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HTC giving consideration to buying its own OS 126

by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Sep 2011 10:27 am EDT

Motorola has Android, Nokia has Windows Phone 7, and even Samsung has Bada. There’s a slew of other smartphone manufacturers out there, but none in so potentially as vulnerable of a position as HTC. They have neither favored OEM status (Motorola and Nokia) nor an OS of their own to fall back on should things go south with their software partners (Samsung). HTC has long been looking for ways to differentiate their products, with their Sense overlay for Android and Windows Mobile (but not Windows Phone) and their recent purchase of a controlling stake in Beats Audio. But what about the core of the software – the OS?

Word has it that HTC is indeed shopping for a mobile operating system of their own, but they’re being very deliberate about it. HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang admitted as much to China’s Economic Observer paper, saying “We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse.” She also mentioned HTC’s ability to differentiate their products with software layers like Sense.

So what of this potential mobile OS purchase? Could it be something like HP’s webOS, or Intel’s Meego? Samsung’s already publicly taken a pass on webOS, and HTC has seemed cool to the idea as well. But even with its struggles, webOS already has better marketshare and consumer awareness than Meego (the other struggling mobile OS without vendor support), plus could be easily adapted to fit HTC’s Sense stylings (though that’s not necessarily something we here at PreCentral would willingly embrace).

HTC has a lot of software experience from grafting Sense onto successive versions of Android and Windows Mobile, as well as building an impressive Sense app/hub for Windows Phone. But do they have the chops and patience to work an entire operating system? There’s really only one way to find out.

Source: Focus Taiwan; Via: Electronista



Not going to get excited about this. Been down that road way too many times. If it happens, cool. If not, just means I'm still on track until March (when my phone contract expires)...

Me too. Too tired of rumors. If I see an official Press Release from HTC and/or HTC WebOS(or near clone) phones in a Sprint store, then I'll be excited.

id have to say that the only thing that has me excited about this SO FAR is the fact that HTC hasnt come out publicly and say that webos ISNT an option... i have my nexus s that i love but it is NOT webos, and if something like an HTC/Webos marriage happens, ill be waiting there launch day for that device like i did the pre-

skeptically optimistic.

Could be interesting! I think they would want the Palm patents too!

not sure who "-1d" you originally. the palm patents would be a great asset to help in their patent war against apple -- can you imagine HTC collecting a licensing fee for the "smartphone patent"?

This is also from the source article...proof HTC wants in on the patents: "Asked about Google Inc.'s acquisition of Motorola Mobility Inc. (MMI), Wang said it was the "correct" decision by Google because MMI has many patents"

4 days till the Samsung Epic 4G Touch comes out!!
This looks like it's going to be the device that'll make me forget about my pre.

It may be the device to make you forget about your pre, but you won't forget about webos. Trust me. I bought an Evo 3D, kept it for about 2 weeks and returned it for the new BB Bold. Android is **** The EVO 3D, hardware-wise was one of the greatest pieces of hardware I've ever handled.

Now I wait for Sprint's iPhone 5 unless I hear some new webOS news!

P.S Android virtual keyboard is not good...

I have an Android phone, its okay -- definitely not webOS though. But I would take the Epic 4G Touch over an iPhone any day.

"P.S Android virtual keyboard is not good..."

...but sure you will find something appropriate for you amongst about three godzillions of third-party keyboards available in the market.

I'd suggest Swype, it is totally awesome (for a touch screen keyboard, that is)

Yep, me too. Well, maybe not forget WebOS, but at least satisfy my gadget addiction until the next incarnation of WebOS. Until then, I'll still have the Touchpad to remind me how great WebOS is.

Well, HTC should have bought Palm last time around. Now, they'd be buying WebOS probably without all the patents, or at a much higher price. Considering how much patent portfolios have sold for in the last year even a "dead" mobile OS won't be cheap if it comes with Palm's patents as well.

"Now, they'd be buying WebOS (...) at a much higher price"

yeah, sure - I bet OEMs are killing each other, just to make a higher bid for webOS...

Not webOS, the patents. Heck, just a short while ago Google bid Pi for a pile of mobile patents which it lost to Microsoft/Apple. Like it or not, patents are becoming a lucrative business.

