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HP wishes the TouchPad had a 2nd camera, too 46

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 15 Mar 2011 2:03 am EDT

We thought we had spotted this during the HP Summit webcast, but couldn't quite be sure. Fortunately, eagle-eyed PreCentral forum members have our back: HP's promotional video this afternoon featured a TouchPad rocking an augmented-reality app assisted by a rear-facing camera.

The video had a father and son visualizing how awesome it would be to have velociraptor wallpaper in your bedroom with the assistance of a TouchPad, a gyroscope, a non-existent app, and what has to be a rear-facing camera. Then they made their dream a reality (presumably by printing said wallpaper with sweet, sweet HP ink) on the boy's walls. It was, dare we say, a magical father-son moment.

While we'd like to believe that all three features - camera, app, and gyro - are real. Sadly, only the gyroscope is actually coming on the TouchPad. The rear camera and augmented reality app are, instead, quite possibly the result of the fever-dreams of some HP videographers who are a little too into The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Then again, the promised June lauch is still a ways away, so who knows what surprises HP may have in store - HP already has a proven track-record of desperately wanting to match certain iPad specs, after all.

Source: PreCentral forums; Thanks blackfireball5!



Yeah... mistake to not include the rear facing camera. Personally I wouldn't use it but many people would.

Not really sure how often I'd use a rear camera, but maybe one day I'll have a son that likes dinosaurs...

In all seriousness, though, I'm glad that they're matching the competition. Now they just need to surpass said competition with some killer apps.

Wow! Just when I thought I had a news tip for precentral, I send the tip, and then I refresh the page and boom! The article is already up. I guess I was a few minutes late.


well would ya look at that! something i submitted finally got posted! woohoo! lol.

but ya, i read that thread and went through the video and found it, took a pic. Its definitely a touchpad with a camera. maybe a future model or a revision?

HP have said a 7 inch pad is on the cards, so maybe they will incorporate the rear facing camera into that! Be far easier to hold, orientate and take pics with!

Hmm, hadn't considered that, but yeah, that's an interesting point. It could be coming in that model.

what mp is the ipad 2 rear camera?

i believe its 5... the same camera thats in the current iphone

Engadget says more like same one on the iPod.

^^ Kill it, kill it now.

I really don't think many people will find use for a rear camera on their tablet. But I guess it couldn't hurt to have one... Except for cost. I guess they could go the apple route and include crappy cameras... Just to cover all bases...

just put a touchpad in my hands already!

Yeah! Augmented Reality is the way of the future! By the way, is that dad wearing a star trek uniform? :)

It totally looks like he could be a TNG Science or Medical Officer from the looks of it! Great catch!

It's a shadow, but it sure does.

yeah he is showing the kid a brain scan he just took with is Touchpad 8

Haha, yep, they are inputting pictures for processing the holodeck. I think people would use a rear camera more than they think. What about scanning documents for OCR reco?

LOLOLOL! I was thinking the same thing about the TNG uniform! I'm glad I'm not the only Trek-nerd! ;)

LOL... So I'm not the only one who thought that!

It would be nice if you could use an app like that on your tablet, but using the camera on your phone

Has the Touchpad passed FCC yet? Don't you think such late changes would still be possible if they started implementing them weeks/months ago? Remember that the devices shown are engineering samples.

That's grasping for straws though. A rear camera might be nice but frankly, I don't give a damn!

FCC's not that big of an issue when it comes to things like cameras.

Manufacturing is.

Don't tell me Roger McNamee is now in charge of HP marketing videos.

maybe its part of a Stark Trek episode, cause that dudes outfit looks like a Star Fleet uniform :)

Is it just me or does that tablet look a little small to be a 10 incher?

its just you ;)

Yes. If the logo is centered, it appears that it would be a device with a 16:9 screen instead of the 4:3 screen that's in the announced TouchPad.

It might be the Opal tablet that's due in September.

I know that i would not use a rear facing camera, it just really isn't practical. If i want to take a picture i will use a good camera instead of trying to hold up m tablet.

Look at the dad's white-knuckled grip. Obviously, adding a second camera adds quite a bit of weight.

I don't use Angry Birds. Does that mean they never should have ported it for us?

The dad in the picture looks like landon donnovan. haha

Here's a little patriotism to brighten up a Tuesday morning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbn3rOPmR9w

In that still image capture it looks like the Dad is wearing a Star Trek uniform.

So you see, the TouchPad is way ahead of its time! (ok, no jokes about the release date being far ahead).

Shoot -- I somehow missed soulsurfer69's comment above stating the same thing a couple of hours before me.

You're comparing optional software that you can choose to buy to built in hardware that adds a required cost.
Does it ned to be pointed out why that's dumb?

hp is full of ignoramuses

Yeah I know, nothing but dummies at the world's largest technology company.

I actually would like a matte finish on the back more than a camera.

Actually I don't really see the day to day practical use of a rear facing camera but I understand the need to be on par or ahead of the competition.

Yeah, rear facing isn't super practical for a tablet. But for some apps it can be handy (like augmented reality). Not to mention the whole "the camera you have" cliche.

Ah well. If you have a tablet you likely have a smartphone.

typical hpalm. "hey look what we did wrong and what you *can't* do with our device - so go buy one when we release it, because the next one won't be coming until the coming months!"

I use to think there was no need for a rear facing camera but if you watch the ipad/iphone commercial for facetime you will realize the practical use. My wife sends me pics all the time of what my daughter is doing. In the ipad commercial it shows someone with an ipad facetiming at a birthday party showing the kid blow out the candles...very useful in that application. I can see my wife with the touchpad 2 with the rear facing camera and me with my pre 4 being able to see live what my daughter is doing :) that's useful.


FWIW, corporate and governmental IT departments don't like cameras. A front facing one on a tablet is excusable for video conferencing but not having a rear camera is actually a plus for HP in the competition for corporate and governmental contracts vs. all the other tablets out there. And, face it, HP views its REAL customers as the corporate and governmental types.


The thing would make a really cool Tricorder though....

"HP already has a proven track-record of desperately wanting to match certain iPad specs, after all."

No, HP (and Palm before it) have a proven track record of lazily matching iDevice specs rather than attempting to actually exceed them and expecting its superior, but app deficient, OS to make up for the lack of hardware excellence.

high fives for Dr. McNinja reference.

The little kid is thinking to himself "why can't I hold the damn thing"

I think I saw a flying car in this video too, since HPalm seems to only talks about the future, while having none of what you see in that video actually available to purchase and use right now.

Can you imagine Apple doing something like that?

Please bring iphone to Sprint so I can bury my pre- along with having to wait for everything "in the coming weeks" from hpalm

Wonder what other easter eggs hp has in stored, possibly a digitizer and functionality like wacom's cintiq 21ux. This would be sthe ultimate business tool. Add night vision to the cameras also and x-ray vision. Too much wishful thinking, we need something in our hands dammit!