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HPs Canada: Palm Pre 2 on Rogers 'Now Available'; Update: Available! 68

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 20 Dec 2010 3:50 pm EST


PreCentral reader Sean points us to this page on HP's Canada site claiming that the Palm Pre 2 is "Now available from Rogers." That the Pre 2 is hitting Rogers is no surprise at all given that there are already dummy units (with dummy pricing) on display in stores.

A quick perusal of Rogers' website doesn't yield up the ability to purchase the webOS 2.0 wonder; ditto for Palm's Canada site. Can we just announce and officially release this thing so we can get back to our other weird Pre 2 release question? To wit: figuring out why the Verizon Pre 2 was pulled from big V's internal systems and dummy units pulled from stores. We still think the Pre 2 will hit Verizon in the "coming months," but have to admit it's frustrating watching Palm, Rogers, and Verizon soft-pedal this launch.

Update: Kevin points us to the Pre 2 page on Rogers. It's $99.99 Canadian with a 3-year contract, $349.99 at 2 years, $399.99 on 1-year or month-to-month. Thanks Kevin!

Source: HP Canada, Palm Canada, & Rogers; Thanks Sean!



Don't forget Sprint Dieter... I'm still waiiiiiiiiiiting

I spent some time on the Epic and EVO at Best Buy this weekend.

I was left with the following impression: I WANT A NEW WEBOS PHONE NOT AN ANDROID DEVICE, *whew* I feel better now.

Both phones are very nice and I love the big screens. But I don't want to learn a new OS, I want the one I know and love.

Come on HP, leak me a 4", 4G, 1ghz, expandable memory webOS device on Sprint. I don't even care if it has a keyboard. Don't leave me hanging. SOMETHING to give me some real hope that if I can hang on just a little while longer to my scratched, cracked, stuttering, freezing Pre that I can replace it with a state of the art webOS phone on Sprint.

I spent time with the EVO. I love the hardware, but webos really is the best OS.
It's just sad that the best Phone OS has the worst hardware available.
That said, if new hardware is not announced on Sprint soon i'm probably making the jump to the EVO because my pre is oreo-ing badly and falling apart.

I used to feel the same way but sadly webOs is buggy. It's not just the hardware that's the issue. basic things like loading webpages, think precentral even on wifi, using the camera, phone shutting down or random restarts. My mom has a pixi and she jokingly said "it says I have to many cards open, I'm not playing any cards (laughing)"

See on Android you don't have that issue. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for another device from Palm but with the Evo $99 @ radioshack.com right now for an upgrade I am not waiting anymore. Moreover, if palm released another device even with the evo's specs webOs would have a lot of the same inherent issues. Seriously, played with things like google's goggles or google sky or even how it loads navigation instantly? Voice commands?? WebOs 2.0 have any, any of those things??? the answer is a resounding NO!

Give Android another look, seriously...i told the sprint rep not 2 months ago that I was not interested in an evo when they said they'd early upgrade me because I broke my pre and didn't want to spend $100 on ins deductible. I ended up swiping my friends used pre in the interim. There's seriously no comparison.

Read up on the android dev blog, it's interesting how Android handles multitasking. It's not "true" multitasking like in webos and it's actually a little frustrating at first but once you understand their thinking it makes a lot more sense. (no pun intended)

/equip flamesuit. =)

You're right. for $99 that is a great deal and i do like the speech to text on the text message app. Google goggles and sky is really cool. Hey they even have shazaam.

sigh... i'm torn. I really like webos. The cards, synergy, just type, gesture area.
I hate how with android you have to have a task manager and manage your apps from not killing your battery. I haven't found an app on Android that can compete with the Just type feature of WebOS.

As much as i don't want to switch to android, If HP doesn't wow me with new hardware and new developers by end of CES I will switch. I just can't take the 3.1" screen, with no macro mode, autofocus camera, oreo effect anymore. :(

the task killing is a myth, those task killers are actually frowned upon and the only thing it kills is the idea behind androids multitasking.

