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iCarly and Nick.com Giveaway - Sponsored by the HP Veer 9

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 11 Jul 2011 4:12 pm EDT

Miranda Cosgrove, aka iCarly from Nick Kids, has already given us an HP Veer commercial to show how cute and tiny the device is, and now the HP Veer is returning the favor by sponsoring the Ultimate iCarly Insider Sweepstakes. While HP and Nick may not be giving away an HP Veer to any of the winners, the prize is still a pretty neat one for the youngins (a trip to LA).

The giveaway is limited to kids between 8 and 16 (with parental guidance, of course) and living in the United States. Check it out at the source link below.


If my daughter wins, I will be the coolest dad ever for a while.

Next step: the whole cast using Veers, Touchpads and 'Stingrays' in the next season.

my kids have outgrown this show (though I even enjoyed watching it) and as I remember all fo their electroncis we "Pear" brand ... Thinly veiled Apple reference. I hope we can displace all of those "pear Phones" with Veer!

Maybe HP should consider paying iCarly for more than advertising. Perhaps they could licence the "pear" name. That is an even easier way to compete with Apple. Just launch the first PearPod, PearPhone and PearPad! If it doesn't work, just say that you are going after the enterprise anyway. :)

As I have said all along. The veer is not a phone for adults. HP now realizes this, so all they have left is to try and sell it to children.

Which is what they are doing.

...funny choice of priorities, inn'it? Gosh, how appropriate that a person who was a main contributor and goal-setter is not setting these priorities anymore.

They may be using it to target tweens, but the fact is that it would be good for a business person who wants a small device in their suitcoat which is teathering the internet for their TouchPad. You can have an extreemly small phone that doesn't have to be for children, but it needs to be part of an ecosystem. They needed to launch all three devices at the same time: Small, Medium, and Large! When they did the press conference in February, I was like: "This is going to be hard to choose the phone." Then they virtually took the choice from me and I lost interest.

Now Fisher Price might get another product.

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