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Incoming Hack: Windows Live, YahooIM, ICQ, and possibly more! 24

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 27 Sep 2009 11:42 am EDT

Yahoo Instant Messenger was officially announced to be join Palm's synergy in the OS update accompanying the Pixi. But what about the other instant messaging protocols, like Live Messenger or ICQ? And what if you're impatient, like many on the forums seem to be (not trying to insult, just being realistic here)?  Well, there may be a hack-style solution in the near future.

The WebOS instant messaging is powered by an open source library called libpurple.  Unfortunately, for a while Palm was not meeting the GPL requirements, leaving 3 header files out of their opensource postings.  This prevented people from modifying the source to support more IM protocols.

Well, a little over two weeks ago, Palm finally complied, and since then, Australian developer Greg Roll has been hard at work expanding what's capable on the WebOS.  The above screenshot is the result of his work: Live Messenger, Yahoo IM, and ICQ support.  Better yet, if all things go well, Greg will also have Facebook Chat added in the first public release!

Right now there are a few unfortunate bugs that Greg is working to address:

  • Attempts to link your new Live Messenger, Yahoo IM, or ICQ contacts to an existing contact will result in your Pre freezing.
  • After such a linking, that contact card will look completely blank white, in essence uneditable.
  • After such a linking, the Live Messenger/Yahoo IM/ICQ contact will be the primary contact for that person.

To echo the sentiments of Tim Carroll of PalmInfocenter, just don't link these contacts and you'll avoid the above issues quite handily.

Greg has told PreCentral that this hack isn't ready for release yet, but to expect it soon, and hopefully with Facebook chat.  He also says that with the full access to libpurple that Palm has finally given, virtually any of the libpurple supported IM protocols could be integrated into the WebOS.  In fact, Greg Roll is considering making an IRC application for webOS based off the new access.

This is certainly a huge step forward for webOS' instant messaging capabilities. Between this, the virtual keyboard, and video recording, it's an exciting time to be with the WebOS.

Thanks to Greg Roll, and PalmInfocenter


Windows live FTW!

Great progress :) Will definitely support/donate to this cause.

I'm wondering though how do you choose to not sync your contacts to your phone once the IM account is added...I thought that as soon as you add an IM account they're automatically sync'd to the contact list.

They're synced, but not linked. Linking is what causes the issues

OMG IRC client plz!

When was this new found access actually compiled by Palm? Did it come with the 1.1 or 1.2 update?


the addition of FB chat would be terrific! Really excited to see this is being worked on!

Also cool to see Palm willing to change their position, if that's what happened.


Also... don't forgot about Skype text chat! That'd be amazing since I have a lot of contacts on Skype who are not on elsewhere.

wont happen in the near future. there's no skype protocol plugin for libpurple. There's a hack that leverages a running skype client on the same computer, but no independent protocol implementation.

I wonder if this couldn't be extended to provide support for the SIPE project to get MS Live Communications Server support:

That would rock for business use!

I haven't read yet but I can't wait for the comic book reading app Jason mentioned in the PalmCast.

Amazing! I didn't know that the Pre used libpurple but i'm definitely glad to hear that it does! Linking Facebook chat and MSN to my Pre would please me greatly, I can't wait!

Dont get me wrong , I too am excited about what is coming . but is it just me , it seems like everything that palm is bringing to this phone are things that just about every other smartphone on the market already has ?? I dont know about anyone else but I was aware of this phone coming to market way back in January, it was released 6 months later. ya think Palm would have had this thing ready to roll with some basic stuff ( like the ones we are waiting for now ) BEFORE they released it ?? My fear with Palm is they are going to go the same route Apple did with the Iphone . this is only the 1st version of this phone , soon they will introduce the Palm Pre 2 , this will give you more than the pre 1 has and you will be required to purchase it to get the new features , then the Palm Pre 3 comes out , want video ?? Buy the all new Palm Pre 3 . I will not go down this road with Palm and spend a load of money just so I can have what they should have given us right out of the box . Video to me is an annoying missing feature , there is NO REASON they could not have released this phone with video, or even more options when using the camera ?? Seems like I BIG GAME Palm is playing a game with all of us . One if continued I am not willing to play . With phones like the HTC Hero and others coming out with these features and more , I may just have to make the switch if Palm continues this game . Just my .02

You are right in a way that some basic things (like sending bluetooth files, forwarding sms texts, etc) were missing when the Pre first came out. But now, Homebrew development is rapidly progressing - I'm sure not all new smartphones come out with support for all IM apps.

And in response to your concern with video, refer to the link below:

The Palm Pre does have the hardware capability of recording video (and even though it is said to not support video+sound, you can actually hear sound if you turn up your volume). This tells you that all it takes is an update and you will be able to get video recording. I mean, it took the iPhone like 2 years to get that so being that this is the 1st Gen Pre, I'm personally impressed by how quick developers made video recording available for a phone that wasn't expected to support it.

What other smart phone even has built in support for chat clients that integrates into the contacts list? Can you stay permanently logged into chat services on other phones?

uh, you are very wrong (at least to compare to apple and the iphone). Apple has done a great job of supporting new features in older iphones, at least where the new features arent due to new hardware in the newer phones (ala compass in 3gs, can't support that in older phones).

This is great but can someone work on chat for googlechat or aim or whatever protocol.......I need a way to chat back and forth with 2 or more people and twitter is the only way at the moment but twitter sometimes doesn't transmit some messages with the sms option.....

I know not everyone wants this but hopefully some that it could happen

Why are you using twitter SMS?

I love the time in the screen capture. You can't possibly convince me that it was an accident!! LOL

we need qq


YEEEESSSSSSS!!! webOS is the SH*T!!!

What about jabber? Thats my favourite messenger. As Googletalk uses XMPP (like jabber does) it should be no big deal to get jabber work on webOS. Any idea if jabber support is planned for the future?

I'm new here.

Is this released yet?!?!

I looked and I can't find it. :( Soooo excited to get this on my Pre!