No, obviously they are not. However, the point still stands. Buying Palm would've been MUCH cheaper than what Leo will want for making up the cost of Palm, the money spent on hardware R&D, marketing, and distribution since, and the salaries of all the devs that have been collecting a paycheck this whole time.


Fire Jon now so he is no where near this deal!

I've never understood why people are so harsh on Jon. Would Cobalt have fared better than webOS?

One would have thought they'd have recognised by now what it is to have your hands tied behind your back by upper levels. I don't envy what Jon and DeWitt had done to them.

But it's not as if they knew the Googlorola or whatever was going to happen. if they did, maybe they would've purchased webOS

Rather I think it'd be genius of HTC bought it now. Why would it be more expensive? HP doesn't want it. Samsung doesn't want it. Most companies don't want it. HP has something they won't use and the longer they wait the less it's worth. It'll sell for much less than what HP bought it for.

So IF (big, huge, ginormous emphasis on the "if") HTC buys it from HP, they'll probably buy it for considerably less AND they get the benefit of HP wasting craploads of money putting webOS into people's hands.

IF HTC wants webOS, it's the perfect time to buy. They get an OS with decent mindshare now (thanks to HP's bungling) and they should be able to acquire at a lower price than HP bought it at.

It would be great for HTC to buy it since they have a fantastic OS to pair their hardware to and also HTC seems to have a better handle on what people want than HP and Palm. And this OS would be theirs to do whatever with.

But on the other hand, webOS "died" twice so companies would be and should be a little wary about it.

Honestly if HTC wants to try going on their own, webOS is the obvious answer. There's a small amount of 3rd party support but I think that'll grow fast if HTC continues being as prolific with their hardware. Also it's a mature OS, though it needs a lot of tweaking.

webOS still won't have an easy path even if HTC buys them though. They'll still be the HEAVY underdog and I'm skeptical HTC can survive on webOS alone. They'll probably have to do like 65% Android, 25% WP7, and 10% webOS.

I have no doubt that HP will **** this up too. Leo Medicineman is an idiot and his cronies are all sofa king wee todd ed.

Go ahead HTC you wont regret it... Just spare us that sense thing, no need for it on webOS

If you want to see a 56-car pileup, then an unholy combination of Sense and WebOS would indeed fit the bill.

One is a widget-centric skin on top of Android. The other is a full-screen app-centric OS that has never been fully optimized for the hardware it runs on.

It's a silly article anyway. As PreCentral has covered more than once, HP has NO PLANS to sell WebOS, so HTC could not buy it. If we're going to ignore HP's explicitly stated intentions, why not write some pieces on how a Pre 4 and TouchPad 2 are rumored to be back "on" after the explosive (fire)sales of the Touchpad?

That's about as intellectually honest.

First off nobody knows what HP is going to do with webOS. Secondly they don't have to sell webOS for HTC to use it. HP could license it as they have already talked about.

HP is seeking to possibly OWN a smartphone OS.
What good would licensing it do? You think they just want something else to throw a Sense skin on top of? They already have that with Windows Phone 7.

By "HP" you mean "HTC"?

Sounds like they're looking for something to define them. Samsung has Bada as their own. Nokia has a close partnership with Microsoft now for WP7 (MUCH closer than any other phone maker using WP7). HTC could be looking for either model so webOS isn't out of consideration, especially since HP dropped their hardware production and openly stated they are looking for partners.

Since HP seems to be buying up companies, their PSG group should buy HTC and make real phones.

I also don't believe HP is going to get rid of webOS, but how else are they going to make mobile devices? No one has stepped up on licensing yet. HP has to do something soon or webOS will truly die out.


HP's cash on hand after purchasing Autonomy is something like $2-3 billion. HTC's market value is around $34 billion.

HTC would have to buy parts of HP, and thus there's NO financial incentive to buying WebOS right now. For ANYBODY. It's got the baggage of HP firmly tied around its neck.

webOS has become a stigma despite it's capabilities. HTC would probably pass on it just for that reason alone...

"First off nobody knows what HP is going to do with webOS"

...yeah, beginning with HP themselves, which is the main pain point. And makes licensing webOS totally unrealistic option

In business everything has a price.

"(...) full-screen app-centric OS that has been fully optimized for the hardware it runs on"

ekhem, ekhem... Or so they said, in their marketing fliers and on media events.

