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HP wins 3PAR with $2.4 billion bid, Dell left defeated at the altar 37

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Sep 2010 5:07 pm EDT

HP snatches 3PAR from Dell

In a bidding war that ended like a scene out of The Graduate, HP finally placed the winning bid for cloud storage and database automation firm 3PAR. The offer, clocking in at a hefty $2.4 billion is sure to make 3PAR’s shareholders very happy, and has finally proved to be too rich for Dell, who last offered $32 a share only to be topped by HP’s $33/share bid.

To recap, HP and Dell have been going at it since last week, with Dell making the initial unsolicited offer of $1.15 billion. Yes, if you’re doing the math right, that means HP is spending more than double the opening bid. Clearly, HP really wanted this one. And yes, this is also twice what HP paid for Palm, and this is for a company most hadn’t heard of before the bidding war began.

Pending approval from 3PAR’s shareholders, HP expects the acquisition to close by the end of the year, with HP integrating 3PAR’s automated database management and cloud storage systems into their various enterprise offerings.

Source: HP; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


Awesome! HP is quite proactive

too bad they paid more then they had too... :roll:

way too waste money that could be used to help Palm out more ;)

"Hewlett-Packard Co. may have paid more than it needed for 3Par Inc. because it outbid a Dell Inc. offer that 3Par already rejected, said two people close to the situation.
3Par had turned down Dell

be careful whom you listen to.

HP calculated that it was worth it. Better to overpay and get what you want, then underpay and miss out while your competition gets an asset you really wanted.

By comparison, if WebOS take hold the way HP hopes it does, Palm will be the bargain of the year.

HP was pretty determined to get 3par, or at least keep them out of Dell's hands. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.


those photoshops are epically hilarious


haha this photoshop is awesome. Now i'm hoping Dell comes back in 3 months with a counter offer just to see a photoshop of 3par walking out the door while Dell is waiting in a car outside and HP is laying on the couch in front of the tv, has gained weight and drinks all the time.
Maybe a little bubble over the 3par wife saying "You're not the same man i gave myself to. I'm leaving you HP!"

We need a comic strip of this!

hahaha did you just spew all that up on the spot!? That's funny! Haha I lol'd

yup. Maybe we can also do an animation of HP hurling an empty whiskey bottle at 3par saying, "GO ON AND LEAVE. I DON'T NEED YOU! I GOT MY WEBOS!" as he grabs his nuts. You see Webos is slang in spanish for testicles. :) We can say our OS is the balls!

Huevos... not webos.

And yes, this is also twice what HP paid for Palm, and this is for a company most hadn

3par??? who cares? i dont it does nothing for me

It's a company founders dream.

Start a company, have it bought out in a bidding war, tear up the bankruptcy paper work, avoid being sued by the investors...

Damn! I should have bought some 3PAR right when this all started! :(

Ah, well.

Man! HP is spending money like a drunk sailor.

HP is spending money like a teenage Arab

And to think, if they just would have used a simple auction sniping program they could have saved several hundred million. Acquisition-sniper.com? There's gotta be an app for that.

Let's see, in the last 90 days...

HP buys/partners with --> HP gets

Palm --> WebOS, mobile device operating system
Phoenix's Hyperspace --> Instant-On Booting
Vidyo (partnership) --> High quality teleconferencing / video chat
Melodeo's nuTsie* --> Music streaming service
Boston-Power batteries (2009 partnership) --> Longer lasting battery
Snapfish (2005 acquisition) --> Photo publishing and printing
Motionbox --> Video publishing
3PAR --> Cloud storage service

Sounds like the making of some super cool mobile devices and ecosystems.

* Notice how 'nuTsie' is a scrambling of the word 'iTunes'? :-)

Nicely summed up! :)

Hopefully they implament this all in webos in near future..

Also, they should give all Palm smartphone owners X amount of storage space with 3par cloud storage for free with a purchase of a palm smartphone.. make that X a good amount of GB storage, and it could make Palm a nice
incentive to buy..


I want the one with the bigger G B's and the WiFi's.

LOL. Who doesn't?

I have the save youtube video patch and have that video saved with the dumb lady wanting the iphone4 with the bigger G.B.s and the wifis...

"are you happy now my dogs dead because you killed me"

the follow up where the apple rep makes fun of the Sprint NASCAR app is funny to.

Wow.. HP is locked and loaded!

All we need now... is a can opener.

hp is going to make something really cool I can't wait to see it all put together

mark hurd probably dated one of there execs and buying them will keep her from suing them.


Ha! I knew HP would get it!

Only winner: 3par shareholders.

they were bidding on this company as if it's the only one on the planet that is in the cloud computing business.

There were IP assets that appealed to HP and Dell. Similar to Palm, they weren't really looking that hard at the hardware aspects.

Oh my bajeezuzusss that's a lot of dollar bills. Crazy how they went from $1.5B to over $2B. Something tells me they are arming the next generation of webOS devices with major firepower. Totally freaken stoked >=]

Well, they did pick up that company that does music-in-cloud. So, sharing your content between devices without having to store in flash might be the next big thing.

Figure you catalog your mp3's, videos, personal date and photos in one spot. Copyright requires restricted access to one person, but you want to playback on phone, pc, laptop, TV, home audio, slate, toaster or an over-the-air "player". Just load it once, and off you go. As long as you have wifi, hardwire or a decent data signal, you don't face multiple storage limitations and you just have one data center to update when you get new content.

This could get big.

I spoke with a 3PAR tech guy at VMworld earlier this week, and it seems that they have some pretty sweet storage technology. I also spoke with some HP storage folks. They obviously wouldn't comment on which storage product this could displace, but the EVA line seems like a good candidate. So there would be LeftHand at the low-end, 3PAR in the middle, and XP at the high-end. (Or maybe EVA after LeftHand, and 3PAR after EVA?) The fact that it keeps Dell out of the storage picture is just icing on the cake for HP.

HP is an enterprise technology vendor. Palm and webOS are one part of the company; there are a lot of other business units that they need to keep up with. The fact that they threw $2.4bil at 3PAR instead of additional Palm funding doesn't mean that they aren't investing enough in Palm. It means that they felt that investing $2.4bil in additional storage technology was a good idea.

Yea the pictures are great lol, the best one was when hp was hiding behind the piller lmao

I hope this does not become HP's "NexTel"...

I admin unix infrastructure and that often includes FCSAN towers. 3par is a GREAT BUY!!! this is all too exciting!!!