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HP WindsorNot slab phone revealed in old marketing materials 94

by Derek Kessler Tue, 03 Jul 2012 11:31 am EDT

* Images Removed Per Request of Transparent House *

We've known for some time that HP had numerous webOS devices in the works after the Pre3, Veer, and TouchPad, including but not limited to the TouchPad Go seven-inch tablet and a keyboard-less slab phone that we assumed to be the Stingray, along with other device codenames such as Windsor. HP was well under way with all manner of work to promote these upcoming devices when the surprise order to shut down webOS device production came from on high. As with almost any company, HP partnered with outside contractors to market the devices, including the Transparent House firm. We've seen their work before with HP: they produced the online promo videos for the devices introduced at Think Beyond and the Veer teaser video, and today we're getting a good look at other things Transparent House produced for HP but never got to distribute.

Posted eight months ago onto Transparent House's Vimeo page was a set of eight videos. Seven of them cover the unannounced and unreleased TouchPad Go tablet (or, as the marketing materials call it by it's development codename: Opal), serving as little ten-second snippets showing the tablet in what amounts to B-roll footage. But that eighth video? That's an interesting one… it's a 19-second clip of a keyboard-less webOS phone performing a slow spin so you can see all sides. The name: WindsorNot.

Up to this point we had assumed that the slab phone we saw way back in April of 2011 was the Stingray, but comparing the video with our photo of the device leaves no doubt: these are the same devices, just with the correct name now. The proportions between the photo and the WindsorNot (WindsorKnot?) video are the same, the slit for the phone speaker and front camera placement are the same, and most-tellingly, the bevel around the outside of the front glass is the same. We don't have any specs for the device, but we can glean some extra info from the video.


For one, the WindsorNot has a flat back that by all appearances looks to be glass, with the camera positioned high and center and the flash right below the lens (though to the side when taking pictures in landscape, we guess). There is a small slit at the bottom of the rear glass panel which leads us to believe that the glass itself is removable, not the entire back panel (as with the Pre3). At the bottom is a centered Micro USB port flanked by a pair of perforated speaker grills. Up top are the power button, ringer switch, and volume keys in their standard webOS placements, while the headphone jack returns to the center of the top of the phone.

Based on our reckoning from the original photo of this device, we'd wagered that the WindsorNot has a 3.6-inch 480x800 screen - just like the Pre3. Comparing the size of the Micro USB port on the bottom of this device and the screen on the front we're more certain than before that this phone would have had exactly the same screen: 3.6 inches. There is one difference here that tells us this phone was designed by, or at least influence heavily by, Palm's HP overlords: the gesture area has a physical button up front, mimicking the design of the bigger TouchPad. We expect the WindsorNot still had a gesture area, as it certainly seems to still be running some version of webOS 2.x.

And some version it must be, as the WindsorNot would have required something that we have yet to see implemented by Palm or HP on a webOS smartphone: a virtual keyboard. The WindsorNot would have been the first webOS phone to be released without a physical keyboard, necessitating the addition of those virtual keys. We have no indication of how that would have worked with webOS 2.x, though certainly the fine folks in the webOS Global Business Unit were working on it.

A quick note on how this video was found after sitting online in plain view for eight months? Well, you can thank webOS Nation Forum member Isandunk for his sleuthing through the webOS Community Edition open source release. In LunaSysMgr he found the name WindsorNot, which is listed as having no slider in the hardware support section. And then he plugged WindsorNot into Google. Being that "WindsorNot" isn't exactly anybody would search for outside of misspellings when searching how to knot a tie, the video on Transparent House's Vimeo page showed up on the very first page of Google results.

So there you have it… yet another glimpse into what HP and Palm had going on but couldn't manage to get released. We've posted the spinning beauty shot video below for your longing gazes.

Source: Vimeo; Thanks to Isandunk in the webOS Nation Forums for the find!


I would have bought this.
I still would buy this.
HP, it's not too late for customers like me who still want to be loyal customers!

Problem being, they never got WebOS to anything that resembled a completed stage. Seeing how long it took to put together the Pre3 (and it never formally released) and they still had to update WebOS to handle a virtual keyboard...we don't even know if they ever got things working at the prototype level. HP had no trouble selling 5K devices to fans, but with the breakeven being at 1.5-2.5 million units, it was never gonna happen.

Yes there is definitely a market for this phone. Small durable phone with rubber casing ,not as flimsy as Samsung not as rigid as perpetually shattering iPhone. webOS multitasking and stylus input would make like no other phone on the market. (guessing that WINDSORnot is WINDSOR NOTE)

How do we know it's durable? Most WebOS devices are known for their poor build quality? Windsor Note doesn't make any sense. It's not a stylus device, it lack's not a big screen and the early WebOS devices didn't have voice memo capability. How "note worthy" can it be?

