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HP's Todd Bradley dismisses Surface RT as 'hardly competition' 25

by Derek Kessler Thu, 15 Nov 2012 8:42 pm EST

HP's Todd Bradley dismisses Surface RT as 'hardly competition'

So far, only Microsoft seems to be really interested in Windows RT. Seeming as they're the ones that are making the ARM-compatible version of Windows 8 you'd expect them to be interested, but their OEM partners? Microsoft's decision to go it alone and make their own hardware with the Surface RT tablet could be construed as indicative of the state of Windows RT, but we'll just let HP Executive Vice President and head of the massive Printing and Personal Computing division Todd Bradley say it in his own words: "It tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it. I just don't think it's competitive. It's expensive. Holistically, the press has made a bigger deal out of Surface than what the world has chosen to believe. If you want to go to any of the 30 Microsoft Stores in the United States to buy one, I think you should probably do that."

Big words, coming from the man in charge of the then-Personal Systems Group when it launched the webOS-powered HP TouchPad more than a year ago, didn't sell it very well, and then saw it get cancelled just 49 days later. One could say that not only has Bradley soured on mobile-based operating systems (Windows RT can't run traditional Windows apps, while Windows 8 can - yeah, it's poor marketing) and maybe even ARM processors thanks to his experience with the TouchPad, but we'd say that's shortsighted.

It's not in the cards right now that HP's going to produce a webOS tablet in the future, let alone the near future, but as the iPad line and a whole manner of Android-powered tablets have shown, devices with ARM chips at their core aren't a bad concept. In fact, they're a great concept. Considering how late Intel has been to the tablet-ready processors game, right now ARM's pretty much the only concept. So much so that we wouldn't be surprised if in a few years we're talking about ARM chips eating into Intel's stranglehold on the traditional PC computing market.

For their part, HP's got a few Windows 8-running Intel x86-powered tablets on the way, and for Bradley's sake we hope they're not slow and kludgey - expensive wouldn't surprise us, though. And unlike Microsoft's Surface you'll probably be able to buy HP's tablets from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy, though we can't really say that's a better experience than Microsoft's dedicated retail stores.

Oh, and Todd, if you want to show Microsoft what an ARM-powered tablet can do with a proper tablet operating system, don't forget what you spent a lot of money on a while back is still there, waiting for some hardware...

Source: CITEworld; Via: The Verge


Has it really been more than two years since the TouchPad launched?

No. It's been a little over 15 months since the TouchPad launched.

That's what I thought.

My name is Derek and I suck at math.


Hello Derek, thanks for joining AM (Anonymous Mathsuckers).

May I recommend "Math Doesn't Suck" by Winnie Cooper...I mean Danica McKellar?

yeah, thanks. But it's not math that sucks. It's just me.

Hey Mr. Bradley: Please quit hp, gather up some of your millionaire friends and start a company making webos devices with the palm name

why not just gather up his millionaire friends, each one toss in a million 1-dollar bills, and light them on fire. At least that way they'd get a show and some heat, rather than nothing at all for their money.

They tried and failed. So they should never try again

They tried more than once and failed every time. The whole Palm - Handspring/Palm - Palm again - sellout - buyout - restart - chose wrong partner is more than a sandal-someone-ties-to-a-stick type of sign.

Says the man who's been responsible for the Veer. A webOS starter- that was as expensive as an Android-Pro-phone.

Slow and kludgey? Expensive? This guy seriously is an idiot. He couldn't make the best mobile OS idea ever a success, and he's bashing MS for taking their own amazing shot at it? Go ahead HP, make your own tabs that will most certainly sell worse than the the Surface or Surface Pro. Ya know, just go make Mac and iOS devices if you dislike MS so much. Oh man.

Hmmm. Haven't tried it, but RT does sound like a bit of a kludge. Then again, iOS isn't OSX either.

ARM chips use less power than x86 - hence the preferential use in mobile devices.

Coincidentally, I just read an interesting article (micro mart magazine in the UK). ARMv8 has extensions for hardware virtualisation and cryptographic acceleration. It can access terabytes of memory and is now 64bit. What do you need that for? A server. What eats lots of power? A datacentre.

HP in the enterprise market may find ARM is the answer, if not now, then in the coming months...(sorry)

It's also possible that Microsoft is taking a first step... away from Intel.

I wish this in some way lead to new webOS hardware...swipe to virtualise?

yeah man we all know that WebOS is the best operating system out there too bad millionaires want to make oney the easy way and with the least amount of money they posibly can even though these makes them look frugol any how WebOS has the capacity to take over the mobil market if it only had a company that would back it up with some dollars it could easyly take over but if time keeps going by the other operating systems will probably eat it away by copying it man this makes me think that somebody has got to be making money out of holding off WebOS man

cause if you think about it everyone else is only making money because webos is not out there but dont let a smart company with some money grab hold to it cause it will be on!! :-)

Thanks for the great advice, Todd. Why don't I just Todd'le off to the MS store and sign myself up for a third ecosystem. That way I can enjoy all of them (webOS, Android(cyanogenmod) and xbox). Oh, except for the one that actually works, of course.

Tragically, I was vacationing in NY a coupe of weeks ago and, what with the generally moist and breezy atmosphere, the Beloved was unable to keep up with her shopping budget. And in Times Square I critically failed to save vs shiny.

I have to say that I am very happy with my purchase. Though Wordament is an invention of the Devil.

I still think he meant it in the sense of the hardware isnt competition to them and they will build hardware thats faster for windows rt. Probably just dumb old man talk. I doubt in any way this means much for webOS.

maybe the whole windows 8 thing sucks and after being the poster boy of the MS hating Linux nerd for over 15 years I still think that MS does it right regarding the fact that they have a single code base for a whole lot of different devices.

That's what I always thought would happen to linux one day but when it comes to multi-touch capabilities all of the major desktop environments developers were in deep sleep for these last few years. KDE and Gnome both have fancy visions and all we get are lots of half-finished, half-baked functionality that just follows but never leads.

Actually, the Surface isn't that bad... and how can a company that sells a desktop computer with a 1.3GHz CPU under the name "Entertainment Machine" really call someone else's device slow...

He's just upset that Microsoft is in for the "Marathon" and not the "sprint".

Hardly competition is more than zero competition...or was he talking about competition to the iPads and various Android tablets still for sale?

Am I to take advice on my next platform from the company that have fucked up what I and many others prefer to have?! — Don't think so.

As it is now, WP8 and Surface Pro is gonna be my next adventure no matter what the smocks at HP says or do. I see the Surface Pro replacing my beloved TP and even my portable. As for the phone, we'll see when my Prē 2 dies. I do for sure prefer a real keyboard on it ...

Others are making RT tablets, as well. Not just Microsoft.