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iambic acquired by SplashData, Agendus coming to webOS and Android 44

by Derek Kessler Sat, 06 Mar 2010 3:38 pm EST

Agendus Having recently acquired iambic, SplashData announced in an email sent to iambic customers that they intend to expand their offerings onto new platforms. Specifically, Agendus, and specifically onto webOS and Android:

If you haven't heard, SplashData has acquired iambic, combining the resources of two of the most respected and established developers of mobile productivity software. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on Agendus and expand its features as well as bring it to new mobile platforms such as Android and webOS.

Agendus is iambic’s signature product and something missed by a great many Palm OS users after making the switch to webOS. When we’ll see Agendus on webOS and what condition it will be in is still up in the air, but it’s great to hear that it’s coming regardless. And trust us, as soon as we hear something more, we’ll let you know!

If you’re not familiar with Agendus, it began as a Palm OS app (back in the day when the were still called applications) that served as a replacement for the Palm OS Date Book. Agendus was more than just another calendar: it integrated with your memos, tasks, contacts, and more to bring it all into one tightly-knit package: your agenda. There’s even more to it than that - to see why Agendus was such a beloved Palm OS app, we’re going to point you to Agendus' extensive feature list. If just one quarter of those features make it to webOS we’ll be exceedingly happy campers.

Thanks to Doug for the tip!


Well isn't that the bit of news that would actually turn this company around because there is nothing out there that compares to Agendus on the old Palm OS operating system. Unfortunately, I've had my son download Agendus for the iPhone and it doesn't really compare either. Regarding your statement that "if Agendus for WebOS has half of those features, we'll be exceedingly happy"... could even be an overstatement.

As always, no one is really telling us anything and we have to play the wait and see game now, not with just Palm and Bell, but with SplashData. I hope that they realize just how much pent up demand, for this product, that is out there in the corporate world.

So lets raise a glass for one itty bitty teeny tiny step in the right direction...my money is already out of my wallet for this version of Agendus.

How much was the iPhone version? Certainly less than the $60 Palm OS version was.

$4.99 and has horrible reviews .. hopefully better for Pre/Pixi

what kind of pre is that in the ad? a pre plus with an orange keyboard? or a pre without a home button O.o

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I want one now.

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I loved Agendus as a PalmOS app. Agendus as a Windows Mobile app was atrocious. Sure, WinMo is a crappy OS to start with, but if the port to WebOS is as poor, this is going to be a big disappointment for a lot of people.

I was hoping for Pocket Informant myself but I would take this. There is a serious lack of strong PIM apps for webOS.

Agendus is my favorite mobile app to date. This is such great news!

really looking forward to improved PIM apps- just hope the price is right!

Damn good news, Precentral.

I preferred DateBk6 over Agendus on PalmOS, but as there is no news coming from Pimlico Software, I will have to jump ship if Agendus comes out on webOS :-)

Before we all wet our pants, stop by the Iambic site and see what customers are saying about the software and its quality. SplashData has a handful to correct.

Here's what Justin said in the Iambic forums: http://support.iambic.com/forum/showpost.php?p=158809&postcount=2

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I miss DateBK6 too. It'd be nice to see a WebOS version of that since I'm not about to run it on Classic when the Palm Calendar is doing just fine for the moment. Agendus would do.

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I'm not really thrilled by this news.

a) The takeover took place two months ago
b) There does not seem to be going a lot on. It has been two months since Iambic has released as little as an update (last product launch was in August)
c) Users (such as me) are pestering Iambic for an update ever since the day of the Pre's introduction in Jan. 2009, making this thread one of the longest running, most posted-in and most viewed of recent times. So far, the guys don't even seem to have touched a Pre.


Hope development happens quickly. I guess they really waited to see webos acceptance before starting development. Which could take a while. While I may not use Agendus or Docs-to-Go (had Docs to Go on palm pda in past but rarely used it), it'll be nice to have more serious software applications on webos.

This is EXCELLENT news! Forget Remember the Milk for tasks sync! SO excited!

I like to hear from a dev but its my understanding that apps cant get at the calendar, contact and task data directly so...even it they could put together Agendus what's the point

It's a shame how some of you complain about this and that. Do some self studying or take up a course to learn programming and make a difference. Palm is doing the best they can with what they have. @mherald81 no pun intended but if you're loosing interest it isn't Palm's fault, why not go get a blackberry or iPhone and be happy.

Woohoo! If they give Agendus the attention it has needed for awhile that will be wonderful. I've been a loyal Agendus user for years. With any luck they'll work on improvements to the sadly neglected desktop version too. This could be the answer to a lot of missing elements in the WebOS world if they do it right.