I do not exactly understand how software that didn't make use of graphic hardware acceleration has been "fully optimized for the hardware it runs on"

Speaking of widgets - about the only thing that I was missing in webOS, since day one. I agree it would be quite a challenge to introduce widgets into the game, and keep the consistency of the UI metaphor, but certainly it is doable, and I could think of one or two ways of doing this (and I am most certainly not the best UI designer in the world)

I said "NEVER" been optimized, bushi. I agree with you 100 percent.

Widgets, stacks and cards together in the same screen/desktop on a memory hog OS that has never been able to fully use the hardware running it would be a laughable nightmare.

OH.. I see it now.. strange! I haven't seen that "never" bit when replying. Thanks for pointing out, makes sense

HP has no plans, period.

sad, but totally correct

Well, HP has plans but just conflicting and incompatible ones. Leo and his beancounter cronies wanted to kill webOS and move on to enterprise. Personal systems wants webOS to make it more than a cheap clone maker (without even its profitable printer business). WebOS and few remnants of Palm want to get away from HP altogether. The surprise success of TP is probably making Leo want to sell webOS for higher price (suddenly he has a potential asset), PS wants to keep webOS to have a differentiator from other pc vendors, and a few potential suitors are wondering if, just maybe webOS has some value. Maybe HP will compromise and license for small price to HTC for a couple years until HP figures out what to do with webOS. A license would be cheaper and lower risk for HTC than running an OS company but the license would have to be cheap and a few years to be worth it. Maybe a few other 2nd tier companies will want to try the webOS experiment since android bandwagon is full.

You make the mistake of believing that just because HP said they are not interested in selling, this means they won't sell.

They also said they want to make HP cool again (they didn't), and that they are in a marathon (they clearly weren't, t'was hardly a sprint).

Realistically - if HTC says no to licensing but offers just about sufficient money (less that last years 1.2 bn though) and licence wwebos back to HP (for printers), then HP *will* sell.

What they said last week will not matter at all.

Sense on webOS makes no sense.

Would be pleasantly surprised if it comes to the happy end with HTC. I was hoping they were to buy PAlm last time around - so sorry that this bunch od sorry loosers at HP upped their bid (I remember many commenters here saying it was a much much much better deal for webOS to fell into HP's arms. I wonder where are them now, haven't seen them eating their words)

I doubt it will happen, though. HP "sees the value in webOS software", have already re-orged them under their whatever-strategic software R&D OU, and webOS will be left there to rot, or (please, God, let me see it, that will be just too funny), maybe will pop up once on some idiotic printer, before shut down completely and totally overrun by competition.

Clutching at straws.

They could have reorganized WebOS to sell WebOS only, and not PSG. And just because WebOS gets sold, doesn't nec mean the people behind it will get sold. Maybe they wanted the extra software engineers and want to get rid of WebOS entirely.

I'm one of those guys that was happy with HP buying Palm. I've been eating my words for months now, flavored with my salty tears....

You guys read what you want to read. The only OFFICIAL message is that HTC is considering buying a mobile OS. This does NOT equal "HTC buys webOS"

what other OS's are there? lol

MeeGo is the other abandoned OS.

Yeah, that's what the headline says. That's what everyone else is saying.

Yep. If HP has made significant progress behind-the-scenes in speeding up app loading and eliminating (or greatly reducing) the seemingly random screen freezes, they might be able to get HTC to bite. But that's a big 'if', and I doubt HP's done that...

I won't get my hopes up regardless of what happens to webOS (licensing, selling, etc) until actual new physical devices are announced (and preferably with hard timelines + pricing).

It took HP 1 year to release the TouchPad post-Palm-purchase, I don't think the only reason for that was HP's incompetence, these things take time. I'd love to see new webOS devices but I won't put off purchase decisions based on potential future webOS devices anymore.

Also one worry with HTC, I really don't want HTC's obsession with super-animated weather widgets etc. I tried out a HTC Sensation and all the pointless animations were driving me crazy.

"It took HP 1 year to release the TouchPad post-Palm-purchase, I don't think the only reason for that was HP's incompetence, these things take time."

I think it mostly WAS their incompetence, they literally had no clue what to do with this stuff, since day one their communication could not be more plain.