If you want to know what i mean just do a little searching. Those apps "running" in the background are just stored in memory. Only way a background app would kill a battery is if it's a rogue app (bad app) or if it's running an active process. Android was specifically developed around the idea of the user NOT having to manage tasks. Sure, certain apps need to be closed within the app but that's not the majority and they themselves do not need a task manager to kill them.

There's an app, and i can't think of it off the top of my head, that alerts you if something is going rogue and killing your androids battery.


So when you close an app, android saves the state of that app and it's resides in memory because they want an "all apps running at the same time experience" Obviously not everything is running but Android attempts to make the illusion that everything is. Android also manages these processes in the background because obviously memory is limited. If memory is needed to be freed for a task and no memory is available it will manage which background app to free up from memory based on it's priority system.

Don't you think there is a high percentage of rogue apps since there is no proper channels of testing apps other than putting it into the android market and wait to hear feedback?

I feel like the java VM Android runs on demands more computing power than webos.
Angry birds is annoying to play on the LG Optimus S because it's so laggy. I don't know if that's because of the java vm or lack of it not being a 1ghz processor or both.

I don't believe so based on what I've seen so far. Aside from that, you can if you want download an app that will alert you if something goes rogue. Most times though, Android Os takes care of this on it's own but like everything else, nothing is every 100%.

@unibrow the only reason why you and a lot of us experience bugginess with WebOS is actually hardware issues.. When WebOS was first released the earlier versions were not as buggy..

but over time as updates have been issued such as the GPU unlocked allowing us to have our graphic rich gamming experience the OS is slowly becoming too powerful for the old hardware specs.

take for example a computer running a pentium 3 processor and try running Windows Vista or Windows 7 on it.. Whew that OS becomes EXTREMELY buggy... However you run Vista Or Windows 7 on a new computer and poof a very much more cleaner experience. And in some cases not buggy at all and smooth.... WebOS on a better piece of hardware and your bugginess goes away..

just read some of the peoples experiences with WebOS 2.0 on the Pre2.. I keep reading no bugginess or very limited bugginess. And that's with just a slight hardware bump dealing with the native 1GHZ processor chip in the new Pre2.

I myself started playing with the EVO 4G and Epic 4G over the weekend. Love the hardware but that Android OS makes me unsure.. I was also in a Best Buy and we were talking about mobile OS's when someone text me. I pulled out my Pre and quickly text back when the department manager walked by they looked at my Pre when I was closing up the keyboard and I guess they overheard me and the sales person talking about mobile OS's and they said WebOS is the best mobile operating system, if it were on better hardware like the EVO it would put all the other mobile platforms to shame.

Best Buy sales reps went on to look over all the patches and homebrew upgrades I did and they loved how I made my pre custom tailored to me and how I use the phone and how that's one of the things they love about WebOS... It's the only platform you can do this with the support of the company.

funniest part is they did a quick look left n right and said Android OS is perfect for people coming off using feature phones for years and into the smartphone market because Androids so easy to use out of the box a 5year old can do it... WebOS is great for someone that already knows their way around a smartphone OS and knows what a smartphone is.

ok done rambling.. Bottom line is WebOS bugginess all comes down to the Operating System outgrowing the hardware it's sitting in. Not the OS itself.

the latest straw for me recently has been trying to use the video camera and it simply stop recording because i was getting a sms message. I suppose i havent ever gotten one before while video taping but for an Os that touts it's ability to multitask but is unable to do something as simple as record video correctly without being interrupted by a stupid sms message. Well that's just terrible.

I'm not hating on webOs, simply think (thanks to Captain Hindsight) that it's not ready for prime time and in my opinion 2.0 brings nothing worthwhile to the table. I could care less about stacks or anything like that or just type. I mean, it's neato but really they need to bring something much more to the table than that.