WindsorNot at least has a business fashion reference play on words that professionals can relate to. "Your father plied his craft with a Windsor Knot, you can too!"

Hmm.. sounds a bit like my new BlackBerry Z10. Honestly, it seems to be the spiritual successor to webOS. It even runs Enyo apps well!

As a long-time Palm fan and owner of the Pre, Pre2, and Pre3, the Z10 is the first smartphone I've had in years that I find at least as enjoyable to use as webOS.

Palm is done, webOS is dead. It's sad, but it's time to move on.

He'll yea I would buy this, I like webOS better than even android right now except for the apps portion

It shows how that old ceo fucked everything up in a matter of months

MAKE THIS PHONE HP! I'll buy ten! how about just a limited release with Open webOS?

I'll have to admit, that device looks really nice! It has a bit of that cool factor that most phones are missing. Ahhhh what could have been.... *sigh

Oh Man, It's beautiful.

Take my Money!!!!!!!!!

Looks an awful lot like an iPhone with a bumper.

I'll pass.

I like WebOS, but WebOS with a keyboard is so much better.

Looks more like a Pre 3 without the slider.

I hate you Leo.
I hate you so much.

It's a nice looking phone. Personally, the Pre3 was the phone I was looking for, and which I have now. It's too bad this never made it to release -- although in hindsight I would say HP wasted too much time on alternative hardware and should have keep better focus, to get the key devices out the door fast.

WindsorNot is a weird, weird name, though. There must be a story there.

It's more than likely a code name that was used until the brilliant marketing powers-that-be could come up with a extraordinary name that would make everyone and their mother want to buy one. You know, like 'Veer' and 'Pre3'!

It's a play on words. And it was prophetic for WebOS. Nobody uses a Windsor Knot anymore. Just a handful of old timers that don't keep up with modern times.

HP seriously could have reversed on calling it quits and smoothed over its reputation and still got out there with good market share...maybe not now, but a year ago YES. I mean...FireFox is realeasing its mobile OS, so HP should have stuck with it....I would have upgraded to the Pre3 on Sprint, and my wife to the WindsorNot and my friends also....WTH HP!?!?! Thanks for screwing over Palm after the buyout and also us too.

In fact if they would start now making hardware for pads and phones I think they could still break even within a year and even make a profit next year. They still could stick with the Open Source initiative to help with the cost of coding development, but could help to lock aspects of this to push for enterprise to beat RIM out before iOS becomes the mainstream mobile OS for business...ugh.

HP wasn't finding any carriers to handle and help promote their phones in the US. And despite all the big talk, including writing apps to sell to developers at a discount, they were getting little support in the app ecosystem.

Aside from those two minor shortcomings....they were selling like discounted betamax's at 30 cents on the dollar. Just what HP needed!

other than the button, its beautiful

The button is necessary to activate the keyboard I'd think.

Why would it need a button to activate the keyboard? No other keyboard-less phone needs an activator button.

Wouldn't the button be a power button?

I would happily trade my iPhone 4s for one of these!

I'd hit that, like the fist of an angry god.
Seriously, HP, take my money.

WebOS for life!

Even tho I'm getting an iPhone 4s and have to not use my Pre3 anymore because of the microsim, I will never EVER let go of my Pre3. I will use it for Open webOS and do anything I can to contribute my time. This video just makes me sad on what could have been. The design was nice. Sure the specs probably needed work. And it shows that Phil McKinney wasn't kidding on various form factors coming out. But man, just depressing on what could have been.

looks pretty sleak, i do prefer physical easy to use keyboards however, but for those that would have preferred a keyboardless pre3, that looks the business.

For me, Pre³ is the mother. I mean, HP or any webOS phone maker (phoenix) can just improve Pre¾ and have it simple. Although, I must admit there are a lot of people who like keyboardless -virtual/on_screen- devices, webOS/Palm -and even HP- are known for their keyboard -physical- oriented hardware. In fact (seems impossible to do, but...) would love to see a webOS pad/tab with physical keyboard o_O (yes I know, I know! That just seems plain... stupid). But, just for the sake of seeing webOS succeed, I would also acquired a WindsorNot my self (but, is it just me or this kind of phones are better to have on the big sizes -4.0_4.5 inch range?-.

One more to sign the list of those who would have bought.
I would, like I did with the Pre3 and the TouchPad and all the accessories I bought at eBay.

No gesture area I see...