NOthing has changed in a year, though, according to them geniuses at charge, they will continue "to research the potential" and "maximize shareholder value" with webOS. Read: 12months have passed, but we still doesn't have a clue, that this thing webOS was meant primarily as a brilliant smartphone OS. We need to make sure, it can be installed on a printer.

Not defending HP, but Nokia announced it was moving to WP at the beginning of February, and still no firm launch date for their 1st phone. So best case there you are looking at almost 9 months from licensing to product launch, and this from a company with more experience than just about anyone else in mobile phones, and whose future is totally dependent on it.

unlike HP, that was SUPPOSEDLY continuing Palm's product pipeline, Nokia had to start with WP7 handsets from the scratch. They didn't have know-how, they didn't have products lined up, they didn't have people knowing two **** about how to implement WP7, much less how to integrate and differentiate it.

But what Nokia DID have, was a cosmic-scale internal resistance to abandon their own systems, and be at mercy of Microsoft from now on, and have Microsoft folks in charge of their software now. Can you imagine how impossible tensions it created in the company like that? Almost like if Ballmer decided some sunny day to announce that MS is abandoning further Windows development, and they'll be using Linux kernel from now on.

Yet, it is still quicker, than how long it took HP to non-release Pre3

Wait... you wonder why there's still no marked ready WP7 Phone in Nokia's catalogue?

If two lethargic indolent Fattys are teaming up to win the olympic 200 Meters it's not going to work. Both Microsoft and Nokia overslept the school bell more than once.

I'm not saying Palm and HP aren't any better than those.

The biggest reason was HP's incompetence.

I disagree, the biggest reason for webOS' failure in the market has been poor execution of Palm/HP's plans. They've had multiple devices in the pipeline but just not been able to meet deadlines and release finished products. This has been a problem since long before HP bought them.

Palm has always had great design concepts but they've never been completely polished and bug free. If they had been able to execute their plans without problems then HP wouldn't have bought them and most of us would probably be on a Pre 4 by now.

HP has absolutely shown tremendous incompetence in handling the purchase of Palm. They did not come in and try to fix the problems that Palm had on executing their roadmaps. Palm claimed their problem was not being able to execute their roadmap because of money, I think that may have been part of the problem but not all of it.

HP should not have sat idle and allowed Palm GBU to spend a year working on (not-)bringing the Veer, TouchPad and Pre3 to market. They should have watched closely to see how they were executing their roadmap and worked to revise the roadmap and implement changes to meet the new roadmap.

Now judging on recent performance I suspect HP wouldn't have been able to do that even if they tried, unfortunately.

I'll believe it when I have something similar to the latest EVO in a portrait slider configuration, with at least the latest specs, running webOS 2.x ON SPRINT in my hands! : )

HTC is litterally webos last hope.. unfortunately I am not putting much hope into it.. HP cut off webos balls with the way the handled their end to it.. they should have had a buyer lined up first.. but HTC would be making a smart move with webos IMO..

All it ever needed was some good hardware and some better OS optimization and hardware utilization..

HTC we love you long time if you buy webos..

Give HP the rights to use it on their printers so they are happy lol

I wouldn't say it's webOS's last hope - there's still Amazon...

I just got my Sprint Palm Pre 2 for closure. One last hurrah. I'm enjoying it while hoping something awesome happens, but expecting that this is probably my last webOS phone. So until HTC + webOS is confirmed, I'm going to stick with that mentality.

"They have neither favored OEM status (Motorola and Nokia) nor an OS of their own to fall back on should things go south with their software partners (Samsung). " lets fall back on the thing that failed twice. I hope they have a "Plan C".

Don't you mean "software partners (Google)"?

I think he meant Samsung has an OS of their own to fall back on should things go south with their software partners just like he is saying Motorola and Nokia both have favored OEM status.

HTC webOSense - I don't know about that one!

Not going to happen.

Isnt it possible they just partner with HP to build the hardware for mobile devices without buying webos?
If they buy webos sense wouldnt make sense. They only did that as a way to differentiate in the crowded android space I think.

HTC is done being an undifferentiated OEM. I think it highly unlikely they'd just spit out hardware with vanilla WebOS on it at HP's behest.

plausible for sure. IMHO.

