, appointments, tasks...

And I want to do this all with my Pre, and not the next smartphone, slate pc or netbook.

Got it, HP?

I agree with you. HP needs to take Pre (at minimum!) back to Treo 650 glory days! I can bet that HP will definitely make WebOS more business oriented than before. I remember using my 650 IN CLASS to write papers and take notes! Palm lost their way and hopefully HP will give them the resources to get back on track. Blackberry's business market is up for grabs now IMO!!

ok I have been saying this all along and if you read that press statement it mentions Palms robust smartphone roadmap.... Which verifies they have been working on new hardware, like a smartphone company routinely does.. Release a phone and begin designing a new phone for release a year later... Apple, RIM and Palm have been doing this for years.... People are just blinded to that fact because newcomer Android OS is being released on devices from multiple companies like once a month... It takes up to a year to research, develop, design and get a final product out with smartphones. Hell with technology in general...

example in point... The Motorola Droid.... So one year later there's peeps of the Motorola Droid 2... HTC is shifty cause sometimes it looks like they are releasing new Android phones left and right but when you look at them closer some of them are just the same phone just different carriers and different tweaks....

example: the T-Mobile HTC HD2... And the HTC EVO 4G.. Those 2 phones would be like cmparing the Sprint Palm Pre and the AT&T Palm Pre Plus.. But HTC just renamed it where as Palm didn't.

I think before the month of July is up there will be an announcement of new hardware and a release date... And specs! It also wouldn't surprise me if the release date is late summer.. There's got to be a good reason Palm and HP pushed this closing up a month.. Instead of closing at the end of July the pushed closing to the beginning of July... This is a whirlwind fast merger!! If you know anything about companies buying other companies like this situation it usually takes months longer then it did...

these 2 companies pushed it through at break neck speed for a reason... And I believe we will soon find out the exact reason why..... It's suspicious

palm has already stated their ui will be fully accerated in the next update due fall, 1.5 as well as many other goodies. That should be @ 600 if they don't overclock it.
besides the pixi is slower and often handles phone calls and texts better than the pre

The UI might be accelerated, but that means using webGL technology to use the GPU to process the animations, etc.

That doesn't mean they'll take the processor to 600Mhz (they don't for a reason, obviously). Nor will they EVER overclock the processor.

The reason is that THAT VIOLATES THE WARRANTY on the processor. So what happens then? If a processor goes bad, Palm has to pay for it.

If suddenly, they find a flaw with their OC methods causing processor trouble (or if there is ANYTHING wrong with the processors), Texas Instruments will say "too bad, you violated the warranty by overclocking."

I think what they should be speeding up is the whole bunch of services that currently rely on Java.

Why to have the core technologies running on a virtual machine instead of the native cpu?

I don't think running the UI on WebGL will speedup the Pre that much.

Is like running a PC with the latest graphic card with Windows XP and Vista. The graphic power won't have any benefit at all if the OS under it doesn't run smoothly.

I think they did this to have an easier way to port WebOS to different processors, and a proof of this is that someone got the OS running on his PC computer, which has a different hardware than the Pre itself.

Who in their right mind would want a slate or netbook with no proxy support. Cannot beleive this feature is still not in WebOS.

Why does this remind me of Sega and the dreamcast?? Sega, once one of the most formidable HARDWARE and software video game makers with a promising product in the DREAMCAST, doesn't quite market their wonderful product right and leaves out a few important features which would have made it compete with the likes of N64 and the new PS2, turned SOFTWARE-only company in a short time. Sound familiar??

only difference HP is also having Palm not only work on WebOS software but ALSO work on new HP mobile HARDWARE (smartphones, PC tablets and netbooks) re-read the press release.

Palm just has HP funding and support.. And that's pretty cool they are keeping the name Palm and saying they are a subsidiary of Hewlet Packard at the bottom of the HP ad.

OMG...what a great item to wake up to!!! I can't not wait to see whats coming next. its about the future, not the past. Palm is about progression and not staying the same...we have to grow with the market and the publics needs. congrats on the merger!!! now make some beautiful babies!!!

+1 teckiegirl!!

Wake me up when we have a phone announcement.

Ditto, r-nice!!!