How do you see that? :-/

haha good one! I think he is thinking in terms of the TouchPad, since that also has a button and no gesture area

Yep... no gestures is what you get when hp adds a focus group to the mix.

I can think of plenty of gestures for HP. ;)

haha! I spat out my coffee after reading this, thanks for that good laugh lol

So it would appear to be a front facing camera as well.
As for the button and gesture area? I am sure the gesture area would still be there. Being that the phone has no keyboard I would say the button may start the virtual keyboard. Being that a keyboard i relevant to the phone itself why not give it a priority button?

Interesting. seems kind of thick ;)

This is the slab phone webOS needed . Not a slab phone like the Pixi . No . A slab phone that was high end . This " WindsorNot" looks to be the most attractive webOS device I've ever seen ! ( Even more Attractive than the Pre 3 & Pixi ) . Imagine , a webOS phone without a slider ! That would take some getting used to ( for some webOS users not for some have a Pixi like me ), but this wouldve most likely been the best selling since the market loves slab phones . By the way , does anyone know which , of all 7 webOS PHONES , was the best selling ? I'm dying to know !

The WebOS phone that I was waiting for and wish I had :(

There you go Derek, playing with our emotions again!

This just shows what we we were all clamoring for. Now if Lucky Leo had said yes we have a slab to and had at least shown a prototype and said it will; be out early next year people would have gone bonkers for it. Instead we got what we thought was a retread (I know it wasn't but it felt that way). As we have seen Leo wanted to kill them from the outset so all this was for naught. The blame for all this is still on the BOD as far as i'm concerned.

All I can say now is that if Nokia has a plan B if win8 fails is GET WEBOS ON YOUR DEVICES!

I want one!

ahhhh! HP you Fools! I want to buy this! Grrrr! This would sit pretty on a touchstone!

ok...bring it to market HP with open webOS.....show apple Microsoft and Samsung how the big boys play....that's what I would do if I called the shots.....HP's still has clout in the tech world the touchpad can attest to this.....everyone asks me is that an ipad and I say no its a webOS tablet made by HP and that carries wait....even thou they say web what

Word was going round that AT&T killed it because it wasn't a LTE phone. Also it seems to be missing a microphone... It also looks a bit like the Motorola Defy with the 3 parts.

Little did we know HP would still be killing us even to this day... sigh.

Not bad design. I like how it kind of looks like Pre 3 with the common rubber-pebble look. It's too thick however and would've been mauled by GS2 and Razr. HP needed to produce a device way ahead of the competition, not on par that would be outdated by the time it's released.

Would've been a nice addtion though. Tears.


Fu****g Leo i hate you so much. Stupid jerk. Such an idiot man!

I hate slab phones but this one is sexy as hell!!!

Well, that just is really unfair.

You know that today, this deice would be considered undersized, with a screen that is "low resolution" at 800 x 480.. and, I bet it would have STILL sold really, REALLY well, as long as they solved the optimization issues WebOS was having... the card interface is by far the most intuitive UI available.

HP really and truly screwed themselves out of being a significant part of the smartphone market when they terminated the release of the best WebOS smartphone ever, the Pre 3.

Had they released the Pre 3, and then this slab phone, pretty much its twin sister but without a keyboard, they would have truly started something special in the mobile device world.

This is so disappointing.


Two years ago, this would have been close enough. Short on the hardware specs on the market, but strong enough (hopefully) to properly support WebOS for a year or more with reasonable performance. I'm not convinced it would have been a great keyboardless experience, especially without swype, but it was working for iphone and a lot of droids, so not a major issue unless you were Palm or BB stalwarts.

While exciting device for us hungry die-hard fans, this phone would've been DOA even if released when originally planned. Too behind the competition, just like Touchpad was. Let's pretend HP did release a slab. For it to woo the shoppers out there, it needs to have higher res bigger screen, attractive design (the black pebble we're all used to is not so pleasing to the avg shopper), way thinner and lighter phone, with great battery life, and no-so-buggy OS, and throw in 4g (apps too of course). Basically it needs to be bleeding edge, not just on part with what's already out.

HP is about cheap and cutting corners. Something has to be a qualified success for HP to try an be cutting edge. And nothing happens fast at HP, other than burning cash or giving up.

i feel like crying ;(

May it be an evening star
shines down upon webOS
May it be when darkness falls
your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! how far you are from home

Enya song

sob sob sob .. :(

The back of the device really ruins it for me. There is something about it that just doesn't seem to fit in with the Palm design language that flowed from Pixi to Pre to Touchpad: the rounded back.

