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HP/Gram donates five super hefty servers to WebOS Ports 30

by Derek Kessler Fri, 30 Nov 2012 5:16 pm EST

HP/Gram donates five super hefty servers to WebOS Ports

There's putting your money where your mouth is, and then there's putting your money where your mouth and everybody elses' mouths are. HP/Gram has gone for the latter, donating five incredibly hefty servers to the WebOS Ports open source Open webOS porting effort. Having spent the time building Open webOS for the Galaxy Nexus on my own computer, I have an inkling of the kind of power needed to make things happen in a timely fashion - using a virtual machine with two 2.6GHz cores and 4GB of RAM committed to the processes it took at least three hours for my computer to piece things together, and that was just once. Imagine doing that over and over again to test changes made and you have an idea of how much time is spent just staring at a Terminal window that says "preparing runqueue".

HP's looking to make things easier for WebOS Ports. Two years ago they donated a $10,000 server to WebOS Internals, bringing a big chunk of processing and serving power to the homebrew organization. Now they're doing the same for WebOS Ports, except this time they've seriously upped the ante, giving them five HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8 servers. These servers start at $1827.00 each, but as they're each configured with 12-cores worth of processors, a mind-boggling 256GB of RAM, and 4TB of storage, HP's pushed the value of the entire kit-and-kaboodle to over $40,000 $68,000 [as noted by WebOS Ports chief Tom King in the comments]. The next Homebrew Web-a-thon has some pressure to live up to, eh?

Of course, HP's $68,000 gift to WebOS Ports is without strings, and while it's an awesome demonstration of support for the homebrew community and webOS, it's also a means for HP/Gram to help further webOS. By putting more power in the hands of WebOS Ports, the porting process can be accelerated and expanded, Open webOS can get onto more hardware, and more people can be made aware of webOS, and thus increase exposure and the likelihood that somebody makes new hardware meant to run Open webOS. Plus it's just plain good PR to give away servers - 60 processing cores, 1.5TB of RAM (buh...), and 20TB of storage can do a lot of good for the WebOS Ports effort.



Very nice!

$40,000 donation? Their real cost made in china by HP is probably $100 for it all. lol...but still awesome to help push Open webOS along.

1.5TB of RAM ain't cheap.

As configured they are worth about $68,000.

Thanks Tom!

With all of HP's (massive) failures, you have to give them credit for going above beyond in their support of the home brewing community. Props to Meg for continuing the trend.

Good job Palm.

That's fantastic news! Thank you, HP/Gram! I really, really hope we can see a new, functioning WebOS phone out of this. My Pre2's getting a bit long in the tooth...

nice initiative commin from HP/GRAM !!!
a man can dream
The only thing I need is Them to release at the end of the CES :
-HDMI/TV dongle kinda like those Android ones
(there's Dual-core nearly out)in partnership with LG and
...BOOM ... there you have a Killer LG/GRAM Product ;
Aka KgGram
I could already see the logo and the catchphrase "Innovation that weight"
/a man can dream

Maybe they could throw in a couple of n4s for the boys to
play with too..aligning with lg doesn't look bad @ all after having the nexus for 2 weeks.

Good job hp

Certainly a nice gesture...get it? "gesture" ;)

Now all HP needs to do is make it a full swipe forward and really push webOS (on to some meaningful/new hardware)!

P.S. - Can we have just a little support for legacy devices too, please.

I say you can only get the support if you stop using all those puns...

Awesome, this is great news, and a +1 to Gram/HP for this

"Of course, HP's $40,000 gift to WebOS Ports is without strings, and while it's an awesome demonstration of support for the homebrew community and webOS, it's also a means for HP/Gram to help further webOS."

Aren't you missing the word "not" there, as in "Of course, HP's $40,000 gift to WebOS Ports is NOT without strings..."

Nope, not missing any words there.

Great news, it feels good to have a big player behind you from time to time. Great both for practical and moral reasons. Homebrew webathon? Bring it on baby. Last webathon i donated a mere 10 $, this time around i'll double it all because of the way this community functions, so any time you feel like taking my money you guys just let me know.

Wow, that is just amazing! For PR or not, that really is a nice gesture.
Maybe someone in there feels bad about all this and is trying to show official support.

wow that is what I call a donation thats awsome

Wow! These are current-gen, state-of-the-art and fully loaded - i.e., they aren't leftover or stale-dated tech, this is stuff they could have sold to improve their bottom line, which is in desperate need of improvement. For them to do this in their current financial condition is a true sign of real support, and they deserve our sincere gratitude!

Very cool and all, but isn't manpower necessary for development?


They should have bought the missing driver licences for TouchPad instead.
Cloudservers is the only thing one gets for free these days.


This is just like a dead beat dad finally doing something for his kids. I want/need a new webOS phone HP.

Sadly, this is a perfect analogy for HP's behavior towards webOS.

thank you HP Gram....

Good Looking Out :)

Huge props to Hp/Gram(Palm)!

Keep the donations/support coming before the webOS user and developer base get too small to do anything anymore. I'm still holding on to my Pre2, but eventually its going to die or getting batteries that still have life in them will be next to impossible.

Reading this gives hope to the webos lovers. Thanks HP/Gram.


We really appreciate this support.

While official news on open webOS are low and keeping up the believe in the open webOS is hard, such a support for the community is helping a lot.
It shows your support for the open webOS system on one hand and on the other hand - probably even more important - it continuous to show your attitude towards the community.
Which is really an USP of HP compared to many others. Thanks for that.

Another nice support would be some new road maps for open webOS. ;-)

Greetings from Switzerland,