Sweet! Can't wait to see what HP/Palm come up with! WebOS is the best thing ever happen from all the smartphones I have owned. It just need to polish up on some of the areas and make it useful to the community. Just hope that HP take in like the Homebrew and Precentral community where everyone helps each other out with positive feedbacks. That's what makes it all exciting and fun using our smartphones.

@blackspidey08 I had the same feeling but had the C64 in mind. Let's hope HP can take advantage of the current weak state RIM & MS are currently in. Hopefully HP hedges their bets to ensure a version of Android & Win7 to run on the same device!

Yes...I suspect HP (friends with MS for years) has something up their sleeve and plan to work closely with Microsoft extending previous Google Cloud efforts and offering Bing options for web, securing Exchange communication, providing native VPN support, and making a device that Blackberry users expect.

All while, providing what we all already love, webOS, the best Multitasking software interface, 3D Games, Social Networks, and the list goes on and on. Sorli...

Speaking of Google, I think Google is trying to become more and more like Apple...creating great software tech, but only releasing it on Android. Isn't Android based on web standards just like webOS. I know it is more Java based, but most everything compiles down to native C in one form or another.

speaking of Google you might want to listen to CNETs Buzz Out Loud podcast from yesterday about someting google is doing with their Android devices...

seems we all know Googles streetview cars were not only taking pictures but also collecting data on wifi networks that were unsecure (packets here and there retrieved from peoples wifi) they were supposedly trying to map out wifi hotspots.. Well they got caught and the German government requested the data that was collected on security laws in their country... So Google just handed over the info to the German government..... But not just German data collected.... ALL data collected including data packets "accidently" collected here too...

NOW it seems Google is still doing it and has been doing it through their Android devices using your GPS and MAC address on your Android device!! Right now Android would be a hackers paradise... Just listen to Buzz Out Loud at CNET and it gets more into detail... From a hacker to boot that's a guest on the show...

I knew there was a reason I didn't jump ship to the HTC EVO... Oh ya I DON't TRUST GOOGLE!

This is ALL moving in the right direction. Exciting! The next 6 months will be fun for us in the webOS community.

I am so freaking happy!!! what a way to begin the month!!!

BTW - Happy 4th of July - HP and Palm!!!

Great weekend to celebrate your merger and shoot some fireworks! Sorli...

I want a WebOS Tablet!!!

C'mon, I too want a timeframe... I am itching for a NEW phone... I'd rather prefer to remain with PALM WebOS... hurry!!!

Hopefully, this news will encourage more developers to work on webOS projects. We need a good GPS app with resident maps and some other apps that are available on other platforms.

webOS on a netbook or slate will be a killer. I can't wait.


What good is nice software if the hardware that it runs on is complete garbage?

The headphone jack defect is a Palm tradition that goes back over ten years to the Treo 650. That's how you know you have a genuine Palm.

I wish one of the people who left palm already could leak some information!!!specs, hardware,pics!! Something!!!

sorry but they all probally had to legally sign confidentiality agreements on there way out the door

Ha. They would've signed them the day they took their positions.

Also, to the poster that suggested they release the info, they can't. It is illegal and would get them sued for multi-millions. Even without an NDA. Simply because those are TRADE SECRETS and they would have just let everyone know Palm's TRADE SECRETS.

Thank the Gods some frakking new hardware for WeBoS Viva la revolution

Hell, I'm even happier than I was the day I got my Pre. Back then, all I knew was that it was going to be a pretty cool device. But now, after using it for a year and really seeing what WebOS is capable of, I see that the possibilities are endless!

It's great that they have new smart phone hardware coming out but when will it be out? That's the important question. I hope they stay cognizant of all the people on Sprint with two year contracts and have something ready at the latest by month 18 of those contracts. I'd think that would be important for them since those are the people that will be most likely to want a new webOS phone. If they lose that crowd, they may be up a creek without a paddle.


*SUCK IT!!!!* >:D

...that is all.


I agree, you all know who you are, kicking Palm when they were down and we had to put up with your crap for months now. YOu guys were all wrong so pull your foot out of your mouths and leave precentral.net and go plague some other website.

Kicking palm while they are down? they are still down but not out, yet!

So glad that I didn't switch to the Evo. Hope that we could see a new phone soon though.