Also, I think it's worth pointing out that Leo may not have had a lot to do with the cancellation of several of the prototypes that we've seen talked about - there is a decent discussion on reddit from a supposedly ex-member of the hardware team at the GBU (http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/jo2oz/iama_hp_web_os_employee_amaa/) where several phones were axed because they couldn't meet software deadline, thus the carriers deemed the hardware to be insufficient.

That seems to be a key part of that discussion - it was the carriers that were so difficult to please which resulted in a lack of phones being launched, not Leo being... well, Leo.

Ps. Glad you picked this up Derek, it's nice to not know a lot about the code etc, but still find something like this!

That's true the carriers were being difficult and wanted 4G in their devices even though 4G networks are far from being widespread even now. That was a major setback in the US market. But Leo pulled the webOS hardware plug altogether. A saner CEO would have let webOS devices be released elsewhere in the world or smaller carriers. WebOS would have survived for a year until next gen devices made it out. Instead his decision killed webOS mindshare and app development in one fell swoop.
I'm hoping open webOS adds up to something tangible but it would be a far shot. Let's hope Meg has something surprising. Maybe MS's hardware ambitions will give Meg the excuse and reason to add some more resources into the decimated weboS division.

I so would have bought this and got a Pre3 for my wife if there was an unlocked version or if at&t actually bought t-mobile. Sorry I like my t-mobile and have had little to no problems with service. I would love to punch Leo and everyone on the BOD in the face, and I'm not a violent person :)

Stupid Leo,

I love WebOS so much that just can´t live without my pre and TP but need new smartphone and TP as well. I got respect from my colleagues because of my gadgets, I can say.

Go to Hell Leo!!!!

I so would have bought this and got a Pre3 for my wife if there was an unlocked version or if at&t actually bought t-mobile. Sorry I like my t-mobile and have had little to no problems with service. I would love to punch Leo and everyone on the BOD in the face, and I'm not a violent person :)

Where was this when I was a webos fanboy... I would of jumped all over that. Unfortunately now I am a Android geek and have the latest and greatest installment of Android on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus version 4.1(rooted of course because Verizon sucks at timely updates) and I well need a game changer if I'm to ever think about any other OS. But I enjoy coming to this site just for articles like this to remind me of what could of and should of been. STUPID F-ING HP



Can't see the video, showing as private. Transparent House's Vimeo channel seems to be down. Hope this is temporary.

I will buy it.

Sadly the video has been removed....

That phone looks so awesome!!!! I am sticking with WebOS to the end. I can't wait to get the Pre3 from ebay.

I so hate HP and I wish Leo gets that special place in hell for what he did to WebOS and hardware.

Did anyone think to grab the video before it was deleted?

This is all I got when I clicked the video:


Page not found

Sorry, "Products - HP Palm - WindsorNot" was deleted at 8:27:27 Tue Jul 3, 2012.

We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere."

Funny hw this was "deleted" all of a sudden...it not like they were doing something with it. 

i hate you Leo...tramp

the video just set the phone in motion for talking points. I actually dont remember anything about it, very boring.

Ah Leo, one year later and I still want to throw you into Gen Pop with the "sisters" and tell them you molested children. That "HP" next to your name is so fitting if you know Spanish - Hijo de Puta!! Me cago en el coño de tu madre!

it's like a mini touchpad and a pre3....
i like it, and of course i'd buy it, but
i don't really love the back...
maybe the pre3 back style, but suited to fit well in the touchstone...

anyone download the video?


Anyone that managed to view the video on Vimeo will have downloaded a copy of the video into their cache, you'll just need to find a way to retrieve it.

In Firefox there is defintely a way to get at the cache, but as for other browsers IDK. You'll need to Google the rest.

I am really lucky to have been able to see all the videos and leave comments. :D

its so very sad, I know its just a phone , but really I feel sad for the people who obviously put so much work into these products

engadget was told by Transparent House remove their screen caps of the video, I guess the nation might be next...

Though I probably would have gotten this instead of the Pre 3. I really don't like it's similarities with the iPhone, it's like it's giving a nod and shove at the same time.. In the same way Samsung and HTC have been in trouble with Apple, HP would have been in the same place with this.

ok, I'll keep it clean this time...


Of course I get here too late and the video has been pulled. =( Screen caps are one thing, but I really wanted to see that video. If someone did rip it, would it be possible to post a link or PM me with with one? I'd greatly appreciate it. =D

Wow, unbelievable. I was able to see the still shots of the Windsor earlier and waited to watch the video until more convenient. Of course it was removed when I tried doing so. I knew HP would have the video pulled, but not an hour after it went live. Unfortunately for us, it didn't have a chance to spread. Sounds like someone, probably from here (unfortunate truth), have Transparent House (unlikely) or the lone solider standing guard at Palm (more likely) on speed dial. Very unfortunate, this is the phone I dreamed of for years. We don't have much left, can we at least dream?