...not at all plausible. Agile company like HTC, will not be able to even talk the same language as a prehistoric slow mammoth of a company that HP is, much less so if that company hasn't got a slightest clue what mobile space is, much less how to be competitive/innovative in that space.

If this were true -- the only way I would see this happening is if HP significantly backed the effort. Right now, no one in their right mind would begin to create webOS hardware from scratch on an OS that two companies have failed with. Not to mention the fact that HP just cut the legs out from underneath it by flooding the market with fire sale tablets. No one will buy a tablet with webOS on it that is comparably priced with the iPad or Android lines. Having seen what HP did, everyone would sit and wait for the price to drop (like they did with HP).

Yup. The slow-to-die glut of Touchpads on eBay and Craigslist pretty much assure no one would profit from jumping in the WebOS hardware game for the foreseeable future.

Don't hold your breath

..I've been holding mine for 2+ years

Let it be! I bet HP will sell it in a heart beat. IMHO all the fire sale and everything they said are nothing but trying to get a good price for webOS. It won't do any good for webOS to be on the hands of HP, we all know who are the players on mobile playing field and I don't see any incentive for them to license webOS. If HTC wants to buy webOS, this is the time. It has to be soon still there is hope in the community and developers. The sooner the better.

"The fire sale and everything" has done nothing but make it IMPOSSIBLE for major companies like HTC and Samsung to buy WebOS at this time.


If HTC owned webOS, they wouldn't need to put Sense on it.

IF (and that's a huge IF) HTC purchases WebOS...I believe it would destroy everything in the universe and well I guess there's not much else to say if everything is gone. So, yeah, I guess if they want to compete with the Large Haldron Collider, go for it!

Let's start a petition! Maybe 100,000 signatures from the world's most passionate userbase will help influence them!

Because that worked so well getting more webOS products on Sprint.

Make sure you remind them WebOS won the Laptop Magazine OS Bowl too!


HP should allow HTC to place webOS on one device, totally for free. No licensing fees, no nothing. Let HTC see the demand for the device and make their decision from there. Sometimes you gotta give in order to receive HP!

It would be great if WebOS could find yet a third act with HTC, but I'm skeptical as well, primarily because while the business case is likely there with HTC, HP has demonstrated a staggering level of ineptitude and lack of direction. I do not believe they have a real strategy or plan in mind with Webos, that they are just winging it. That being the case, with their share price short term profits vision, they won't let Webos and its patents go for anything but a premium price to recoup the billions they are out on the acquisition and then some. There is not another player out there with cash enough to pay the premium and then to roll out the development of Webos.

Ineptitude destroyed Webos' chance to shine, and greed will probably end its run as it is sold off for parts, or simply put on a shelf to wither in order to hold the IP assets for sale another day.

The way Webos has been and continues to be mishandled by HP makes me detest the company more with every passing day.

"Ineptitude destroyed Webos' chance to shine, and greed will probably end its run as it is sold off for parts, or simply put on a shelf to wither in order to hold the IP assets for sale another day. "

That should be written on webOS' tombstone

You'd have to pinch to zoom to read all of that.

HTC does make a nice piece of hardware which would probably go well with WebOS. Would having WebOS owned by a foreign company be good for the WebOS community though?

Currently WebOS is open source and has always been open to developers writing code that enhances functions of the software.

Ex. Calendar. I contacted Palm/HP about all day events not showing in monthly view and they said it was not a feature they included, but would let the engineering team know. I checked through web internals and found Ubercalendar which worked within Palm/HP calendar and not only allowed mothly view of allday events, but added more and longer reminder options than the standard 1 month.

If HTC does buy WebOS will they stop developers from enhancing software features of WebOS and make it more like the Iphone where if they didn't include it then you don't need it.

I don't want WebOS to go away. I want a company that will not only develope WebOS to new heights while allowing its user base to tweek things that were overlooked, but give it the hardware it deserves.

HP was to be that company, but they were unwilling to put a real effort into hardware. HP committed two major mistakes 1) they put out inferior product. The touchpads specs were less than some of the cheaper tablats on market, 2) They did not give the product time to be in the market.

I am still using my original Sprint Palm Pre and will use it until it no longer funtions.

Hopefully someone makes a product for all of us who are still waiting or couldn't wait any more.