As far as the hardware outgrowing the software, well my uncle's original Droid (i tried to get him to buy the pre plus..he has verizon) has Froyo on it and runs flash. He hasn't complained to me about his phone now being slower since he's installed 2.2. That's a much bigger update than anything we've ever gotten on the pre.

So his original droid has Froyo, google maps latest version, tons more apps, flash (something we've been promised over and over and over again...very sore spot with me there) and while I'm sure the orignal Droid is laggy compared to new hardware I dont' think they have the same issues as us.

actually the droids hardware specs may be very close to the pre's but it is still different in technical aspects.. I too have seen people get Froyo on those with mixed results.. Some run eh ok.. Some are buggy as hell..

ya the video recording then getting a text I've had that happen before. But my pre kept recording. So that's interesting.

and to be honest if you want flash use your laptop.. Or get an Android phone.. I have used flash on android as well and let me tell you.. It's nothing I'm missing.. If you bought a smartphone just for flash capabilities honestly I don't know why.... I sure don't miss it.. Unless I'm lookin at porn.. Then I'll just use a laptop because flash on a bigger screen just looks better anyways.

I'm not trying to be a douche just opinionated.. Bottom line.. WebOS is good for people who are tech savy, Iphone is great for multimedia nuts, Android is great for beginer smartphone users or ones that have a hard time with computers in general, Microsoft mobile is trying to go multimedia/gaming and Black Berry is great for.... Ummm.. Oh BB messenger and email(business people)... So always pick your carrier then pick the best device and OS that is suited for you.. Me it happens to be WebOS... You want a phone that video records great.. Get an iphone4

WebOS is good for people who are tech savy, Iphone is great for multimedia nuts, Android is great for beginer smartphone users or ones that have a hard time with computers in general

What? So the os that's touted here as the simplest and most elegant is meant for tech savvy people while the one that people here claim is the clunkiest and hardest to use is for "beginner smartphone users or ones that have a hard time with computers in general"? Nice reversal. Hold those poles still, I'm trying to kick a goal here. At the very least, "puff, puff, give!"

BTW, I use flash on the Evo when I need it. Works pretty well. I've never been a big fan of flash but I like having the option available when I happen to use sites developed by people who happen to be.

yo taharka what's up? Been awhile since we crossed paths.. Sometimes it was fun other times we disagreed but always good debates...

so anyways.. What I ment by WebOS being for the more tech savy is there is a slight learning curve when learning all the gesture controls of WebOS and too fully learn to use WebOS to it's potential you really have to sit down and play with it and learn because it's so different then any mobile OS out there... And lets be honest here the only person that is gonna sit and learn/play with their phone like that are gonna be people that like technology..

The majority of people that are getting Android phones have NEVER owned a smartphone or used one in their lives. (not all so don't jump me.. There are some tech nuts getting Android too." Anyways the majority of these users that are coming from using feature phones or barely use a computer need actuall hard buttons like a home button, back button, etc because every phone they have used has one. And they don't want to learn gestures outside of pinch n zoom...

so in my statement about webos and android users.. Is most people who buy Android need it as simple as possible because they either don't want to or have time to learn a new OS with gestures and it confuses them AND they need the buttons they are used to...

Most people (not all) that buy WebOS did their research cause lets face it most Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and other carriers sales people are clueless about WebOS too lol..

and dude unibrow.. Wow.. Trollin much today? Your just trying to force people to listen to you...

p.s. Your wives battery issue while using Sprint navigator.. There had to be something else running because I drive on looong trips with Sprint Nav on and streaming Slacker Radio over my car stereo while plugged in and 4 hours later.. I'm still at 100% battery.

so easy to hate unibrow.. So easy.. You must be bored today.. It's all cool. Makes for some funny reading... I get word diareah of the mouth too when something doesn't go my way also.. I think we all do from time to time.. Have a great holiday. :-)

Ha! I didn't even realize who I was replying to. How goes it?