Donde es libra de informacion agendus?

Having Agendus on WebOS would be very nice. The more options, the better.

But there also should be the possibility to sync the data of Agendus on WebOS with my Windows-PC without using the cloud.

Given the less-than-snail-like pace that SplashData has been moving on delivering data syncing of SplashID (they've promised both a cloud-based and desktop syncing solution) I wouldn't hold my breath for Agendus any time soon.

I would just be happy with:
1. an Agenda view of Calendar events
2. To Do List integration into Calendar

Otherwise, the WebOS calendar suits me perfectly. It synchs flawlessly with my Google and Facebook. I also have several different color-coded Google calendars. All it needs is a "list/agenda" view.

At this point, I'll take any PIM app. For those new to Palm, you may wonder why people are complaining. Some of us carried a phone and a PDA back in the day, and the PDA's emphasis was on making the task of organizing your life easier. I've been following the Pre since the 09 CES, and got one as soon as I could. I have been pleasantly distracted by the Pre's coolness, but when I need the functionality, I find the Pre's calendar barely usable. DateBk would be awesome, but like I said, I'll take anything at this point. I read someone's comment here wondering if the developers ever even picked up an old Palm to see what worked well to integrate, but I have to conclude they didn't, and I'm starting to outgrow the "coolness". I want the funtionality Palm used to give me.

> I would just be happy with:
> 1. an Agenda view of Calendar events
> 2. To Do List integration into Calendar

Outline Tracker ( http://outlinetracker.com/outlinetracker/index.html ) offers a dynamic to-do list that shows only the tasks you can work on here and now. It also integrates with the webOS calendar. And it's available today. :-)

Being reading yesterday's Iambic's forum's team answer in this thread on this same point, I'm afraid this mailing story is a fake.

I saw that. Here is what we saw right here in the forums:

Yes, we are definitely considering webOS development for Agendus. No schedule is in place yet, as we are busy with the iPhone project, but when that is done we may start Agendus for Android and a webOS version may not be too far behind. So don't hold your breath, but it's a very good possibility.)

My interpretation was slightly different. I can't read the above and interpret "we are doing a WebOS version soon."

I've posted there a link on this page, hoping a clear statement from Iambic...

Too bad.


The IAMBIC have the BEST mobile mail software, in ALL S.O.: Agendus Mail.

Ok, ok... I know that don't work with Exchange, but works very well with Pop and Imap, and Sync with my desktop!! It's fantastic, and simple! There is only ONE bug that the Iambic never solved... but in the rest, is close to 'perfect'!

With Agendus mail, I can to receive my messages in one account, and to reply for other without problem.

So... If the Splash invest in Agendus Mail, I gonna import my Pre TODAY (I live in Brazil, without sign of WebOS! Sigh!)

Best Regards...

It's all a waste if they don't give free access to integrate all the PIM functions and the ability to link information across the PIM. I think it's one reason why it's horrible on the iPhone and the reason it was so good on PalmOS.

And I'm sure it'll be available for Android before webOS so we'll see how they do there. There's already more PIM functionality there with various calendar widgets. Without a homescreen with today info or agenda info, webOS is still a step behind.

If Agendus actually comes to WebOS or Android, this is great news. I love the look and feel of the Pre and Pixi, but won't buy either without the ability to use Agendus (or something that does what it does). Same holds for the HTC/Sprint Evo.

I use the linking feature a lot. For my business contacts, I link Landlords to tenants. I link Service Providers to their customers. I link co-workers together with each other. This feature is really useful and lacking on the Pre.

I wonder if the lack of Agendus kept the Pre from taking off since many loyal Palm users did not upgrade.

Agendus desktop PIM for WebOS!

I have been a die hard Palm handheld and Palm desktop PIM user since the mid 90's. I have no desire to put my personal info in the cloud nor syncing with Outlook. I have been currently using the rusty, and barely functional Access 6.2 desktop with my Pre Plus while looking and waiting for an integrated PIM update from HP/Palm. I do wifi syncing via Chapura Echo, which works great.

Last weekend I discovered Agendus from Iambic/SpashData and was blown away. Agendus is the Palm Desktop PIM update I have been waiting for. It uses and updates the native Palm data files and gives the update many of us have been looking for with the old Palm PIM - configurable, colors, sorting tabs with contacts, etc. The beauty of this, is that it syncs seamlessly via Echo to my Palm Pre as usual. What bums me out, is that this PIM has been sitting around for years and I didn't find it until yesterday. Loving it now though.

BTW, I have no affiliation with the company. Just wanted to share this info with the many folks I have seen on PC wanting just what I just discovered.