"I don't want WebOS to go away. I want a company that will not only develope WebOS to new heights while allowing its user base to tweek things that were overlooked, but give it the hardware it deserves.

Agreed. Although I believe that there wouldn't be this much tinkering needed by the good people of webOS Internals, if the product would be better right from the start.

Every single webOS product we've seen since 2009 was like a bunch of bananas that had to ripen in the customer's hands. While this is not so bad for me as the more geeky type of a customer, it clearly drives others away.

webOS is NOT open source!!! Yes, they make some (probably most) of the source available and extensible to have functionality extended by developers, but this is NOT open source.

HTC buys WebOS, precentral background color returns to green again...roflmao....

I've said it before, htc + webos could equal the perfect match.
htc is by far my favourite device maker outside of webos realm, and I've had their products for years. Great hardware, seldom buggy (except for the usual android problems).

go htc, I'd buy your webos phone day 1

HTC is a great Taiwanese company. Watch out Apple after they get WebOS. ;-)

Last week I wrote this at Facebook: "I wanna have HTC + WebOS + HTC Sense". Now it seems it might become reality.
Now I say: HTC buys Palm and the PC division from HP and next year we see HTC "PCs" being delivered with WebOS "desktop" version.

So in a world where the big guys are moving from PC to mobile, a mobile company is going to start doing PCs?

HTC + webOS = Make it So!

I love the price and features of my Pre2, but even without a physical keyboard, i would buy the Thunderbolt (the Evo with Sprint before i swtiched to Verizon for Pre2) in a heartbeat if it had Palm software!

Is there a way to take the dang "hp" **** off my phone on bootup? after the 2.1 update everything says hp instead of Palm now and Pondora doesn't work well now... LOL

but yea, i'd support HTC and Palm!!!

Do it HTC!! Be the hero that saves WebOS! And finally the world will see what they should've saw a few yrs ago - the greatest mobile OS on the planet!

HTC would need to address the following issues with webOS.

Poor developer acceptance, poor selection of apps, slow, battery hog, multi-task advantage has disappeared.

It's no wonder HTC will probably pass.

Dear God: I don't ask for much. But please make this happen and be finally the podium that WebOS deserves to show its inherent awesomeness to the world with much success and forever loved by all as much as I love it..

but.... I will reserve my full excitement. HP has crushed me too much already...... Speaking of which.....

Dear Satan: I have te inside track on a bunch of A$$holes you'll likely want a crack at...


A quote from Engadget's report on this:

"The report goes on to make strong mention of HP's recently-backstabbed webOS platform...".

I like the "recently-backstabbed" bit!

About a year or so ago there was an attempt by some hackers to port webos on the pre to HTC wildfire (or maybe another phone). Presumably under fire from HP or HTC itself this went underground/was terminated pretty soon after it was announced it was near completion.

I wonder if that port was ever completed, or even of HTC or any other potential suitor and HP have collaborated on running webos on an existing device to see if there is potential to convert existing designs. At the end of the day, short of a fire sale, the best way to make webos more common is to get some of the older Android devices running webos 1.4.5 (yes, even that is pretty modern by today's standards) or 2.x.
Obviously hardcore fans will avoid this. But the average guy who just wants to have a better and more fluid OS without having to spend new money will likely jump at the chance to try this if all he or she has to do is do a doctor and the go through the first run app.

I sent HTC an email regarding licensing webOS on one of there devices, they said they would pass it on to there research dept (fingers crossed). So I suppose I can only hope and pray webOS will be picked up by someone that has great hardware, hopefully sooner rather than later. I also managed to get myself a pre 3, screen is great its just like a slab phone. It is very slick and feels really great to hold, typing on the keyboard is so much better. And webOS on it is a Marvell, can't understand why HP killed the phone as its so good. Anyway this will keep me going for a while until the next episode of webOS, or whoever picks up the pieces. Webos forever ..........ahmen

Dear mark telford,

Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your request.

HTC is a forward thinking company and appreciates any feedback received from its customers; your comments have been passed to the appropriate department for consideration.

Should you have any further feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Thank you for contacting HTC Support

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 11GBCW37ENA000150.




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Please HTC buy webOS and make beautiful babies!!!

HTC Pre3? HTC Pre-vo?

T-Mobile myTouchPad?

NEVER gonna happen!

Let's hope they don't.