I still think you are way off on this one. People have argued time and time again that everything is just more difficult on Android. That's not true of course, but that argument is pretty common here. "Android is for techie types", they say. "Andy Rubin: Android for Early Adopters and Tech Enthusiasts" is a recent thread in the forums here. "webOS is intuitive" is the second loudest battle cry here (right behind "webOS has TRUE multitasking"). So, I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways here. If Android is truly activating 300K devices a day, you are most certainly going to get a lot of first time smartphone customers and non-computer people. That does not mean Android is for one type or another.

The other interesting tidbit is the new battle cry is all about the untapped market of non-smartphone users. Your argument would suggest that webOS has already lost that battle since webOS requires too much of a learning curve and Android is so dead simple.

eh if the sales people had a better knowlage of WebOS at the stores it would be different.

I lucked out when I got my Palm Pre on launch day. I went to a corporate owned Sprint store and they would not let you leave until you went through the tutorial and shown the salesperson you knew the basic gestures before you left the store so you could have a good user experience..... But from what I read I was one of the few that got my Pre at a store that cared to do that and the sales people knew what they were doing..

with that said in a way taharka your right about WebOS losing a battle they haven't gotten into yet dealing with non smartphone users. HP needs to do ads like Apple did with the iphone. Because of Apples ads most people already knew how to work an iphone.. The Palm ads delt with what WebOS could do but rarely ever shown how it's done.

when android was younger like 2 versions ago ya I would have to say it was definitely for techie types. But 2.1 and 2.2 versions have made Android easier to use and understand so now someone from the non-smartphone user base can better understand it.

I really like WebOS and for me I can navigate smoothly and quickly through my apps and it's not uncommon for me to be flipping between multiple jobs without having to hit a back button and re-open the app and pick up where Android saved it last.. Right now I'm holding a couple text convos, writing this response, checking emails, listening to Slacker Radio, using my memo app and have my calendar up and am easily doing it all at the same time. No lags, no bugginess... Just smooth sailing.

I've been doing alot of smartphone shopping this holiday with friends. They keep asking me to go with them because they don't trust sales people thinking the majority of sales people just want to sell a device that will give them better commission (example: most AT&T salespeople don't push iphone nor do they want to and in some cases veer you away from it because they make no money on it)..

when me and my friends walk into either Best Buy or their carriers corporate store the first thing I ask them "what is it you want to use your phone for?" and I start from there.. I have gotten my friends on Android devices, BlackBerry devices, iphones, one is on the new windows phone and only a couple on WebOS because they liked how i navigated around the UI of WebOS... But my comments here mainly deal with people just need to get what's best for them...

if they don't get what's best for them and do some kind of research and ask questions like "what am I going to be doing mostly on this device" they stand a good chance of not being happy with the device/OS they chose and now are stuck in a contract. Then we get all the hate comments flying around here. I researched WebOS before I chose it. Realized for what I do it's best for me.. End result I'm very satisfied.... With WebOS... The hardware sucks eggs but I didn't buy my phone based on asthetics and if it would give me cool points in society.. I bought it for what the OS can do for me...

happy holidays taharka.. Maybe we will trip across on an Android forum sometime.. I'm about ready to do dual devices.. Maybe an Android phone and a WebOS tablet (when it is released.. Honestly I think WebOS will do better in the Tablet market.. Heres hopin)

I've heard the sales people didn't push it argument before as well. I'd believe it if webOS didn't do well on one or two carriers with "uninformed/undertrained sales people". The thing is though, webOS did poorly on pretty much every carrier in every market it was launched into. So either there was something wrong with the product or not a single carrier knew how to sell this product. I have a very hard time believing the latter is true across the board.

I also researched the heck out of the Pre before buying. I followed the news on it from its announcement at CES '09 to its launch the following June. My mistake was buying into my "research" instead of taking it for a real and thorough test drive before converting my entire family plan (4 lines) over to the Pre. The end result my family went through 12 devices (6 just on my line) and not one of us is happy with the Pre specifically or webOS in general. That's coming from someone who "wanted" the Pre and webOS to be a success. How much of a chance do you think the rest of the market will give them? Hint: Only 1.3% of the market is thinking about giving them a shot at the moment. There is a reason for that.