All posts with the video have disappeared or been edited. Someones angry, Transparent House is even publicly threatening users of Pinterest. I suppose it could have been worse, no doors were "double down" on.

Of course, HP could be making a fuss because they finally have an EB with backbone and a CEO who can "think beyond." They could release much of what Transparent House showed along with open webOS. It sure would be nice for a checkbook that matters to bid adieu to the carriers. Could they really be dumb piped before the cable industry? I would have never given up on these type of options at one point in time, just not anytime after August 18, 2011. Who am I kidding, the webOS grim reaper maintains a seat on this EB.

My suspicion? They took it down because it was going to be ripped off and loaded with WP8 for Microsoft. Who knows, maybe the person above will see the Surface while fondling the DMCA. The saddest part is that move would probably send them to Android.

I miss the good days. Mark Hurd had the vision, I could have settled with his lack of class.

the video was just the phone rotating 360 degrees, not much more than the screen captures

Yes, but I have "heard" that there where prototypes in "the wild".

The screen of this phone is bigger than the one of the Pre 3 (maybe 4 inch) and the resolution is higher. The back is removable, has a Touchstone coil and not 4 connector pins (like the Pre 3) but 8 connector pins - maybe for NFC or s.th. like that.

But who cares, all this is history, this device, like other devices as the TP Go or "iPhone"-similar will never reach the market :-(

BTW: Photos and Videos are still available in the net, just search for the "topic". It is stupid to try to delete such content in the internet ...

The conf files in LunaSysMgr clearly state that it has a res of 480 x 800, which is the same as the Mantaray files, which also state 480 x 800px. I think Derek is right that the screen size is the same. It would make sense to use the same part aswell.

If they only released this phone alongside the pre2, it would've sold.

I would've bought one for each member of my family. Heck, I'd still buy it if it was available to run open webos!

I love my Pre3, but I've ordered a Galaxy SIII so I could renew my VZW unlimited data for 2 years, since I don't think my Pre3 will last another 2 years and it's literally irreplaceable. Have to say this never-built-webOS phone looks a lot like my soon-to-arrive Galaxy SIII, which seems like the closest to a successor in design (explicit river stone metaphor) and features (replaceable battery, upcoming inductive wireless charger) to webOS devices out there, at least on the hardware side. {Jonathan}

we are being banned now?
why they care about this device if will never see the light?
Now all the videos are gone.

Thanks HP! One more time! now we cannot even imagine how awesome could that phone be.


Interesting that TransparentHouse is contacting websites and asking them to remove even the 'still images' of the devices from their sites. They are allowed to keep the leaked photo our site posted a few months ago, but the videos have been removed and now they are going after the still images.

I had to buy a barcode scanner for work the other day and went out of my way to buy a non-HP device just for spite. ;) Idiots.

You can still see the images here (grab em before they are gone if u want to see them)

slashgear.com images

Here's what wrong with corporate America and why company's like HP struggle to compete, they have the workers , they have the skills , but they don't have the correct attitude. Take thiis example , make no mistake the video and images were pulled from every website there is at the request of transparent because they didn't want to upset HP or HP complained. (never mind the legals on this , because it comes under public interest, that is its a matter that would be considered in the public interest to show, and the fact that it was not secret for months, no court would uphold any claim, but I understand that they scare tech blogs) but getting back to my point,
The companies, be it HP or trans don't give a shit about the public only what they can sell, which is fair enough they are not into this for fun. But this attitude of fu consumer will bite them in the bum eventually.
Apple succeeds because the product works well, its made well, its not brain surgery. However apple is keenly aware that bad publicity over working conditions in China can hurt the dollar. Why do they now care even a little about workers, Not because they give a rats , but because they fear the consumer backlash .

Yes Leo was an idiot, but he just wanted to push up the share price in ditching bad performing areas, well that's what he thought. Unfortunately Leo is an idiot so that didn't work. However if it did he would still be there.

The moral of the story, keep attacking HP if they mess up, but be sure to shout loud when they do well, they are holding the line on open source thus far. Ok don't forget to shout loud wherever you can on this. HP doesn't care about webOS, but they care what consumers think of the company. It affects sales. So despite there idiot behavior , support them on webOS until we can find hopefully a home and by that I mean a hardware home.


I'm switching back to my pre3 tonight. Feels like home.

Though I probably would have gotten this instead of the Pre 3. I really don't like it's similarities with the iPhone, it's like it's giving a nod and shove at the same time..

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