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HTML5 gaming on webOS 22

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 28 May 2010 6:35 pm EDT

We've recently seen NBC and Vimeo make their content available using HTML5, and we're beginning some great demonstrations that showcase what's possible with burgeoning set of technologies that make up the standard.  Engadget has put together something of a roundup of some of the more cutting edge stuff that's floating around on the 'net, and one that really caught our eye was Akihabara. Akihabara is a collection of 5 open-source games that aim to emulate the 8 and 16-bit games of old (think Super Nintendo) that all utilize a small subset of HTLM5 to get them up in running in most modern web browsers.  All of the games here are playable through the browser in webOS, and they run great, though the user-configurable keyboard controls are somewhat difficult to get used to on the Pre.  







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If only we could create native webOS games running like this using the SDK without the PDK. The day that the PDK is no longer needed is the day that web technologies have finally won. After seeing Google I/O I believe thats its possible.

"If only we could create native webOS games running like this using the SDK without the PDK."

Um, how do you think the non-PDK games work as it is? From the description of the "Akihabara" stuff: "It is a set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games in Javascript that runs in your browser without any Flash plugin, making use of a small small small subset of the HTML5 features, that are actually available on many modern browsers."

Non-PDK webOS games use Javascript and HTML5 (including the Canvas tag) just like these do.

Is anyone else having problems with the browser's url entry bar popping down every time you press a buton when trying to play the games? It sounds like it's working for some of you. I have the browser multi mod installed via preware- perhaps this patch is the source of my problem?

Ok just messing around here- it doesn't seem to be the multi mod or virtual keyboard that are causing the problem (i uninstalled both of them and the games still won't work for me).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Are these games working for everyone except me?

I'm having the same issue. There must be some solution...

Turn your phone sideways.

@jteplitz602 Just to be clear, most of the games in the App Catalog today are made with HTML5. I've had very little difficulty using what's available in the SDK to produce casual games that aren't too shabby (Wobble Words and Poker Drops). There are about a dozen other SDK apps in the catalog that are very well done and compare favorably with "native" apps on other platforms. The news part isn't HTML5, it's porting these games over to our little world.

html 5 + flash, atleast we have both, unlike iphone users

when did we get flash and I didnt notice? lol



for me it's not working on anything, not even chrome

that's because you have to press Z to get the functionality of the A button. Read the instructions on the home page.

oh :p

now how to use the arrow keys?

Yea my browser thinks I want to search w a s d, or any key bind :-(
still cool site though!

Ummm...I didn't have any problems. Did you follow the link at the top of the homepage for configuring the keyboard? You can set whatever key you want for whatever command. It is very hard to use in landscape, especially the pacman like game. A D pad would be so much easier.


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its cool that this works but its lame that my pre has to be in landscape. makes the controls awkward.

It would work great if it was possible to play the games in portrait orientation. Right now, doing this makes it impossible to use the Pre's keyboard (since it starts typing stuff). But the games look great in portrait. May be if someone can come up with a patch to disable (temporarily) the URL/search feature in the Pre browser in portrait mode, it would make it easier to play these games.