3.9% (over 2 million users)

A. 3.9% is just some number you made up in a forum post. We don't know the real number yet for this quarter and the last quarter was 4.2% (apporx).

B. I said "thinking about giving" as in mindshare (as opposed to "haven already given" as in marketshare).

C. If you want to fight for an extra 1.6% (to get to your 3.9%) by arguing semantics, knock yourself out. Reminds me of the Joke from Ruby when asked about only having 2000 apps in the app catalog he quickly interjected "2200, please". At least he recognized that it was humorous. Do you?


Um, "made up"? What?



2 MILLION is 2 million. (@1.99 that's $3.98 million)


I stand corrected on the 3.9% (I missed the December report). Still, mindshare, not marketshare was the point of my initial post. I'm still not sure why you keep making a big deal out of 2 million users when that was not nearly enough to keep palm independent. And sorry, but doing any math based on having sold an app to all 2M webOS users (@ any price above free) is just silly. Then again, blind devotion is silly so why the heck not, eh?

ya your right on the 1.3%.. Can't argue there. And that sucks you converted your whole family plan to Pre's.. What were your options at sprint though when the Palm Pre? We had Palm Centro, blackberries, oh the instinct2 and those HTC phones that were running Windows moobile or was that a proprietary OS.. But a month Later Sprint got the HTC Hero. Which I had a buddy go through more of those then me (im on Pre #4)....

So what were you to do right? You chose the Best Smartphone Sprint had to offer. It sucks that your having so many problems.

and as for when the Pre was released on all the carriers. I went to school for advertising. I can clearly tell you poor launch= poor advertising.... Because once again carriers figured the Pre to be the best at that time... They did the same research as me and you.. At the time the pre was released the market had iphone, bb, outdated windows mobile 6.x, and this new OS called Android that everyone was still warry of because the first device was the G-1 was released on T-Mobile of all places and it wasn't looking good.... There were Android devices slated for release but with the G1s lack luster show on T-Mobile.. The carriers that jumped on with the Pre and us customers chose what looked like the best chance of competein with iphone.

Honestly if I had the chance to do it again, I would have simply skipped the Pre completely. It just wasn't worth it. But you know, it was an easy thing to correct so no worries.

I hear you on the poor launch (though not all markets had poor launches). But you bring up an interesting point. You say the Pre was the best device at the time. So my question is, why didn't the best device at the time garner some better numbers? Only so much can be blamed on advertising. At some point we just need to admit that the device was lacking in many regards. It failed to convert all of the loyal Palm fans. It failed to bring in a significant percent of the market. As Jon Ruby stated: "there was slower than anticipated adoption." Translation: "It's not selling like we thought it would."

honestly if I could do alot of stuff over I thought was a good idea at the time I wouldn't have so many psycho ex girlfriends.. Lmao

but one of the main reasons I point out advertising to be the lack of popularity is the only people that really knew the Palm Pre existed were tech geeks like us that pay attention to things like CES. When I got my phone no one I hung out with and the people at work even knew what a Palm Pre was.. There was little to know advertising in the stringest form come next to word of mouth... Television.. That's how Android became so popular.. It all started gainin momentum when Verizon and Motorola spent all that money on a blitz advertising campaign for the Droid shortly after the Pre was released... Up until the droid spots not alot of people in the non smartphone market knew exactly what Android was.. All I ever heard for months when I turned the tv on was "Droooid" lol.... Marketing dollars well spent.

I don't disagree that the marketing needed some work.
I DO disagree that there wasn't any marketing other than word of mouth.

My main point is that webOS didn't fail (or had an unexpectedly low adoption rate) "solely" due to marketing issues. There were other reasons as well. If HP does "better marketing" without addressing all the other issues, well...you'll see the result in time.

I use sprint navigation as well along with Pandora. I infact used it this past summer as my sole gps unit while I went from NY down to South Carolina for my summer vacation. worked for the most part with a few hiccups.