I really don't want a senseified webos, thanks.

They'd destroy what makes WebOS such a pleasure to use.

HP will hold onto WebOS for the patents alone. If HTC wants to license it, then great, else HP will let it die. They will then just sue people/companies who leverage any patent.

I thought HP said we would know more about WebOS plans within 2 weeks from the August 18th announcement? I guess it's taking longer to find a friend than they thought.

WebOS to sleep for good by summer 2010 - probably before that.

When it comes to webOS, everything took longer than HP thought. In fact the only thing that happend faster than they thought was the rate of failure and the fire sale of said failure.

J. Ruby, back in 2010 also said the market was slower than expected when it came to adopting webOS.

Yet here we are today with people hoping HTC has been paying so little attention to the last 2+ years that they'd be willing to pick up on the "success" that is webOS. Maybe they will "quadruple down" on webOS since "doubling down" was not enough.

HTC hardware design sucks. Hire Nokia designers.

Hurry up HTC, license/buy webOS... my Pre3 will hold me over til you guys & gals get something released. I'm not getting any younger.

HP has no intention of letting WebOS live, period.

It's like the nasty old man married to the young hot girl who can't make it work and won't let anyone else have her either. They will clutch WebOS and climb into the grave with it just to spite everyone.

I'm sorry, when did HP say they were selling WebOS? They are not selling it people. That is why they split it out from the hardware. They want it for printers. lol

This would be pretty sweet. I switched to the HTC Inspire and love the hardware. Real nice and heavy, feels solid. I also like the sense UI, though it's the only Android Manufacturer one I've used. Tried the 3rd party ones, but ended up back on sense.

Really miss webOS though. I thought all the people who said that were full of **** but it's true. Cards are better multi tasking and task handling. The notification area ... oh boy, I just want to hit NEXT on spotify, hate having to jump around to do that. Finally synergy. I was in messaging heaven while the facebook patch still worked.

Won't get my hopes up but GOD PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN

Better to sell or license now while they still can get some money... Even if its half of what they paid for it

whats the point in keeping it if theyre not going to release anything? Waste of time money and resources to keep 600 engineers working on something just for a few patents

HP should give someone else the chance of doing what they were not capable of doing

It won't happen because HTC wants to buy and HP doesn't want to sell, they want to license. While I want to see Webos survive, I don't think the risk is worth it to HTC. Now if there was someway to get HTC hardware, with a samsung super amoled hd display...mmmmm :)

WebOS community = hopeless romantics

That's such a mean thing to say about hopeless romantics.

I've always said that webOS and HTC make a cute couple! I really hope this goes through! :-)

They had Qualcomm's BREW OS before.

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MeeGo can't really be bought. It's a project that technically belongs to the Linux Foundation and is fully free software.

HTC could always put a proprietary Sense UI on MeeGo, I suppose, and wouldn't have to worry as much as they might with Android and WinPho, since MeeGo can't really ever have a preferred hardware vendor -- all the development takes place in the open. And HTC would be welcomed as a contributor by Intel and the other corporate sponsors, I'm sure.

If they want to OWN an OS, though, MeeGo's pretty much off the table.

Any buyer like HTC (or Facebook, as Dion Almaier suggested) would ruin the webOS experience, I believe. I think our only desirable path forward is to find ways of installing webOS on hardware sold with other OSs on it. (Or campaign with the Meego community to adopt card-based multi-tasking and synergy-like syncing.)

HP won't open source webOS, but we can access much of the source and continue improving it, as the homebrew community has done so well.

We need to find the tools and skills to optimize the code for the new target hardware. I believe that if/when WebKit becomes multithreaded, we'll be halfway there. HP engineers are currently working on GPU acceleration, which is another major piece. My hope is that we'll have a doctor in a couple months that is about as optimized as possible for current hardware, and we should focus on webathons for the homebrew community ever after.

I forgot to add the part relevant to your feasible would it be to campaign with the Meego community to adopt card-based multi-tasking and synergy-style syncing?

I am all for this. As long as HTC can promote their next device being built towards the Palms original idea for the devices. HTC would be the one that could bring this all together they stay rather involved with devices.

I forgot to add the part relevant to your feasible would it be to campaign with the Meego community to adopt card-based multi-tasking and synergy-style syncing?