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hpwebos.com revamped as a depressing and inaccurate hardware graveyard 31

by Derek Kessler Wed, 21 Nov 2012 12:27 pm EST

hpwebos.com revamped as a depressing and inaccurate hardware graveyard

Really, guys? Really?

Since when did Touch-to-Share allow sharing of anything other than URLs, let alone ambiguous media? And when did the Palm Pixi Plus get updated to webOS 2.0? And isn't it a little disengenuous to be claiming the Palm Pre Plus got 2.0 when only one country in Europe got the update, and they had to download the webOS Doctor to install it? And how did we miss that the HP Veer got an updated that enabled Touch-to-Share functionality? And weren't the Pre3 and Veer HP-branded, not Palm?

HP, this is silly. You probably should have just gone with an automatic redirect to openwebosproject.org instead of building what amounts to a depressing animated (via HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript!) graveyard of webOS hardware past and even more past. And way to not touch on anything that makes webOS unique. Like, you know, web technologies, unobtrusive and interactive notifications, Synergy data unification, the multitasking… oh screw it.

Source: hpwebos.com; Thanks to @DMeister92 and ‏@Maxy_Hamid for the tips!



lol. just lol.

Looks like they believed their own Think Beyond hype.

Yeah, someone at HP likes to do 'fancy' websites. Other than that there is no any other purpose.

Oh, wait! It might be something Paris Hilton and Britney Spears also did . 'Do something really weird and stupid and people keep talking about you.'

I'd rather see those guys bring some new webOS apps, or an os update for existing devices than doing ridiculous webOS websites.

Ahhh Derek, I love how you say it exactly the way we're all thinking it!

Palm Pixi Plus - "Powered by webOS 2.0" uberFalse. LOL

are they trying to get the ball rolling again? maybe do what they are saying in the website?

That would mean that HP would care about their customers who already bought the devices. They'd do that when hell freezes over, I say.

The website was done by someone who has no clue and does not care about webOS and the devices.

Or it was done by someone who was on the webOS team and forgot what was released and what was experimental.

Well, to be honest: When I went to palm.com today I liked to see the little museum as long as there are no new devices. The last one which didn't said any word about any device was embarrassing since at least the Pre 3 and the TouchPad were great devices that they shouldn't hide.

But unlike the new webOS website, the new webOS Nation 2.1-page looks like a horrible demonstration of un-usability to me.

Well I hope they got a deal with some oem that they do release a site like that to "push" the legacy into continuation..

And that site only cost HP $3 billion! =] heh heh

yeah... A lot of Pre+s got 2.1 but no thanks to HP and the carriers. WebOS Internals Rules!


What does one expect from the temp that whipped up the site for college credit? It could say, The PalmOne Pre Veer Handspring Centro HP Touchpad 3. Hmmm,.... actually, I think I'd still probably buy it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Everyone!

I clicked on the link to Learn More and it goes to gr.am. But that's still a blank white page with gram in the middle and nothing else.

edit: my bad. That's not true. It does got to a reference page for Open webOS.

Good commentary, Derek. I completely agree.

This may just be a (very) passive way for HP to say that they are not completely done with webOS. Unfortunately here we are over a year past the death of webOS hardware and this website revision seems to imply that its still more of the same from them: half-ass commitment to webOS and even worse execution.

Oh yeah, one other thing...

Is it just me or is the square-in-the-circle underneath the floating globes a little too reminiscent of the "home" button on iOS devices?!?!?

I think you should just write the first words of any article.... then follow up with "oh screw it" and let people know that they find more at the jump.

well I demand webos 2.0 on my pixi. Its official if it on the hp website. Lets email bomb them till they do it.

Derek, you forgot to mention the stated release dates for TP/Pre3/Veer: Feruary 2011... oh screw it.

OK, HP, release the friggin drivers and the proprietary stuff on the legacy hardware. Within a month, all 1000 users left worldwide will use webos 4.0.1 on their phones, and Cynogenmod 10 on their touchpads.

Well, whoever wrote the website obviously never used the phones. I wish it were so.

I agree with kulf, release the drivers...


Not easy, considering not all code is written first party. How much would you pay to get a Qualcomm SDK?

Museum - what a depressing, yet accurate description....

"You see guys? I told you a dressed monkey can do what 100+ web developers have done in the past. There is seriously no need to pay expensive workers when a chimpanzee can do the same work for us. Now let's see how much we can save with that in the Server GBU"
- Meg Whitman

Nothing about webOS is unique anymore. But it does do everything it offers better than all the other half ass attempts than other manufactures. Oh and its the prettiest of all.

And exactly how many of those can run HP openwebos?? 1?

I jumped ship the moment it was shown that Open webOS 1 would never run on my Palm Pre Plus due to Linux 3.3 being used. The Samsung Galaxy S3 may not have the dedicated gesture area or a PROPER card view, but it is close enough for me to not feel TOO annoyed at this point.

i just ordered the gs3 over black friday. can't wait till it gets here. i've been using my sprint palm pre for the past 3 years. hope i can get adjusted to the gs3. i heard it's a good device. my pre still works. i actually have 2 of them. both working. but. . . time to move on. the main reason i've kept the palm pre is for free tether. with the sprint unlimited data plan, i've been tethering for the bast 3 years like a baws. i hope i can download a free tethering app on android as well.

You don't need to download an app. Just open the Settings/More Settings/Tethering and Portable Hotspot. Took me a couple of weeks to get used to it,

blargh. *goes to twitter to harass hp*

May... hp got a reason for this...