My point was just to illustrate that webOs is far from perfect. I think you're reaching when you saying I'm hating or whatever. I'm just fed up with how it runs and I'm not going to be a fanboi and ignore it's glaring issues. I'm not saying anything out there is perfect but right now webOs is the Hyundai of mobile units. And it would seem to be that they aren't doing anything about it. I hope they prove me wrong but I haven't even had the pre a year, Sprint is upgrading me nearly a month early because the pre's hardware is that bad. I've had my pre since January.

simple things like being at a light and wondering if you passed your destination by mistake, want to open up sprint nav? not a chance...pull on over. On the Evo, open nav and simply say where you want to go and it all works and this is the key part right here...instantly. there's literally no waiting for things to load, it's just there.

google maps, gps, everything loads faster on the evo than the pre loads the web browser. Again, hope I'm wrong but from the videos of the pre 2 loading apps it doesn't seem much faster than my overclocked sprint pre.

If you want to construe hate from facts and a users frustrated opinion well that's fine. I don't hate palm nor webOs.

I want a phone that isn't a giant steaming pile of blah. Seriously, I love webOs but it's become quite apparently that webOs is "lagging" behind. As far as your assesment that Android is for newbs well I couldn't disagree with you more. The whole idea of an Os should be that it's intuitive. Sure, android doesn't have cards, but it doesn't need them. Also, all the people cracking away at homebrew roms and such...pretty sure they aren't newbs.

I didn't buy my pre for video recording but in the few times I will want to use it I expect it to actually be able to function. Your assumption that one should get an iPhone 4 because one wants it to video record is a silly statement.

The whole basis of webOs being superior is it's tauted multitasking. Something that it hardly handles well in some cases.

I don't know what phone you were playing with flash on but it's running perfectly fine on an Evo. Granted their implementation is not nearly as good as what was demoed on webOs over the summer or early spring...frankly I can't remember when they showed us that. But the point is, it's there. All to often I'm trying to look at a webpage or view a video and I can't because I still don't have flash.

You're entitled to your opinion and again I'm not trying to bash webOs but I think it's pretty clear at this point that waiting on Palm to do anything is silly. If Palm released hardware with specs that made an Evo blush I still wouldn't buy it at this point but that's just me. The phone wouldn't be able to do anything my pre is able to do at this point and that's not much.

*edit* for an example. My wife, by her own admission isn't very tech savvy.

She's in the car with her pre at 100% plugged into the charger since she's using navigation. She send me a message saying "wft, my phone is at 60% after 20mins and it's plugged in" Mind you i've checked her battery with dr. battery and it's starting to show some age but still above 90% health.

I told her she probably needs to restart, she doesn't religiously restart her phone.

conversation ensues and she says "nevermind, phone restarted on it's own and we just got here"

So she arrives at her destination with the battery low while plugged in to the charger and running sprint nav and the occasional txt. Granted I know that sprint nav is a hog but really???

Uh, your wife is not using a compatible charger. There's a minimum amp requirement. There were many threads about this early on.

With the correct charger, using Pandora, Mail, and Nav you should *gain* 3% charge every couple of mins.

Search the forums for lists of compatible chargers.

Yeah, no memory issues with Android... eh, wait, then why does everyone download Advanced Task Killer within hours of their purchase? Because Android needs a 3rd party solution to handle their memory problems related to MULTI-TASKING! Sound familiar? At least WebOS users can just throw out cards!

Buggy? Not really... just not enough power in the hardware to run the camera while multi-tasking.

If you want to switch to Android, great... but lets compare apples to apples.

You don't need 3rd party task killers. People download them because

1. verizon employees tell them they need it and do it for them

2. there's a lot of misinformation around. do a little research yourself instead of spreading misinformation and you'll see task killers are a silly thing to have and often cause issues.

as far as webOs users being able to handle their multitasking woe's. Question. What does a user need to do when they get "too many cards" error and have no cards out? Rely on preware or restart..that is if your phone doesn't take a dump and restart itself.


That's why *HTC* on their OWN web forums TELL you to "kill un-needed tasks, lower brightness, disable radios, etc. to preserve battery?

The CEO of HTC even came out and basically said the EVO battery life is poor and blamed it on current battery tech.


why don't you try actually being informed of the competition instead of spewing more false information that you "heard"


That's from one of the Android Devs himself on his blog. Perhaps the HTC ceo did say what you say he did but either way it's a mute point because he's a CEO and not one of the actual Android Developers.

*edit* further more if you can't differentiate between running processes and apps that are stored in memory perhaps I can help you.

If you run gtalk, aim or anything in the background hogging data, 4g connection in a 3g area, email (if you don't have gmail and push) looking for new email every 5 mins yeah you're going to have terrible battery life and those functions in the background are going to drain your battery...same as if it were on the pre. When you're in the browser or angry birds or weather app and you hit the home screen the app is stored in memory. NOT running in the background unless it has an open process just like webOs.

just to make my point about misinformation


Dear Great Pumpkin.........



my best buy doesn't have working phones.

In my local store they keep them locked up with just dummies on display. One of the sales people asked if I wanted to try a live EVO and Epic.

Really? Just 1ghz?

Or maybe the product isn't very compelling to the average user. It's not the retailers job to try to move products that aren't selling - unless, of course, they already have bought them. Manufacturers either put out products that sell themselves, or they pay for marketing such as product placement within stores.

But I just saw a launch day video where there were about 6 people in line for the Pre. The guy shooting the vid even said, "Look at the long line." That store must have sold 10's of webOS devices. App Developers are stupid if they pass up on that large market. :-)

"...Manufacturers either put out products that sell themselves, or they pay for marketing such as product placement within stores......."

Or they do both... Like with the HTC EVO 4G, which as a once loyal WebOS user, I have to admit, is way ahead of the competition.

Has HP really risen above the industry with any breakthroughs in the last 5 yrs? If not.. why would they focus on doing so with a Smart Phone which was not there initial focus? If they are planning on it, they would tell us, drop hints, something!

Perhaps -- but, if it wasn't for PreCentral -- I'd have no idea this was happening *and* I'm a current Rogers Wireless customer!

This is reminding me of the underwhelming sales attempt of the Pre+ by AT&T (think crickets). I just don't understand the sales model. I imagine it goes something like this:

'Sure -- we'll sell the Pre X, but, we're not going to spend any money on advertising or posters -- heck -- we don't want to move any of our iPhones or other devices so we'll keep a unit or two in the back storeroom in the box..... just in-case somebody walks-in asking for it.'

** why bother?!?

I hope Rogers surprises us all & puts some Oomph into selling the Pre2. That said, I'm not holding my breath.

yep. there's isn't much interest at all.

Fake,Hp site still says ''Comming Soon''

When are we gonna see this in the UK?

HP/Palm have really messed up the release of this device in Canada, in my opinion -- at this point they have completely missed out on holiday purchases in this country.

What I am most disappointed with is the inability to purchase an unlocked device through HP Canada. Rogers is a large carrier, but by not selling an unlocked device (or working some sort of deal out with Bell), they are missing out on any existing Pre owners who may want to upgrade without leaving Bell. It seems to me that leaving your existing customer base with no clear upgrade options is a very bad idea.

While it is possible there may be new WebOS devices coming to Bell in the new year, the perception existing customers are left with is that they are "missing out" -- customers who want to upgrade now are as likely to go with a different platform as they are to wait for the possibility of a new WebOS device on their existing carrier.

Totally agree that it sucks that we can't get the unlocked version in Canada (not yet anyway). As you said, by only having the Pre2 on Rogers, us users on Bell, have no way to upgrade our phone... And most users probably can't change carriers without huge penalty costs.

Anyway, I'm not in a rush to buy a Pre 2... I rather wait and see what is announced at CES in a few weeks. If nothing good is coming other than a tablet, hopefully by then we'll have access to an unlocked version. If not, like you said, probably a lot of people will be tempted to go towards another platform...

I really like WebOS, but it's pretty painful to use at times on an original Pre (not plus or 2)... too much lag.

It's pulled. HP Canada back to "Coming Soon" now.

there isnt even a 'just type' field on the pre2. this is incredibly poor marketing, lackluster launches, mediocre left-over products, and overpriced hardware that shouldn't cost as much as $350 for a 2-yr contract. how many strikes does hp palm have, maybe a thousand?

Mark my words... the only thing new for HP / PALM in CES 2011 will be a WebOS tablet... and the Pre 2 (with neon colors maybe). If it is anything other than that I'll be the first to retract. Scouts Honor.

I agree, but I think they will have the Pixi 2 also.

Today is approximately 17 days till CES 2011. I can wait till then to see what else HP has in store!! I want the latest tehcnology just like everybody else, but I am willing to wait just because I have been blessed with a Launch Day Pre that works great with patching (thanks Homebrewers)!! Hopefully HP has done their homework, because now that everybody is at a steady pace to outdo each other, they will have to sprint to the proverbial finish line...which is always being re-drawn by the next phone. LG looks like they are the next to reach that point. I hope HP realizes that I want to support their new products just give me something good to work with!!!!

About had it with Palm and HP and Verizon with all this. Announce it. Market it. And release it. The phone's getting treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchild again. Not the way you want to actually PUSH a product. *rolls eyes*

Did you see the typo error on the Rogers page specifications about wifi. It seems compatible with wifi N.

Update :
Camera 2 MP
Zoom : 2X
Memory Format microSD

I do not know whom update their website.

canada owns

the hp site says comin soon and they took the rogers pre 2 site down

so When will Verizon has the phone. My current PrePlus is showing its age.

look guys this phone was an epice failure and an embarassement. This is as far as the phone will get. Verizon already killed the phone and so will rogers soon. All we got to work with is the shitty gsm unlocked version. Pretty soon we'll be seen them on ebay for $50. They should have never tried to release a minor spec bump. Waste of money and effort that could have been used on a real smartphone......

edited comment - I replied to the wrong message.

How'd you even find this page? The guy at the Marlborough Mall Rogers store couldn't even find it.

An easy find - if you're not really looking for it.


Follow the link on the left 'Learn More' in regards to the Palm Pre 2 being available on Rogers.

Then click the 'Buy Now' link on the left. It takes you to the Rogers Palm Pre 2 site. Both sites still up as of 11:00pm (Eastern- Dec 20), despite what others are saying.

Choosing the 'No term' 449.99 option will put the Pre 2 into your shopping cart, and I assume into the mail if you give them your credit card number. Selecting one of the contract options, on the other hand, and it selects the Pre 2 but doesn't give any options that I can see to actually allow you to make a purchase.

At the very least this clears up the insane pricing listed last week.

Has anyone tried buying it?

Well regardless, I'm not going to waste my time evangelizing WebOS especially since they aren't paying me for use of the product. I like it but the hardware sucks. I'm going to get a "beginners Evo" with the hardware specs Palm should have had, oh 2 years ago. CES will not debut any new hardware I'd bet and it'll be a vague non-committal announcement "in 6 months."

Really. I'll be back to WebOS when they have a new product, not speculation.

Rogers claims that the wifi radio in this supports N speeds. hmm. Cool. *edit* HA they also claim that it has a "2.0 MP" camera. fail

Yay its here! Now if Rogers would just fix the specs page... Which states there's no App Store, and syncing uses ActiveSync... Anyone else think that might not be totally accurate? :)

bro, nobody cares. There isn't anybody who is going to buy this phone except maybe some people from here which already know all there is to know about this phone.

HOLY HELL 3 year contract, i hate the fact that i have a 2 yr contract with sprint, theres no way i can go for 3yrs